Stonewood Male Dormitory: Absorbing Muscle

By MuscleMage

This is an excerpt from "Stonewood Male Dormitory," an interactive story from Choose Your Change. A full outline of this interactive story can be found here.

Mario decided to make another wish on Adam, without removing his mouth from Stan's man-flesh, he mumbled the wish. Neither of the two hear the wish. Suddenly Adam cummed deep into Stan, Stan kept swallowing. He must get a lot of practice because Stan nearly swallowed all of Adam's seed. Finally he had to come off, he couldn't keep up with the flow. Adam was still shooting all over Stan.

Stan was too orgasmic to notice himself shrinking. Mario felt Stan's cock quickly shrinking in his mouth when it shot its sweet load into Mario's mouth.

"What the hells happening to me!?!" Stan screamed.

Mario smiled and took his mouth off Stan's spent cock. He watched as Stan grew smaller and smaller. When he finally stopped just 4 inchs taller then Mario.

"What the hell is wrong? Why am I a midget?" Stan was panicing and was feeling his midget body. But his attention suddenly was drawn to Adam. Adam was starting to grow, his muscles popped and cracked as flesh hardened and swelled. His bones grew long and strong. He was growing like a rocket, finally slowing down to 240lbs 6'5 tall. Mario's wish that Adam would gain all the weight his cum made other lose worked! •

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