Bull's Strength

Morning Stiffness


By Muscl4life

Bryan took a long time, but he managed to sleep. And he was up about a quarter to five. He felt something touching him, it was heavy and thick! – “Oh, no! not again!” Bryan thought as he opened his eyes. He could never be able to lift Joshua’s legs. The he saw. And Bryan rubbed his eyes. It couldn’t be possible! It was just UNBELIEVABLE! Bryan opened his eyes WIDE, and his jaw dropped. Bryan witnessed one of Josh’s “morning woody”. But it wasn’t a normal boner. The COCK! What a COCK! The MIGHTY COCK! It was like a third leg. JOSHUA’S THIRD LEG! Bryan remembered Josh wore boxers to sleep where was the thing anyway, then he saw the shreds of the underwear stuck on Josh’s cock! It seemed an old white flag giving up to the superior of that fucking huge dick! The thing was ALIVE! It was pulsating like it had a heart on its own. Bryan took sometime to adjust at the site. His own prick was hard and aching inside his pants. He just stare at the monument. It was hard, thick, the head was HUGE, the piss hole itself was big enough to fit a finger there! It was so ripped and veined, just like Josh’s body, it was muscle in its extreme perfection, and that muscle was demanding to be released, and boy, how Bryan was dying to release it! Bryan lift and got nearer the giant prick, it was thicker than his arm! It smelled at cum, and at the top was a huge pre-cum pearl, ready to leak and spread it shiny liquid down to the shaft of his giant owner. It pulsed, in a rhythm that hypnotized Bryan. He got each time closer to Josh’s cock. He saw it getting harder, like that was still possible, he watched as the veins engorged to huge proportions and he swallowed at the sight of the head enlarging more and more, like it was an atomic mushroom ready to blow spunk all over the room. Bryan was so close he could actually hear the blood pumping to the shaft with each heart beat, he extended his hand daring to touch, and just when he was about to do it, he heard moans and groans. It was Josh waking up! Bryan quickly get back to his place and covered his face just to avoid any confrontation. His heart was accelerated, his breath was tired and his dick was so hard, so ready to be blown…

“MMMNNNNN HUMMMMM!! Josh made strange noises and he stood up right in front of Bryan’s covered face. He looked at the watch over the shelf on the bed, and the cock almost poked Bryan in the eye! Josh acted like he was used to such thing! He casually looked at his shaft and gave it a few pumps, then he sprawled, as everybody does, but Josh FLEXED all his muscles, and he flexed his cock up and down, up and down, he checked himself at the HUGE mirror on the wall, he had that grin back in his face, he smiled and FLEXED to the mirror. He flexed his guns, and kissed the peak of each one, he twisted his nipples and scratched his flat abs with ultra popped abs so lustfully, then he gave a few more pumps on the giant cock, and hit a most muscular pose looking at the mirror – Poor Bryan resisted as much as he could, when he saw Josh doing the most muscular pose, he gave up, his cock, squirted alone, creaming his pants and the shit. Everything seemed to be frozen. He felt the orgasm without even touching himself. Bryan slowly moved to the other side, while Josh was distracted at his display of MUSCLE at the mirror. He just forced his cock against the mattress, and felt the hot cum spraying all over his legs. He just felt so scared, if Josh saw it would be a disaster! Then he heard: “Looking HUGE today Josh! You are getting even BIGGER!” Josh said to himself and left the room. He grabbed some clothing in a drawer and went to the bathroom, and the shower went on. Bryan just got up, tried to dry the cum of the shit, but then he took the whole thing out, grabbed a spare that fortunately didn’t get stained and covered the bed with it, then he trashed the other shit in the big box where Josh kept his dirty clothing. It would do for now, he heard the shower going off. He jumped back in the bed and pretended to be asleep. He closed his eyes as strong as he could, heard the loud steps of Josh going to the kitchen, and he thanked God he wasn’t caught. In fact he just felt the common after orgasm exhaustion, and it went strong! He just felt his senses fading out…

“Hey, buddy, come on it’s time! Bryan felt Josh’s powerful hands gently touching his arm – He had fallen asleep again - Did they found about the cummed shit? Bryan woke up a little frightened, but the mere sight of Joshua’s pretty face, washed all the fears away:

“Time to wake up Sleeping Beauty – Bryan sensed something weird the was Josh said those words

“What time is it? Asked Bryan scratching his head and eyes

“8.37! It’ s way past the time you’re supposed to be up! Josh said still sitting on the bed. For one moment he just kept looking at Bryan’s waking figure. Then he stood up and pointed outside:

“While you were dreaming, I’ve already milked the cows, cleaned the stables, fed the chickens and the pigs collected the eggs and took a shower. Is that enough for you… He smiled pointing to the door

“WOW! You’ve done all of this? How do you manage to wake up so soon? Bryan asked

“Let’s say I woke up REALLY motivated! Josh said in a teasing tone

“Well, I heard you getting up, you big earthquake! I just remained in bed and managed to sleep .Bryan said as he left the bed.

“So did you have a good sleep? Joshua asked in a carrying tone. He stood up and went to the mirror while Bryan grabbed his clothes:

“Bryan can I ask you a question – Joshua was combing his hair – You let a girlfriend back in California? Josh looked back at him with those eyes who dragged all the will power of Bryan.

“No, I wasn’t seeing anybody, when I moved in with grandma – Bryan told him the truth, the only thing was that he wasn’t seeing any guy, not any girl…

“Well, it means you’re free to get one isn’t it?

“Yeah, I suppose, but I’ve just arrived in the town, I don’t know anybody – except you BIG buddy – It may take some time… Bryan got his clothes and headed to the bathroom. He took a shower and jerked off two times just trying to get all the horniness from last night. He came back with no shirt and his torso still dripping. Joshua was still there looking to the mirror, he had made the bed and cleaned the room. The giant teen looked to his friend and his green eyes widened “ Hey Bryan you work out? Joshua asked all of a sudden Bryan looked at himself, with disbelief – “How come he repair on me? He is ten times more muscular than me?” Bryan smiled and answered:

“Well, I used to think so, but that was till I saw YOU training! He smiled and went for his shirt. But then he felt Josh fingers poking him at the chest:

“You really have MUSCLES, buddy! Josh felt Bryan arms, and he looked surprised – Who would guess under that shirt there was some serious muscle … Josh let Bryan’s arms go and smiled.

“I’ve trained for a couple of years, tried to bulk up to get in the team, but when I didn’t do it, just lost the motivation – Bryan put the T-shirt on and combed his hair.

“But you gotta stick with it! Josh protested – You really have a nice body, it is well built and lean, why losing it, the motivation is you buddy, you have to be your inspiration! Josh was serious looking in his eyes…

“Well I have my weight set on grandma’s…

“You can bring it over here, than we train together! Joshua smile shone once more

“But Josh, You are way too STRONG! We can’t train together… Bryan tried to avoid more scenes like yesterday, not because he didn’t like them, but because he LIKED them…

“Tell you what, you train with me, giving me motivation and I’ll do the same for you! Josh put his hands on Bryan’s shoulder, like he knew he could win any argument just by doing that!

“OK! I’ll bring the stuff here, and we can train together! Bryan smiled ashamed…

“THAT’S MY BUDDY! Josh hugged Bryan and tossed his hair – Now, let’s go grab some food! I’m STARVING! Joshua rushed into the kitchen…

“Oh, boy, oh boy! Bryan repeated mentally as he left the room.

Breakfast went on just as Bryan was getting used to. He and Clara eating calmly their food, while JOSH devoured everything in the table. Bryan thought Josh was cute even when he was eating. They finished and did the dishes. Bryan was beginning to feel comfortable around Josh. But it seemed every time he felt that way the giant teen forced a new situation, like he was playing with Bryan… Just before they’ve finished the dishes, they heard a car approaching. It was Mr. Ferris, the mechanic of Bryan’s grandmother. Clara looked at Josh and the boy went to the barns. Clara wanted him to stay away form the people, it would avoid trouble. Bryan showed the mechanic the car, and he stayed there with him till he fixed the truck. When it was almost finished the man got a curious look:

“Hey, sun – Mr. Ferris looked at Bryan – Where’s the freak? Did you get to see him? Bryan looked at the bald man – There’s no FREAK around here, sir! Bryan pretended not paying attention

“Come on! I always wanted to look at the BULL BOY! Bryan didn’t understand – Bull boy?

“Yeah, it’s like the guys who worked here used to call him. They told he liked to fuck with the farm bull!

“What? – Bryan asked figuring that with Josh’s cock, fucking a bull would be that hard…

“They told me he carried a PORSCHE and threw it 10 feet away! And then he fucked the bulls on the farm! His late uncle Greg, he was the responsible, he fed the kid with roids, that’s why he’s so big! Bryan looked furious. He faced the bald man and said:

“If the truck is ready, you can go now, Mr. Ferris! My grandma sure had paid you much more than the fix cost, you’d better go now, please! The man looked at Bryan surprised, he got his tools and jumped in his car, without even talking to Clara, who was looking from the kitchen window… Bryan entered the house with an angry face:

“Don’t worry honey, they always want to see if Josh is around, that’s why I sent him to the barns. Clara comforted Bryan – Don’t pay attention to the stories they made up about Josh, they’re nonsense…

“Aunt Clara, please don’t be angry with me, but I have to ask you… Clara took a deep breath:

“I don’t know, honey I wish I knew WHY he is so BIG! Clara’s tears rolled down her face. Bryan hugged her

“Please don’t cry, I don’t think Josh is a monster, I just want to know why he is so BIG! But I would never hurt him, please I’ll never talk about this with you nor him, never more… Clara looked to Bryan and said:

“Josh has only me too look after him, he’s HUGE but he’s just a child, a big child! Bryan kissed Clara’s head – He’s got another protector Aunt Clara, I’ll be taking care of him, always! They hugged each other once more. Then Bryan got his keys and said:

“I’ll be right back, I’ll just get some stuff at home! Tell Josh I’ll be here before our training! •

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