Devil of a Deal, A

By Anonymous

I returned home from my job at the fast-food checkout to discover the devil in my apartment. He was red, only about three feet tall, nude with a miniature but impressively atheletic and endowed body. He had a long thin tail that ended with a triangular spike. His face was evil but intelligent, his horns big and curved like a ram.

"I'll trade you your eternal soul for granting you any two wishes you have" he said.

"Ok" I said.

"Oh good. Tell me your wishes."

Oops. Think hard. "I wish to have unlimited amounts of incredible dominerng sex with each and every one of the, um, ten thousand strongest and most handsome men in the world. I also want unlimited limited financial resources."

"Hm. You humans are all alike. The money is easy, however your first request represents a problem. There are three ways to complete it. I can make you the only male in the world, but that deprives me of many potential subjects. I can give you absolute ruling power over all other humans. Or I can make the strongest and utterly irresistable to men."

"Make me irresistable."

"Granted. Now you know the set of the ten thousand strongest men in the world is constantly changing. I have ranked them according to a weighted set of measurable criteria, and will continuously update that ranking. I can insure that you will visit each index in the list from one to ten thousand and that that man will occupy that index at the moment I send you to him. Also, your current bank account will enjoy regular deposits of whatever money you need. To begin with, you now have $10,000,000.00 dollars. Ok?"

"Yea, sounds good"

"Excellant" he said. And he was gone.

That was weird. Did it really happen?

I walked to the bathroom to look at myself in the big mirror over the sink. Hey, I looked pretty good! Somewhat more rugged, my shoulders noticably wider than my waist, my tee-shirt sleeves pulled up my arms. Even my face looked darkly handsome. But probably not irresistable. But then I noticed the hem of my shirt crawling up my waist. The skin of my waist stretched dark and smooth, and I gasped as I saw a crease form and deepen to a dark valley between firm muscles. My head was rising closer to the top of the mirror, and my jaw was growing, square and prominent. My shirt tightened about my chest and back, and I saw the muscles in my arms swell, filling the shirt sleeves tightly, stretching, overflowing them. My entire stomach was revealed, my stomach fat evaporating above hard flat muscles, solid, narrow and long, as the shirt shrank and distorted to a tight band over my chest and my thickening and widening back. The stitches were groaning and popping. The neckline snapped, my neck was growing thick and long, wide in back, tearing my shirt open. My jaw and face were square and forceful, darkening and firming, and damn beautiful, a small cleft appeared in the middle of my chin. My shirt starting ripping apart, bursting. My arms kept growing, my shoulder muscles expanded to huge mountains, my shirt sleeves pulling apart in shreds over the rock-hard bulges. My shirt was converted to a tight tank top. Almost casually this top ripped down each side as I expanded further. Several square feet of gleaming hard smooth chest muscle slid out from behind the helplessly stretched cloth. My back flared out into a huge wedge of muscle and the shirt burst completely, now nothing more than a crumpled strip that lay in my deepening canyon of muscle cleavage. I felt my denim jeans pull tight about my swelling thighs, and the cuffs slide up my legs. But conversely my belt suddenly slumped, loose, about my shrinking waist. My cock felt like it was erecting, yet staying stubbornly soft. It felt increasingly confined in my pants. The bulge was already obscene and getting bigger. It pushed the pants out and down, piling up over out the top, spilling over. I still had my BVD briefs, but they were stretched tight as a drum and starting to rip as a vast mass of bulging flesh overflowing them, expanding out on all sides. It kept growing, larger and heavier, stretching the briefs until they were nothing more than an afterthought of puny white straps. It was the genitals of a god, a dozen times bigger than any I had ever seen before. The head alone overflowed the poor straining briefs.

My pants legs, painfully tight, suddenly burst with an extrodinary loud ripping noise, and my pants were loose wreckage. My long rock-hard legs gleamed with powerful bulges and curves of muscle. My body was absolutely incredible! It was so hard and defined and absolutely unstoppably huge!

My arms were those of the greatest bodybuilder ever, each muscle an eye-popping giant swelling monster. The smallest striation in my forearm I would have been proud to have had as a bicep before. I raised my arms and placed them on the walls. There was no need to flex. The muscles leaped, huge and impossibly thick. My shoulders peaked almost to the level of my ears. I swung my arms forward and my shredded shirt disappeared as my inches-deep cleavage closed completely around it.

My neck was massively thick, but long and gracefully curved, my head held high. Above the top of the mirror. I bent to look at my face,and I gasped. For I was shockingly beatiful, a composite of all the most handsome male models in the world...

My cock surged to life. I looked down just in time to see it contemptuously rip apart my briefs. My huge nuts, bigger than softballs, fell and bounced, halfway down my leg, but my cockhead passed them,swelling and lengthening with fantastic speed. As it seemed to be about to approach my knees it stiffened, and swung up so fast I felt the wind on it. It eased smoothly into position, 30 degrees from vertical, and swelled even longer and thicker as it stiffened and grew so hard I almost cried with joy, it felt so good. I grabbed and tore away the remains of my clothes, they shredded like tissue against my unstoppable strength. Clear cum oozed from my cock tip, then flowed copiously. It ran down all sides of my shaft, down my legs, it dripped on the floor, making a spreading puddle. I was unbelievably well lubricated! Needless to say, I couldn't bear to not touch it, and when I did I almost fell from the sensation. I didn't, instead I stayed there, staring at my new body in the mirror, and stroking my new dick. It was absolutely solid as iron, coated frictionless with precum, and was so sensitive I swam in ectasy with each touch. I managed to stop long enough to stumble out of the bathroom over to my desk and get a ruler. The ruler was dwarfed by my huge shaft, I placed it along the top and it stopped over 10 inches short of the base of the head. I tried to press the wood ruler to conform to the curve of my penis and it snapped. But I was an easy twenty four inches.

Twenty four inches! I cried out and clenched my fists in absolute painful orgasm, quivering on tip toes, and I came! FOOOOOOMMMMMMM! I sprayed a solid stream HARD and LONG into the ceiling. SHFOOOOMMMMMMMM! I did it again. Chunks of plaster fell along with thick cum dripping like rain. I fell forward a bit and exploded again, completely across the apartment, the viscious stream leaving a trail across the far wall and knocking a pan off the stove in the kitchen. I did it again, and again,and again, each stream long and powerful, spraying the walls and bookcases with an audible impact. Cum dripped from everything in front of me. My immense cock jumped and spasmed, spraying more and more cum in arcing bursts, then settled to a continuous fountain that gradually faded until it just dribbled from the tip, leaving a thick long puddle on the carpet. I stood there on weak knees gasping, heaving with heavy breathing, tears flowing from the intense feelings of pleasure and power. But my body quickly recovered, and soon I was standing tall and relaxed. My cock had not softened one bit and already it was tingling with desire to do it again. •

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