Bull's Strength

Night at Josh's


By Muscl4life

Dinner was fine. Clara prepared abnormal amounts of delicious and food and watched, in which she was joined by Bryan, Josh devouring the whole food, eating like a savage beast. It was such a turn on for Bryan, to see his freaking muscle buddy eating, his biceps bulging when he drank a whole gallon of milk, his chest bouncing as he ripped the meat with his bare hands, his full mouth trying to smile at Bryan.

“Bryan, dear, I’ve phoned Martha about the truck and she told she will sent a mechanic tomorrow first thing in the morning – Clara made a strategic pause – And she told me to ask you if she should come and pick you up, unless, of course, you wanna sleep over tonight!. The sound of the fork falling in the plate made Clara look at Josh. He was completely surprised. He swallowed the food and looked at Bryan with two big green puppy eyes:

“He will Aunt Clara, he will, won’t you Bryan? – Josh gently touched Bryan’s shoulder with his greasy huge pal – Please, buddy, I’ve never had a friend who slept over, you can sleep in my bed if you want, I’ll stay on the floor… Once more Josh’s naivety was loud and clear on his voice. Bryan looked at those puppy eyes and that greasy huge hand squeezing his shoulder. He couldn’t deny anything to those eyes, and specially when those eyes came along with those MUSCLES!

“OK, then! I’ll just phone grandma and tell her I’ll sleep with Josh – Bryan realized how awkward that phrase sounded, but then nobody seemed to notice – except Josh, who smiled discretely as he grabbed more food to his enormous plate.

“Bryan is sleeping over, COOL! Josh swallowed a huge amount of mashed potatoes and smiled at Bryan, just to show him the mass inside of his mouth. After dishes were done – once more by Bryan and Josh – the three of them sat in the living room. Clara watched the news, and Bryan pretended to be joining her, but Josh was over charged, he went to the kitchen and came back eating a whole chocolate cake in his hands :

“Hey Bryan, let me show you my room! Come on let Aunt Clara watching her news, she’ll be asleep in less than five minutes. Clara smiled and tapped Bryan’s knees – You’d better go with him, or he’ll never let you watch TV! – Bryan smiled and got out of the couch, following Josh’s oversized figure over the corridor. It is, he had to follow him, because Bryan couldn’t see anything over that giant muscular back of his BIG buddy.

“Here it is! Josh pointed proudly to inside the room. – Bryan entered and right after him Josh entered bending himself so he could pass through the door . It looked like any other fifteen year old room: one bed, one cabinet, a table and chairs to study and a small TV set. But it wasn’t an ordinary bedroom, it was Joshua’s bedroom, so it was obviously the BIGGEST room of the house, the bed itself was enormous! And the chairs were taller than usual, just like the one Josh sat back there at the kitchen, but something was missing, there was no poster hanging on the wall, no clothes on the floor, no funky smell, everything was completely neat, it didn’t look like a 15 old teen:

“You’re pretty organized with your things, Josh! The oversized teen smiled and jumped on his bed – the sound was loud but it seemed the furniture was “Joshua’s proof”.

“Yeah, I like the things clear! Josh looked into Bryan’s eyes like he did back at the gym…

“BIG buddy, you’ve never told me how much you weight! I just wanted to know since I can’t even imagine. You’re so DAMN BIG! Bryan smiled. Josh got up the bed and approached him, he gently made him seat on the chair and looked down at him, grinning:

“Why do you want to know? His look was somewhat threatening

“J-just curiosity, I mean, you’re so tall and strong, I just wanted… - Josh shut his mouth with one finger:

“Tell you what, every three weeks I take my stats, and it will be tomorrow, so I’ll tell you then, after the workout, because I’ve already outgrown my previous stats! The innocent look returned:

“You wanna play something? I’ve got a couple of board games! Time passed and it was about sleep time. Josh wakes up at 5 in the morning. Joshua insisted with Bryan he had to sleep in his bed:

“Come on buddy, you’re my guest! Please I am begging you!

“But Josh, I can sleep on the floor, besides, your bed is too BIG just for me! Josh looked at him. The mean look returned:

“You want me to share it with you? – He asked pretending to be serious. But Bryan wouldn’t fall in the joke, he was too scared to dare such thing…

“GET OUTTA HERE! He threw a pillow at Josh’s and they both laughed – “That was close!” – Bryan thought as Josh made himself comfortable at the mattress on the floor:

“Good night buddy! Josh said already feeling asleep – And thank you so much to staying with me! – He said very low, and turning himself to Bryan face.

“ God night, Josh and You’re welcome BIG buddy! You’re welcome! Bryan replied as he saw Josh’s eyes gently closing and his breath becoming slow… Bryan could never sleep that whole night. He rolled over from side to side. His mind, his senses, everything pulled him to Josh. He listened to the his buddy’s heavy breath, watched his titanic chest in its rhythmic movement, his biceps bulging at the slightest movement of his arms, and the beautiful face, so peaceful, so tender, so delightful innocent… Bryan had to get up. He was so boned, he thought he would cream the bed without even touching himself. He went to the kitchen for a glass of water, mostly to get his eyes of his fantasy-coming-true- BUDDY! He drank a whole jar of water and was coming back to the room, when he noticed the pictures hanging on the wall. All of them were from Josh in almost every moment of his life, and Bryan noticed how BIG he was ever since he was a baby. And when he was a kid, you could swear you were looking at a teenager bodybuilder, but it was Josh with nine years old! Josh, for all means, was a real FREAK! He couldn’t be that SIZE at that age, his arms, his chest, everything overdeveloped, and the face of a child? How could that be?

“Wasn’t he the most adorable child in the world? Clara asked right behind Bryan.

“Mrs. Spencer? Sorry if I woke you up! Bryan said trying to change the subject!

“It’s no problem dear, I knew it wasn’t Josh, because there were no sound of his usual mess, so I’ve come to check on you, if you needed anything! Clara looked at Bryan with her dark brown eyes…

“I’m fine, I just wanted some water! Bryan pointed to the kitchen…

“Well, since I’m awake, I’ll finish my tricot! I love spending the nights this way, Josh never let me do anything around here! She said smiling and went to the living room. Bryan looked at her sitting on the chair. She had to know something, there had to be an explanation!

“Mrs. Spencer, I-I saw the pictures on the wall – Clara lifted her eyes in a serious look, which Bryan wasn’t expecting for:

“What about them? Clara asked in a tone Bryan would never listened from her

“I wondered if someday you , grandma, me and Josh could take some pictures to hang there too! Bryan decided that Clara would never be a god source for his investigations…

“Of course dear! We can arrange it someday soon! Now go sleep, you look tired! She tapped his knee and went back for her tricot.

“Sure, I’ll go! Good night! Bryan lifted and went to the room.

“Good night dear, and please, just think about Josh as any other boy in his age! She asked in a candy tone

“Mrs. Spencer, Josh isn’t any other guy – he is my friend! I would never hurt him! Bryan smiled and came back to kiss Clara’s forehead – Good night Aunt Clara! He said while coming back to the room. Bryan really meant it. Josh was his friend, he would never let anybody hurt him. He entered the room and realized Josh’s enormous legs were on the bed. And the rest of Josh was all over the bedroom, his arms opened hanging on the wall, his other leg folded. His face was so cute. His eyes heavy closed, his mouth semi-opened, and the shine of a little drool starting to gather at the corner of his lips. Bryan had literally to jump the guy to get on the bed, he managed to pass without waking Josh. He just sat at the end of the bed and kept looking at the giant sleeping. He leaned on the wall and kept looking at Josh, at least he was enjoying the view. He kept there, looking for a long time, then he noticed the light of the living room turned off and he heard the steps of Clara returning to her room. He checked the watch: 1.48 – Fuck! I gotta get some sleep! – He tried to lift Josh’s legs of the bed, but he couldn’t even move them. He decided to sleep in the left space, bending over to fit in the tiny spot Josh left for him. He actually had to sleep leaning on Josh’s thighs, which he didn’t complained, so thick those muscles felt, but before he could sleep he had to do it. He looked at Josh once more and the moonlight shining over him, he couldn’t resist anymore. He lifted himself of the bed, and approached Joshua’s face. He gently bent over him and his lips gently touched Josh’s cheek bones. He savored that smell of children toothpaste in Josh’s breath. Bryan just touched Josh’s with his finger and closed them, leaning forward to kiss them very, very lightly to avoid waking Josh, he felt those lips for a very brief moment, but it was the best moment of his life. Then he kissed Josh’s forehead, like every child deserved to be kissed at sleep. He caressed Joshua’s hair and brushed it gently. He smiled, and returned to the bed. Josh made a loud noise of approval and turned himself back, taking the legs of the bed:

“Good night, Aunt Clara… - Mumbled him as he changed his sleeping position. Bryan froze – “I gotta control myself, he’s just a boy, he’s just a boy..” Bryan repeated himself on his mind. He laid on the bed and turned to the other side, closing his eyes – He never had the chance to get Joshua opening his eyes and checking on him right after he turned! Josh smiled, licked his lips and closed his eyes right after… •

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