Do You?

By Richard Jasper

"Do you like it?"

My mouth hung open.

"What's not to like?" I spluttered.

My best friend, Tim, had undergone a secret muscle growth enhancement experiment and the results were totally fucking fantastic. Before the experiment Tim had been small and lithe. At 5'8" tall and 140 lbs. he was solid as a rock and extremely well-proportioned but there was no way he could be mistaken for anything other than a professional dance.

Now, though...

The experiment overnight had added six inches to Tim's height and doubled his bodyweight. At 6'2" tall and 280 lbs. of solid muscle, Tim was as freaky as any pro bodybuilder.

Good enough to eat, in other words. Tim was now Paul Dillet with blond hair, blue eyes, and enough fur on his face and body to make Jeremiah Johnson seem cleanshaven.

I ran my hands across his rippling 24 inch biceps, in toward his hulking traps and massive, herculean neck, then down across his mountainous 62 inch chest. His waist, no more than 34 inches, was rock solid and bulged with muscle, thick, dark curls leading down to the waistband of his stretchy, skintight camouflage pants, which could barely contain his awesome 32 inch quads and stunning 23 inch calves.

"I thought it was a muscle growth experiment," I said, pointing to the huge bulge in the crotch of his pants.

"Side effect," he said. "Apparently the relationship between sex organs and muscle growth was more pronounced than they thought. That's why all the fur, too."

I pulled the waistband down and it popped out, thick and veiny and pumped and easily a foot long, a crystal dollop of precum at the tip.

"Yep, I definitely like it," I breathed.

He gently lifted me in his massive, powerful hands--not something that happens every day for a 200-lb. musclebear like me. He slid his tongue between my unresisting lips, folded me within his incredible arms, and carried me to the bedroom. He quickly, softly deposited me on the bed, then loomed over me, magnificent and awe-inspiring. My own thick 8-incher was throbbing in anticipation.

I spent hours exploring every muscle, every bulge, every striation of that intensely male body. He posed and he flexed and he crushed me in his embrace, letting me feel every ounce of the godlike power that now inhabited his body. I'd never tried to accommodate so large a cock, either in my mouth or in my ass, but somehow that night I did so effortlessly, time and time again, until we were both totally spent.

"Do you like it?" he asked one more time before finally I passed out in sheer ecstasy and exhaustion.

And then it was my turn. •

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