By lemapp

Chris spared no expense on dinner. He ordered several large pizzas and brought out the beer. While waiting for the pizza, Matt had tried on one of the porn star dicks. Brian suggested that he answer the door naked. Chris chimed in that he had some sheer boxers that Matt could wear. We all watched as the delivery guy got an eyeful of Matt in the nearly invisible boxers. It was funny when the kid tried to hide his erection.

After we had eaten, Chris wondered if you could use BodyPlast to mold another BodyPlast part. Since Matt was still wearing the porn star dick, he was instantly volunteered. We moved Matt onto the newspapers that were still on the living room floor from the night before. It was agreed that a full body costume without a full head mask would be more useful. Chris and I donned latex gloves and had Matt stand on one leg. We painted one foot and then the other. Brian watched as Matt was quickly covered in BodyPlast. After a few minutes, Chris peeled the costume off of Matt.

While Chris took the costume to the kitchen, Brian and I started doing a second costume of Matt. In a few minutes, Brain and I created a third costume of Matt. Matt seemed to enjoy the process as men rubbed their hand all over his body.

About half an hour after starting the process, Chris entered the living room wearing the first costume. It looked similar to Matt except that it was much lighter in color. The important detail was the dick that looked and acted as if it was normal. After another half hour, the color of the costume had darken to a deep tan.

Brian announced that he needed to go. There were clients that he needed to see. Matt and Brian gathered their stuff together and headed out. I stayed to help Chris clean up. At one point, Chris came back from the kitchen and told me that my two friends were in the hot tub again. He then suggested that I slip on the Matt costume with the huge dick. It only took me a few moments and I was suited up. I grabbed the swimsuit that had worn the night before and headed out to the hot tub.

The guys in the hot tub were shocked when they saw me. They moved out of my way so I could enter. After settling in my seat, I pulled off the swimsuit and tossed it aside. I lend back and allowed the water to bubble around me.

I must have drifted off, because I came to when the water jets stopped. The two guys were sitting on the edge of the tub. One of them turned the jets back on and then sat next to me. The other took his friend?s lead and sat on my other side. I soon felt hands rubbing my legs and chest. I did not protest. Then one of them grabbed hold of my dick and began to stroke me under the water. I was enjoying the sensation and attention. Whoever was stroking my cock began to increase his speed. Each of the guys grabbed hold of my nipples and twisted then hard. I was in ecstasy. I gasped for air and then I came. It was an amazing feeling, cumming in the bubbling water.

The guys gave me a little peck on the cheek and left. There I was alone in the hot tub. I knew that I had been in the water too long. I grabbed my swimsuit and pulled them and left the hot tub. The jets stopped as I stepped away.

I walked over to Chris? condo and knocked. Several minutes later Chris came to the door. He seemed shocked to see me back so soon. I told him that my friends left me. It was Friday and I had an incredible body that I wanted to share with the world. Chris suggested that perhaps tonight was not a good night and that I should go home.

I asked Chris if I could keep any of the costumes. Chris thought for a few moments and said that I could keep the Matt costume that I was wearing and one of the Brain costumes. I then asked if I could have one of the BodyPlast cans. Chris thought hard on this one but then agreed that I could have one of the cans.

I figured that it would be difficult to explain to my roommate if I showed up wearing the Matt costume. So I slipped out of the wet swimsuit and then the Matt costume. Chris hung the swimsuit in the hall bathroom while I got dressed in my clothes in the living room. Chris brought me a large box so that I could carry the two costumes and the paint can. After packing I was on my way home.

When I got home, I was relieved to find that my roommate was out. I put the box in my room. As I moved around my condo I began to think that I really should go out. I went to my room and slipped into the Matt costume. Then I went through my clothes trying to find something to wear. I wanted something that would hug my body. I soon found some spandex shirts and leather pants. I looked in the mirror and I was a stud.

I thought, what would I do if I am able to locate another man that I wanted to mold with BodyPlast. I went to the kitchen and found a re-sealable plastic container. I then poured some of the BodyPlast into the container and I was on my way.

I started my evening at one of the local nightclubs. I was never without a dance partner. I then found my way to an after-hour club for more dancing. Finally it was early in the morning and the sun would be up soon. Then it hit me that I should head to one of the local bathhouses. I had been to one before, so I knew what to expect.

The parking lot was full, so I parked on a side street. It seemed that the bathhouse was busy. When I approached the window, a sign said that they were full. I went ahead and ignored the sign and knock on the window. When the attendant turned around, it was fun see the look on his face. The guy scramble and was all over himself trying to complete the paperwork. In a few moments I was handed a key to my own room and buzzed in. As I passed the counter, the attendant handed me a string of condoms and a large towel.

A noticed that nearly every man there was staring at me as I moved through to my room. As I inserted my key into the door, I noticed that a few men were stoking their dicks while they stared at me. I got inside my room and locked the door behind me. It was getting late so I did not waste any time getting undressed. I wrapped a towel around my waist and then left my room to find another hunk.

I walked around the baths checking out the other guys. There were a lot of duds there that night. But then I thought to myself, I would be one of the duds if it were not for BodyPlast. Then as I was giving up hope, I spotted him. The guy was enormous. He was larger than I was. I guess that he was over 300 pounds of muscle. I wanted to be that guy. Now I needed to get close to him.

I walked over to the muscle god and said hello. He looked at me and I could tell that he was trying to decide if he wanted me. So I decided to tip the scales in my favor. I accidentally dropped my towel so that he could see my huge cock. Muscles seemed to like what he saw; he then asked if I had a room. I told him my room number. The shock on Muscles? face seemed to say I had something wrong. I asked what was wrong. He told me that was the owner?s room and only very special guest were allowed there.

We made our way to my room. We both ignored the offers from the other guys as we passed. I soon had Muscles to myself in my room. Muscles grabbed me and pulled me tight to his body. Our towels had become undone but did not fall to the floor because they were still hanging between our bodies. I could feel my cock growing while it was pressed against Muscles? body.

Muscles began to stroke my body, explore my arms, chest and legs. I began to kiss Muscles and explore his mouth with my tongue. I took my free hands and played my Muscle? nipples. We each began to grind our bodies against each other. I began to feel that I was leaking cum because my dick was beginning to slide around. I then noticed that our dicks were now side by side and we were body fucking each other. It was an incredible feeling being next to such a man.

Just as I was beginning to enjoy myself, Muscles pulled away. He pushed me onto the bed and climbed on top of me. I could feel that he fingering my hole. Muscles was slowly opening me up. After a few minutes Muscles pulled my legs up to my chest, pulled on a condom and some lube. I then felt his dick head pushing at my hole. I slowly relaxed as he entered. Slowly I began to realize that Muscles was hung like a horse because what he was shoving in me was monstrous. I felt like Muscles was tearing my insides. It took me several minutes to get used to Muscles? huge dick, but I began to enjoy the pleasure. Muscle picked up speed while he plodded my hole. We both were rocking the bed with our large mass. Muscles? face tighten up and I could tell that he was cumming. I let go too and I came between us.

Muscles pulled out and removed the condom. He slowly kissed me and lied on the bed next to me. I wanted to use the BodyPlast before my giant went to sleep. I nudged Muscles and asked if I could paint his body. Muscles told me no. I asked again, telling him that I would only do it for five minutes and then I would stop. Muscles then agreed.

Muscles stood on one foot as I cover the other. Then Muscles stood on the other foot. Quickly I covered Muscles with the BodyPlast. As the paint began to dry I tore a slit n the back. This time I also tore around the neck to separate the facemask from the body. In just over five minutes I had created a new BodyPlast mask. I seemed to have upset Muscles because he asked to leave. I kissed him and he left.

Now I needed a way to get the new costume home. I can?t walk out looking like Muscles. So I then figured it out. I would take off my current costume and then put on the Muscles costume. I would then put the current costume back on. This way I could walk out looking like how I looked when I arrived. After I completed the swap, I put my clothes back and packed my bag. I made sure to put the BodyPlast and the extra facemask into the bag.

The attendant was excited to see me again. He was surprised that I wanted to leave so soon. I said that I was able to accomplish what I wanted. I then headed back home.

It was late Saturday morning when I got home. I had forgotten that I was still wearing the Matt costume with muscles and huge dick. As I walked in, I met my roommate. He started to ask where I had been the last two days, but he stopped in mid sentence. The look on my roommate?s face said that he was shocked to see this huge bodybuilder in his house. •

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