Jeff's Story



By Muscle Flex

Jeff felt very shy, almost embarrassed, about his growing desire to make himself into a big bodybuilder type. He couldn't really admit it, even to himself. He had thrown himself into working out, in college, as a way to bolster his confidence. By his senior year he had developed a nice, cut body, like the models in the male fashion catalogues he loved to look at. He loved the way it felt, having a body like those guys with muscles that, more and more, began to show in the clothes he wore. He was far too shy to wear clothes that would purposely show them off, but he began to wish he could get the nerve.

At first, he had been satisfied with creating a body that looked like the very slender, cut guys. Then he began to think that the more muscular guys looked really good, and he began to add weight to his workouts, to try to put on a little more size. By the time he had move to the coast, he had begun to get nicely muscular and liked the way it felt. He began to pick up bodybuilding magazines and started to think how hot the mass on those guys looked to him. He kept telling himselfthat he would never want to be that big, that freaky looking. But he wished he could know how it would feel.

He had joined a bodybuilders' gym, just so he could be around those guys, many of the same ones he saw in the magazines. He would go home and fantasize about what it must feel like to be big like they were. Sometimes, he would even fantasize about being even bigger. He always thought to himself that he wouldn't want to be like that himself, but when he had those fantasies, it always made him hard. He would imagine having the confidence to go to the gym or the beach in the kinds of things these guys wore to show off their bodies. They seemed so bold to be able to wear those thin, Lycra shorts that showed off every detail, or, especially, those tiny, brief, posing bikinis. Every time he thought about it, he got hard as a rock. He was spending more and more time thinking about it and dealing with his constant erections.

Subscribing to UNDERGEAR and CALIFORNIA MUSCLE Jeff began ordering tight Lycra shorts and Speedos in hopes that one day we could wear them to them to the gym. He wanted the muscled men to admire his body, admire him in his gear, and admire the very large bulge in his groin. His feelings could no longer be controlled.

Jeff’s spending sprees would land him dozens of Lycra shorts and Speedos. In a few short weeks, Jeff had an impressive collection of UNDERGEAR that would make any gear-head envious. As Jeff became more comfortable with his body, and the way he looked in his gear; he began wearing the tight fabric on a daily basis. Sometimes Jeff would wear a Speedo under his kakis, providing Jeff sexual satisfaction throughout the day, knowing that the tight fabric held his cock back.

As the days passes and Jeff saw increased muscle development, he would spend much of his time at the gym; sometimes two or three times a day just watching the bodybuilders in the mirrors. There would be times when Jeff would catch the eye of the huge men who returned a smile and later a show in the showers. Jeff watched the men as they soaped themselves into a sudsy lather, their big hands running across their thick chest and arms. Jeff wanted to know what it would feel like to have big muscles like the bodybuilders at the gym; to feel what they felt as the warm water cascaded down their V-shaped backs.

Jeff wanted muscles; he wanted to be BIG... he knew that it was only a matter of time. •

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