Package, The

By lemapp

I arrived home on a late summer Saturday afternoon. I had spent the day shopping, trying to find something that didn't seem to exist. I was tired, exhausted and hot. I dragged myself to house where I nearly tripped over a small brown package at my front door. I nearly did not see it, but I was a bit surprised since because I don't get deliveries on Saturday.

I was so tired that I didn't look to see who the package was for, I just took it inside. After I cooled down, I went back to the package and quickly tore it open. Inside was a metal and wooden box about the size of a paperback book with a small booklet. The box had no markings expect the top that looked like a series of 25 small windows. On one side was a small knob. The booklet was black and white with hundreds of small photos of nude men.

After a few minutes I realized that the 25 sections of the booklet were describing each tiny windows along the top of the box. The side knob allowed you to rotate symbols past the window that matched the ones in the book. Pulling the knob away from the box advanced the control to the next window.

I still did not understand how the box functioned, but each sections of the book focused on different aspects of the body. They seem to be organized from general to specific areas. The first window was for over-all body type. There were approximately 50 different nude photos here to choose from. I was drawn to one of a hugely muscled man with no body fat. I turned the knob on the box until I matched the character.

I continued through the sections on the book choosing from the available options such a smooth dark tan skin, a goatee, huge dick and balls, thick muscles and so on. I guessed that if I left a window blank than I was not selecting a change. Since I'm used to my face, I decided not to make any changes there.

The 25th window was not like any of the others. Here I could pick from a list of abilities such as pro football player, engineer, or handyman. There was an option for an outdoorsman/ camper, so I selected this one.

I soon realized that I had lost track of time and had spent over an hour selecting options. I was still tired from my day and decided that I would read the instructions later. I had planed to go out later and hit the bars.

As I napped I had the strangest dreams but I did not notice that a small crystal on the box glowed. I dreamt that I was in surgery to have my dick and balls expanded, then put through an exhaustive 18 months bodybuilding program, taught extensive survival techniques and spent months in the sun working on an all-over tan. My dreams were tiring and I knew that I would wake up more tired than when I went to sleep.

After an hour, I woke. I felt refreshed and energetic. I sat up and looked down to see that I had a dark tan. I thought at first my eyes were playing a trick on me. But then I saw how huge my forearms appeared. My pecs looked like a thick shelf. I had to see myself in a full-length mirror, so I went to the closest mirror next to the front door.

I was shocked to see myself at first. There was my head with a goatee on the body of a huge bodybuilder. I had a wide chest, thick arms and legs. The dick and balls in my thong was enormous. Another wave of shock as I focused on the metallic blue thong I was wearing. When I took my nap I was wearing a pair of white jockeys, but now I wearing something outrageous. There was a string running up my butt but it felt perfect on my new body. I thought, perhaps I should just get used to being able to wear anything I want now.

I was lost in exploring my new body when I hear a knock on the door. I went to answer it when I realized that I was practically naked. I looked through the peephole and saw one of my neighbors that I never really met before. He was a pale thin geek who normally wore baggy clothes that made him look even thinner than he was. I thought, "What the hell! I'll give this guy a free show."

I opened the door allowing my neighbor to see me in my shiny blue thong. The look on him face was amazing. His chin dropped so quickly. His eyes grew wide taking in all of my muscled body. I stood there posing and flexing.

After a long moment, I broke the silence with a cough. The geek snapped to attention and looked me in the eye. I guess he was trying hard not to stare at my huge dick. My neighbor proceeded to ask if I had seen a small package. I was never able to lie very well, so before I could speak I could see that he had realized I had opened his mail.

At this point the neighbor demanded that I give him his package. I brought him in and pointed where the box and booklet were lying on the table. My neighbor examined the box for damage and then reached for the booklet. I saw him quickly flipped through the pages. My neighbor then quickly spun around and looked at me angrily. He asked if I had already used the device. I told him I had, or at least I guessed that I had. He told me that the device had bonded to me. I was the only one who could operate it.

My neighbor began to pace quickly back and forth across the floor. Then suddenly he stopped. He told me that he had purchased the device because he wanted to become a certain type of man, a football player. He only wanted to make the change once and no longer use the device. So he would have me operate the device for him and make the changes that he wanted, then I could keep the device. I agreed, but I sensed that I would have agreed to anything at that point because I was ashamed of opening someone's mail.

My neighbor then handed me the box and the book and asked that we get started. I thought it would be easier if I simply had him point to the photos of the options he wanted and I set them on the box. But my neighbor pointed out that to him the pages were a series of long, tiny ancient script that he could not read. This explained how he so quickly realized I had used the device. I slowly began going through each window of the box.

It took over two hours to set each option. At points I was extremely embarrassed describing the different and cock and ball options. I remembered to set the last option for American Football Pro. This time I read farther in the book, learning how to activate the device. It said that the person who was being changed need to lie down within about 5 feet of the box. The crystal would glow on the box while the person fell asleep for about an hour. The changes will occur at different rates throughout the hour.

I had my neighbor lie down on the couch and set the box on the end table near his head. Soon he was asleep and the crystal began to glow. I left him to go and find some clothes for myself. I found that all of my current clothes would no longer fit. Passing the bathroom, I had the idea that I could at least wear a towel. I grabbed 2 towels, thinking that my neighbor would have a similar problem when he woke up.

When I returned back to my neighbor I found that his body had changed. He was not quite the bodybuilder I had set on the box, but he was nicely muscled. Then it struck me that his clothes were not the same. The loose baggy shirt and shorts were replaced with tight fitting work-out clothes. I picked up the book from the table. I knew I still had some time to kill.

I read from the book that a single person could not be changed more than once in a 24 hour period and only 300 times in a year. The box could be used to change inanimate objects like clothes by simply placing them under a cover. Now I knew how to create clothes to for my new body.

While I was reading I would look up to see how my neighbor was progressing. Each time there were subtle changes to his body, but his clothes would be something very different. At one point he was in a tiny Speedo, a towel, a bike outfit and finally a full spandex football uniform like the pros wear. I looked at the clock and realized that my neighbor should awake at any moment.

Slowly my neighbor sat up on the couch. I figured it was awkward trying to move in the pads, especially if you had never worn them before. He stood up and I directed him to the mirror in the front hall. I guess he soon forgot that I was standing them because he began to rub himself hard. Soon he was stripping off his uniform. When he was only wearing his jock and cup, I cough loudly. That seemed to wake him out of his trance. He spun around to me and apologized and stated loudly that he was not gay.

I explained to my neighbor that the device seems to change clothes as well as bodies. I guessed that he did not want to go out wearing the uniform and needed something else to wear. I raced to my bedroom and back with a small pile of clothes. I quickly laid out a shirt, shorts and underwear on the couch and covered them with a blanket. All most as soon as I did, the crystal on the box began to glow.

I looked up to see my neighbor's butt framed by his jock. He now had the most amazing muscular butt you could imagine. But I sensed he was not yet comfort being half dressed. So I locate the extra towel and tossed it to him. He quickly wrapped it around his waist.

This time, the hour went by very slowly. My neighbor paced to the hall mirror and back to the couch. But I sat there watching how the blanket slowly inflated around the clothes. I could soon make out the outlines of the body within. At one point I swore that the body I saw was masturbating. After an hour had past, the crystal on the device stopped glowing. I pulled back the covers to reveal an extra-extra large shirt, shorts and underwear.

My neighbor seemed to be in an extreme hurry, He quickly grabbed the clothes from the couch and stood with his back to me. Then the towel dropped to the floor followed by the jock and cup. I was still getting quite a show because his thick long dick was visible swinging between his legs. First the underwear went on, followed by the shirt and shorts. My neighbor slipped on the football shoes, gathered up the football uniform and dashed for the door. Before going out, he stopped stated at me if to say something, but then turned and left.

I now wanted to go do something to make use of my new body. Then I remembered about this bodybuilding gym that was open all the time. After I had found out about this place I had decided that if I could focus on bodybuilding then I could work-out there. Now I had the body. I realized that I would need clothes.

I went back to my room and located my gym bag. It was empty because I hadn't used for a while. So I went around my room gathering up work-out shirts and shorts, swimwear, towels, gloves and for laughs some condoms. I dragged the over-stuffed bag back to couch and picked up the device. I had to refer back to the booklet several times but I was able to reset the device to the settings that create my body. I put the device down and cover the gym bag. The crystal on the device began to glow.

I now had another hour to kill, so I decided to explore my body in front of the mirror again. I walked over and dropped my towel. Again I saw the outrageous blue metal thong, but this time it looked more natural. I slipped my thumbs inside the waistband and tugged the thong to the floor. It felt amazing as my cock and balls were released and slammed into my thighs.

I spun around a few times to verify that I had an all-over tan. I had smooth dark tan skin with the smallest patch of pubic hair. The skin looked like it was stretched to its limits, thinly covering the muscles and veins below. It was great tracing the thick highways of blood that raced across my arms, legs and torso. I began to flex in different poses I had seen done by bodybuilders.

This was all making me very horny. My most important muscle began to grow, getting my attention. I soon wrapped my hand around the 12" shaft that was over 6" around. I slowly pumped as I took my free hand and pulled on my tit. I soon had a rhythm going, faster and faster. I was getting off on looking at my own bodybuilder body. I'm not sure how long I was pumping, but my balls tighten up and thick volleys of cum hit the mirror and floor. The rush through my body was amazing, my knees buckled under me. I quickly straighten myself before I fell to the floor, my thick dick was slapping cum along my leg.

I grabbed the towel and tried to clean up the mess. Then I went to the couch and pulled back the covers from the gym bag. I was impressed with what the device had done. Sitting there was a large black leather gym bag with many zippers to different compartments. I opened the main compartment and found a large jockstrap inside. I stepped into the jockstrap and discovered the huge pouch was still stretched thin covering my dick and balls.

I continue going through bag trying to locate where everything was located. I found a tight fitting wrestling unitard and thought, "What the hell!"

I found that the condom I had placed into the bag had been changed into a sex toy compartment. There were numerous types of condoms, dildo, cock rings, nipple clamps, and small leather gear. I pulled out a cock and ball ring and slipped it around my cock and balls.

Now I was ready to head out to the gym. As I headed for the door I stopped at the mirror. I looked amazing with the fabric of my unitard acting like a second skin. I could easily make out the lines of the jockstrap. My cock was on clear display even though two layers of fabric covered, my dick. I turned around to see how the unitard covered my butt, sliding deep between my butt cheeks. It looked more like it was painted on. I went out the door and drove to the late night gym.

It took about half an hour to get to the gym. I did get lost a little bit because I was not used to all of the back streets around the warehouses. When I pulled into the parking lot, there were only 3 or 4 cars. I guessed that I would have the place to myself.

The entrance was hidden along the alleyway. When I went through the door, I found a long hallway that stretched for nearly half the width of the warehouse. At the end of the hallway, it turned to a front counter where some young tiny pale guy was sleeping. I dropped my bag on the floor and the young guy jumped to his feet. The look of shock on his face was mixed with awe.

To break the long silence, I coughed. This seemed to work because the young guy awoke from his trance of staring at my dick. I told him that I wanted to work out. The young guy told me that first time visits were free, but there was a charge for future visits. I announced that this was my first time.

After filling out some shorts forms, I was buzzed through the door. I was immediately faced with two doors, one door for the ladies' locker room and one for the men's locker room. I went through the one for men's, where I was hit by the strong scent of musk. I entered a large room with only 24 closet style lockers. I guessed that not many guys worked out here at the same time. It was very quiet with only the sound of the showers dripping. I threw my bag into one of the lockers, grabbed my towel and gloves and went explore for work out floor.

I found that there 2 exits to the locker room. The first lead to a wet area with sauna, steam room, hot tub and lap pool. The second exit lead out to work out area. I took the second exit to try and find some free weights. I wanted to get a good pump.

I wandered through the gym that took up most of the warehouse. The entire time I did not see anyone else. As I entered the different areas, the lights automatically came on. It was eerie at first. The silence was also eerie. I'm used to gyms having their music set to ear bursting levels to cover the noise of the machines. I did finally locate the free weights.

I walked up to the dumbbells and selected the largest weight. I had little struggle lifting the 250 pounds off of the rack. I found a preacher curl bench and began to pump out several reps for each arm. I could see the veins expand. Next I did some donkey kick backs. I was enjoying my new body doing a complete body workout with just these dumbbells. Between sets I would pose in the mirror admiring how my muscles were exploding with the pump.

After about 90 minutes I had completed the series. I was tired but I still energy to go on. I decided that I should stop and perhaps head out to the clubs and get some dancing in. I found my way back through the gym to the locker room. There was still no one else in the gym. The lights came on as I passed through.

The locker room was empty, so I stripped off my clothes alone and headed for the showers. I enjoyed how my soft dick still slapped against my thighs as I walked nude through the locker room. The showers were all on 2 posts in the middle of the room. If more than 2 guys were in there at a time, they would be forced to shower facing someone else. I set the shower to hot and allowed the water to wash the sweat away.

I guessed that I was in the shower longer that I thought. I found a clock that said it was now well past midnight. I had now been in the gym for about 2 and half hours. I decided that I was not going to the clubs after all and choose to check out the wet area. The sign on the exit door stated that I was entering a co-ed area and that proper swimwear was required. I didn't want to break the rules on my first visit, so I went back to my bag.

In the swimwear compartment of my gym bag I discovered several different trunks. There were Speedos, thongs, board shorts and even a advanced swim body suit. The white Speedo caught my eye. I thought that it would look great against my dark tan. It was a bit odd that there was no liner. I'm used to there being at least a small extra piece of fabric in the front.

I entered the wet area and went straight for the sauna. I want to feel the heat on my body. After a while I was covered in thick sweat and needed some fresh air. As I showered the sweat away I hear some splashing from the lap pool. I looked over to see what looked like a naked man doing laps in the pool. I needed an excuse to stay there so I decided the hot tub that had a full view of the pool.

I was enjoying the jets of water massaging my sore muscles as I watched the guy in the pool. After a few minutes, he pulled himself out of the pool. Now I could see that he was nicely muscled but no bodybuilder. But he was not naked as I had hoped but instead wore a micro thong.

The swimmer walked over to the shower. I looked at my wrinkled hands and decided that I had had too much. So I entered the hot tub. I was surprised at the huge smile on the swimmer's face. I guessed that he enjoyed my bodybuilder form. I stood next to him waiting for the shower. As he exited he said that he was heading to the steam room.

I took a quick shower and followed the swimmer into the steam room. I sat next to him and we chatted. It seems that very few people use the gym at night, especially during the summer. The swimmer then slipped out of his wet thong and tossed it on the floor. I started to undo my swimsuit when the swimmer pointed out that it was invisible. He laughed at me because I looked so shocked. He asked if I know that I basically running around nude. I said that I didn't.

The swimmer then sled next me, touching me. He then kissed me hard. I was surprised him, I did not expect it. Next the swimmer was squeezing my dick. I knew that soon my dick would grow to full length and poke several inches above the waistband. I gave in and began to explore the firm muscles that made up his chest. I guess that this was all the encouragement he needed because he pushed back on the bench and peeled down my invisible swimsuit.

The swimmer then began to give a blow job that I could not believe. I was amazed that he able to get my humongous dick past his lips, but he was taking me into his throat. He had such great control by squeezing it tight on my cock. The pleasure was racing through my body. I wanted to hold out longer but it was too much. Soon I was cumming. I looked down to see thick waterfalls of cum flowing out of the swimmers mouth.

I laid my head back down because I was exhausted, only a moment later I felt something warm hitting my stomach. I looked down to se that the swimmer was cumming on me. I reached down and grabbed his cock for the final few volleys. The swimmer then collapsed on to my body.

A few minutes later we heard a noise outside the steam room. The swimmer and I quickly jumped up and dressed back into our swimsuits. The swimmer pointed out that suit was still invisible, so he offered to check out who was in the wet area.

The swimmer returned in a few moments with his towel wrapped around him. He tossed me my towel as he told me a lady was swimming laps. I slipped off my swimsuit and then wrapped myself in the towel. The swimmer tried to reach under his towel and pull off his thong but his towel fell to the floor anyway. After he got the thong off he re-wrapped the towel.

We both headed for the showers. After the shock of nearly being caught, the shower was mostly in silence. We did both choose to shower from the same shower tree, so I got to check out his body some more. I keep wondering in my head if he wanted to change anything about body, if he wanted to be a huge bodybuilder like me.

In the locker room as we got dressed, I broke the silence by asking if he wanted to change anything about his body. I got a strange look from the swimmer like he did not understand. So I clarified by saying that anything about his body could be made different like larger muscles, more or less hair, or a dick like mine. My dick began to swell again as the swimmer stared at it.

After a long silence the swimmer told me that he always wanted a body much like mine. He tried to grow bigger muscles but he was stuck at the plateau he was at now. The swimmer continued that he envied my dick and wished that he too had one like it.

The swimmer agreed when I invited him over to my house. The drive back was only a few minutes. I guess that I must have really gone out of way earlier. The swimmer followed me in. I motioned for him to sit on the couch and I would grab some beers. When I returned the swimmer was passed out on the couch.

Thoughts raced through my mind that I shouldn't do it, but I decide to go ahead anyway. I picked up the device from the table and check the settings. They were the same as they were for my body (I had used it earlier to create the gym bag.) I sit the device on the table and threw a blanket over the swimmer. The crystal on the device began to glow.

I went to the hall mirror and began to strip off my clothes. I was examining my nude body when I heard a noise from the couch. I raced over to see that the swimmer had knocked over some books when he kicked off the blanket. His body was already showing signs of the change, his muscles were larger, and his skin was smoother and darker. The swimmer's clothes had changed into a wrestling unitard much like what I had worn at the gym. This made me think that perhaps I should slip on one of my unitards.

I found a collegiate style unitard in my gym. It was burgundy with SU along one leg. After slipping it on, I sat in the chair next to the couch. I knew that I would still have some time until the swimmer would wake up.

I must have fallen asleep. It was several hours later and the sun was shinning in through the windows. I looked to the couch to see that the swimmer was beginning to wake up. With sleepy eyes, the swimmer looked at e and said good morning. He then slowly sat up.

As the swimmer stood up I asked how he was feeling. He said that he felt wonderful. The look on the swimmer's face changed to shock as his hand explored his body. I suggested that he go to the hall mirror. The swimmer looked angry as he saw that he was a body twin for me. As he looked at me I explained that he had wished for this at the gym last night. The swimmer began to calm down and he returned to looking at himself in the mirror. I a few moments the unitard was on the floor and the swimmer was naked.

My dick was at full attention so I slipped off my unitard. I walked into the hall and stood behind the swimmer, my erect cock sliding over his butt as I walked by. •

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