Stonewood Male Dormitory: Adam


By RdyRoger

This is an excerpt from "Stonewood Male Dormitory," an interactive story from Choose Your Change. A full outline of this interactive story can be found here.

Mario looked at Adam's biggest muscle and wondered...

"Hey Adam, its a good thing your dick is so big isn't it? It looks bigger than it used too... probably its been quite a while since you measured it, isn't it? I mean, it looks like you've got quite a hardon there doesn't it?

Adam shook his head fuzzily... "What's going on?"

"Well, you've been talking about how you might HAVE TO do someone, if you HAD to... right?"

Adam nodded slowly.

"So your cock probably got hard just in case you had to do Joe in lab class, with the cute face.." As Mario spoke, Adam's cock throbbed, swelled, and thickened about 2 inches.

"And if I had to do Fred in the next room over, his cock is so huge and I love his hairy chest... I would get a big hardon for that!" And Adam's cock got about an inch THICKER, especially at the base.

"Wow, Adam, I think your package is the sort to accomodate to what a gay man needs..." Adam started to rub his abdomen, his hand going further south.... "Which is a big, thick cock, a cock that overfills a pair of speedos, stretches a jockstrap to its limits, and swings heavy and long when flaccid..."

Adam's cock suddenly got soft, but without getting any smaller... his cock was now soft the size it had been HARD!

Mario smiled and continued ".... The kind of cock that is perfectly formed, with a thickness that was hard and hot... a cock that would grow long and thicker and hard when it was erect, which would be frequently-- a cock like that would give its owner a hell of a libido... and a cock like that would be the sort to recover after ejaculation pretty quickly... with a package like that in your pants there would be no mistaking your size... that big meat hanging soft in your packed jeans."

Adam looked as his cock swelled and grew- still soft. "Hey, I wonder what I would look like in a jockstrap... " Adam ran to the bureau and grabbed one of his jockstraps and quickly pulled it up over his skinny, wimpy legs... The xxl jockstrap was stretched tight, showing every curve of Adam's huge cock, hanging between his thin legs.

"I'll bet a guy with a cock like that could cum maybe 10 or even 20 times per day..., Maybe would even have a big set of balls in a big nutsack, to make all that testosterone to drive that hot stud, and make that hot cum... "

Adam stepped wider as his two balls swelled larger in his jockstrap, stretching the fabric tighter and pushing the huge flaccid cock even further forward.

"Nothing too extreme in ball size, of course, you'd be able to wear jeans and clothes, they would be big and low hangers though... and about an inch bigger in diameter than you're thinking they are right now."

Adam gasped as the jockstrap stretched forward an inch more.

Mario looked at wimpy Adam with his overstretched jockstrap and said, "Well, its a good thing ..." •

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