Jeff's Story



By Muscle Flex

A small blue drop hit the counter with a splash as Jeff tapped the syringe with his finger. This was the moment he was waiting for, the true test of the serum. Would it work? There was only one way to find out. Grabbing a thick rubber tube and placing the material around his bicep, Jeff tied a tight knot. He could feel the blood beating through his arm building a dark blue vein. He was nervous. This would change his life forever!

Grabbing an alcohol swab and quickly cleaning the smooth flesh above his forearm, Jeff injected himself with the serum. He watched as the blue fluid passed thought the syringe into his flesh. Within seconds he felt a warm wave rush through his body like a passing train. His body temperature was increasing; his skin began to tingle and beads of perspiration dripped from his brow. Soon his muscles began twitching and Jeff smiled with delight.

Slowly, his body began increasing proportionally. As Jeff stood in the mirror he could see that he was gaining mass. Not as rapidly as he was hoping to, but he could see that the serum was working. When it started, the sensation was so strong it made him want to scream, but he couldn't. He was on fire from the inside. Every muscle was burning, his skin was searing. In the mirror, he could see his muscles twitching, rippling on their own, slowly going into contraction. He felt the most unbelievable cramp grip him from head to toe. And then the muscles began to grow. His dream was becoming reality.

As he stood facing the mirrorwith his arms at his side and wearing only a bright red Speedo, Jeff observed his body growing in length. His once 5'9" frame extended to 6'1" without effort. He could feel his lean structure preparing for the thick muscle that was about to develop. The muscle under his skin became increasingly warmer until he began to perspire. Looking down at his arms, he noticed that his biceps became defined, as though he were holding a weight. He could see the muscle tissue tightening together forming a peak 18 inches around.

Suddenly his chest began to enlarge and intensify. His dime size nipples grew to the size of half-dollars while his chest pumped to 55 inches creating impressive pecs. His pecs felt heavier and thicker as he saw them in the mirror widening, mounding up, growing thicker, bigger, creating deep creases under them. His shoulders were growing wider and thicker too, like bowling balls. Raising both hands, Jeff flexed his arms and chest. He couldn't begin to fathom the size and thickness of the muscles he was growing. Looking down at his stomach Jeff noticed the unyielding ridges of an 8 pack. With the palm of his hand, Jeff felt his stomach muscles tightening while his waist pulled in closer to his body.

Jeff's quads were the next to shape. His once bird-like legs transformed into thick trunks on which to support his new muscular frame. Jeff could see the striation forming on the front of his thigh as his hamstrings tightened, firming his ass. His legs were growing so thick that they were being forced apart from each other by the tremendous girth of his thighs. His calves were last to develop into solid muscle completing his development.

Jeff was amazed at the growth that occurred. He stepped onto the scale in the corner of the room and weighed almost 250 pounds! Jeff stood in the mirror admiring his new muscular body. He couldn't believe what he saw, what he felt. Running his hands over his ridged biceps and thick chest Jeff began to feel strange. He wasn't sure what was happening but knew that it was different from before. He felt light headed, followed by a surge of primal energy.

Admiring his body with his hands and eyes, Jeff could feel his body changing; growing. The energy was building within his body. His heart began to race and he could feel the warm blood pumping though his veins. Something was about to happen, something unexpected.

Facing the mirror, Jeff understood what was happening. His eyes and thoughts became fixated on his tight Speedo as though someone, or something, was forcing him. Within seconds he noticed that his cock was gaining size. He could feel the weight of his cock and balls against the nylon suit. Soon he could see the outline of the head and shaft pressing into the material. He wasn't getting hard; his cock was growing. His dick continued swelling, engulfing the Speedo that would soon snap from the weight.

Another rush of energy raced through Jeff's beefy body and he could feel the weight of his balls being drawn closer to the ground. His balls were the size of lemons filling with juice making him extremely horny. As Jeff continued touching his newly formed physique, his cock grew and filled with warm liquid. The Speedo was now stretched and pulling tight against his muscular ass. The head of his dick was now throbbing and he could see a dark stain on the front of the suit.

Flexing his biceps, Jeff heard the ripping of fabric. A small puncture on the Speedo expanded, releasing his cock and balls from the material. Looking down, he saw his cock shoot straight out of his Speedo like a torpedo. At its fully rigid, veined glory, his thick rod rhythmically pulsed as a stream of juice oozed from its tip. Jeff's smile turned into a look of pure lust as he growled deeply.

The Speedo remained on his body hugging his ass and gripping his balls. His soft cock was 12 niches long and almost 7 inches wide. The head was covered in pre-cum juice and Jeff ran his fingers through the liquid. His body shuddered in delight. Another rush went racing through his system. He could feel the strength increasing inside, waiting to be released. Focusing his thoughts on his giant dick, it was getting bigger.

Without touching his cock, juice oozed from the head dripping to the ground. Jeff gripped the shaft with both hands tracing the heavy dark vein towards the tip and started working the pre-cum around the tip. Never had he seen so much juice before. His mammoth cock was impressive on his muscular body. His cock grew to a length of 16 inches and 9 inches thick! Between his legs, his balls hung like two oranges ready for the picking.

Standing in the mirror Jeff admired his new body. What a sight! This was more than he had hoped for. With each movement, Jeff could see his power behind the flesh. Feeling his massive chest, pumped arms, and throbbing cock again. Jeff wanted to enjoy the pleasure of growing, feeling massive- being huge. In a flash, Jeff thought about what his cock would feel like inside a tight muscled ass. He thought about fucking. His cock continued growing!

And at the same time he was finding that he was getting really turned on! The more he felt his huge, hard muscles and ran his fingers across the deep striations, the harder he became until he felt like he was ready to burst! He had never been this hard in all his life. There was something so sexy about his huge powerful muscles, his thick, beefy pecs, and the healthy glow that he exuded.

It looked incredible to him. He couldn't believe it was actually happening to him even as he watched his reflection change. It all felt so sexy, so intensely erotic, that he could not stop or control the buildup of his excitement and he felt himself jerking his enormous cock. He felt the juice pumping through his balls and up the shaft of his prick. Jeff continued jacking his monster cock that was now covered in warm pre-cum juice. As he began spurting his thick cream, he saw that he had grown enormous. His hard cock must be over 30 inches long and 13 inches wide. With each spurt of cum his cock become more difficult to control. Unbelievable.

Jeff was in awe of the feeling when he saw his biceps mound up like rock hard mountains of muscle and his pecs like huge slabs of meat that turned into boulders mounted on his chest. Jeff found himself feeling his own body in an incredibly sensual way, turning himself on with the feel of his growing, huge muscles, the rippled veins on his chest and stomach. He continued to stroke and feel himself, especially his groin, which was becoming extremely warm, as he began to masturbate again. He could feel that, he was doing what he always wanted the guys at the gym to do. He was giving himself a sex show. His cock felt huge in his hand, his balls were gigantic. He soon came again, spurting a seemingly endless stream of hot cum all over the floor. Oh, yes!! This was hotter than he could have ever imagined!!

Slowly, Jeff began to feel himself coming around to a more normal state, in his head, that is. He began to feel a return of his own will, his focus. It felt like he was waking up from hypnosis. Except, as he came around, he realized that the dream was continuing. When he was able to walk on his own, he felt the unbelievable mass of his thighs forcing his legs apart, rolling around each other in the distinctive walk of a seriously huge bodybuilder. Not just huge. He was massive beyond comprehension. His arms hung out at radical wide angles from his sides, forced out by the thickness and width of his upper back and his gargantuan pecs. He arms were so heavy and thick with muscle. Everything about him was bigger, much, much bigger that he ever dared let himself imagine. And he felt no shyness, no embarrassment about how he looked. He thought of himself flexing and posing as he jacked off in front of the mirror, and he didn't care. He would do it again. He realized he loved what had happened to him. He wanted to show himself off. And Oh, God, was he horny!! And with this new set of equipment, getting off was going to be so hot!! What a change!! He tried to imagine the kinds of clothes he would or could wear now, and how he would look in them. Yes, indeed. This was a new life for Jeff, and he couldn't wait to get out there and enjoy it.

Picking up the phone, Jeff called Jordan. Jordan was one of Jeff's better, more trust worthy friends whom he made plans with to workout later this afternoon. It was getting close to noon and he knew that Jordan would soon be on his way. •

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