Beach Body

By lemapp

There are more numerous nude beaches on the west coast. There are long, wide and clean. You meet a lot of different kinds of people. If you are lucky, you can even have someone offer you something very special.

It was finally late spring and the days were getting warmer. I decided to have my first experience at a California nude beach since moving out West. I quickly packed my towel and headed for the ocean. My plan was to go check out one of the largest and oldest beaches I had discovered on a web site.

As I got closer to the beach I noticed a large offshore fog bank but I soon discovered that it covered the beach. After coming all this way, I decided to stay and wait for the fog to burn off. I had learned in my few months here that the morning fog usually burned off before noon.

After parking my car, I headed down the cliff-side trail to the beach. The further down I went, the denser the fog became. When I reached the beach, I could only see about 10 yards in front of me. Walking down the beach I was able to make out numerous driftwood structures along the cliffs. As the wind picked-up I realized why they were there, the roof-less huts blocked the wind.

I continued down the beach until I located a very large hut with walls about 4 to 5 feet in height. The interior was large enough for several people to lie out. There were even tree logs inside that make for perfect stools. I entered the hut and laid down my towel. It was cold so I kept my clothes on. I laid down waiting for the fog to clear.

I must have drifted off, because I was awoken by a noise in the back of the hut. I jumped up to see a very thin old man standing inside. I guess that I scared him too because he was very apologetic. He explained that the rule was to hang a shirt or towel as a flag to mark that the hut was occupied. I looked around and there was indeed a driftwood flagpole, which I had not put a flag on.

As I went through my bag to pull out something for a flag, the old man asked if he could change. It seemed that he normally claimed this hut for himself, but he would find another hut. I said it was okay, I thought it was the least that I could do. I found an extra towel and went to making it my flag.

As I turned around, I saw the old man completely nude. He was nothing but skin and bone. He reached into his bag and pulled out what looked like a full body wet suit. I noticed how odd it was that the suit was a solid color much like a deep suntan. I watched as the old man slide his legs inside the wet suit.

The old man then sat down to work the feet of the wet suit over his own feet. I thought it was unusual for a wetsuit to have feet. Then the old man straighten the wet suit over his calves. At this point I could not look away, because now the calves on this guy were huge. They looked like the kind of calves that only bodybuilders are able to develop. I felt a stirring in my shorts.

I?m standing there staring at the old man as he stands up and works the suit over his tiny, winkled butt. I watched as the suit formed massive thighs and a thick muscular butt. Then I see a huge dick and pair of balls swing into view. This suit was equipped with a huge set of equipment. The old man had just finished working his own cock and balls into the suit. Then to finish, he worked his hands and arms into the suit leaving the zipper undone.

Then the old man turned to me and asked if I would zip him up. I was broken from my trance realizing that my dick was fully hard and ached for released. My faced turned red, but the old man simply turned back around. I placed my left hand on his wide left shoulder and pulled the zipper up to the neck. There was a small flap that pulled over to conceal the zipper. At this point a massive nude bodybuilder?s body stood inches away from me. It was incredible being so close to a mountain of muscle.

The old man?s butt bumped into my crotch sending me back again the wall. He was grabbing something from his bag and did not realize that I was so close. The old man had gotten a mask and pulled it over his head. I was still sprawled against the hut watching the old man as he rubbed his hand over his body like an inspection. The old man spent several minutes checking out his huge body.

The old man looked around at me to discover that he had pushed me to the ground. He reached his hand out to pull me up, and I accepted the lift. I guess that he did not realize his strength because I landed with a body slam into his chest. My crotch was grinding into his.

This time the old man?s face turned red, but it was no longer a face of an old man. It was a face of a man in his twenties with a goatee. The guy in front of me simply smiled and placed me down on the ground as he stepped away.

I asked where he got that incredible body. I wanted to know how I could get something like that. Then he surprised me but saying that he had made it himself. The bodybuilder who had been the thin old man only minutes before suggested that I touch him to feel how real it felt. I slowly reached my hand to touch his wide calves. I felt brazen as I slowly ran my hands up his massive legs.

The bodybuilder then grabbed both of my hands, placed one on his balls and the other on his dick. I was stunned as he said that I should feel what it is like to be a well-hung stud. I began to fondle his balls. My hand couldn?t even wrap around his thick shaft. I began to stroke his dick as it grew in my hand. Soon his monster snake was sticking out over a foot from his body.

I looked into the eyes of the bodybuilder and took my cue. Climbing to my knees, I took the huge pole into my mouth. At first I could only get his head inside my mouth, but I worked my jaw loose to get more in. Soon my mouth was filled as his dick head began to hit the back of my mouth. I relaxed my gag reflex to allow him into my throat. The bodybuilder then grabbed the back of my head with his hands and buried my nose into his pubic hair.

We began to get a rhythm going as I squeezed my throat around his dick and sucked hard. I guessed that the bodybuilder needed to cum badly, because it didn?t take long until he was moaning loudly. Soon I felt his hot cum gushing through my mouth. I was surprised at the amount as it escaped out even though I was swallowing.

The bodybuilder collapsed onto a tree log stool and I fell back onto my towel. The smile on his face told me that he had really enjoyed what had just happened. After a few moments, the bodybuilder stood up and stood over his bag. He looked at me and said that I should get undressed, the fog had burned off and I would burn up in my clothes. So I jumped up and stripped for my visitor. I saved the Speedos for last. With my thumbs inside the waistband I did a quick tug and dropped them on the towel. I guessed that the bodybuilder liked the show because his dick had begun to expand.

The bodybuilder then commented that I had a fairly good body. Then he surprised me by his next offer. It seems that the bodybuilder had brought two body suits with him. If I wanted I could try on the other slightly less muscled suit. I of course said yes.

The bodybuilder reached into bag and pulled out the other suit. He suggested that I take a seat and pulled the suit slowly over my legs. I noticed as my feet entered the suit that it felt very moist inside, but I was not going to let this stop me. Soon the suit was covering my feet and legs as the bodybuilder assisted me with inserting my dick and balls into the suit. Next my hands and arms entered the suit. Finally the bodybuilder pulled up the zipper and pulled over the concealing flap over the zipper. I was now sealed into the muscle body suit.

It was amazing to look down and see the huge pecs that made up my chest. I moved my arms watching the muscles twist visibly below the skin without any fat to blocking the view. I could make out the blood vessels. I ran my hand over my butt and abs feeling how rock hard they felt. Soon my hands were on my cock and balls. It was magnificent feeling the weight of the huge hose that now hung there. My dick grew because of the attention.

The bodybuilder then handed me a mask from his bag. I held it in my hands trying to determine what it looked like. The bodybuilder offered that he had a mirror and would show me. I slipped on the mask, wiggling my face muscles around inside it until it settled in place.

The bodybuilder handed me a small hand mirror. It was strange having the reflection being someone very different from myself. It seems that I was now also a twenty something man just like the bodybuilder. I angled the mirror to try and see more of my body, but I was too huge to fit in. What I did see looked much like a beginning bodybuilder but not the size of my new friend.

The bodybuilder toke the mirror from me, which broke my stare. I looked up at him as he suggested that we try out our new bodies. The bodybuilder said that we should race to the end of the end of the beach. I said that I was up for the challenge. The bodybuilder then grabbed my dick hard and then raced out of the hut. I stood there stunned from the pain but then realized that I had a race to win. I raced out of the hut after the bodybuilder.

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