Pizza Delivery

By Dan2N

30 minutes or less. That’s the guarantee, or you don’t pay. Well it had been six p.m. when Michael called Pizza Express, and it was almost seven when the doorbell finally rang. And he was in no mood to argue with the delivery guy either. It had been a rough day: his car wouldn’t start that morning, he had to take the bus to work, his assistant called in sick, his lunch meeting stood him up, and two of his clients cancelled their accounts to go with other firms. Not the way he wanted to spend his Friday. As he sat on the sofa waiting for his overdue pizza, he glanced at the pair of tickets lying on the end table. At least that was one thing he could look forward to: the Tri-State Bodybuilding Championships were that weekend. It was a major national qualifying competition, and Michael had ordered his front-row tickets to both the prejudging and the evening show months in advance. If he could just put this week behind him and relax, he’d be able to spend the next 24 hours in muscle heaven, watching the biggest and best male bodybuilders from three states flexing their perfectly pumped, massively muscled bodies just for him. Well for him and the 500 other members of the audience. Oh Michael was a major muscle fan. And he’d been looking forward to this show for weeks. But the competition was the last thing on his mind in Michael’s current mood. Hungry, tired, and pissed to the max, he swung open the door.

“Pizza for Michael Connelly. Sorry I’m late dude.” Michael’s anger was tempered only when he glanced up and saw the vision that stood outside his screen door. The boy must have been 19 or 20, and stood about 5’9” tall. His thickly muscled torso was covered only by a tightly stretched t-shirt that disappeared into a pair of faded jeans that barely contained what looked like two powerfully built quads. Michael’s eyes followed the boy’s sharply V-tapered lats as they flared upwards towards a pair of hard, round delts that pressed against the tight cotton. Two rock-hard pecs gently flexed as the boy breathed in and out. Full lips and chiseled features highlighted his strikingly handsome young face, his soft brown eyes partially obscured by the brim of his cap which was emblazoned with the “Pizza Express” logo. Michael caught his breath for a second, opened the screen door, and let the kid in.

“Yeah, well you know it took you almost an hour? So technically this pizza should be free, right?”

Suddenly the kid sounded a little nervous. “I know, but listen, mister, if you don’t pay for it, they take it outta my check. Like I said I’m real sorry but I got kinda lost…”

“Well, you know that’s just not my problem, is it?” Michael blurted out with a slight sneer, determined not to take anymore crap today, not even from this hot young man.

Now the kid looked panicked. “Shit. Please mister, I know I was late. But you gotta pay for this pizza. If I show up one more time without the money they’re gonna fire my ass--”

That was it. After the day he’d had, Michael was furious. “So you’ve done this before? Well maybe it’s time you learned some responsibility. Maybe they oughta fire your ass. In fact, maybe I oughta call the store right now and tell your manager how his delivery boy showed up 30 minutes late with an ice cold pizza and still wanted me to pay for it!”. To drive his point home, Michael reached for the phone. But he put it down when he thought he heard the boy sniffling. Something struck a nerve. “Hey, aw c’mon kid I didn’t mean it.” The kid lifted his head and Michael could see the tears welling up in his eyes. “Hey, c’mon, don’t worry about it. I’m not calling anyone. C’mon, forget about it. Hey, what’s your name?”

“Daniel,” the boy sniffed, regaining his composure. “I know it’s stupid, but I really need this job. I can’t get fired again…”

“OK, Daniel. Listen have a seat. I’ll go get my wallet. What do I owe you?”

“Um, thirteen fifty” Daniel stammered as he sat on the arm of the sofa. Michael couldn’t help gazing at the kid’s broadly muscled back through the tight-stretched tee. Very impressive… He disappeared into the bedroom and returned with his wallet in hand, counting out fifteen bucks. He looked up and noticed Daniel was holding the pair of tickets that had been lying on the end table. “Hey, these are for the Tri-State show. You going to this?”

“Um, well yeah” Michael stuttered, caught off guard. “Why?”

“That’s cool. My brother’s doing this show.”

“Really?” Now that the tension had calmed a bit, Michael decided to find out a little more about the young musclestud sitting on the arm of his sofa… “Well it looks like you could do the show too… you got a pretty decent body yourself.”

For the first time Daniel cracked a smile. “Me? Shit, maybe in a few years. I only started lifted a couple years ago. One day I wanna be as big as Steve, but it’s gonna take a while.”

“Well this brother of yours, Steve is it? He sounds pretty big.” Suddenly Michael liked the direction this conversation was taking.

“Big? Shit, HUGE is more like it. The guy ain’t done nothing but eat and train since he was fifteen. Makes me look like a stick. I think he’s gonna be like the first 24 year old ever to win the superheavy class at this competition. Fuckin’ show-off…”

“Well he sounds pretty incredible” Michael stammered, obviously impressed. His eyes met Daniel’s for just a second too long, and the kid nervously looked away, glancing around the living room. He noticed a few bodybuilding magazines and muscle videos stacked on the floor near the tv set.

“Wow, I guess you really are into bodybuilding. So do you train yourself or are you just a fan?”.

Michael wasn’t sure how to respond to this. “No, I’m just a fan, I guess. A major fan you could say.” The kid chuckled a bit nervously at this, his eyes still glancing about the room. No, Michael sensed nothing was developing here. He walked over and handed the kid the fifteen dollars. “Here. You seem like a nice guy. Let’s just forget about the 30 minute thing.”

“Really? Oh mister thanks.” Daniel was obviously relieved. When he got to the front door, he realized he was still holding Michael’s tickets to the bodybuilding competition. “Oh, here. These are yours. Sorry…”

“That’s OK.” Michael took the tickets, and again, their eyes met.

“Hey I really appreciate your not calling my boss about me bein’ so late. Maybe I can make it up to you somehow…”

Michael caught his breath again. Now he was sure the kid could see the effect he was having. “Well, Daniel, that would be nice of you…what exactly did you have in mind?”

Daniel paused. “Shit, I dunno… I was thinking, since you’re a big muscle fan an all, maybe I could bring my brother by sometime and introduce you. Show you what a real bodybuilder looks like… he’s such a goddam showoff, maybe he’d even hit some poses for you an shit. What d’ya think?”

With every fiber of his being Michael longed to reach out and feel the kid’s body. He could barely contain himself. But soon the moment was gone and Michael resigned himself to the fact that Daniel wasn’t picking up any of his signals. Either that or he was simply not interested.

“Sounds great Daniel. I’d love to meet him sometime.”

“Cool. Well, see you round Mister Connelly.” And with that the young musclestud turned and walked back to his car. At only 31, Michael had never felt so old. Imagine, cruising a 20-year-old pizza boy? And the kid was either totally oblivious or just plain embarrassed. It didn’t matter how hot the guy looked, that whole thing was pathetic. And when he called him “Mister Connelly”, well that just seemed to drive the point home. Michael opened the carton and chewed on a slice of the cold pizza. After several bites, he threw the rest in the garbage and decided to go to bed. At least the day was almost over.

A few hours later, the 10 o’clock news had just started. Drifting off to sleep, Michael thought he heard a knock on the front door. “Great, what the hell could this be?” He pulled on an old pair of sweats and headed to the front room. Halfway there he heard the knock again. “Alright, coming, coming. Hold on…” he muttered under his breath. For a split second, Michael fantasized that Daniel had left something behind and had come back to retrieve it – his wallet? keys? Maybe he finally realized how turned on Michael had been and had returned to pick up where they left off… But any fantasies of Daniel disappeared in a flash when Michael finally opened the front door and saw what stood behind it.

“Hi, are you Michael? My name’s Steve Carlson. Daniel’s brother.” He stood nearly 6 feet tall, wearing a XXXL navy blue sweatshirt and a pair of baggies. Despite being covered from head to foot, Michael could see that he was massively built. “Hope I’m not disturbing you too late.”

Michael suddenly remembered to breathe. “Um, no, n-not at all. What, uh, what can I do for you?”

“You mind if I come in?” Steve looked like he could take the door off the hinge with one hand if he wanted to. Michael unlocked the screen door and swung it open. As the massive bodybuilder stepped inside, Michael suddenly panicked. Daniel must have mentioned being hit on earlier in the evening, and Steve was here to teach the old queen a lesson…

“Listen, Steve, about Daniel. Look, I don’t know what he told you, but I didn’t mean to cause him a problem tonight–“

“Huh? Oh you mean about his being late? Shit I woulda been pissed too. Kid’s gotta learn some responsibility. No, Dan told me what happened and I just wanted to thank you for takin’ it easy on him, not getting him fired. Truth is he’s grown up a lot since he started training at the gym. But he’s still got a long way to go.”

It was like a huge weight slid off Michael’s shoulders. He breathed a sigh of relief. “Well, listen, I appreciate your coming by and all. But you didn’t have to go to the trouble. Anyway, I understand you got a big day tomorrow.”

“Yeah, Dan told me you’re a big bodybuilding fan.”

“The biggest” Michael smiled.

“Yeah, that’s what he told me. Well the Tri-State is a major event – should be a lot of great competitors there. We should put on a good show for you.” Steve smiled back. “In fact, Danny thought you might be interested in a preview of tomorrow’s action…”

“Huh?” Michael’s head was starting to get dizzy…

“Well he thought you might wanna see some of my posing routine, being that you’re such a major muscle fan. Wouldn’t mind getting your expert opinion too. Is this a bad time?”

“NO!, Um, I mean this is a great time – I’d love to see your routine. Sorry, no one’s ever offered to do this for me before.”

Steve smiled again. “Cool. Well I figure it’s the least I can do to repay you for saving my kid brother’s ass tonight.” He reached into the pocket of his baggies and produced a pair of black lycra posing trunks. “You got someplace I can change?”

“Well, the bathroom’s just through there….” With that the big man disappeared into the next room and closed the door. Michael’s hands were trembling with excitement as his mind raced with a hundred thoughts. Should he change clothes? What if he sprang a hard-on in his sweats and Steve noticed? Should he have a shot of booze to calm his nerves? What if someone comes to the door? What if the phone rings? Maybe he should take it off the hook… Shit, he was totally unprepared for this…if only he’d had some notice! But before he could figure out what to do next, the bathroom door opened and Steve stepped into the living room wearing nothing but the jet-black posers. Michael knees gave way as he sank onto the sofa, a look of awe frozen on his face.

Steve’s physique was beyond massive. A towering 245 pounds of pure, rippling muscle mass packed onto his 6-foot frame. His huge shoulders were the size of cannon balls – his massive lats swelled and flexed like airplane wings, nearly as wide as the door frame. His arms hung semi-flexed at his sides – packed with twisting rivers of striated steel muscle bulging against his tight skin. Thick ropes of vein ran like cables from his delts down to his muscular hands. Steve’s chest looked like two gigantic slabs of solid concrete, his bulging pecs heaving gently as he breathed in and out. Six rock-hard, cut granite abdominal muscles formed the front of his lower torso, each muscle separated and shaped by deep grooves, disappearing into the super tight waistband of his incredible jet black posing trunks. Extending beneath the trunks and flaring out to the sides were two of the biggest, most ripped quads Michael had ever seen. Layer upon layer of rippling, striated muscle bulged and flexed as Steve gently shifted his weight from side to side. Michael’s gaze roamed downwards to take in two massive diamond-shaped calves flexing against his tight skin. “Well? Whad’ya think?” Steve glowed.

“Holy Jesus…” Michael gasped. He was totally overwhelmed. “You are magnificent!”

“Thanks! 245 and only 2-1/2% bodyfat. I just hope I don’t peak before tomorrow night. Here, lemme give you a closer look”. With that Steve walked over to where Michael was sitting. Positioning himself several feet in front of his admirer, he lifted his massive arms above his head, and slowly brought them down into a front double biceps pose. His double-peaked guns exploded to a full 23 inches. Steve groaned slightly with the effort of holding this intense pose. Michael almost fainted.

But Steve’s display was only starting. He lowered his hand to his hips, hitting an incredible most muscular pose that made his two massive delts explode outward, springing to life with a thousand quivering muscle striations. He then hooked each forefinger into the sides of his posing trunks, slowly stretched them higher, and flared his massive lats outwards into a dizzying front lat spread. While holding this incredible pose, he somehow managed to squeeze down even harder forcing his huge pecs to ripple and flex with striations. His strength and muscle control were unimaginable. And the poses kept coming…side triceps, side chest, abs & quads, rear double biceps, rear lat spread, and finally a bone-crushing most muscular. The more he flexed, the more pumped Steve’s muscles became.

It took every ounce of Michael’s self-control not to throw himself at the feet of this musclegod. “Steve, I have never seen a more perfect bodybuilder. By all rights you should already have your pro card.”

Steve chuckled and a smile broadened across his handsome face. “Well that’s the plan. So you think I’m good enough?”

With that Michael decided to risk everything. He stood up off the sofa, no longer trying to hide the raging hard-on in his sweats. “I think you’re incredible…” He slowly stretched out his hand and touched the bodybuilder’s rippling abdominals. He ran his trembling fingertips slowly up and over Steve’s massive pecs, coming to rest on his bulging shoulder. To Michael’s surprise, Steve actually took a step closer. “If you wanna feel something really incredible…feel this…” Steve whispered as he lifted his left arm and flexed his massive biceps. Michael caressed the rock-hard muscle in disbelief, running his fingers over the ridges of flexing muscle. His lowered his lips and pressed them against Steve’s powerful chest, and the bodybuilder responded by flexing his enormous pecs. It was like kissing living rock. The smaller man’s hard cock pressed against Steve’s massive quads, filling the bodybuilder with desire. As Michael worshipped every inch of the massive musclegod before him, Steve could feel his own muscle cock beginning to strain and press against the tight black lycra of his posing trunks.

Michael dropped to his knees, pressing his shoulders against Steve’s huge, flexing quads. Reaching up, he hooked his fingers inside the waistband of Steve’s trunks, and slowly pulled them down. The bodybuilder moaned as his massive muscle cock sprang free, fully erect, and bobbing up and down in front of his anxious admirer. Michael struggled to stretch the tight black material over the enormous girth of Steve’s flexing quads and calves. Once done, he wasted no time pouncing on Steve’s dick, burying it to the hilt in his eager mouth. The big man’s head fell backwards as his huge body visibly shuddered with pleasure. Michael grabbed onto the backs of Steve’s powerful thighs as he continued to work on the enormous cock, caressing the rippling striations of his powerful hamstrings. Steve pulled out of Michael’s mouth just in time to shoot ribbons of thick white cum into the air. With each convulsion of his exploding dick, all 245 pounds of solid muscle flexed and rippled. Steve’s moans of pleasure caused Michael’s own raging dick to explode, covering the inside of his sweats with cum. Totally spent, Steve lifted Michael to his feet and wrapped his massive arms around him. Their eyes met, and Steve pulled him closer, burying his tongue in Michael’s mouth. The two men kissed for what seemed like an eternity, and then both collapsed on the sofa.

“Wow. That was intense” Steve sighed.

“It was perfect” Michael whispered as he gently caressed Steve’s powerful body. “Simply perfect.”

After a while, Steve broke the silence. “Well, listen, I’ve got a big day tomorrow. If I’m gonna qualify for the Nationals, I’d better get some sleep.”

Michael didn’t want this night to end. But he knew the fantasy couldn’t last forever. He fetched Steve’s clothes from the bathroom, watched his musclegod get dressed, and walked him to the door.

“You still comin’ tomorrow?” Steve asked.

“You kiddin’? I wouldn’t miss it for the world!” Michael exclaimed.

“Cool. Well come backstage if you like. I’ll introduce you to some of my muscle buddies.” Steve smiled and winked, then turned to leave.

The next day, Michael sat in a crowded auditorium and watched as Steve took both his class and the overall title, qualifying for the Nationals to be held two months later. He was sure that pro card wouldn’t be too far behind. It was the last time he saw Steve, but several weeks later, he ran across his younger brother Daniel. As it happens, Michael had ordered another delivery from Pizza Express. And sure enough, Daniel brought it by…half-an-hour late and iced cold. This time Michael didn’t seem to mind a bit. “Daniel. How you doin’?” He was delighted to see the young muscleboy again, still wearing those faded jeans and that tight t-shirt.

“Hey, Mr. Connelly! Great thanks. Hey I saw you at the show a few weeks ago. Stevie looked pretty amazing didn’t he.”

“Oh yes… he looked amazing alright.” Michael smiled to himself. Daniel, suddenly realizing the time, looked a little sheepish.

“Um, guess I was a little late again with your pizza… sorry Mr. C.”

“Daniel, don’t give it a second thought,” Michael smiled. He handed him a fifty and took the pizza.

“Um, but the pizza’s only fourteen… I don’t have change for this….”

“Well then keep the change,” Michael grinned. “I figure you earned it.” Daniel seemed puzzled, but after a second he just grinned and stuffed the bill into his pocket. He wasn’t about to argue that big a tip.

“Gee thanks, Mr. C. Hey I’ll say hi to Stevie for you.”

“You do that. And don’t be a stranger Dan. Keep me posted on how your training is coming. You know I wanna see you up there on stage before too long…”

“You got it!” Daniel beamed as he turned and headed back to his car. Michael closed the door, sat down and started into a slice of the cold pizza. He was sure the kid had no idea what had happened the night his brother had stopped by. Maybe it was better that way. As his memory drifted to the image of Steve flexing his massive, pumped muscles, Michael couldn’t help thinking that slice of cold pizza was the best thing he had ever tasted. Well…maybe the second best… •

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