Stonewood Male Dormitory: Adam

Turnabout Mario


By RdyRoger

Suddenly Adam's cock became erect... Mario remembered how he'd said Adam's cock would be hard frequently.. and he would cum often. Adam touched his cock, grabbed it and stroked it... within a few seconds he was going to shoot, he moaned and twisted with the force of his ejaculation, which sprayed the room and Mario!

The hot cum splattered Mario as he watched Adam, now his teen dream date, with huge gobs of warm sticky fluid.

Mario looked up at Adam, who grinned.

"Wow !" said Mario. "You are the hottest thing I've ever seen!!!!"

"Thanks Mario, you're a hot stud yourself! I wish you were of a size to take my big cock!!

Mario started to feel something... his ass felt tight, hot in his pants, and he felt his skeleton grow, his hot ass growing to accomodate the biggest cocks.... And his lips grew thicker, his mouth wider, and his adam's apple grew larger, his throat growing wider...

When he spoke, it was in a deeper voice... and when he looked in the mirror, he saw a hot stud with exaggerated mouth and hot ass, his butt seemed wider set now...

"Maybe it would be great if I grew tall and muscular too, Adam," said Mario.

"Naw, not tall, shorter, like 5'3" or so, but with a lot of muscle, really exaggerated would be so hot, wide shoulders and longish arms.. very muscled- not to mention your huge thighs and calves and glutes... and a big enough package to service my needs nicely!!" replied Adam with a grin..

Mario felt himself shrinking 4 inches quickly, but his bones stretched wider, his rib cage larger, his hips wider and his bones thicker and stronger... he was able to touch his knees with his hands, without bending down... and his muscles grew thicker and thicker and stronger, his body dense and thick with muscle...he felt his cock swelling and growing, longer and thicker, fleshier and heavier... the tip of his cock, soft, hung down next to his knees.

They fell together on the bed... Mario on top of Adam... and Adam looked down and said, "with balls to match!"

And Mario felt his testicles grow huge and they rested on Adam's lower abdomen.

Sometime later, they snuggled... the shorter Mario against the hugely tall Adam..

They open their mouths •

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