Stonewood Male Dormitory: The Test


This is an excerpt from "Stonewood Male Dormitory," an interactive story from Choose Your Change. A full outline of this interactive story can be found here.

"Alright, lets see if it really doesn't work", Adam pulls off his jacket and shirt and starts to rub the enlarging powder over his huge arms and chest. He rubs it into the crevices of his 6-pack and picks up some more powder to put it on his legs. But as he moves his hand to his leg he spills some into his pants. "Shoot this stuff had better come out of my jeans", Adam says. He starts to pull his hands away when more sprinkles down his pants. Adam smiling, "Aww what the hell, its not going to work, and if it does, lets just say my girlfriend is going to be really happy." He pours the powder into his pants. Adam collects the rest of the powder and rubs it on his big thighs.He shivers as a tingling feeling went through his being.

He turns to Mario,"Alright, what now?"

Mario just shrugs and says... •

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