Billy Saga, The

The Cum-Uppance of Little 'Bro


By Musclebuff

Being the third but not necessarily last instalment of the Billy Saga which opened with the Screenplay: "Aww, fuck, man, yeah!" and continued with the sensational "Testonic Superslam".

AlphaTim, fresh from the devastating defeat of the Inca King (who was now the joint sex-slave of himself and Bill), was more than disturbed to hear rumors of a third and younger Billy 'bro who was apparently throwing his weight around on campus and boasting that he was bigger than either of his older brothers and that he couldn't wait to put AlphaTim in his place.

Tim was incited to yet greater wrath when he heard an ugly report, the truth of which he was forced to drag out of Billy by denying him the joy of his, Tim's, muscle-fuck-pole until he got to the truth: Had Billy, or had he not, been cornered by his younger brother in some dark passage of the campus buildings and forced to yield to Little 'Bro's demanding dick? Had the two of them in fact flooded the passage with their muscle-cum when Billy's mouth (and his own dick) could no longer contain all their gism? And, worse, had he agreed to be fucked, or had he in fact been raped by Little 'Bro (whose real name was Sean) or had he willingly allowed that monstrous, slimy, cum-laden rod into his butt-crack and himself flooded the passage with his cum? And had he then agreed to lick it all up and return it to his little brother's big mouth to swill about and then spit down Billy's throat?

When Billy tearfully admitted all this was true, Tim gave him the force-fuck of his life while yelling in Billy's ear that he would put that arrogant Big-Dick-Big-Mouth in his place before nightfall. More than Little 'Bro's arrogance, which was bad enough, Tim couldn't bear the idea of his lover being fucked about by his younger brother. Big 'Bro would have been bad enough (and where the hell was he these days?) But the indignity of letting your younger brother fuck you about the place, and then boasring of it to all and sundry on campus, was more than Tim could take.

Guessing he'd find him in the campus gym, AlphaTim took the place by storm like a menacing tornado. Huge Little 'Bro was in fact, at that very moment, laughing about besting his elder brother to a brown-nosed group of steroid freaks who saw the approaching holocaust some time before Little Bro. They removed themselves asap to distant pieces of equipment and waited between reps with baited breath to see what would occur between these two Behemoths.

For Behemoths they were. If Tim hadn't been so enraged he might have paused for a moment on the threshold when he saw just how much bigger than Billy his little 'bro in fact was. But rage inspired him and spurred him on to the fray. Sean saw the approaching tornado in the mirror and Tim was only stopped in his tracks when Sean challenged him with a lat-spread and gave him a double bi shot, swiftly followed by a roaring Most Muscular. Tim replied with an equally loud-roaring m-m, then flexed his gigantic bicep right in Sean's face. Little 'Bro pretended to lick it but instead bit into it with passion, drawing blood. Tim roared even louder and grabbed both of Little Bro's pecs, twisting the pack of muscle and nips 360 degrees so that they might have been torn off if Little 'Bro hadn't executed a back-flip into a moon-shot of his well-striated ass and farted in Tim's face.

Tim seized him round the waist and attempted to swing that magnificent physique around and up into the air. Up Little 'Bro went indeed, into a vertical position from which he proceeded to gnash Tim's scantily-clad genitals in his teeth. It seemed as if both nuts and the huge AlphaDick were swallowed and in danger of being bitten off, so this time Tim did a back flip and landed Little 'Bro on his back, flat on the mat.

Tim sat victoriously on Little B's chest, and pinned the huge arms to the floor over his head with one hand while he ripped Sean's lycra jock off with the other. The brown-nosers were fascinated to see that both giants now had naked erections as hard and steely and tall as the Eiffel Tower, and that both were leaking copious gobs of pre-cum. But this fascinating vision only lasted a moment for Sean pulled his monstrous quads up in the air and locked his legs around Tim's neck. He crossed his ankles and his giant diamond calves squeezed AlphaTim's bull neck unmercifully while his rock-hard dick made its way towards Tim's wide-open crack.

As soon as Tim felt the imminent invasion of his never-been-fucked rose-hole he proceeded to strangle Little B.: one beefy forearm jammed under LB's chin, cutting his air-supply off at the Adam's apple, while the other elbow crooked itself around the back of Sean's neck. Sean was forced to unclench his murderous calves and Tim immediately flipped him on to his front and in one amazing manoeuver rammed his giant, unlubed fuck-pole up Little B's ass.

Sean roared in pain and anger as Tim fucked him unmercifully. What I would have given to have been a fly on the wall or, better, in between the two of them, giving and receiving! As it was the brown-nosers fell over each other, fucking and jerking off, unable to contain their gism at the sight of this unscripted and unexpected battle of giants.

At that very moment Billy, in hot pursuit of his lover on his dangerous quest, ventured into the gym. Tim saw him in the mirror.

"Git over here and help me rape this wimp!" He roared. Big as he was, Little 'Bro was unable to unseat Tim's ravaging physique (ravaging and ravishing, however you look at it!). Tim rolled on to his side, holding LB's elbows in a clinch, exposing LB's still-hard, pain-enduring, copiously leaking fuckrod.

"Git yur dick down his throat, Boy! and fuck it hard!"

Billy obliged instantly with and with gusto. Little B was forced to swallow his bigger B's massive rod - and bigger B was unable to resist grabbing his little brother's leaking fuckrod into his own mouth. Of course, Sean could easily have gotten out of this situation, but why should he bother? Deliciously fucked at both ends by two hulking muscle feaks while one of them was pleasuring his dick so deep downj his throat? Billy wrapped his tongue round Sean's swollen and veiny pole while he forcefully fucked his brother's throat and kneaded his nips at the same time. Sean obliged by reciprocating now that he had a hand free to do so. But Tim was not so sure that he liked his victim enjoying himself so much so, as soon as all three had cum (and the audience was weak with multiple orgasms), he hauled Sean to his feet and yelled at Billy to help strap his brother to the squat cage.

This squat cage was already supplied with bondage equipment for those occasions when the jocks enjoyed themselves with torturing and fucking their plebes on hazing nights - one of whom was of course Little 'Bro, so clearly he deserved what he had coming to him. Arms stretched high and wide by the leather wrist-cuffs, and ankles pulled apart by leg-cuffs and chains, Little B. suffered himself to be prepared for the worst. Or the best? Depends how you look at it.

Tim took a 30 pound dumbell, attached it to a chain, then hooked it on to the cock-and-ball ring that Billy had already appplied to his little brother at Tim's behest. Sean let out a yell as Tim, none too gently, let the dumbell fall and swing, pulling those bull-balls unmercifully towards the floor. Billy got behind him, nudged his crack with his still-hard and still-monstrous dick, reached around the front and squeezed Sean's nips, pulling them and pulling them until they were at least an inch long and as hard as his huge dick still remained. Then Tim attached some devilish alligator clips to those proud nips and adjusted the screws so they were nice and tight. Sean's face went purple and the sweat poured down his forehead, but he didn't give Tim the pleasure of uttering a single groan - not even when his brother flicked the exposed tips real hard with his sharp finger nails.

"This is what little boys get for abusing their brothers and opening their big mouths too wide!" said Tim, as he inserted a rubber piss-cock gag into that same big mouth. "Get your rod into him, Billy! rape him real good. If you think he's enjoying more than you are, use that giant dildo instead!" Billy decided to oblige with the dildo.

Tim knelt in front of Little Behemoth, let him enjoy a double bi pose, and another m-m, then he squatted up high enough so that he could flex his huge slabs of pecs in front of Sean's still rampant dick. "If he's so fond of fucking, let him try this!" And Tim jammed Sean's dick in the deep, deep cleft between his monstrous pecs which he proceeded to squeeze tight round the pretty boy's rod.. Then he mashed his pecs together, milking that stud-dick between them. It wasn't long before Sean started to groan as he fucked AlphaTim's great pecs. Billy's own dick gathered speed at this sight: the peck-fuck was one of the things he most enjoyed from Tim who reached out and grabbed his lover's dick and squeezed his balls hard, causing Billy to join his brother's groans to his own.

LB's dick had vanished completely in the midst of Tim's pecs, and Billy's was near erupting inside LB's ass. Tim was certainly enjoying giving LB the pec fuck, squeezing hard enough to make it really painful as well as pleasurable, but he wasn't finished with his victim yet. Nor had Billy been sufficiently punished for giving in to his Little 'Bro so willingly. So when he felt the two stud-brothers were on the point of cumming and he had both their dicks in his grasp, his own was still mightily unsatisfied.

"Billy, climb up on the rack in front of your brother - pull that gag out and stuff your dick down his throat instead!" As soon as Billy had done this and Sean was gobbling him hard, Tim stood up level with his brother, mashed his dick hard together with his own and held them together tight at the base, the other fist round Sean's balls, cutting off any incipient rush of muscleboy-juice.

"Now, Billy! Get your dick out of that stud's throat and let yourself down slowly towards me!"

Billy slithered his sweat-slick magnificent muscles down across his brother's even bigger ones, his dick sliding down stubbly chin, across thick veiny slabs of pec onto the slimy washboard of that huge 8-pack - he groaned all the way down, but suddenly let out a yelp as Tim's hand grabbed his traps and forced his butt down HARD on to both the big guys' dicks.

"Want to get fucked by both of us , do you, you greedy little bastard? Well, get your legs in the air and ENJOY it!"

Billy's tender fuck-chute was rammed simultaneously onto the two horny, insistent, ravaging dicks, united in their fuck-lust by the joint fuck of Billy-Adonis. At first they plunged up and down, in and out simultaneously but they soon found that they could enjoy it much more if they fucked him in contrary motion. In fact they went wild as they felt their slimy satin-sheathed poles rub against each other on one side and against Billy's hot hole on the other. Billy went wild too - so did the audience who immediately attempted the same experience.

With dual roars both the huge(r) studs pulled out and jetted their cum allover Billy who joined theirs with his own. All three lubed their giant torsos with the gallons of cum-oil till they shone and glistened with gism and sweat. Then Tim and Sean charged at Billy and battered him with the power of their pecs on both sides. Not to be outdone, Billy leaped into the air and locked his quads round his brother's neck while he seized Tim's head and kissed him full on the lips. Little B whirled Billy around so that Billy's calves collided with Tim, almost knocking him out. Little B seized the moment: he threw Billy off and grabbed Tim on the floor, turning him into a full nelson. Billy went to the rescue and rammed Sean in the stomach with his head. Soon all three giants were tag-teaming each other, spurting cum as they reached frequent, almost continuous climaxes of body-contact and body-punishment, egged on by their almost-as-muscular jock-audience members.

The sensuality of the whole bout was enhanced and increased by the oil-wrestling experience: the floor was awash with sweat-cum-cum and they could hardly get a grip on each other's mighty struggling slippery muscles. Eventually, they were all so slippery that fucking was all they could manage. But their audience had never seen such muscular fucking in bulk as took place that night. The finally exhausted trio gave up any attempt at wrestling holds and just plunged their everhard rods into what ever orifice offered itself.

The scene "faded out" as both brothers squeezed their heads between each other's mighty quads, sixty-nining each others' slippery dicks while AlphaTim triumphed over them both by fucking each one three times before they came down each other's throats while grabbing the thick pecs of whichever one he wasn't fucking at the time.

I guess, in spite of everything, they resolved into some kind of happy arrangement which allowed free association between any or all of them at any given time. Many jock-studs were to cum in their lycras as they watched the three of them work out their amazing physiques together - usually "cooling off" with a triple "Oil-wrestling" bout. At least, until BIG 'Bro got to hear of what was going on down at the gym.... But that's another story. •

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