Stonewood Male Dormitory: A Change In Perspective


By jockmorphr

This is an excerpt from "Stonewood Male Dormitory," an interactive story from Choose Your Change. A full outline of this interactive story can be found here.

Adam, only slightly appeased by Mario’s explanation, slipped off his jacket and sat down on his bed. Scratching his head, he asked “So, what exactly was this powder supposed to do?”

“Well, its pretty simple, really. Sprinkling the powder on your subject will render him or her completely malleable to the wishes and whims of who ever is around them – including themselves. For example, if the powder had worked, I could wish that you were completely gay…and you would become exactly that.”

Adam laughed. “Dude, I’m completely straight! No powder is going to make me turn gay all of a sudden!”

The two roommates began laughing pretty hard at this. After all, Adam was a pretty hot commodity on campus. He had slept with most of the available hot chicks on campus already and was constantly scoping out his next conquest. Adam was a complete pussy hound.

“Dude,” said Adam, gasping for breath between laughs, “can you imagine me turning gay on you cause of this powder? I mean, becoming all faggy and shit!”

“Well, technically, you wouldn’t be effeminate – you’d just want to have sex with guys.” Mario explained patiently.

Adam made a face. “Eeww gross. You mean actually touch a guy’s cock? I’d sooner die! I mean, there are some guys that I think have great bodies, but I wouldn’t want to…you know…do ‘em.”

Adam trailed off with a sort of spacey look on his face as if he were pondering the act. Mario kept laughing at him as Adam wiped a faint line of perspiration from his forehead.

“I guess if I had to, “ Adam mused, “I’d be able to tolerate Paul -- you know that big, muscular guy on the second floor? He has to have the most perfect set of pecs I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen some really hot pecs at the gym!”

Mario stopped laughing and tried to get what Adam was saying. Was he kidding around? Mario had never heard his roommate say anything like “hot pecs” before. Hot tits, certainly, but never anything to do with the male anatomy. Moreover, he was getting into the idea!

“Yeah, he’s a big fucker alright. I bet he has a huge cock. Can’t you just imagine getting your hands on that thing?” Adam continued. “And handsome – you’d better believe I’d do him. I’d go down on him in a heartbeat! Ooh – or Tom, the guy I run with every morning? He has the tightest bubble butt on this campus. You could drive nails with it! I could definitely do him. In fact, one time in the locker room Tom pulled down his shorts and…”

Mario sat in utter disbelief listening to Adam’s litany of hunky guys that he’d do “if he had to”. The list went on and on, with Adam getting lustier with every breath. On about the fourth guy a sizeable tent had grown in Adam’s jeans and Mario knew that his powder had not been a failure after all. Adam, the guy he had been horny for since he came to campus was now completely under his control.

He interrupted Adam’s monologue and asked “Hey Adam, you know it is a good thing that powder doesn’t work. I mean, wouldn’t it be awful if I hauled off and said… •

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