Billy Saga, The

Testonic Superslam


By Musclebuff

Being the sequel to the first instalment of the Billy Saga. Now TV is involved as well as screenplay. With thanks to Scorpioson for the idea.

Tim and Billy are working out in the gym almost as soon as they get to Tim's place (both of them still saddle-sore, on way or another, from Tim's wedding present to Billy - the custom-equipped motorcycle) when Tim suddenly announces he has to get a shot.

"Ya see, Billy boy - I hafta be bigger 'n you, or my pride gets hurt and you have nothing to look up to and improve for, so you git on with a few bench-presses while I go find the stuff in our place. OK?"

So, after a massive kiss and breathtaking hug between all 600 pounds of them, he leaves Billy to get on with it. After a few sets his pecs are really getting pumped up when in walks this massive dude.

"Jeez," thinks Billy, "I thought we were bigger'n most, but this....!"

His black hair hangs down below his shoulders which are so wide he could seat both of them up there - if they'd let him. He's several shades darker than Tim - must be a mix of American Indian and something even darker. He's six-five at least and built like a shining shit-house - even bigger than Tim and Bro', and that's saying something. His torn off dirty-white string tank hangs off those huge slabs of muscle and leaves nothing to the imagination (Wind-in-your hair, eat your heart out!) and the ancient, torn scarlet lycra hotpants he's wearing can't begin to contain the fat salami they're pretending to cover. Billy can see it's getting thicker by the second.

And his eyes - his eyes are the colour of the turquoise his ancestors have been mining for centuries and you can't take your own off them as they burn into you with their flashing colors.

He stands real close to Billy, puts one huge arm round his waist and tugs all that mighty teen-muscle (whose bone is as hard as an oak-tree by now) tight into his chest. Standing a head taller than Big Billy, his black hair cascades over the Blonde Bomber's face.

"Where're you from?"

"I'm a - friend of Tim's..."

"Some friend! Plenty of you, man."

"Hey, dude, you too!"

* * * * * * * * *

[Black Thunder's p.o.v. and voice over]

The kid's almost speechless with admiration - he's never seen an Inca hunk as big and magnificent as this - a good size bigger 'n him or Tim - and he can't help imagining what it'd be like to be mashing his fair white muscle slabs against this dark, golden, primitivo Hercules's fantastic muscle. And how about a taste of this big dark dick, huh?

I can see from his baby blue eyes that he can't wait to get hold of this ever-thickening butt-punisher to try it for size. When I grab my balls and shake my equipment in his face he grabs at my huge handful and tugs hard - the pants rip off to reveal my full glory.

So I grab him by the back of his neck and ram his face into my potent black-haired pit.

"Smell a real man, babe - yeah, lick those huge hard split bis! Get y'r tongue on to those fuckin' hard pecs! Yeah, boy, y'r whole face disappears between them, ya know that?"

But I'm not going to wait around for Big Tim to get back - we have to get on with it right now. His pants are off in a flash and I can see just how magnificent this young muscle-stud really looks without his clothes. I push him on to his knees.

"Hey, dude! Big dick!"

"All the better to fuck ya with, my pretty one!"

And he greedily devours the whole huge thing

"Yeah, pretty boy! Suck that dick! Wanna get fucked, do we, bitch? Get it real hard - enough for me to rape you! Think ya c'n take me, bitch?"

I'm six five and big with it, but even my fourteen inch Inca fuck-pole has a problem getting into that Billy-butt. His hole must be ten inches down inside that wall of solid striated glute, but by now he's begging for it so he leans forward and spread his great butt-hams open with both hands to make it easier for me.

"Aww, fuck,man! Dig that fat Inca pole into white boy Billy's butt! I wanna feel it bruisin' and poundin' my joy-button! C'mon, man, fuck me! 'N fuck me hard before Tim gets back!"

So, with one hand grabbing hold of his mighty pecs, twisting his nip real hard, and with the other clasping his nuts and the root of his dick, I dig in.

"Man, are you tight or what? Feels great but you have to let me in or I'll tear you up!"

"Go ahead! Rape me then! but quick!"

My huge, steel-hard mushroom head demands entry and he's making it as difficult as possible 'cos, man, he really wants to FEEL it in a BIG way! I ram hard and suddenly his cherry pops open. Jeez! What a great feeling! In one mighty hard thrust I bury all fourteen inches in that rape-worthy butt, with his chute walls pressing so hard around my fucker that I almost want to come straight off. But no, we have to have some fun before lover-Tim gets back. So I get to work, pounding that butt, squeezing that pec, twisting that nip and mashing those mightily throbbing, churning nuts.

"Yeah, man! Make me feel it! Mash that prostate! Aww, fuck, YEAH! Drive it in and out like that - real deep. Fuck! Fuck! FUUUCK! Pull on those nuts and twist that nip real hard to stop me from cumming - want this to last for ever, man!"

(At least until Tim gets back!)

"Gimme all you got!"

By now I'm pile-driving into him at top speed and so hard that his butt is getting bruised by my quads. But if he wants all I've got, we'll have to move around a bit. Up to now he's been leaning on the bench-press bar but now, yanking hard on his throbbing pre-cum-squirting equipment, I pull him round to face me, mash my lips against his, and push him backwards on to the bench. Eagerly, he throws his legs over my shoulders, I yank his butt towards me and, just as eagerly, my big boner rams again into his dripping butt.

"So little white boy wants this big Inca stud up his butt, huh?"

"Who 're you callin' little? Wait till you get this big white rod up your ass! But now, Wind-in-y'r-hair, fuck this hard white ass, shut up and get on with it!"

My name means Black Thunder - half Incan, half Spanish, but how can I resist such a gracious invitation? I start to give him my best imitation of a jackhammer, hard, deep, fast and vicious. (Jeez, my dick feels so good up this muscle-butt!) I grab a handful of the pre-cream spurting out of his dick, grab both huge pecs and spread the joy-juice around those huge one-inch nips. When I've sucked it all down my throat from both nips, I sing my teeth into one of them. That gets a good yelp out of him!

Yeah, man! I'm stealing this teen-muscle-god away from Tim - darned if I'm not! I need a new fuck-'n-suck slave in my dungeon and this hunk of muscle's just the one for me! Get him chained up for 7-24 usage and I'll be set for life, Just let him out for some forced workouts and to keep his tan, rest of the time his flesh is mine, dude! Can't wait to get my outsize fucker settled down his squirmy throat - he'll have to learn to take it all the way 7-24 and won't he love it! Feelin' my golden pecs rammed in his face 'n his nose in my sweaty pits. I can feel those luscious lips sucking on my nips right now!

Fuck, if I don't stop thinking this way I'll cum too soon - already got me going with sixteen inches of hard steel!

I pull right out and slam in again - over and over again, till he's screaming in ecstacy. He puts both hands on his own pecs and starts to squeeze and damn me if he doesn't start to squirt muscle milk out of both of them! I suck them both dry and, I tell ya, it goes down my gullet like nectar of the gods! I get so high in it, I think my dick will burst inside him. At the same time, my muscles seem to swell and harden. Is it his milk that's doing all this to me?

Suddenly he throws both arms round my neck and pulls us both off the bench on to the floor, his butt still impaled on my swollen fuck-rod. Now I'm on my back and my mouth waters as I look up at this vision of perfect, huge, hard and horny teen-muscle riding my dick like the stallion he is. My luscious lips swallow his stubbly chin when he grabs my nips and twists them real vicious. I roar into his mouth that I can't hold back any longer: our mouths, our huge pecs, our flexed abs all meet - huge fucking bicep arms are grabbing gigantic melon delts. Our two bodies, dark bronze and white, become one as my gusher fills his ass with creamy white native cum. He sticks his tongue down my throat and roars himself as all that precious Bully-cum - must be a pint of it at least - gushes on to our abs which are squeezing his dick between them like an old fashioned clothes-wringer.

He shudders with each mighty cum-spasm before he falls on to my heaving, sweaty chest.

"Jeez, I wish Tim was here to stick his monster dick up my ass alongside yours. That'd be really something!"

"Very pretty!" says a deep, dark voice, and there's Tim standing over us, his naked torso as shiny with sweat as ours must be, one muscle-burstin' black leather clad leg on each side of us. He rips the bulging pouch off his chaps and his huge man-dick sticks half a yard out, swingin' in the breeze above us.

Billy smiles up at him.

"Hey, Tim! Come 'n join us!"

"Join you, you Billy-whore? Wouldn't you just like that?! I'll soon join you in ways you never dreamed of! But while y're waitin', y'r long-hair stud friend can clean me up while you're givin' me a tongue-fuck!"

First he rams Big Billy's dirty angel-face into his butt then, before I can get up, he shoves his dick down my throat and starts fucking it. I choke on the huge meat (though I quite like the idea of this giant muscle stud raping my throat!) - he just laughs and shoves it in deeper. He doesn't give me a chance to start enjoying it for, almost immediately, he fires his huge white wad down my throat while he keeps one hand on Billy's head to make sure he benefits 100% from the cleaning, sucking operation on his hairy crack.

He steps off us both and pulls Billy up by one monstrous cleft bicep. He plants a boot on my abs (hard):

"Enough fun f'r now - I 'll have my revenge on you, Mr. Inca God, at the rassle-meet tonight. I hear y're the star attraction - I'll make sure of that! Winner takes all and loser gets publicly fucked. Now git, while I deal with this white-trash whore I thought was my lover!"

"Guess I'll leave you both to that! See ya tonight! Don't use it all up on him!"

And before he can get his boot into my teeth, I'm gone.

* * * * * * *

[Billy's p.o.v. and voice over]

"Hey,Tim! We w're just horsin' around...."

"I'll give ya horsin'! I sh'd horsewhip that beautiful horny white load of muscle on your backside! Leave you alone for two minutes and y're whorin' already! Some honeymoon!"

"Hey, I really like you when y're angry! Ya have to admit he was pretty sensational! See ya got y'r shot! Y're bigger 'n me again!"

"And that's the way we're gonna keep it till I've got you tamed!"

"Hey, that sounds interestin'!"

That angry huge muscle mountain advances on me and shoves my face into his pecs: four inches deep of rearing, hard-striated muscle on each side of my nose and mouth and I know I'm lost.

His pecs feel as if they had just been worked out to the extreme: he rubs my face, nose and mouth harshly over his chest stubble, making sure I appreciate every striation. The giant protruding rock of his nip forces its way between my teeth and almost rips the side of my mouth as he refuses to let me enjoy it for more than a moment. My nose feels bruised as he pulls my face roughly over on to a flexed bicep, Greedily my tongue starts lapping that hard, bulging muscle.

"Yeah, whore! Taste a real man's muscle! Dig your nose into that steamy pit and inhale my essence!'

And that's exactly what I have to do - I can never resist it, and he knows it. He knows that I always get high as a kite from inhaling his pheramones. I breathe him in so deeply that the top of my head comes off. I'm a junky for Tim! I fall back into his other arm, but he's not going to let me rest there - I have to experience the sensation of his other pec, nip, bicep and pit. More inhalation and the world spins. I feel my muscles throbbing and swelling, my dick rises to mighty heights: my balls swell and ache as if I hadn't cum for a month.

Another shove into the cleft where I suck and slurp on the best and hugest pecs of the world; my face is shoved down to the ridges of his abs. Tim is one of those guys who has a huge six-pack - no room there for another pair above or below those thickly developed muscles. I inhale from his pubes and go giddy again. He doesn't let me linger at his dick (part of the punishment?)

And forces my tongue on to his second-skin-tight chaps so that I can feel and appreciate all four heads of his taut, bulging quads through his sexy leather. My tongue feels each separate strand of rope like splendour; the inhalation of his sweaty leather only increases the effect of his heady aroma.

I am made to appreciate, worship and tongue of each marble, black onyx muscle before he shoves me flat on my back. I look up at the towering giant of muscular perfection I love so much and he roars at me as he does a most muscular. I may be huge and amazing myself but I'm not such a fool that I don't know that AlphaTim is perfection above me, his sweat dripping into my face.

I can't hold back from jacking on my own fourteen inches but he kicks my hand away.

"Oh, fuck me, Master Alpha Tim!"

"You don't deserve it, you Billy-whore you!"

"I know, dude, I know, but fuck me!"

"You've got a lot more punishin' comin' yr way before I bless you with my boner: my little muscle-whore needs to learn a few more lessons before he's worthy of gettin' fucked by this rod again!"

Tim's voice-over during the next action:

I'm pissed as hell but I cain't help lovin' dat man o'mine! Need to breathe some more fire over him - Billy-boy needs to see how an alpha wolf can BITE! Man, these snug sweaty leather chaps sure make me extra horny!

[He grabs Billy by the pithair and shoves him over to the squat rack where he ties his wrists with some convenient, well-used leather thongs. Billy makes no attempt to get away: he knows what he deserves and is determined to enjoy it! What ever it is. And he knows not to piss the bigger guy off any more than he's already pissed. Billy's arms are loose enough to be able to swing about a bit, but not loose enough to reach his own considerable boner which somehow refuses to subside.

Tim roars like a lion as he squeezes out a massive most-muscular in Billy's face. He slaps Billy backhanded across the face and gets a grip on his nuts as if he wants to rip them off the handsome young whore. Now Billy begins to get a bit scared - he still doesn't utter a word. He shakes and shudders his magnificent frame and the muscles dance all over his body in anticipation.


Now you just hang there a while and get a load of all this muscle which just may not belong to you anymore after your whoring today.


Aw shucks Tim!

But a flexed bicep under his chin shuts him up.


Ya see this perfect gun here, whore? Like to see it flex, don't ya? See those huge veins snakin' across the peak as I flex? Like ta lick it! Oh no - don't think you deserve it!

Groans from Billy which will increase with the development of Tim's muscle parade.

Here - feel it!

And he mashes a cannon-ball bicep flexed hard against Tim's lips so that they're bruised by his own teeth. Tim uses his other hand to ram Billy's face on to the muscle.

How about these pecs? Like to feel yr face mashed between them? Maybe I'll juts flex them out of your reach, like this! How about these monster quads? Wanna get your head squashed between 'em while you spurt? Naw - not a chance, whore!

He piles up a number of 45 lb plates so that he stand with his butt against Billy's face.

Wanna get y'r tongue up this hole, whore? What? You can't quite reach? Poor baby! Just watch them striated glutes flex for you then! Well, maybe I'll mash

that whore-face into these massive mounds so you know I'll always be y'r TopMan - and only me! No one gets to take my Billy away from me - even by a whore's invitation! Just look and feel - oh no, what a shame! You can't feel! Well, you can imagine feelin' all these tight bulgin', flexin' muscles and wish they were yours to fuck with! Ya see how much bigger I am than you? How each perfect muscle is packed with muscle-juice you may never get to enjoy? These muscles will spread, pump, ripple and cover any man who thinks he can take my whore-boy away from me!

By now Billy's mighty salami is crazed with sexual frustration. It jerks about in the air, longing for release but Billy doesn't know whether to let loose or keep it for some as yet undisclosed climax intended by his hero.


Yeah - y're so hot now ya can't stand it! Well here're a few thwacks to y'r meat so it knows who it belongs to! Uunh! Uunh! Yr nuts feel real hot and heavy in my fist, boy. I'll just squeeze them a bit so they know who's boss around here! Feel that? Tight enough? NO? Try THIS! Oh, poor whore-baby, did it hurt then? Want daddy to kiss it better? OK, then......

But he almost bites the purple mushroom leaking crown off Billy's dick! This causes Billy to shoot interminably and he manages to coat Tim's handsome, unshaven face and chest with the nut-hot gism that fountains all over his Master Tim.

Ha! Tastes good! Try some !

He wipes a massive amount of his pecs and rams the handful into Billy's face, massaging it cruelly into those already-bruised features, the eyebrows, the lot. Tim is really roused by this and his own massive boner starts to Pisa out of his chaps.

You wanna be MY prettyboy angelstud, you keep these areas clean and off limits to anyone else! [He slaps balls butt and dick a few times, in between squeezing and massaging them all] Ya git that, ya freakin' heap of muscleshit? I don't give a fuck if you show off all that beef and that prettyboy smile - or shit and shake that dimpled ass to kingdom come, but when THIS King cums, it's up yer ass that is MY ass ONLY. Comprende, ya little cocksuckin' fucker? Now come here to y'r daddy!

Tim's heart leaps so hard he is scared by what he feels for his buddy, his mate, his lover that every atom in his masculine frame wants to protect. His balls swell, his cock fills and turns to steel in response to his feelings. He slips round to Billy's backside and starts to finger massage the boy's hole while he massages his own dick around Billy's glutes and hams.

Billy feels those 28 inch warm hard guns surround him, a big meaty hand holds and jiggles his champion pecs. He feels that big meatbat swing between his thighs, feels it run against each ham and throb up between his thick legs, teasing him to spread his treetrunks wide enough for his hero to gain access to his own inner thighs, knowing that within seconds he'll feel that slugger knock into his hanging balls. Billy melts through and through and Tim slowly moves his own frame around to encompass all that is Billy. As his stubbled pecs start mashing into him he hears Billy's first groans. Tim knows that Billy loves those pecs most of all and perhaps he'll soon beg to be pec-fucked.

Billy's head slowly turns round so he can see his Tim. As he receives his thick lips and chin stubbling around his own face and neck, electrical charges zip up his spine and between his legs. He longs to get lost in Tim's dark and deep eyes.

Tim unties the straps and Billy falls emotionally and physically exhausted into Tim's huge, strong, capable arms.

Just one more thing ta do.

He lays Billy face down on the bench press bench and, right inside the great cleft of his butt, he inscribes with a felt-pen: THIS HOLE BELONGS TO ALPHA TIM.

Any more fuckin' about with people like that Inca and this gets tattooed permanent into yr pink muscle butt!

He flips Billy onto his back, then lies his full AlphaTim weight on top of him and joins their mouths and tongues in a deep soul kiss.


Fuck me now, Tim?

Billy's voice over the next action:

My abs clench into alp-like proportions as I raise my feet towards him. He seizes my ankles: his biceps coil and flex as he hauls me up towards him, pulling my legs apart. I am hanging, clear of the floor, upside down and the blood is rushing into my drug-crazed head as his giant fuckpole rams into my flexing muscle-cunt. My legs fold over his elbows as he starts to use me as his personal jackhammer. He jerks me up and his fuck-pole drives down, deep into my muscle-butt. Thinking guiltily of the Inca God I roar in ecstacy as he pile-drives into me. I do an upside-down double bicep and curl my torso up towards his chest. He goes on fucking me with complete and vicious abandon as somehow our lips meet and I tongue-fuck his mouth. This is a totally new, kinky experience, and I love it!

My huge legs are coiled around his waist, my arms hug that thick bat-wing back, our mouths are locked onto each other's, my dick starts to erupt and my monstrous spasms cause my innards to clench hard around his fucker, insisting that he cum inside me. Our kiss stays clamped as he bucks and jerks and stabs my innards with his cum-spasms. My ass drinks up his mighty gism but our position allows a lot to pour down on to his chaps.

"OK, so here's the end of your penance: lick up every single drop of yours and mine and give it back to me!"

He lets me go - I slide my sweaty torso muscles down over his hard perfection and grab hold of those perfect leathered thighs and slurp up every gob of his muscle-juice, first off that stubbly huge chest and abs (mine) then licking down the whole length of those great pillars (his).

"Now the boots - and the floor! And don't swallow it!"

On my hands and knees I obey. He gets down on to his and sucks as much of his gism that he can suction out of my ass. The sensation of his mouth and lips and tongue makes the sap rise again to my dick. But he slaps it down, pulls me down on top of him and joins our mouths. With our great arms around our fucking great torsos, we slurp our joy-juices around both our mouths until, finally, he swallows the lot.

"Greedy fucker!"

"You didn't deserve a drop, you whore!"

"Stop calling me that! He made me do it!"

"Oh, yes! Tell me another! Anyways, that Indian fucker's not going to mess with my Billy again - we'll see to that tonight! He thinks, 'cos he's the big rasslin' star that he can have who he likes. Well I 'm going to show him: not my Billy!"

He runs his big hands and dirty fingernails down the sides of my torso as we lie on the rasslin' mat, down my flexing lats, on to my narrow waist and hips and over on to my perfect muscle-bubble-butt. He ecstasizes me and I'm in danger of cumming again in my hero's arms. What I want from him now is a real pec-fuck. I can feel his enormous pecs slide down against my back. I can feel them spread and get hard and his massive arms encircle me. He grabs my genitals and pulls me up until I can feel the biggest pecs in the world squeezing against my butt. His hauser ropes of forearms nudge against my nuts and stiff boner. I am encompassed by sheer muscle.

I can feel my Manimal's hand spread my butt-cheeks and now i can feel a very stiff, long man-nip entering my chute, 25 pounds of Tim's surging, pile-driving pecbeef behind it. My man's uberpec forces its way up my ass, his stubble rasping against my tender flesh and urging me to cum again.........

Both men's eyes roll back, notrils flared, pheramone stink off the charts as the two huge muscle-beasts make some real lovin'..............

After they've both cum and massaged their muscle-juices into each other's pecs:


Forgiven me then?


In a way, I'm glad it all happened. Dealing with the fucker tonight in public will just make my day and fuel me up for our wedding-night - you just wait and see! Now - here's the plan.........."

(As he pulls a horse-size hypo from his bag and a bottle of pills, the scene dissolves to a screaming horde of fans in the Arena........)

* ** * * * * *

[TV commentary by Bob Scotas of Olympic fame]

[Shots of crowd, Boss MacMaster, officials cleaning up the ring, backstage disasters etc as required to intercut with Mr Scotas's commentary]

If you're just now joining us as late-comers, welcome to the MacMaster MWF Superslam! [ED: MWF=Musclebound Wrestling Federation] Already well-stoked from the preceding matches, our audience is greedily anticipating the arrival of their Champ - Bad Black Thunder - and whoever he will mash into pieces before fucking him tonight on television before millions of MWF viewers. Mr. MacMaster has transformed "ordinary" wrestling meets into fabulous freak shows where anything goes as long as someone gets fucked - or killed. In this way he satiates the mindless TV public of the nations with vicarious sensations which allow them to cum in their seats and go home happy to their wives. The audience these days is entirely male and no one without muscle of some kind would dare to show themselves here. So the level of testosterone is absurdly high and the crowd are already howling for their climactic "entertainment". And let's face it, folks, we all enjoy it and we all deserve to get our rocks off together! Mr. MacMaster may be a triple billionaire, but he's given us all what we need: slurping great dicks in our pants, all ready to cum at his command!

Tonight we have seen a number of quite average bouts - not too much blood and only one broken limb - and now we are thirsting for the real meat of the evening. The crowd are getting restive - some are standing up, ripping their shirts off and giving us Double Biceps and Most Musculars - an improvised posing contest - not to mention the mass jock display of genitalia!

But wait - yes! Here's his music - the opening fanfare of John Williams' Muscle Wars movie music - there go the fireworks! The obligatory nude sacrificial figures strewing themselves to be stepped over, or stepped on down the entry path, (he usually does both!) - Wow! A gigantic explosion of light and sound and - he appears! He appears in a bolt of lightning from the roof of the auditorium, descending, sitting astride a huge golden penis like an Inca God - I guess he hopes we think it's his! - Groans of disappointment from the Sacrifices - yes, they're now trying to clamber into the ring and being hurled back with, I would say, damaging force, by the very muscular McMaster Metro Mobsters - McMaster's personal security forces - all that naked muscle, bleeding and miserable.....

But it won't spoil our evening, for here's our hero, undefeated, Black Thunder, known as the Inca God, looking as dark and golden as his name! And running down to the ringside comes his sidekick boyfriend, the magnificently muscular Panther-pex.

[Shots of Thunder dismounting the penis (which rises out of sight) and parading round the ring in his body-tight shining golden armor - his fans screaming their delight and encouragement]

Look at those giant biceps hanging from the armor - and those crazy great thighs emerging from his cod-piece! Wow, these guys sure do love him! A pack of screaming men sure sounds very much more feral and macho than the same number of middle-aged women we used to hear screaming at these events. And now Panther-pex is undressing his master, preparing him for battle. As each piece of armor comes off we can see the magnificent musculature of the Man beneath. My God! His chest! Those pecs must be the biggest in the world! Now he's practically naked - his regular battle appearance - naked except for the minute shining burnished copper g-string. Did I say minute? As he hefts his genitals into greater comfort after their metal confinement, we can see that nothing "minute" would ever ,er, cover his , er - equipment. Now he's rippling those abs and shaking his pelvis (my God! Someone get me some tissues!) - flingin back his dark mane of hair. And the crowd are going crazy. Yes, I said CRAZEEEE! (Thanks!).

I see Pex is spraying him with plenty of oil and his great muscles are gleaming and glittering (and finding their way to my balls - I mean heart - Shit!)

Now a young guy, big, but a quarter of Thunder's size, comes in with the helmet full of challenges.....

[Ring ANNOUNCER'S voice:]

Black Thunder - the Inca God - will now draw five of the challenges he has received during the last two weeks. Each one of these has been carefully vetted by the MacMaster Organisation and the audience is assured they are bona fide contestants!

Scotas, voice over the "ceremony":

By bona fide, I guess he means carefully chosen (and rehearsed) by MacMaster's instructors at the MacMaster Academy of Wrestlers - known as MAW!

(What? I'm not supposed to say that? Well, tough titty! I've said it now!)

These five huge young athletes who are now bounding down the pathway and into the ring - magnificent specimens of muscular manhood, every one of them! I see at least two quite well-known pro bodybuilders among them. The crowd cheers them lustily as they parade around, posing down their muscles like a physique contest - really ironic, for everyone knows these five kids will be battered practically out of existence by the end of the evening - no matter how big they are when they start out!. It is said that MacMaster exercises a Neronic privilege of secretly indicating toward the end of a fight just how much final damage Thunder should cause each one. I believe they are extremely well paid - just as well when you think they probably won't be able to work for a year or so, let alone fight or have kids, poor devils!

Here we go!.......

[ four of the five leave the ring and the fifth bounds around, watched by Thunder with contempt. These fights are short and sweet - each one more bloody than the last. As each athlete is dispatched, Thunder struts around more and more arrogantly, chased by Panther-pex with hypos, special drinks, towels, the oil spray, sweet caresses for which he receives small sexual favors from Thunder - including the public display of the huge Prince Albert on his even huger cock. Bob Scotas discusses each victim with the local expert in the short breaks between bouts.

[The last of the five is a short, tough little bugger: clearly an expert "old-style" wrestler, he gets to pull Thunder to the ground and manages to put a headlock on him for about three minutes. The Inca gets up and rampages round the ring with this guy clamped to his face so he can hardly see. He tries to shake him off and stumbles twice. The boy only lets go when Pex stalks him and rams a sharpened metal dildo up his ass. Pouring with blood the guy is carried out of the ring by the security guards (who actually have to unpluck his legs from Thunder's neck) while the Inca God reels around gasping for air and clutching his neck.]

[Bob Scotas:]

What an actor! No, I mean Black Thunder! But wait...... Yes here comes MacMaster into the ring with the mike........

[MacMaster: greeted with the loudest imaginable boos from the audience who "love" to "hate" him]

Gentlemen - no ladies present, at least not the usual kind! Ha ha! - this stunning event would normally have closed our evening. But I have received a further challenge, unofficial but startling as you will see.

[He covers the mike for a moment to silence whatever questions or objections Thunder and Pex are making]

No - you've been paid and will do it! I'm sorry, Gentlemen - that's to say I'm glad that the Inca God has accepted the challenge - and here he is! Gentlemen, accompanied by Big Billy, I give you ALPHA TIM!

[Bob Scotas:]

And here he comes! My God! I've never seen anyone like him! He's HUGE! Must be a head taller than Thunder - even his sidekick (what's his name?) Billy is taller............Billy sprays him with his oil and lovingly massages it into the gigantic muscles. Look at the guy! He's huge, hard, horny - wearing nothing but a ragged old jock - he's posing now - in the Inca God's face - Thunder looks as black as his name - but, unlike him, he also looks frankly alarmed - if not terrified.......

* * * * * * *

[The Inca God's p.o.v.and voice over:]

What the hell is this? How did he get in here? MacMaster must be crazy - he doesn't know this'll be a grudge fight - or perhaps the bastard does know! And Tim's fuckin' bigger, a lot fuckin' bigger than he was this afternoon. What the hell's he taking? Thought he'd be all shacked up with his pretty big Billy boy - my next sex-slave!.

And the smell of that oil! Jeez, they both reek of it! I smelled it on him this afternoon - it makes my cock go stiff - my balls churn and my knees go weak - what the freakin' hell is the stuff?.... Shit! He's ready! He's put Billy out of the ring, thank God - couldn't deal with the both of 'em. You get out too, Pex, before he treads on you! Shit! I'd like to tangle with those muscles any way but this! He drives me crazy........

No, it's OK, Pex, I can deal with it! And I'll deal with him too! AlphaTim may be big but the dude goin' to feel real small when he's mashed up against these Inca muscles! We'll tie him up to the ropes so he c'n watch me rape his Billy-boy! Jeez! Can't wait to get this big boner rammed up that pretty little muscle cunt again! I'll have him lovin' me' so hard he'll soon learn who his real master is!

[A bell rings: Panther-Pex and Big Billy leap out of the ring and the two huge muscle hunks start to pace around each other like tigers out for the kill.]

[Scotas: voice-over:]

I've just had word that these two huge hunks are spoiling for a grudge fight - that'll make the evening very interesting for our viewers! The audience here are already sensing blood.... [Sounds of Kill! Kill! Kill! From the crowd]

...Yes, these guys have certainly got their blood up here - hoping to see a lot spilled by the end of the evening. But will it be the Inca God's blood or AlphaTim's? And who's going to get to fuck who? ......

[Billy: voice over]

Aww, shit, man! These dudes are fighting over ME! Shit! My bone goes hard as marble at the thought! Tim'll win, that's for sure, but I can't wait to see those muscles tangle with each other! Hey, shit! Tim and that huge great Inca fighting over ME! Yeah, man! [Grabs his dick, which has snapped out of his briefs unbidden, and starts jerking it hard.]


These two muscle cats have got their heads down, muscles flexing dangerously - huge biceps swelling and bulging, stars from the lights dancing off the oil on their superb, ripped muscles. Every dick in the building must be rock hard by now - I know I... - [breaks off] Hey, there seems to be some altercation at ring side between the two boy-friends - yes, Thunder's sidekick has thrown himself at Tim's friend - there's a second grudge match going on right in front of the judges' table - yes, the table's gone over - the blonde hunk has got the other guy's neck in a headlock - his biceps are bulging into the poor guy's throat - he could crack his neck at any moment -

- No, MacMaster has signaled his Mobster hunks to break it up. The boys are being pulled apart by at least four guys, still kicking and clawing at each other - Pex is being hustled to the other side of the ring .... what's this? The blonde has leap-frogged the ropes, somersaulted his huge frame across the ring, between the two bemused fighters and over the ropes the other side. He crashes on top of Pex and knocks him out with one mighty blow!

[Before the security forces can reach him, he springs on to a turnbuckle.....]

Billy yells:

Kill him, Tim! You're the greatest! Fuck those beautiful Inca muscles!

[For one second the two fighters pause, then Tim hurls himself at Black Thunder. Billy sprints round to his own side of the ring where he continues to yell obscene encouragement to Tim.]

[Tim's p.o.v. and voice over as they stalk each other round the ring like two huge cats:]

This fuckin' Inca thinks he's gonna get Billy - well he's got another fuckin' think comin'! No one gets to fuck my Billy but me! Yeah, AlphaTim!

[Thunder's p.o.v. and voice over:]

By my golden ancestors, the Royal Hunt of the Sun shall be as nothing when this mob gets to see me slam this hunk to pieces and give his boy, no, my boy the fuck of his life in front of his own eyes!

Tim yells:

Git y'r fat Inca hide over here so I kin whup it real good!

Thunder yells:

Wait till your stinking white fag flesh gets ripped by some real muscle, you pissing steroid freak!

Billy yells, pulling himself upon the ropes till the Mobsters pull him down:

Fuck 'im, Tim! Kill the beautiful bastard!

[Flash close-up of a smirking MacMaster sliding his eyes towards Billy.

A roar from the freaked-out crowd as Thunder finally throws himself at Billy and gets his head in a massive headlock.]


So, we're off! Muscles strain, tendons taut, biceps bulge and flex as AlphaTim strangles Thunder's powerful neck in an even more powerful headlock. How does he get out of this one? Wow! Tim's released him! He's grabbed that long hair and is mashing the Inca's face into his hugely swollen pecs! He rubs the dark face from one pec to another - the Inca's blinded by all that slab meat and his own hair and his face is starting to get raw from Tim's 3-day George Clooney stubble. Thunder grabs Tim's huge deltoids and flings his legs up and round Tim's tiny waist. He crosses his ankles and squeezes -


Fuck! That hurts. Hey, Inca-man, how d'ya like this!


And grabs hold of the Inca's great nipples, twists them and whirls round like a dervish. Thunder yells in pain but wont let go - the centrifugal force of this high-speed whirl isn't enough to dislodge him - both giants are yelling in pain - it seems to be turning them both on: I've just realized that AlphaTim's boner is rammed between the Inca's glutes! No wonder they're both turned on!

No holds barred in this grudge match! Tim rips off Thunder's g-string and seizes those Inca balls in both hands , still whirling around - the Inca has to let go and goes flying to the other side of the ring. But he rebounds against the ropes, flies into the air as Tim charges, and gets Tim's neck in a tight scissors which send them both crashing to the ground - the Inca on top of Tim.

[The two muscle hunks lie on top of each other, Thunder pinning Tim's hands to the floor above his head. They are close enough to be able to kiss, Thunder's hair curtain giving Tim claustrophobia. Thunder's legs are locked behind Tim's knees, forcing both legs out to the side and rendering Tim immobile]


Well here we are, my proud Tim. Who's gonna fuck who now, huh? Can you feel my hard fourteen incher between your legs, grating against your black pubes? Is my eight-pack rubbing against your hard dick making you cum? Plenty of pre-cum there to lube it! Yes you can struggle, Tim! Have another feel of my pecs as they squeeze and rub against your stubble - don't you love the feel of my huge muscle writhing against yours? But first I think we'll put you in my notorious sleeper hold, my big friend! Yeah, man, feel this huge arm cuttin' off your air supply! Feel that huge bicep flexing under yr chin and that thick, thick forearm sqeezin' against your jugular! Sleepy, yet! Here, let me help you! [An extra jard jerk of that massive arm round Tim's fainting neck] There - almost out! But not so far gone that you can't feel THIS!

Scotas: Thunder seems to be squeezing the life out of AlphaTim! He's let him fall to the floor and is slapping those humunguous pecs real hard - grabbing hold of the nips and twisting them almost off! Now he's seized Alpha's pecs in his two great paws, digging in his nails, and he's shaking the guy back and forward! The look on Tim's face is one of horrified surprise - he's not used to being used as a human punch-bag, I guess!

[And the look on Billy's face is also a horrified study as he watches his lover-hero being mauled in this way. The Mobsters can hardly keep him down as Thunder mashes Tim's half-conscious face into his mountainous Inca pecs !]


Ya like that, Tim! Fuckin' hero AlphaTim? Then how about this?


Jeez! He's picked Tim's head up and slammed it down on the mat - no - I don't believe it! He's squirting a massive fountain of musclejuice all over Tim's face and rubbing it in! Tim seem's powerless to prevent these indignities and his face and beck are streaming with all that Thunder-gism. Now Thunder is ramming his still shootin' dick down on Tim's slimy face - guess Tim's not used to being on the receiving end! Ha ha! Now his squirming face is trapped between the canyon walls of those impossible Thunder-thighs! I can see he's squeezing those quads and Tim's own huge wheels are thrashing about under neath him!

Now Thunder does an amazing vault and lands the other way around, sitting his iron-striated glutes on Tim's face - he reaches forward and grabs Tim's flaccid dick and starts to jerk it with one hand and mauling his nuts with the other!


Come on, Tim, cum for me - cum for your new master! Cum for your Billy who will soon be my Billy!

[All this time Tim has been grunting and squirming his muscle against Thunder's. Now the Inca's challenge galvanizes Billy - his dick has risen to new heights and he's jerking it like crazy as he watches his lover being punished. He leaps the ropes and crashes his feet against the Inca's back. With one huge buck Tim recovers to unseat the Inca, grabs his head and smashes it into the cleft of his pecs so Thunder can't breathe. Billy gallops like a mad thing around the pair, yelling obscene commands at Tim. Two large mobsters attack him from the rear and sends him literally flying over the ropes into MacMaster's lap (who would have had a heart-attack, not to mention a major squirt, if he wasn't such a calculating hard-ass) . He hands Billy his business card.


Call my office in the morning!


Fuck that and fuck you!


Something interesting going on down there between MacMaster and Big Billy - but Billy's back at ring-side - The Inca is squirming for his life - how can he breathe with all that magnificent stubbly meat blocking his air passages? I don't think he has ever had a huge quad rammed between his legs, the knee stabbing constantly at his vitals. Is this going to be a submission? (Get your hand out of my crotch! Or maybe not.......)

Thunder (inhaling Billy's pheramones from his pecs):

Gods of my fathers! The oil! I can feel my muscles go weak! My tongue laps at these great pecs - I manage to get hold of a nip to feed on. Shit! He pulls my face tighter against it! My nuts are churning - Gods give me strength!

[Tim yells as Thunder viciously bites into the nipple - he has to let go - Thunder seizes the advantage, gets behind Tim on his knees and pins Tim's giant arms to his lats with his knees. He then proceeds to strangle Tim with his hair.

[Billy attempts to climb the ropes but this time the Mobsters are too quick for him. They pull him back and hold him fast.]


Shit! He may be a God but he can't have my Tim! My Tim's never been beaten - can't unnerstand it! All that muscle - he MUST win! [YELLS:] Tim! Move y'r fuckin' ass!

[Tim pulls his hands free, reaches then back around the Inca's neck and sends him flying in a somersault over his head. Tim stands and, before Thunder can get his wind back, Tim rips off his own ruined raggedy cum-stained jock.....]



[The cry ALPHATIM! Is taken up by the crowd in rhythm]


And the crowd are taking up the chant! Tim is shaking his huge boner at the crowd - now he's kneeling on the Inca's chest and whipping his face from side to side with his giant steely dick! Jeez! It must hurt! Fantastic! Shit - it's gone down Thunder's throat!


Yeah, dude! Take a yard of this down y'r throat! Enjoy this!


From this back-view we can see Tim jerking his butt back and forward, his hands in the air like a primitive dancer - what the heck can he be doing? Oh wow! Now we can see! It's a frigging rain-dance! Thunder trying to avoid it but Billy pulls away from the Mobsters and grabs the Inca's head to keep it still. The crowd are going mad! (Gotta take five, guys!)

[Both men are now on their feet, both stark naked, both magnificent, both gleaming with sweat, pre-cum and piss. They hurl at each other Graeco-Roman style like two rutting bulls. The sight of their magnificent muscles straining and flexing is more than many people can bear and there are several shots of "unbecoming behavior" in the crowd. MacMaster icily impervious, a Mobster's head between his knees doing what's necessary to keep his boss "cool".]

Scotas (who is becoming increasingly incoherent):

Shit! They've both grabbed each others' balls and are yanking on the entire equipment - can't believe one won't rip off! They drag each other round and round the ring by the dick-and-nuts. Now Billy has escaped his captors - he's leaped up on Thunder's shoulders, shoved his massive leaking dick into the Inca God's mouth and locked his humungous quads round the man's neck. Surely the Inca has to let go of Tim to deal with this - but no! He still rampages round the ring, clinging on to Tim's huge schlong, determined not to give up - and all the time Billy is fucking his throat! (God, I can't stand this much longer!)

Now Tim has pulled Billy off the Inca and thrown him to a turnbuckle - both the muscle gods are now free but the breathless Inca is staggering around unable to orientate himself. Billy has climbed up on to the turnbuckle , waiting for a chance to crash down on to Thunder.

MacMaster - no, MacMaster has signaled the Mobsters NOT to interfere - he's standing at ringside now, holding his Mobster's head and fucking it like fury!

Back to the ring - Thunder has collapsed to his knees in the center of the ring, holding his panting pecs and his sorely fucked throat - Tim climbs on to the opposite turnbuckle - the two muscle-lovers whoop at each other and dive on to Thunder's back - but wait! He's ready for this and, just as the two boys should have pulverized him mid-ring, he rises and delivers flying kicks to both guys in the middle of their amazing, bulging pecs! Where does this man get his ability? (Take a note to interview Thunder for a personal - um - view on all this!)

All three men are on the ropes - now with a screaming roar all three hurl themselves at each other in the center.........

[But this is what Tim and Billy have been planning and waiting for: Tim gives Thunder a massive blow to the nuts: Thunder instinctively tries to double up but Billy yanks his head back and sits on his chest]


Aw, shit! That hurt! And he can't even react to the blow to his nuts with Billy on his chest and Tim stretching his legs wide open and sitting on the bruised crotch. Man - I never heard such groans - even the crazy crowd has gone silent for a moment so we can all hear Thunder's extreme pain! Oops! They've got a shot of MacMaster - he's pushed the Mobster away and is spouting a jet of thick cum all over his head - now he's collapsed on his chair as if Tim had given him the body blow! Don't think we're supposed to see all that! Ha ha! But the crowd is recovering, first one voice - then another - starts chanting for the Kill - or is it Fuck!? Yeah, it's FUCK HIM!

[Billy reverses himself so that the Inca's nose and face are up Billy's ass; Tim upends Thunder's legs, Billy grabs them and pulls them back. Tim stands for a moment and waves his dripping boner 360 degrees round the ring. The Crowd hoot and yell FUCK HIM! even louder. Tim digs his huge member up Thunder's ass, his copious sweat the only lube.]

Thunder voice-over, yelling into Billy's crack:

AAARRGH! Never has such a dick entered this golden ass! He'll turn it into a golden cunt! But how can I resist this glorious muscleteen's crack? I must get my tongue up it!


I can see Thunder is shaking his head into Billy's ass - what's he trying to do?

AlphaTim is gesturing to Billy to get up - is Thunder enjoying that muscle-ass too much for Tim to deal with? Tim's dragging the limp, sweaty wreck of an Inca over to a turnbuckle, hoisting him up on to the ropes. Billy's rescued Tim's jock and is ripping off his own now - Tim holds the Inca while Billy ties his wrists to the ropes with the jocks. Tim is pressed hard against the struggling muscle-torso of the ha! unconquerable Inca to hold him in place while Billy does his stuff.

Now he's securely fastened, the two muscle-gods parade around the ring, hitting every muscle-pose you can think of - and a few more besides. Amazingly, their wrestle-workout seems to have triggered further huge muscle-growth - the two guys are considerably larger now than when they came in here! You can see their muscles split and grow as they flex them. The crowd are groaning with over-sexed pleasure as they recognize this amazing phenomenon! (Me, tooooo!)

[Billy snatches a handmike from an aide and passes it to Tim. While Tim moves ring center, Billy straps Thunder to the turnbuckle with his own giant quads]

Tim, on mike:

This Inca creep thought he could take my friend Billy away from me - he dared to try this in private and in public - now he's gonna get his public whuppin' ta teach him a major lesson from the both of us!


What comes next? Wow! He's tossed the mike out of the ring and pulled friend Billy off that huge golden back - he gets his feet on to the first rope and - Gawd! Rams that giant steel rod up the Inca to the hilt! (Man,if you don't grab my nuts real hard I'm gonna cum again before this is all over! Yeah - thanks, dude - - Great!)

Tim, a great yell:



He's been thrusting that huge dick unmercifully in and out of the Inca butt - shit! By the look on his face the never-fucked Thunder's enjoying it! Man, this camera work is fantastic! With his power-tool still deep up the Inca butt, Tim leans back and signals something to Billy - Billy jumps high in the air, like a gymnast in spite of all that amazing blonde muscle, and crashes down high on to the Inca's back. He's sliding down, inserting himself between Thunder and his hard-fucking punisher, and....... OH, NO! NO! he's ramming his own sixteen-inch rock-hard tube-meat into the Inca's butt above Tim's own! Shit, he's being fucked by both guys at the same time up the ass!


Aww, fuck,man, Tim! This is fuckin' fantastic! Both our hard dicks up the same tight ass! Feel like y're jerkin' me off at the same time as I'm fuckin' him!


Stop jawin' and git on with it!


Shit! They're fuckin g him in tandem! Both in and out together like one HUGE joint dick - now they're alternating - one in the other out! What's that camera doing down there?


Loverman, grab hold of my pecs and make my one-inch hard nips feel those strong pincer-fingers, will ya! Aaargh! Yeah! Like that! Drives me fuckin'crazy! Let's go! Let's ride this Inca bull!

[A cameraman has had the nerve to slide backwards into the ring where he lies right under the guys. CLOSE-SHOT: 2 massive, dripping dicks ramming in and out of the Inca butt. Meanwhile, Cameraman's mate is ripping open his pal's pants and devouring his hard dick.]


Shit! Get a load of that shot! See those thick, snake-veined dicks plowing into the scarlet Inca hole! Now someone else is holding a mike close to Thunder's face to get his reaction to all this!


F-U-U-U-U-U-CK ME! Harder, you guys - Faster, deeper - make me feel it! UH, uh,uh uh! (Etc)


D'ja all hear that, y'all? He wants MORE! Shit, so do I!

[There's a clatter as Costas drops his mike, presumably to fulfil his now-massive desires. But it's also a cue for the crowd to go sexual-bananas: amazing shots of pants being ripped off, dicks fountaining muscle-cum into the air! Huge macho guys embracing other huge macho guys they've never met before and digging their tongues down each other's throats. Or their weeping dicks up each other's asses.

MacMaster is being violently raped by three of his Mobsters, all bare-ass naked, turning him round on the judge's table like a lazy susan to take turns in fucking him at both ends simultaneously. He never had it so good!

The camera work has all gone berserk, but our faithful steely steady-cam is still focusing on the three heroes in the ring.

All Thunder's Inca-god macho dignity has deserted him as he slavers to suck and be fucked by Tim and Billy in every unmentionable pig-bottom position. In between fucks, Tim lifts, squeezes, grabs, punches, mashes Thunder like he was getting a good workout. He and Billy toss the great Inca between them like a medicine ball, each getting his fill of punishing the Inca. Tim grabs Thunder by his pit and ass hair and flings him about for Billy to catch.

Billy clamps Thunder's hands on to Tim's great torso and forces him to feel Tim's superior bodyparts, every one by one, until Tim is satisfied Thunder has got the message. After a bit of this Thunder tries to escape but Tim's mounds of pounds keep neutralizing the massive Inca stud.

After a while, Billy can't stand it any more, and another, different round of punishment begins. He decides to sit his perfect, soccer-ball musclebutt on the Inca's good-lookin' face and gives the dude some surround-sound megabeef, smothering and rubbing all his abundant ass hair against the greedy but startled Inca face.

Tim: (grabbing and jerking at Thunder's cock and balls)

Yeah, Thunder-boy! Get yur pretty face manhandled by those suckers! How d'ya like them, how d'they feel wrappin' round yur head like twin ham-hocks? Yeah, I kin tell you like it 'cos yur dick has got all hard an' wet agin! Go on, Billy! Ripple those glutes over that starvin' face!


Hey, Tim! Git yur 24 inch bicep peak unner those nuts and FLEX!

As Tim does this, Thunder starts to buck as his already-mashed nuts experience the excitement of that huge gun filling and flexing in his crotch.


OK, lover - this is it - let's finish 'im up then I'll tell 'im what's gonna happen!

Do what I tol' ya!

Billy gets on all fours over Thunder's heaving, rippling, sweaty, pig-longing torso. Tim kneels behind him, leans back to pull Thunder's head and face up into his butt where he secures it by closing those thunder-thighs tight round the Inca's face. He jerks his wanging super-dick a few times, lubes it with some of Thunder's pre-cum or after-cum or whatever, and rams it hard up Billy's welcoming butt. After he has received a few delicious strokes of steel-dick, Billy lubes his whole right hand with more pre-post-cum and rams the whole fist up Thunder's butt. He times Tim's unmerciful fuck strokes up his rear with the fist-thrusts he gives the Inca.

The intrepid steady-cam, now stark naked, is getting all this from in front of the bucking, fucking trio just as Tim wraps both his fists round Billy's giant meat and starts jerking him, also in time with their fuck-strokes.

The Inca is by now, of course, in seventh heaven: his face and tongue stuck up Tim's rear end, his pig-cunt being abused massively by Billy's giant cum-lubed fist. All he lacks is a hand round his own dick, that's part of his punishment - he can't even get at it with his own hands which clutch instead at Tim' ever-widening, ever-thickening lats.

The crowd cum again and again, seeing all these massive close-ups on MacMaster's giant screens overhead. The orgy is beyond all control, stoned out of their minds, everyone is trying to emulate what's on the screens.


Ready, Billy? I'm jist about there!


Me too! Go ahead!

Thunder (muffled only in Tim's butt) agrees.

With two or three more massive thrusts all round, the giant-muscle gods, all three of them, erupt. Cum fills Billy's butt and the overflow gushes out all over Thunder's chest. Thunder erupts spontaneously. Billy has clamped the two dicks together in a massive sweaty fist and their joint cum fountains all over the steady-cam lens, thus obscuring the picture completely. (The sight of so much cum results in a massive outpouring throughout the stadium. The over-fucked, over-cum McMaster is poured into a waiting ambulance).


Clean 'im off, Billy, while I fetch his collar.

Billy proceeds to wash Thunder's torso with a fountain of piss. Thunder rolls around trying to escape it, but Billy grabs his head and finishes off his delivery down Thunder's throat. Believe it or not, but Thunder cums again!

Tim returns with a three-inch deep studded black leather slave collar which he now locks around Thunder's throat. Billy attaches a long leash to the ring. Tim pulls Thunder to his feet so that their faces are about an inch apart. While he is telling Thunder what's what, Billy, beneath them both, fastens a tight cock strap round Thunder's still-hard genitalia, then rams a large, conical dildo up the Inca ass. Still the Inca cock stays hard!

Billy grabs hold of it and squeezes hard enough, finally, to make the Inca wince.

Tim, his face still rammed close to Thunder's:

OK, big guy! The Inca God's o-u-t! Now y're our Inca slave - 24-7, yur ass or yur dick 're ours to enjoy! 'Least, I'm gonna enjoy ya, and Billy here's gonna enjoy ya, and you, ma big friend, had better enjoy us enjoying you! Now, git down there and lap up all that muscle-juice we've all spilled!

Thunder does just that, while Tim and Billy close in a tight, muscular embrace - their considerably enlarged biceps wrapped around each other's extra-swollen delts and clutching each other's thick-spread lats. Their hugely ribbed abs are glued tight to each other while their re-boned fuck-poles rise inexorably between each other's killer quads.

The world, through Steady-cam's hastily cleaned lens are treated to the muscle-gods' passionate kiss and embrace and Thunder, his mouth dripping with cum, is pleased to fuck his lips on to each massive boner in turn until Tim and Billy pull him to his feet (now a good 8 inches shorter than either of them) and the three mouths join to share all that sweet muscle-juice.

Finally, Tim and Billy push him to his knees, sit one on each shoulder, and command him to carry them out of the screaming, cumming, muscle-sex-maddened auditorium.

And how the Inca-once-god will enjoy forever serving his two god-like, massive, cum-inducing slave-drivers - 7-24 of course!

However, once they've got him strapped to the rack in their quarters, he's forced to watch and see who belongs to whom. The two amazing MuscleHunks melt into each other, their huge muscles, their pheramone-packed sex joining as one, leaving no doubt in anyone's minds who belongs to whom.

We won't call this The End, but

The Beginning of a beautiful friendship •

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