By lemapp

Chris hit a speed dial button on his phone. In a few moments he was speaking to someone who seemed to be quizzing Chris about who he was. At one point it sounded like he was speaking in code. Then I heard something about not needing the usual, that he needed a man that could be body painted for a special out of town client. Chris then ended his call.

Chris asked if I wanted to stay for dinner. I said that I would be interested and should I take the costume off. Chris said that I should go ahead and keep it on. We walked into the kitchen where Chris suggested that I make up some sandwiches. He then left me alone in the kitchen.

It took me a few minutes of exploring but I was then able to locate everything that I needed. Just as I was finishing, Chris returned. His chest was huge but it clearly had a different skin tone like that of a dark suntan. Chris told me that he had found these pecs in the box. He wished that they had done a full body costume like I was wearing, but they only did this bodybuilder?s chest. Chris handed me a pair of tight shorts and asked that put them on. We sat at the table and basically inhaled the sandwiches more than ate them. As we finished I suggested to Chris that he put a t-shirt on to cover the skin tone differences if we were expected anyone to come over.

I returned to the living room where the contents of the box had been spread all over the floor. In a few moments, Chris entered the room wearing a t-shirt that was clearly stretched too far to cover his body. As he approached me, he asked that I help him to spread out some more newspapers on the floor. Chris handed me a pair of latex gloves and asked that I put them on. Chris explained that the BodyPlast might become contaminated if more than one person touches it. As I put the gloves on, the doorbell rang.

Chris left and returned with a man who looked like a wrestler, not quite a bodybuilder. He was very muscular with a dark tan that contrasted sharply with his white t-shirt. Just like Chris?, his shirt too was stretched too far. The man was wearing long tan baggy shorts. Out of the shorts were two legs that looked more like tree trunks. They were smooth and they too were darkly tanned. Chris announced that our visitor?s name was Brian.

Brian asked if we wanted to go ahead and get this started. Chris and I simply nodded our heads. Brian began to slowly peel the shirt off his body. I sensed that he did not want to tear it. Brian?s chest was incredible but the t-shirt had done little to hide that fact. Then Brian slipped his thumbs inside the waistband of his shorts and pulled them down. What popped out was amazing. Brian?s dick was easily as large as the porn star dicks that Chris and I were wearing. Now it was clear that Brian?s body was completely smooth all over. Chris and I looked at each other in shock at what we were seeing. Brian broke the moment by asking which of us were planning to paint his body.

Chris motioned Brian over to the area that was covered with newspapers. He then suggested that we start with Brian?s feet and then work up the body. Brian stood on one foot and held out the other foot. Chris and I each dipped into the can of BodyPlast and began to coat the outstretched foot. The BodyPlast was very spongy and thick. It felt more like we were spreading whipped cream instead of paint. The paint dried quickly and Brian switched feet for us. After the second foot dried, Brian returned to standing on both feet. Chris and I then rapidly began to cover every inch of Brian?s body. Brian commented that it felt slimy and was curious why we wanted him to be white. Chris continued to make small talk. When we reached Brian?s dick, Chris asked that I go ahead and take care of covering it. Chris then asked Brian if it was okay to cover his face. Brain said it would be okay.

In a matter of a few minutes, Chris and I had completely covered Brian in BodyPlast. Chris then started a small tear down Brian?s back. He then continued to work the tear all the way down into Brian?s butt. Chris then started to peel the BodyPlast off of Brian?s body. Brian then continued the process. It was amazing but the BodyPlast did not tear, it came off in a single piece. Chris took it out of the room.

In a few moments Chris returned. I felt like making small talk with Brian and asked what he liked to do in his spare time. Brian simply said that he really enjoyed mud wrestling. Chris then asked if Brian wanted to go mud wrestling the next day at his family?s mountain retreat. Brian said that he would not mind if he could bring along a friend. Chris explained that near the retreat a hot water spring bubbled out to create a large warm mud pool. He then asked Brian if we could paint him one more time that evening. Brain agreed since he had only been then a few minutes.

Chris and I repeated the same process of coating Brian?s body. It went even faster the second time. Soon Chris walked the second BodyPlast out of the room. Brian slipped his shorts back on while I asked if he needed to take a shower. Brian said that he would rather take a shower at home, but he actually did not feel that dirty. Chris joined us at the front door. He asked Brian if 9?o clock tomorrow would work for him. Brian agreed and then asked Chris if he would raise his shirt. Chris thought for a moment and then raised his shirt. I noticed that the dark tan the torso had before had faded to match the rest of Chris? body. Chris too noticed that the tan had faded and went ahead and peeled off the shirt. Brian simply said thanks and left.

I followed Chris to the hall bathroom where Chris was looking in the mirror at his upper body. He ran his hand over his body outlining where the torso?s tan line had been. Chris turned to me and asked if I wanted to look like Brian. I said that I was very interested but how do we take off the costumes we were wearing. Chris then began to pull at his waist like he was looking for the bottom of a skintight shirt. In a few moments he was beginning to pull off the huge chest that he was wearing. Then it was completely removed. Chris then lowered his shorts to get access to his dick. He then looked at me and went ahead and stepped out of his shorts. Chris repeated the process he had used on torso and soon he had removed the BodyPlast that was covering his dick. Now I was looking at Chris nude again but this time he was completely himself. I notice that his dick was a bit on the average to small size.

Chris asked that I go ahead and remove the costume that I was wearing. Chris left me alone in the bathroom while I tried to repeat the removal process that I had seen Chris used. It took me a few minutes but I was able to remove the huge dick and then with some twisting I was able to slip out of the full body costume. I was amazed that I did not feel soaking wet like I expect I would.

I exited into the hallway and there stood a nude Brian. I was shocked to see him again but then I realized that it was Chris. Every detail of Brian was reproduced including the tan and smooth skin. I asked Chris where the other Brian costume was located. Chris led me to the kitchen, where it was laid out on the table. In a few quick moments I slipped into the costume. There I stood with a large muscular body and a huge dick.

Chris then had a suggestion. It seems that his condo shared a small pool and hot tub. Chris told me that we should go and soak in the hot tub. Chris left and returned in a few moments in a robe and handed me a small bikini swimsuit and a robe. I slipped on the swimwear and struggled to stuff my huge dick inside. I was now sporting a huge bulge that was obscene. I slipped into the robe and followed Chris outside. Chris told me to be extra quiet. The neighbors had all agreed to not use the pool area after 10 PM on weeknights.

Chris and I quietly disrobed and stepped into the hot tub. The tub was large enough that we could each stretch out and not touch each other. We both soaked there for a long time. I quietly explored my new body under the water surface, feeling the large muscles of the thick chest, legs and arms.

Then the silence was broken. There were two average looking guys standing on the edge of the hot tub and they were completely naked. Chris and I sat up to make room for the new occupants. I reached down and slipped off my swimsuit and tossed it near my robe. This seemed too much for Chris. He stood up, and left the hot tub.

I pulled myself up on the edge of the hot tub and sat with my legs spread wide. My huge dick dangled down into the water. Both of the guys in the hot tub simply stared at my body like hungry dogs. I reached down and slowly stoked my dick. I splashed the head in the water. Then one of the guys spoke, asking if I was completely identical to my twin. I told them that I was but that they should come over and get a closer look.

Soon the two guys were both rubbing my legs and chest. My dick continued to grew because of the attention. I felt a hand on my dick so I took my hands and grabbed each of their dicks. I found that they were each as hard as I was.

One of the guys suggested that we go back to their place to have more fun. We left the hot tub and I picked-up my robe and swim suit. I followed the nude guys into one of the other condos and then back into their bedroom. I laid down on the bed and allowed my hosts to worship my body. They continued to explore my body.

Soon I felt a hot mouth on my dick. They were licking my dick head and this was driving me crazy. Then another mouth began to chew on my nipples. It was bringing me close to the edge and then they stopped. I then felt a condom being rolled down my huge dick and lube spread on. The guy sucking my nipple got out of the way and the other guy stood over me on the bed. He then began to squat down, driving my dick into his willing hole. It was noticeable that he was in pain as my large dick was tearing his insides. Soon we had a rhythm going and the look of pain was replaced with pleasure. I was enjoying the feeling of the guy?s tight hole on my dick.

We pumped for a long time before I could not hold off anymore and I cum. It was my first time cumming as a different man. I was in ecstasy. I felt like I was cumming forever. When I return to awareness I discovered that both of my hosts had cum on my chest. The guy over me slipped off as I watched my cum leak out the condom. I must have cummed a great deal to have filled the condom.

We were all exhausted and collapsed on top of each other. I feel sleep. The next morning, I was awoken by an alarm clock. It was 6?o clock. My two hosts began to stir. When they awoke, they each kissed me. One of the guys hopped up to a dresser and opened a wallet. He returned, handing me $200. He said, ?Thanks Brian!?

I took the money and got out of bed. I slipped on the still damp swimsuit and robe. I walked through the condo out to the pool area. I saw a lady splashing around in the pool and some overweight hairy guy in the hot tub. I was quickly aware that their eyes were following me as I crossed over to Chris? condo.

I knocked on the patio door. Chris came to the door looking like normal, he was not wearing the Brian costume. Chris was wearing a pair of boxer shorts and a tank top. My guess was he was wearing the porn star?s dick under his shorts because of the bulging. The look on Chris? face seem to say he was not happy with me, but he let me in.

I asked Chris if I could take a shower. He directed me to his bedroom and pointed across the room. Chris told me that he would be in the kitchen. I entered the bathroom and peeled off the robe and damp swimsuit. Now I stared at myself in the mirror. I was an amazing specimen of manhood. I soon had an erection that needed my attention. I grabbed it tightly and slowly stroked. Soon I was pumping heavily and shot cum on the mirror. I was now embarrassed that I had just cummed over another guy?s mirror. I quickly cleaned the mirror. Next to the trashcan I spotted a scale. I stepped on the scale and watched as it settled on 230 pounds. I now weighed 50 pounds more than yesterday.

I figured that I should stop being Brian and return to being myself. I started the shower, stepped in and cleaned the Brian costume. Then I located the opening in the back and peeled off the suit. I continued my shower, dried myself off, wrapped a towel around my waist and headed for the kitchen. I stopped by my robe to grab the $200. •

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