Bull's Strength

Bryan's private show


By Muscl4life

The “gym” seemed more like a quarry. There were stones and dozers all over the places, and some huge structures resembling gym equipment, but there were no iron plates, then Bryan realized, Josh trained with enormous rocks! Maybe that’s why he’s so big…

“My uncle designed it for me, because he wanted to make sure I had the best equipment, he also made me the J-plates! – Josh grabbed a huge rock with one arm – Those are the first, the original ones, then I’ve made those BIGGER! He pointed at more huge rocks …

“You mean you train with those rocks? That’s sure a lot of weight big buddy!

“You’d like to see me training? Josh asked in a mix of naivety and seduction – He looked at Bryan already carrying two MEGA DUMBBELLS – huge iron bars with two J-plates in each side, the big J-plates.. Bryan just nodded. Josh smiled – COOL! Let’s PUMP!. He sat on the strange bench and started pumping his huge arms. He slowly did the crunches, breathing heavy and slowly. And each time his guns seemed to be BIGGER, it was unbelievable! Those peaks were bigger than Bryan’s head! And they were so round and veiny. Josh did exactly 147 crunches with each arm – Bryan counted them mentally – and he was red and already pumped, his veins salted, his muscles were red, but he wasn’t even sweating!

“That’s a good warm up! Now let’s get serious! Josh smiled at Bryan and placed one more big J-plate in each side and started all over again, this time 257 reps with each arm. Joshua stood up and approached him, looking over his head, he FLEXED those things so BIG even himself was a little amazed at the freaking display of MUSCLE, he got on his knees so those mighty guns are at eye level with Bryan:

“Come on, feel them! Try denting them! Joshua challenged. Bryan swallowed. He gently touched the peeks and slides his fingers over it- Joshua is grinning at him. He squeezed the muscle, but it feels like trying to squeeze hot iron! It’s HARD! He tries harder this time, nothing, Bryan applies all his strength, and still nothing. Josh is still grinning. He knows it is useless, not even in a million years! Then Josh says:

“GOING UP! Joshua slowly stood up and Bryan got the idea – he held on those mighty biceps the best he could and he started being lifted , he was going UP! Josh stood full height and lifted his arms a little higher than his shoulders, and Bryan was still attached to his arm. Then it was Bryan’s turn. He got the spirit, and started doing chin ups on Josh’s arms. He did about ten and had to give up, but he adored the “bar” he got.

“You sure need some training! Joshua squeezed Bryan’s arms with his fingers. It hurt. But Bryan didn’t complain. Her was “distracted” at his sight:

“Now, if you excuse me, I gotta resume the training. He said turning his back to Bryan. Bryan was having a hard time trying not to cum, he strategically went behind the pillars of the barn and hide his boner the best he could. But Joshua never paid much attention, he was occupied pumping his HUGE muscles. He spent the next three hours pumping himself to an even HUGER figure. When he finally did the last rep of the last exercise, Josh was smelling like SWEAT and DIRT. The whole place was stank!

“Josh, what is that smell! Is something dead in here?

“Actually, it is mostly MYSELF! I train so hard I end up smelling like a pig, but there’s also another thing – he lowered his voice – Every time I get hard during train, I jerk off right here, then my spunk sticks all over the place – I was supposed to clean after, but I kinda like the smell – it makes me train harder! Bryan just smiled and noticed the incredible BULGE on Josh’s pants. The crotch was almost giving up – “Speaking of erections…” Bryan once more hided himself behind the pillars and said:

“Hey, if it doesn’t bother you, it’s alright big buddy… Josh smiled again and went toward him, he grabbed Bryan and lifted him the way he did where they arrived and carried him the same way. Bryan was getting used to such MUSCLE DISPLAY:

“Come on, buddy! Let’s have dinner! I AM STARVING! Joshua said as they left the gym.

Bryan was completely charmed by Josh: his muscles, his power, his strength, and mostly his kindness, his naivety, his sweet personality, things which certainly made Bryan fall in love by the giant teen. But he wouldn’t do anything, he had to control himself not to attack him right there. Bryan also noticed that he wasn’t the only one with “second intentions”, he knew Josh was totally showing off to him, he got the main idea, the guy is sure displaying his inhuman strength and muscles, but it was a little more than that, it was almost if Josh was trying to do exactly everything Bryan wanted, would Josh also playing “the hard to get” role? Could a freaking muscle monster like Josh be gay? •

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