Stonewood Male Dormitory: A Change In Perspective



By MuscleMage

This is an excerpt from "Stonewood Male Dormitory," an interactive story from Choose Your Change. A full outline of this interactive story can be found here.

Adam frowned, "Where the hell did that wish come from?" Adam smiled, "But my girlfriend probably wouldn't mind" Mario laughed at the same time as his eyes stared at Adam's crotch. Adam started to talk about his girlfriend and working out while Mario just kept nodding. How could Adam not notice his package growing like that? He had often lusted after Adam's obviously huge package, but right now he felt like dieing. Adam's penis was now growing huge and very obvious. Finally Adam started to feel kind of constricted and looked down.

"What the fuck!?!" ,he yelled, "what the hell is happening? My cock is growing huge!" Mario couldn't speak, he was totally enraptured by Adam's growing manhood. As the growth went on Adam became more calm and more engrossed in his package. Finally, his jeans stretched to the limit, his pants exploded and a huge 20-inch and matching balls hung out. Mario and Adam gave a short gasp of surprise. Neither of them could have imagined something so huge.

Finally neither of them could take it any longer. •

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