Stonewood Male Dormitory: The Test

Adam becomes a Super Jock!


By MuscleMage

This is an excerpt from "Stonewood Male Dormitory," an interactive story from Choose Your Change. A full outline of this interactive story can be found here.

Mario just shrugs at Adam's question. "Never worked, so I don't know."

Suddenly Adam felt a warm feeling spread all over his body as he felt his clothing tighten slightly. He shrugged his shoulders to try to loosen his clothing. Why was his shirt so tight all of a sudden? His pants were starting to get a bit tighter too.

Mario jumped, "What the? Adam you'er growing! The powder is working!

Adam looked over his body. Mario was right! No wonder his clothing were getting so tight. He watched in amazement as his already big chest rose up and out. His arms which were blowing up huge were being pushed out by his growing lats. His back thickened and pushed him forward slightly, but his still growing chest balanced it out. Veins started to grow all over his arms and legs as all of his muscles grew. The bulge in his pants was blowing outwards insanely as his growing member fought to get out.

The growth started to accelerate and his now huge muscles started to swell with a new energy. His 30-inch biceps swelled like balloons and his forearms were as thick as most people's thighs! His own leg's enormous size forced open his legs, which allowed only a limited extra room for his package. Even now, when his body was looking extremely freaky, the shear size of his package was huge! Finally his pants couldn't take it any more of the fast paced growth. His pants burst open and a hard 20-inch cock shot out in all its glory. Covered with thick pulsing veins, it was pumping out a steady stream of precum.

Adam moaned loudly as he continued to grow. He was beyond 300 pounds and was nearing the 400 mark. Mario was speechless, even if the powder had worked earlier Mario would never have imagined the effect so fantastic! There was no way the powder could have achieved so much. •

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