Jeff's Story

Jordon Comes Over


By Muscle Flex

"Hey buddy," said Jeff.

"Jeff... Jeff... is that you?" questioned Jordan.

"Yeah its me... why?" responded Jeff.

"It doesn't sound like you. Your voice... it's deeper." Jeff had not realized that the serum had made his voice about two octaves lower than previous. His voice was deep and rich.

On the other end, Jordan couldn't help but being to feel attracted to his buddy. His voice was powerful and controlling, like a hypnotic siren. With each word Jeff spoke, Jordan could feel himself getting more and more aroused. He had always thought Jeff was a beautiful man, much more so than he gave himself credit for but he never thought of Jeff in a sexual way, until now.

"Your not calling to cancel on me are you?" probed Jordan.

"No... it's just that something has happened to me. Something incredible, something... " as his voice trailed off Jeff began stroking his cock. Placid, Jeff was enormous; his cock was over 15 inches long and about 9 inches wide. He could see the remains of his juice on the tip and shaft.

The long paused caused Jordan to become concerned about his buddy. This was not like Jeff. "Hey... I am on way over," declared Jordan as he placed the phone on the receiver. Grabbing the keys to his Jeep and gym bag, Jordan ran out the door.

Standing in his bedroom, Jeff felt the weight of his cock between his legs. He could feel the head touching his thighs and leaving a warm drop of juice on his smooth skin. Going through his drawers, Jeff found a navy blue Speedo with two white racing strips on the left thigh and slipped it on. Although the suit was a size 32, the material seemed to expand, accommodating his man-hood. He could feel his cock pressing against the smooth nylon. God he looked great! His huge cock was held against his flesh making an impressive package.

Over the past few years Jeff became quite a gear head. He had over 100 Speedos in his collection and almost the entire catalog from both UNDERGEAR and CALIFORNIA MUSCLE. Jordan was into the gym scene and gym gear as well. There were times when the two would get together and model the latest styles of suits and Lycra shorts.

Pulling into the cement driveway, Jordan quickly jumped from his Jeep and ran to the door. Searching his pockets, Jordan realized that he had left Jeff's house keys at home; but this was his lucky day, the entry way was unlocked.

Standing before Jordan was a massive figure. He could hardly believe his eyes that his was his friend Jeff. He was beautiful, each muscle was perfectly formed, and his size was overwhelming. Jordan knew that he would not be able to control himself much longer.

"What... what the hell happened to you?" exclaimed Jordan. "You are beautiful!"

"This is the morphing serum I was speaking to you about last week. I took it!" smiled Jeff.

"Well I can see that", said Jordan. Jeff's previous words vibrated through Jordan's body. He felt a strong attraction to see what became of his friend. Jeff defined masculine sexual energy.

Closing the door, Jordan drew closer to Jeff. Looking down at Jeff's crotch, Jordan took note of the substantial cock being held back by the Speedo. He felt himself growing hard, his cock was pressing against the Lycra shorts that were hidden under cargo pants.

"Take off your cargo pants. I want to see you. I want to feel your body pressed against mine," whispered Jeff. Although his voice was soft, the words pulsated through Jordan. He did as he was told.

Quickly removing his pants and tank, Jordan revealed the ragging hard-on under the Lycra shorts. Jeff's cock began to fill his Speedo. Jordan watched as his cock grew to a length that he only dreamed of. He could see the thick head pressing against the nylon and the weight of his hanging balls.

Jeff began polishing Jordan's peach-sized balls in a tantalizingly slow rolling motion prompting him to heave a sigh. He closed his eyes, surrendering to feeling, his cock expanding to its full eight-inch length and hefty girth until it pushed up, and out of his Lycra shorts. He opened his eyes to catch Jeff studying his every reaction. Jeff said, "Well, I never knew that you would be so happy to see me." Jordan smiled and almost unconsciously placed a hand on Jeff's warm thigh, rubbing it up and down, caressing the blonde hair there and moving closer and closer to the now bulging suit. Jordan stopped when Jeff spoke again, "Looks like your tits got sun burned. They look raw." He moved closer to Jordan. "Jeff lowered his lips to the red nipple, extended his tongue and began to lightly lick around and around. Jordan moaned and just grabbed Jeff's pulsing shaft through his briefs. Jeff stopped to enjoy the urgently groping hand on his crotch. He watched Jordan's face; eyes half-closed, and sensuous lips slightly open panting with heightening lust. Jordan gasped, "Jeff, you are so fucking HOT. Your cock is..." Jeff pulled Jordan's head with a hand and kissed him on the mouth. Jordan opened his lips to the probing tongue and sucked on it.

Jordan eagerly grasped Jeff's massively swollen cock and balls. "I want to show you more," Jeff said. Standing up and reluctantly breaking Jordan's hold on his immense tool. Pulling off his Speedo in one move Jeff moved closer to Jordan. As soon as he was in range, Jordan's hand shot out, almost magnetically attracted, to Jeff's fat prick that reached a length of 30 inches and 15 inches wide. Jordan now used both hands to explore every sizzling inch of the shaft, the swollen cock head from which precum was oozing like clear lava and the pair of bull balls. Jeff gripped his own cock and began to coat its length with slick precum. Jordan removed his Lycra shorts, exposing tight muscled body. Jeff then hooked his hands under Jordan's knees and hoisted both legs up on his broad shoulders. Jordan couldn't hold back his anticipation; he pushed down to offer his bubble butt to the hot poker ready to pry him open. Jeff lunged his hips forward, impaling Jordan in one powerful move. Jordan half-shouted, half-groaned, "Awwww God! Jeff!!!" Catching his breath and absorbing the pain caused by the pole prodding inside his ass, Jordan moaned, "Fuck me you gorgeous stud!! Fuck Me!!! Make me yours Jeff...fuck me hard!" He shook his head from side to side, his eyes rolling back in pleasure as Jeff began forcing his massive member in and out of his butt. Jordan pulled down his legs from Jeff's shoulders and wrapped them around Jeff's waist, pulling him to go deeper. Jeff happily obliged and started a rolling motion, churning his cock inside Jordan, and then pounding mercilessly. Jordan closed his eyes. He was breathing fast and hard, matching Jeff's every stroke, as if that humongous Jordan was punching out his air. "Ah! Ah! Ah!" Jordan yelped in staccato, in rhythm to Jeff's full balls, slapping his ass as pleasure and pain alternately shot through his body. When he opened his eyes again, Jeff was in front of him, his handsome features contorted by lust. He growled at Jordan, "You're mine alright! That hot butt's all mine. My big cock's going to take you to heaven and back baby!" Jordan growled back, "Yeah! Fuck me! Keep fucking me forever you big stud!!! He closed his eyes again, relishing the pounding ride and feeling Jeff's sweat dripping all over him. But just as Jordan thought he was going to faint from sheer bliss, Jeff pulled out, leaving his butt happily sore but wanting more. Jordan opened his eyes in panic but smiled when he saw that Jeff had straddled his chest and was about to feed him that gigantic cock.

"I'm going to come!" Jeff moaned. "Say ah baby!" Not even wasting a second, Jordan began furiously sucking at the fleshy pole. He used one hand to urge Jeff's butt to pump his throat harder, the other hand to jerk off his own cock. "I'm cuuummmming!!! Auggggh!!!! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!!!" Jeff shouted as he jack hammered his cock down Jordan's throat, bellowing in ecstasy as he shot load after delicious load into Jordan's ravenous mouth. Jordan began shooting too, ropes of hot cum lathering Jeff's back.

In a moment, Jeff pulled out of Jordan's hot mouth, an oversupply of jizz smearing Jordan's chin and leaving a trail down his chest. They held each other and kissed, tongues wrestling hotly for minutes before Jeff whispered to Jordan, "Wait here, I want to give you a chance to get some rest. I will be back, I promise." Jeff's tongue leaped into Jordan's mouth again.

Two cum soaked bodies lay entwined on the floor. Jeff's massive cock began to morph to a more reasonable size and so did his muscles. Though Jordan was fucked by Jeff's prick, he felt the warm energy from flowing through his veins. Jordan's cock was throbbing; he wanted more. They both wanted more... •

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