By lemapp

it is amazing how something like latex can be painted onto a face. Then through skileed hands a new face appears. It would be great if the paint itself could do the skilled work on its own.

Something very interesting happened to me last Thursday. I was waiting for my friend, Chris, to drive me home from work. I was waiting there at his office while he finished for the day. Sometimes I wished that I did not carpool, but today it was good for me that I waited.

I noticed that the door next to Chris? office was open. It had always been closed before. The door opened into a room that looked like a large storage closet except that it was empty. There were about five paint cans and a large cardboard box near the door.

My friend Chris came up behind me and noticed that I was looking into the empty closet. Chris said, ? Good, you are here. I need help getting the last of this stuff out to my car.?

Chris picked up two of the paint cans and motioned for me to do the same. I notice that the labels were not what I expected for paint cans. The labels were handwritten and read BodyPlast. I notice a series of dates that were all from the 70?s. I asked Chris what this stuff was.

Chris said that in the 70?s his father?s company had tried to branch out of the warehouse business. His father had funded a series of research projects. But none of those projects ever got out the door. A recession hit which forced his father to cut projects to save money.

The old projects had been stored in that old closet for over 20 years. Now that space was needed for another conference room. It seems that warehousing and shipping is becoming a hot property again.

We placed the four cans in the car and went back to get the other can and box. Chris was kind enough to allow me to carry the large box by myself out to the car. It was not packed too well because I could feel things inside shifting around as I shifted the box.

As Chris and I drove home, my curiosity grew about BodyPlast. I realized that Chris did not answer my question earlier. I thought about how I should ask again, but before I could ask, Chris spoke.

? I?m sure that you are wondering what BodyPlast is. I?m not really sure. I was fairly young when my father was having this stuff developed. I vaguely remember that it was some form of skin covering much like liquid latex. And that it was nearly finished when my father canceled the project.

It was a strange time just before the projects were canceled. I remember that some of the people at the office were acting very strangely. I even remember seeing a scientist in my father?s private washroom and later my father exited wearing the same clothes. It is funny what you imagine as a kid.?

We had finally reached the neighborhood where both Chris and I lived. Chris, being the son of a wealthy family, was able to afford his own condo. I was not so lucky and shared a place with another roommate. Chris asked if I would come home with him to unload the car. It was no big deal because I only lived a few blocks away.

It didn?t take too long to unload the car. We simply stacked the cans and box in a corner of the living room. Then something happened that completely amazed me, Chris asked if I would stay a little while longer and help him to go through the contents of the large box. Chris and I were not really friends, we simply carpooled together, mainly Chris droved. We had played pick-up a few times but never spend any time together. I agreed to help.

Chris had gotten a box cutter out and tore into the box. At few glance it looked like a giant pile of papers stapled together. One on the top caught my attention. Its title read, ?How to use BodyPlast.? I grabbed this and began to read.

In a few moments I was able to read through the simply instructions. It seems that you were to cover an area of the body with the paint that would dry very quickly, and then flip it over or inside out. The paint will pick up the skin texture. The manual showed a simply process of making a glove by dipping a hand into the paint can. I asked Chris if I could try. He agreed, asking that I put some cover down so that I would not drip on the carpet. Chris continued to pulled things out of the box.

Shortly, I had laid out some newspapers and began to open one of the cans. The first thing I noticed was the lack of any smell. When I looked in, the surface was still creamy white. I had imagined that after sitting for several decades that the mixture would have separated. The other odd thing was the spool of metal bobbing around the middle of the can.

I reached my hand into the mixture. It felt extremely cold and numbing. I noticed that the mixture seemed to move slightly on its own, but that did not make any sense. I pulled my hand out and saw that it was completely coved in the paint. I thought that it was odd how thick it looked because I expect a layer of paint to be extremely thin. As I raised my hand closer to my face I could see the moisture disappear almost instantly. I began to peel the paint off of my hand in one piece. I thought that it would be painful as it pulled the hairs out of my hand. I was surprised as it pulled off easily without pulling out any of my hairs.

I got a paper towel and placed the glove on a table. The color was still the same creamy white. I noticed that the surface was textured much like my skin. I left the glove to see what Chris had uncovered.

I found Chris spread out on the floor flipping through what looked like a series of reports. Chris noticed that I had entered the room. He pointed to some of the stacks of paper and said,

?It seems that BodyPlast was created to help burn victims. The mixture has a symbiotic quality where it helps to heal burned skin while it acts like a large bandage. It seems that the scientists also discovered that it was a great way to create masks. They played with making masks of hands, feet, chest, legs, faces and finally they created a full body mask.

Many of their experiments are here in the box below all of these reports. See that each bag is labeled with the parts and who it was modeled on. I?m interested in the large bag that says ?Full Body ? Brandon Symms?. Since you seem to be in a curious mode, why don?t you try on this costume.?

Chris sat up and reached into the box. He shifted a few things around and handed me a large paper bag. I asked Chris where a bathroom was so that I could change. I saw Chris smile and he pointed down the hall.

When I got to the bathroom, I opened the bag and discovered that it looked like the full skin of a man. It was interested that the skin looked accurate, even including the hairs everywhere. After turning it around a few times I discovered there was a large slit down the back.

I quickly got undressed and slowly pulled on the costume. It was cool against my skin, but it easily sled into place. In a few moments I pulled the head of the costume over my own.

It was amazing looking in the mirror. I was a different man. My skin was pale like someone who never saw the sun. This made my body hair more noticeable. I also noticed that I seemed to have lost weight. I looked so much thinner. It was as if I had lost most of my muscle mass. I assumed that it was because of the skin color. I grabbed a towel around my waist and walked out to find Chris.

I found Chris in the living room with a huge grin on his face. I noticed that he was rubbing his hands together. He looked up and at first he seemed shocked to see me. Then I could tell that a sense of recognition came across his face. Chris told me that I was the man he had seen as a kid going into his father?s private washroom. He then asked that I do a spin around for him so he could see all sides of the costume.

As I was doing my spin, Chris stood up. He came over to me and ran his hand along my back. I jumped back because I did not expect that from Chris. He explained that he was trying to locate the opening. I nodded knowingly and turned around. Chris continued to rub my back and soon his hand was under my towel. I went ahead and dropped the towel. Chris thanked me.

After a few moments it seems that he was satisfied that the opening was now sealed. He then walked around to the front and looked me over. After a minute he simply said. ?Amazing.?

Chris then offered me his left hand. I took it and looked it over. I looked back at Chris, wondering why he had given me his hand. Chris told me he was wearing the glove that I had created earlier. I looked back and grabbed Chris? other hand. At this point I began to notice some differences like the different hair patterns.

Chris then took his hand away and walked over to the box. He reached in and pulled out two small bags. He tossed me one and asked that I try it on. I flipped the bag over and noticed that it was labeled, ?Penis ? Porn #2?. I opened the bag and saw a huge dildo like thing was a large set of balls attached. It was incredibly detailed with color, texture and hair. I then noticed that had a large amount of foreskin. I pulled the penis out of the bag, and then looked down at my own dick.

I was surprised to see that I had erection, but it was not that it was standing up as much the size. I knew that I was fully erect but I had a tiny dick. It was as if the costume had shrunk my dick. I was glad to have a way to cover my small dick. I slipped the large penis over my four and half inch tool. Just like the full body costume, the penis slipped on easily. I stoked my new dick a few times, feeling the skin slide along the shaft. I now had a dick that was easily over ten inches.

I looked up to see that Chris was now buck-naked. He too was stroking his huge cock. This was the first time that I have even seen Chris nude and I was amazed at how much in shape he was. I knew that he worked out and looking at him now, it showed. He was not muscular but he seemed to have nearly no body fat. Chris looked up and saw me staring at him. He stopped stroking himself and began to blush. He said that he was simply making sure that it was attached.

Chris suggested that we go to the bathroom so that we could see how we looked with our new equipment. It was a tight squeeze to fit both of us in front of the mirror. Chris flipped his dick and balls around seeing all of the details. I continued to stand there with my hard-on watching Chris playing with himself. I felt brave and reached over to touch Chris? dick. In a quick movement of shock, Chris pushed me in the hall. He then began to apologize that he did not allow anyone to touch him.

Then a look came across Chris? face like he just had an idea. It was getting to be around 8?o clock and it was dark outside, so he left me. Later Chris returned to the hall outside the bathroom wearing a tight pair of shorts that did little to cover the huge dick he had stuffed inside. Chris had a phone in his hand. •

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