Billy Saga, The

Aww, fuck, man! Yeah!


By Musclebuff

Screenplay based on the works of Matt, with permission

SEQUENCE ONE : Dorm room. Int. Day. Billy and Bro'

1 c/u 2 great dicks rubbing against each other between two massive sets of abs

BILLY (voice over)

Fuck, man! Your fuckin' great dick makes mine look like a wiener, man!

BRO' (voice over)

And it's fuckin' leakin' all over mine, little bro'! Wanna cum?

(Pan up the dicks to two pairs massive pecs gleaming with gism)

BILLY (voice over)

Jeez, bro'! 'Snot my cum, it's yours that's leakin' all over mine! Looks like you wanna cum!

(Pan continues to the 2 boys' faces. Track back to:

2 wide 2-shot from crotches up


'Bout time you got fucked again, little bro'. Besides, gotta get my load off up someone's pussy 'n it might as well be yours!


Ya know I can't walk for a week after ya fuck me!


Better learn from me before Tim gets at you again - let's get you well stretched then ya won't go on moanin' till someone stuffs yr' mouth with their dick. Beside, ya knows y'enjoys it! Get a loada this!

2a Full shot Bro'

intercut with

2b Close-up Billy reaction shots: face and dick spurting pre-cum

Bro' starts to pose for Billy. Mountains of muscle bulge and snakes of vascularity run across them as he hits a most muscular.


Gee, bro'! Just look at you! Those fuckin' pecs gettin' bigger all the time!

Bro' turns sideways and hits a side chest, with left bicep flexed. He grins.


Wanna chest like this, don't you, little bro'? And how about these big guns?

He hits a double bi pose. They split into twin peaks and the pulsing vascularity gives them a sensual impression of growing even bigger.


Shit, man! Whadda I have to take to get as big as you?


Guess about a gallon of my super-protein cum twice a day'll do it! How about it, Billy? Wanna drink?

BILLY (groping his bro's enormous pecs)

Sure do at that! First I wanna climb up you to rub my pecs against yours and bite yr nips 'cos it turns you on so!

(Does so. Bro' throws head back in ecstacy)


Fuck, Billy! Yer'll make me cum too soon! Ya knows how this throws my switch!

2c Close shot Bro's dick rising to mammoth proportions and spurting


(Mumbles unintelligibly with his mouth full of Bro's pecs)


C'mon Billy! Let's do this!

3 w/shot messed-up bed.

(Billy's is thrown on to bed on his back. Bro' comes into shot. Billy grabs Bro's complete sets of genitals with both hands and pulls. Laughs.)


Ya make me cum too soon an' I'll thwack your pretty pussy from here to eternity!

(Billy goes on laughing, sits up -

4 Insert Flash shot of Billy's massive flexed abs.

5 back to shot 3

(Billy swallows head of Bro's dick, sucking hard)


I warned you, ya weedy li'l cunt!

6 Composite sequence of Billy and Bro' rasslin on the bed.

Mix from shot to shot. Music and laughter climax at:

7 High 2-shot Bro' straddling Billy's body.

(Billy's legs come round Bro's waist)

Quick dissolve to:

8 Wide 2-shot

Bro' hoists Billy's knees over his shoulders.


Hey, what about the fuckin' lube?!


Don't need anythin' but our own juice, little bro'!

Grabs a handful off Billy's weepin' dick and smears it all over his own giant pole.

Track in to:

9 Close 2-shot

Bro's massive, erect, spurtin' dick entering Billy's hole with force.


How's THAT, little bro'?

10 Close up Billy's head thrown back in ecstaic pain


Yow, bro! Y're splittin' me wi----de open!

BRO (voice over)

Sure, Billy! An' y're lovin' it!

11 Wide 2-shot taken from 45 degree angle


Aw, fuck, yeah, man! Y're killin' me! Fuck me harder! C'mon, Bro'! Dig it right in! Faster! Harder, you wimp!

(Music louder, yells from both over. Bro' pile drives Billy. Pulls out, flips him over, kneels on the bed, pulls him up by the waist, crouches right over him and pushes his head down on to the mattress.)

12 Medium-close shot Billy's butt.

(Bro' shoves it in again, lies on top of Billy, all that gigantic muscle supported on Billy's magnificent frame, fucks hard and fast in time to First Movement of Mendelssohn's Italian Symphony. [Full symphony orchestra needed for track].

Mix to

13 Wide side shot of 2 bodies

(Billy rears up so we see his fully extended dick somewhere up near his nipples)


Gonna fuckin' spurt, Bro'! Ready for it? Uh -uh -uh.....


Wait a sec - huh -huh - HUH! Aaarnhyuhgh! F-U-U-U-U-CK!

BILLY (overlap)


(Massive spurts erupt both from Bill's raised up dick and from his butt where the overflow of Bro's cum fountains up over Bro's chest and Billy's back.

Even more massive squelches as Bro' collapses his muscle bulk on Billy's back and the gism shoots out from between the two BB brothers' bodies. Full rhapsodic string music as Billy pulls out from under his Bro" and the two embrace.

Track in to:

14 pec-delt-head 2-shot

Two brothers' mouths meet in ecstatic embrace while the camera shots mix and follow the passage of their hands all over each other's torsos, unwittingly massaging in the gallons of gism. Music: Prelude to Der Rosenkavalier (post-fuck music by R.Strauss). At famous triple fuck horn motif both brothers cum spontaneously and each grabs the other's dick as:


1 close-up interior door vibrating with heavy knocking outside. Door is covered with lewd pics of fucking bodybuilders and mementos of Billy's contest triumphs.

Enough time is allowed to study these as the knocking continues. Intercut with close-ups Billy and Bros' reactions to knocks. Pull-back slowly from door as knocking and yells crescendo to wide shot with bed and boys in f/g, door in b/g.

2 Full shot door as it flies open

Tim comes in, glowering with anger. He is dressed only in an inadequate (for his equipment) black leather codpiece posing strap, straps above each bicep and the inevitable baseball cap. Worn to the front.


Darn it, bro'! Kep' me waitin' twenny minutes for our fuckin' workout! Spose y've bin workin' out yr little bro', huh?

Camera follows a pair of 100 lb. Dumbells as he flings them to the floor with a crash. Cut to:

3 2-shot BRO' and BILLY, favor Bro'.

Billy looks round at Tim from under his bro'

who laughs sheepishly.


Summin' like that, yeah!


Hey, look at ya, man! Y're fuckin' huge today! How many cc's -?

4 Wide 3-shot as Tim arrives at bed


None of ya business, junior! Anyway, gotta lil' surprize for ya later! Hey, you, fucker!

(He kicks Bro')

Time yr lil' bro' and I taught you a friggin' lesson. What say, Billy boy?


Wow, yeah, Tim!

BRO' (shoving Billy's face into the pillow)

Wow, fuck it, Tim!


Wow, yeah, Bro'! Think Billy 'n I'll teach ya how ter 'preciate yr fren's 'n relations! Huh, Billy?

(Billy pulls off the bed)

5 Wide 3-shot, different angle:

Tim and Billy standing each side of the bed. Bro' looking up, bemused.


You take his legs, Billy and I'll git hold of the head.

Tim pulls Bro' half off the bed, imprisons his head between his massive thighs (shorts start to show spreading stain) and grabs Bro' under the armpits. Billy gets between Bro's legs and grabs his knees, his still-weeping dick plus balls rammed down on top of Bro's already stiffening rod.


Hey, think I'll use that cockstrap, Bro' - 'll just suit me fine.

With Bro's head still imprisoned between his huge swelling thighs, Tim reaches forward and rips Bro's leather cockstrap off his equipment. Bro's body bucks at this outrage but to no avail. Tim holds it up for Billy to see.


This'll be great, Billy! You should get one!


Sure, Tim - anythin' ya say!

Camera tracks in to single of Tim as he yanks the strap round the root of his dick and balls and snaps it tight.

Continue the track to CLOSE-UP of Tim's cock.

TIM (voice over)

Bit snug - I guess I'm a tad bigger'n you, Bro' - but it feels real great and horny as hell.

His dick swells and snakes of veins nwrap themselves around the mighty fuckrod.

6 Hitchock shot: Camera follows the aroused corpse and its bearers:

Tim and Billy drag Bro' out of the room, down the passage into the communal shower (empty except for a few filthy jockstraps and cum-stained towels littering the place. [MUSIC SCORE: The Big Country; Elmer Bernstein].

Bro' is dumped on the ground, his back against the slimy wall.

7 Full shot Tim.


Now Bro' let's give you a shot of what your little bro' needs so badly. Billy, sit back and enjoy - your turn next!

Camera pulls out to 2-shot: Tim and Billy (7a)

Tim stuffs his monster dick into Bro's greedy mouth.

He slurps greedily.


Yeah, bro'! Aww fuck, yeah! Suck that bugger good and hard! Ya know you need it to grow nice 'n big!

BILLY (entering shot)

Fuck it, Tim! He's big enough already! Why doncha feed it to me?

TIM (bucking his hips into Bro's slurping face)

Patience, kid! Ya don' know what's in store for ya - but you soon will! Now, get on with it!


Fuck, Tim - sure will!

Billy's hard and weeping dick shoves into the celft between Tim's meaty glutes and starts to dry fuck (not fuck) Tim's hard bubble-butt.


Want some lube, little bro'?

He reaches over and turns on the shower. All three are drenched by the steaming water. Billy's dick goes crazy as the water lubes Tim's butt.

8 Side 3-shot

Billy's and Tim's dicks going crazy. Bro' moaning in ecstacy. Pan down to him whackin ghis own dick which now reaches up to his swollen pecs.


Aw, fuck yeah! Fuckin' hot, guys! Wanna fill you/me with cum! Drive it in, Billy! Gonna cum Tim! Mbrmmungnn! (Bro')

Camera suddenly goes crazy as the operator cums in sympathy with the three huge muscle bods who all erupt simultaneously. Cum flies in the air from Billy and Bro - it spurts in gallons out of Bro's mouth as Tim fills it way beyond its capacity or Bro's ability to swallow it all.

9 Mid-shot Billy and Bro'

Billy flings himself on the floor tat streams with cum as well as hot water and starts to lap it all up, gathering as much of his brother's and Tim's cum as he can.

10 Single shot Tim


OK, Billy - you're next!

11 Single shot Billy

Billy looks up in ecstacy from his "work". A huge hand reaches down to one armpit and pulls the junior muscle god - and his still spurting dick - to his feet.

Camera pulls back to include Tim who is nursing his never-wilting fuckrod.

TIM (turning Billy to face him)

How ya want it, Billy?


Any which way, Tim - long as I get real fucked!


C'm here then, boy!

With one mighty heave he lifts Billy up in the air by the waist and rams the muscle god down hard on his (Tim's) greedy fuckpole.. Billy is impaled on the huge, throbbing, vascular member.

BILLY (a yelp of surprised pain)

Fuck yeah Tim! Give it me real hard and strong! C'm on, fuck me, Muscledick!

With his hands on Tim's great melon-delts, he starts to buck up and down on the monster eager fuckpole; Tim bounces him up and down violently. Bills starts to spurt.

Shit, Tim! Can't stop cummin'!


Cummin' too, dude! Gonna fill you with my muscle-power-juice! Gonna make you grow, dude! Here it cums!!!




Fuck it! Gonna cum man!


Hey, Big Bro'! Come and help y'r little brother! Stick y'r fat tongue up his muscle cunt!

Bro' enters shot and kneels to do as he's told. He grabs Billy's beautiful big hard butt and sinks his face into the crack and slurps.

BILLY (yelling)

Gonna cum, guys! Shit yeah Bro' - dig that tongue up my crack! Make me feel it! Tongue-fuck my ass!

But, after a moment, as Billy starts to spurt Bro' stands and rams his dick up Billy's ass beside Tim's. Billy now impaled on both, throws his head a nd shoulders back in pure ecstacy. All three dicks being worked overtime.


Jeez, guys! Can't stop cumming! Fuck me, guys! Fill me with ya muscle cum! Aww, fuck! Aww, fuck! Aww, fuck! YEAH!

His huge jets of muscle-juice spurt up on Tim's flexing pecs and on to his face which is soon covered with Teen-cum. Bro' pulls out and fountains his all over Billy's back and up on to his own face.

All three guys are soon covered with thick, creamy and potent fuckjuice.

With a yell, Tim lifts Billy high in the air and plunges the teen's dick into his mouth. Billy falls back into his brother's arms, his butt still filled with Tim's giant, spurting rod.



The camera somehow falls to the ground, resulting in a low 3-shot of splurting, bulging, flexing muscle and dicks.

12 Close-up TIM


Hey, dude! Stop clenching those glutes and let me out!

13 Wide 3-shot

All three muscle jocks collapse in a happy tangle of wet and swelling muscle on the floor of the shower which still pelts them, unheeding, with warm water. Soon it gets them cleaned off. MUSIC comes to a close. In the silence, Billy stands.

14 Single full shot Billy

He moves over to to the full-length mirror in the wash-room, flexing and admiring himself.


Hey, guys! Fuck, yeah - I'm BIGGER!

Continues to flex and we see the muscles and veins popping all over the place

15 Two-shot Bro' and Tim

They are kissing and feeling each other up. Without loosing his hold on Bro's dick Tim looks up in Billy's direction and then turns to Bro'.


Time we told him, Bro'?


Nah! Let's show him!


You said it!

They get up, camera follows them to join Billy, still preening. Tim picks him up and flings him over one shoulder, fireman-style. With his hand gripped round Billy's root, Bro' leads the way out of the bathroom.

Dissolve to:


1 Establishing shot: Full Gym.

Crowds of half-naked gym- and football- jocks on the bleachers jostle and feel each other up as they all start singing "Why are we waiting?" frat-style.

2 Full-shot swing doors of gym.

Doors flung open by Bro' and the trio enter the gym. Triumphantly.

Jeers and cheers as Billy is carried on to the wrestling mats and dumped.

Whistles, obscene yells and epithets greet this.

Bro' shoves his dick for relief into Billy's mouth as Tim parades round the mats addressing the crowd.

3 Single shot Tim.

TIM (his fairground barker act)

Guys! Get y'r sweaty whangers out of those hot pants 'n pay attention!

Hoots off from the crowd. Camera continues to circle with Tim.


- With a little help from Coach -

4 Reaction shot of the huge and overblown Coach

5 Return to shot 3


- we shall show you fuckers - (More hoots and whistles) - we shall SHOW you fuckers a miracle of our modern age! (Sudden silence)

Yeah, folks, a modern muscle miracle that y'r shots of test n'bol c'd never give ya! Before y'r very eyes, you sh'll see our Billy here grown into heroic proportions that even he - and certainly not y'all - (more hoots instantly silenced by shushers) - c'd niver imagine, nah, not in y'r wildest dreams! Only then w'll he justify the way he's bin gettin' y'all to cum at the sight of him! Git 'm up, Bro'!

6 2-shot, Billy and Bro'

Bro' pulls his dick out of Billy's reluctant mouth and throws his brother over his knee, muscle-butt up.

TIM (voice over)

Do ya stuff, Coach!

7 Full shot, Coach

Coach moves out of the crowd, a large horse-hypo in his meaty fist. He marches inexorably to the group on the rasslin' mats.

Develop shot into full 4-shot

(NOTE intersperse entire sequence following with reaction shots of hooting, jerking off jocks in the crowd.)


Hell no, Coach! Y're not gonna stick that needle inta me!

TIM (kneeling beside Billy and flexing his bicep under his nose)

Ya want this or not, Billy? Wanna be a fuckin' ornery gym rat all y'r life?


When ya could be like us, little bro?


Fuck it! Shit, Coach - do it quick, OK?

Bro holds him firmly down over his knee and Tim shoves his dick in Billy's mouth as a pacifier to keep him quiet during the "procedure".


Here, dude - suck on this and shuddup!

8 Close-up, hypodermic

Pan with it to Billy's quaking butt. Sudden silence from the chattering crowd of jocks.

9 Close-up, Billy's scared, sweating, sucking face.

COACH (Voice over)

Here it is, Billy - just a little stick! Haw haw!

10 Full close shot, Billy, hypo

As the hypo goes in - all 6 inches - a collective gasp from the crowd. Billy groans round Bro's thick dick as he is pierced and filled - oh, so slowly - with the viscous yellow liquid.

When, finally, the hypo is exhausted, Coach withdraws it with a great flourish. Cheers from the jocks.

11 One-shot, Tim

Tim leaves his dick in Billy's slurping mouth while he does his barker act again.


And now, guys, twenty-five of you have been pre-selected to provide Bill here with y'r hot muscle-fuck juice, and his Bro' shall be the first to fill himup! Your gallons 'f muscle-juice'll feed his muscles and then - but jist now, guys, go to it!

12 Full shot, crowd.

Unseemly rush of jocks on to the floor, all clamoring to be the first to fuck Billy. The sheep are sorted forcefully from the goats by Coach, Bro' and several of the pre-selected 25. Finally order is restored and the line-up is organised.

We watch Bro' fill Billy up; Tim gives Billy's mouth to the outsize Coach, but, as this step of the procedure is purely utilitarian to provide Billy with sufficient fuel to react to the hypo-liquid, we soon dissolve to:

13 Three-shot, Billy, Bro', Tim.

The exhausted Billy, dripping from every pore, panting happily in the arms of Tim and Bro'.

BRO' and TIM in unison

And now, guys, WATCH BILLY GROW!

14 Pan shot across faces of crowd chanting

CROWD (Football style)



This continues right through the following development..

15 Three-shot, different lower angle

Bro' and Tim haul Billy to his feet, move slightly apart and watch him expectantly.


Hey, guys - what the fuck?

Camera pans down to his dick. It is slowly thickening amazingly, far beyond its normal proportions. It slowly rises until its head nestles in the cleft between Billy's pecs.

BILLY (voice over)

Hey, guys - shit guys! It's huge! It's like yours? Fuck, it's great!

His two meaty hands close round the dick with difficulty as he starts to stroke it. Bubbles appear at the tip.

Pan across to one pec and the nip. The nip starts to thicken and lengthen to a normal guy's penis size and the pec itself starts to swell. New veins race across the surface. Pan across to the other pec which has already reached the same proportions. Pan up to Billy's ecstatic face.


Hey, bro! My pecs are as big as yours!

Indeed they are, but at present, like his dick, out of proportion with the rest of his body.

16 One-shot, Billy


Hey, dudes! What the fuck -? What's happening, guys? Aww shit!

Billy's whole frame is elongating itself: the pecs suddenly widen to mammoth proportions and the veins start to pop. Gasps from the crowd.

BILLY going strangely distorted

Hey, guys! It hurts! Owwww! Fuck!

17 One-shot, Bro

Bro, looking concerned moves in to include Billy in his shot. Billy is shooting up, at present the top of his head is level with Bro's chin, but slowly he grows like the beanstalk until he's half a head taller than his bro'.

Camera pulls out to include Tim.


"s OK, dude - y're just growin! Look these guns, dude!

He feels Billy's bis: they grow like blown-up balloons between his hands.


Hey, man! They're like yours!


Shit, yeah! D'ya give him a double dose, Coach! He's getting too fucking big! Never meant him to be bigger'n me!

COACH (voice over)

Ho ho ho-ho'oh yes!


Shit guys! Aww fuck yeah!

Bro' and Tim start feeling up Billy's muscles, all of which now grow between their meaty hands as if they were sculpting him.


Hey, bro'! Feel these abs! Outa sight!


Shit, Billy! Y're too fucking hot, man!

18 One-shot, Billy

Billy turns to present his massive back, double bi shot, then he pulls down his elbows, hands on waist, spreads his lats like huge thick batwings. The other two muscle studs run their hands up and down them.

Billy turns front. There is one more gigantic quake in the universe (and clash of cymbals) as the whole of Billy's musculature explodes into its final muscular glory. Now half a head taller and commensurately huger everywhere than Bro' and Tim, he puts his hands behind his head, flexes his abs and quads ('Behind Neck Most Muscular'") and lets out a mighty lion-like ROAR! Which is taken up by the crowd who now stop yelling their chant in order to cheer.

19 3-shot, Billy, Bro', Tim

Tim grabs Billy's grapefruit-size nuts and Bro' grabs his brother's towering thick boner.


C'm on, Billy! Let it all out!


Yeah, soak us with yr muscle-cum, little dude!


Little?! LITTLE?! Get a load of this, Tim-boy!

He spurts a gi-normous Versailles fountain of cum over the heads of the other two guys who are soaked.


Can't stop cumming - can't stop cumming, Tim! SHEEET, guys! I'm so fucking horny! An;' it just keeps on cumming and cumming!

20 Full high crane shot, Crowd.

Pan round the crowd and home in on the center group.


And cumming and cumming and cumming!

The screams turn to yells of joy: some of the twenty-five electees wallow on the floor to soak up and suck up the overload of Billy's gism.

Close in to 2-shot, Billy and Tim (20a)

Billy suddenly seizes the amazed Tim in a muscular embrace, muscles popping out all over the place as he folds his arms round the guy. HEARTS ARE SEEN TO BE FLOATING OUT OF THEIR HEADS.


Gee, thanks, Tim. Always wanted to be as big as you - ever since you creamed me in that contest, 've though of nothin' else! You too, Bro'!

21 3-shot, Bro', Billy, Tim


Then let's show-em, guys!

The "2001" fanfare (R.Strauss: Also sprach Zarathustra) rings out and resolves into hot and loud heavy metal as the trio go into the pose-down to end all pose-downs. Every muscle is displayed, pumped, flexed, bulging, throbbing, every dick is obliged and fountains of cum from those mega-dicks spray everywhere.

22 Billy

Climax as Billy swings up on a rope, Tarzan-style, whooping and yelling. When he reaches the top the other two guys swing him round so he sails over the heads of the audience (like Cirque de Soleil) spraying the grateful and intoxicated crowd with his cum.

He finally slides down the rope into the love-lorn Tim's arms.


Hey, dude! You mind me being bigger 'n you?


Mind, dude? You get me too fuckin' horny to mind! C'm on, got something else to show ya! "Scuse us, Bro'.

23 Group shot, Bro' and fans

But Bro' is too far gone to notice or care: at least five guys are glued to him, servicing every muscle and aperture.

24 2-shot, Billy, Tim

Camera follows the pair out of the gym's main exit doors: a gleaming and huge Harley Hog is revealed.


Wow, Tim! Your hog?


Nah, Billy - s'yours. Birthday present.

Throws him the keys.

BILLY catching them with a flourish

Nah, Tim - wedding present!

Music swells as Tim swings his great quads over the saddle. He grabs Billy and pulls him on to the bike in front of him -

25 Close-up

Billy's monster glutes sink happily on to Tim's monster fuck-pole. As it sinks in to its full depth, Tim reaches round Billy to turn on thre ignition switch. The engine revs up hugely - the exhaust baffles have of course been removed.

25 2-shot


Wow, Tim, with you throbbin' up my pussy and the Harley throbbin' under my nuts, I'll be cummin' all the way home!

TIM throwing his arms tight round Billy's waist and grabbing the monster dick

Hope the road's real bumpy!


Then let's get comin', dude!

Music rises to a climax as the happy couple ride off into the sunset, strong jet of gism streams out behind them and hearts are seen to be pouring out of their heads into the jetstream.

Just before THE END comes up, a huge Hollywood crowd sings:


Fade out. Roll credits. •

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