By lemapp

I joined Chris in his kitchen. I guess that he was not to upset with me because he had made eggs, bacon and pancakes. There was even fresh squeezed orange juice. As I ate my breakfast, Chris asked if I wanted to go mud wrestling with him. I had forgotten that Chris had invited Brian and his friend to mud wrestle at his family?s mountain retreat. We now had less than two hours to get ready. I agreed to come along.

Chris suggested that we wear the Brian bodies, but we need to change the faces some way. I suggested that we each paint BodyPlast on each other?s face, making face mask to wear over the Brain costumes. We knew that the Brain costumes had a tan darker than the facemasks would. We needed time for the Brain costumes and facemasks to meld together and form the same skin tone.

Chris and I rushed to the living room and painted each other?s faces. We peeled them off and sit them aside to dry. Chris had left his Brian costume in the hall bathroom and I had left mine in Chris? Bathroom. We each ran to get our costumes on. We met again in the living room.

Then Chris realized that he needed to call out sick from work. He peeled off his costume. I asked why he needed to do that. Chris explained that he noticed last night when I was wearing the scientist costume that my voice sounded very different. So I too peeled off my costume. I located my cell phone in my clothes and speed dialed my boss. It was early, so I got my boss? Voice mail.

I got back into the Brian costume and located the facemasks that Chris and I made earlier. I decided to have some fun and slipped on the Chris mask. When Chris entered into the living room and saw me, he was shocked. Then Chris simply said that was cool with him. Chris slipped on my mask.

Now we needed to find clothes in Chris? House that would fit these new bodies. Chris led me to his bedroom and he began going through his stuff. Soon Chris handed me a jock strap, extra large sweat pants and shirt. It was a struggle, but was I able to squeeze my huge dick into the jock strap pouch. The mesh material of the pouch was stretch so thinly that it was nearly invisible. I had more success pulling on the pants and shirt. I looked up to see Chris slipping on a thong. He saw me and blushed. Chris explained that he thought that since he looked like me he thought that I would enjoy wearing a thong. I felt like asking how come he had a thong but I decided Chris had a few secrets.

After Chris finished dressing, we went downstairs. Chris went to the kitchen to pack a lunch. I went out onto Chris? Patio. The pool and hot tub were completely empty. I guessed that the morning rush was over. I soon had fallen sleep in my chair when I was awoken by a splashing noise. I stood up and saw a nude guy swimming in the pool. I was thinking if I should join this guy when Chris tapped me on the shoulder. Chris said that Brian and his friend had arrived earlier than expected, and that we need to get underway.

When I got to the front door I was amazed to see Brian?s friend. He was absolutely huge with muscles everywhere. He looked like a professional bodybuilder. This guy stood there only wearing a string tank top and micro shorts. Brian introduced his friend as Matt. Chris and I each took turns shaking his hand.

All of us piled into Chris? SUV, Chris placed the picnic lunch in the back. Chris took over the driver?s seat and then stared at me. It was as if he was deciding what to do, then started the car and drove into the mountains. It was a very quiet drive. Brain and Matt talked softly to each other. In about an hour, Chris pulled the SUV off the paved roads onto a narrow gravel road. For what seemed to be a mile, the SUV fought its way through the overgrown trail. Then we emerged in a clearing with a two-story house with a wrap around porch. Chris drove the SUV off the trail and onto the lawn and behind the house. Along the back of the clearing was what looked like a opening in the forest to another clearing. Chris drove the SUV through this opening and emerged in the other clearing.

Chris stopped the SUV and announced that we had arrived. When I stepped outside I expected it to be cold because we were in the mountains. But the trees seemed to block the wind and the sun was extremely warm. I looked around to see that Brian and Matt had already stripped off their clothes. One thing I noticed was that Matt had a small dick, but his body was incredible. I spotted Chris and he too was completely naked. Then Chris shouted at me about being a girl because I was still wearing my clothes. I was embarrassed but I slipped out of my clothes. It was easier to get out of the jock strap than it was too put on.

I followed the guys to a pool of mud in the middle of the clearing. Right next to the mud was a pool of water. The two pools were separated by a small stonewall. Chris explained to all of us that he was sure that this was man-made but the legend goes that it was natural formation. It didn?t make much difference; it was convenient having a hot tub to wash off the mud.

We each stepped into the mud and began to spread mud all over our bodies. It was warmer than I expected. Actually it was fairly hot mud. Much like a hot tub, it took a few moments to get used to the heat. I knew that I would soon be sweating a great deal. As if he was reading my mind, Chris had gone to the SUV to retrieve some bottled water for all of us. Soon we were all completely covered in mud.

Matt and Brian began pushing each other around in the mud. I took the hint and began pushing Chris. It didn?t take long before we were all locked in wrestling holds. The mud helped us to slip out of the holds but it made it hard to hold onto each other. It was so much fun. I was having a great time.

We must have been sliding over each other for more than hour. Matt had tried without success to take down both, Chris and myself. Brain and I had grunted like animals while we wrestled. Then the energy changed, I began to feel hands slide over my cock and over my butt. My dick began to take notice and awaken. I began to grope to other guys as I slide over them.

I stood up to drink some water and it was obvious that I was fully erect. My mud covered dick stuck out over 10 inches. My arousal caught the attention of the other guys. At this point they gave up on the pretense on wrestling and began to outright fondle each other. I was surprised when I slid back into the mud and Chris took hold of my dick. I reach down and grabbed his. This time, Chris did not flinch. I felt embolden and pulled our bodies together. I held our cocks together and stroked them. Chris began to twist my nipples. At this point I would go anywhere that Chris would have lead me.

I continue to pump faster until we both came at the same time. The two fountains of hot white fluid from the mud covered poles. We stood there and hugged each other. We broke our embrace when we heard the grunting at our feet. Matt had mounted Brian and was driving his small dick into him. I sensed that Brian was not grunting because of the size so much as the abrasion of the mud. Chris and I each grabbed one of Matt?s tits and this sent him over the edge. Matt?s groans were extremely loud as he came in Brian?s hole. I quickly grabbed Brian?s dick and he cum too.

We all collapsed into the mud. After several minutes, Chris suggested that we climb into the water. We each made our way over the low wall into the hot water. The water felt even hotter than the mud but not too much. Under the water surface there appeared to be benches around the outer edge. The floor seemed to slope into the middle to a depth over seven feet. Brian seemed to have found one of the vents feeding the pool and monopolized it. Matt found his own spot and went to sleep.

I watched Chris as he swam around in the middle of the pool. After several minutes he came out of the water next to me. He whispered that he thought we should take off our facemasks and have some fun with Brian and Matt. Chris looked around to make sure that Brian and Matt were not watching, and then he peeled off the mask. I took off my mask and placed both masks next to the water bottles. Chris then pointed to Matt as our first target.

I followed Chris across the pool to Matt. Chris motioned for me to suck on Matt?s dick. I came up on Matt between his legs and lifted his hips with one arm. With my other hand I guided his tiny dick into my mouth. As I sucked on it, it grew. Chris knelt on Matt?s chest and pointed his dick into Matt?s mouth. I guessed that Matt did not bother to open his eyes, he simply let the thick rod to slip in. Listening to Chris, I?m sure that Matt was an expert cock-sucker. We all found our rhythm and soon we were causing waves across the pool. Brian was shaken by the waves, and came up behind me. He placed his hands on my butt and pulled my cheeks open, and then he started to rim my hole. My dick sprang to attention so quickly that I nearly blacked out. I began to devour Matt?s dick with new gusto. Matt began to pump on Chris? Dick with new energy. I could not hold back and I came with a loud groan. This caused Matt to cum in my mouth. Matt?s moaning caused Chris to shoot.

Brian?s dick still needed attention, so he jerked me around. The expression on Brian?s face was priceless. Here he was staring at himself. I tapped Chris, who swung around to see Brian?s face. Brian?s chin then dropped open. Chris hopped off of Matt and stood next to Brian. Now Matt sat up and looked at all three Brian?s there in front of him.

Chris broke the silence by asking Brian if he remembered getting painted last night. Chris had to ask again because Brian was still dazed. Slowly Brian answered that he remembered. Chris reached behind himself and slowly peeled the costume off. Chris seemed to enjoy the show he was putting on. After a few minutes, he had completely removed the costume and was back to normal. Chris then asked that I too take off my costume. I was enjoying having a body like Brian?s, but Chris prodded me on. I toke my costume off quickly, returning to my average body.

At this point the shock seemed to wear off and Brian and Matt now understood, or at least accepted the idea. Chris then volunteered that he had brought along the full body scientist costume and the porn star dicks. Matt asked if he could try on the full body costume. This time I got to watch someone else try on the costume. I clearly noticed that Matt shrunk as he slipped on the costume. I asked Chris and he could not explain it. Our guess was that the costume forced whoever wore it to fit the size of the person it was modeled on. We did know that it was not uncomfortable.

We spent the afternoon eating the picnic packed by Chris and slipping in and out of the costumes. It was fun to see my face on Matt?s huge body. As the sun began to set, we decided to head home. We packed up the SUV and piled in naked. It seemed natural after being naked all day. When we got to Chris? Condo, we all realized that we needed to get some clothes on before stepping out. We all grabbed what clothes we could. This time the sweat pants were extremely large on my now average body.

Chris asked all of us if we wanted to stay and have dinner. Brian and Matt said no, but then Chris offered to use the BodyPlast for them. This seemed to have peeked their interest because they both said yes. •

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