Stonewood Male Dormitory: Adam

Sculpting the perfect man


By RdyRoger

This is an excerpt from "Stonewood Male Dormitory," an interactive story from Choose Your Change. A full outline of this interactive story can be found here.

"... all your muscles started to grow back, even bigger than before." Mario felt Adam's flesh start to swell immediately. This was a lot of fun! He was sculpting his ideal man just by talking.

"Oh, yeah, and you'd love to cuddle with those big arms..." Adam wrapped his long arms around Mario, pulling him close. The squeeze gradually tightened as each of the arms bulked up. "And those broad shoulders and strong legs would give you a great frame to show off your big muscles."

Mario reached up Adam's back and felt it widening to accomodate all the new meat. Adam pushed Mario's head against his muscular chest with one hand and started petting the smaller man with the other, sprinkling kisses from above.

"It would feel so good to rub your hairy chest," watching as hair emerged from around Adam's nipples and then began to spread. "Yeah, your manly arms and legs would be lightly furred, and your front all the way down to your cock."

Mario leaned back to look at his masterpiece. Adam resisted gently, and Mario started stroking his man's semi-hard snake. Adam was a real piece of work! Mario smiled and Adam did too, confused but feeling great. He was ready for the finishing touches.

"There'd be a thick, bushy moustache on your perfect face," Mario watched as the hairs grew in. Adam was getting fully hard, a foot and a half of cock sticking out. "And your deep, sexy, masculine voice would be stiffen every dick in the room when you spoke." At that last comment, Adam laughed a baritone laugh that made Mario's whole body tingle. His own, average dick twitched in response.

"All your clothes would fit your manly body," and it felt like a breeze moved through the room as every scrap of clothing on Adam's side of the room russled in response. "But anybody who sees this dick of yours won't be able to hold themselves back from servicing you for very long. How they'll transform after you cum on them? That's up to you." •

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