Bull's Strength

Bonding with Joshua


By Muscl4life

So Bryan drove his “muscle powered” truck to the Spencer’s farm, they just stopped for a moment, because Josh had to put on his pants, which were on barn a t the other side of the farm, and they resumed to the main entrance. The farm was alone, there was no worker, very different from his grandma’s, with a full staff of workers…

“AUNTIE CLARA! WE’RE HOME! – It was delicious to hear his low voice echoing… Then, at the front door she appeared, wearing her white apron as usual. She always carried a smile on her cute face. She approached the car as Josh – got ALL the food from the old truck. Bryan got out of the truck and complimented Clara, half embarrassed as Josh carried the food to the kitchen:

“You must be Mrs. Spencer – Hi! My name is Bryan, I am Martha’s grandson – She asked me to drop that food here, but this old piece of junk she calls a truck broke down in the middle of the road… Clara smiled, the boy certainly talked fast, he was almost choking:

“Hello Bryan, I am Clara, and you’ve already met my nephew Josh –please forgive me if he already got the food, he may look rude, but he’s just that way… Bryan stood up for Josh:

“No, no, he’s just helping me! If it wasn’t for him, I would still be in the middle of the way trying to fix the truck! – He looked at Josh coming back from the kitchen, the big teen had always a smile shining on his beautiful lips, he lifted a big tomb for Bryan and hugged his aunt.

“You fixed the truck Josh? Clara asked looking UP at his face. Josh scratched his head, he looked embarrassed :

“Actually – Bryan once more stood up for Josh – He pulled the truck all the way till here! This guy is the strongest man I’ve ever seen Mrs. Spencer! – Bryan didn’t even bothered the way those words sounded, he just wanted to say them, it was his most sincere feeling! But the most surprised among them was Joshua. He went red at the same minute. He just felt so ashamed and proud of himself at the same time.

“Thanks, man! I was just trying to help you out… His humility allowed no more ...

“This is my Joshie… He is always trying to help people, he’s just so caring! Bryan, your grandma phoned me telling you would come, and that you didn’t have lunch, would you like to join us for a snack! I was expecting your grandmother, but since she sent such an delightful representative – Clara offered the other hand and the three of them went to the kitchen…

During the “snack”, Bryan couldn’t help to stare at Josh’s voracious appetite. Joshua literally ate all the food on the table and attacked most of the food Bryan had brought. Clara didn’t even bothered at all, she realized Bryan’s astonishment and finally commented:

“Don’t worry about Joshie, Bryan – Within two hours he’ll be back for more food, and just before dinner he’ll be chewing something just to “fool his tummy”… Bryan looked at Clara, and they started laughing. Josh was finishing with the cake and the apple pie at the same time, he just looked at them with his mouth full:

“WHAF FARE FOU FLOOKINF FAT? Josh asked without even noticing the cake jumping out of his mouth. They’ve finished eating and Bryan volunteered to do the dishes, and so did Josh. Clara agreed and went to rest at the living room:

“I’ll let you guys talk, I’ll be in the living room if you need me… - Josh, after you’re done with the dishes, you could show the farm to Bryan…

“No problem Auntie! Josh grabbed the plate from Bryan’s hand – The slight touch between their hands, the feeling of Josh’s thick long fingers, so strong grip, rubbing against Bryan’s soft skin made him hard almost immediately. After a few moments they were done, Bryan followed Josh around the farm, as the giant teen proudly presented him the facilities of his farm:

“WOW! You do all the work around? Grandma has a bunch of guys who “work hard”! Bryan joked

“Hey Bryan – Josh looked directly at him for the first time, and Bryan almost froze at the stare at those big green eyes - You’re from California, aren’t you?

“Y-yeah Josh? Why ? – Bryan was a little surprised Josh knew it.

“You grandmother always talked about you – Bryan’s face frowned – She said you’re in the football team! Bryan noticed how naïve Josh looked now, he was that FUCKING muscle monster, who could pull a heavy loaded truck for more than one mile and he was impressed with him? Just because he was at the football team?

“Well, I was – Bryan looked at those glowing eyes, he just couldn’t lie to them – after all his grandma already knew, Josh didn’t deserve to be fooled…

“I was just the waterboy, the kid who carried their drinks, I lied to my grandma so she could be a little proud of me, you know. But Josh didn’t seem disappointed. He just smiled:

“You didn’t need to lie, she was already proud of you, she mentioned you every time she came over! Josh hugged Bryan, engulfing his whole body with his colossal proportions, almost crushed the much smaller guy… They walked a little bit more and Josh showed him the cattle:

“It isn’t easy taking care of them all, but Uncle Greg taught me very well – Josh approached the fence, and so did Bryan with no more shame this time, he was already bonding with Josh, like they’ve been friends since kids.

“Josh, doesn’t it feel a little lonely here, just you and your aunt all day, day after day? Bryan said with his usual curiosity.

“We are not lonely here, your grandma comes here often! Josh smiled so beautifully it could hurt so tender it shone against his square jaw and his silky hair…

“I know, I know, but you don’t go out, just to hang out? Josh’s smile disappeared. His face got a little said, his eyes lost the glow, it was so said you’ve killed to be able to nest him in your arms:

“I can’t go out much, specially to the city, my uncle always said me that… Bryan’s guts burned:

“You can’t go to the city? Why? Josh smiled him, a different smile, showing him a mix of comprehension and displeasure. He approached Bryan and the California guy could smell the musk odor coming form his enormous arm pits:

“Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always been TOO DAMN BIG! I couldn’t play with the other kids, I was always outgrowing my clothes, even without wearing them even once! And when I was supposed to go to High School, my uncles thought I would be in less trouble if I stayed at home.

“You never went to High school? Joshua nodded – I have a lot of books, and I know pretty much, but I always envied those kids who went to school, I’d give anything to be like them! Josh looked at the bulls. Bryan cried from the inside. He was so sorry he touched in such wound:

“Look Josh, Man I’m so stupid. Sorry for bringing this up! – Bryan’s hand touched the enormity of Joshua’s shoulder and the giant teen looked back at him:

“You were right when you asked if I didn’t feel lonely. I confess, it is hard to spend the days without talking. Aunt Clara is always taking care of me, but I could really use some one to talk, just to chat, it feels so good. You’re the first guy about my age who ever came to this house! Josh’s face was glowing:

“Sometimes people used to call me FREAK! Specially kids, they were always mocking at me because of my height or my weight, and when I started to get REAL BIG, I had to hide from the people of the city, most of the time they are afraid of me… Bryan could take it no more, he couldn’t understand how would the people be afraid of such sweet person:

“Well, when you appeared behind me from nowhere, I was scared till my bones! Bryan laughed. They both laughed – But now that I got to know you, nothing to be afraid of, I just didn’t like to see you pissed! Joshua laughed hard, it was like he was being relieved form years of torture, pain and loneliness. He hugged Bryan again, and this time Bryan tried to hug him back, although it was a little difficult for him:

“Hey, I have an idea! Bryan broke their hug before his boner got him in trouble – Since I am completely lazy at grandma’s I could come here, once and a while… Joshua’s face lightened: You mean it?

“Sure! Bryan punched Josh’s chest just to feel his hand hurt so hard it felt. But Josh was still not totally satisfied:

“You mean coming with your grandma? Bryan got the hint

“Well, I could come everyday, if it’s OK with you? Bryan already set up his trap

“OK? IT’S AWESOME! WE CAN HANG IN THE FARM, AND I COULD SHOW YOU ALL AROUND…Josh followed on telling all the “cool stuff” they could do, but what Bryan did REALLY wanted to do was just stay near all that MUSCLE he was smelling, he barely could hide his boner pressing it against the fence.

“Josh, I still can’t believe you run this farm all by yourself! I mean, it must be difficult… Bryan looked around and could only see the things very, very neat…

“It is not that hard, I think I am just used to do it – Josh commented

“Maybe that’s why you are so BIG! You are doing all this hard work – Bryan wanted to find out what could have given Joshua his mighty muscles… Josh looked at him, the same face naïve and strong, he smiled:

“Well, I’ve always been BIG, but from the last two years I’ve been growing much more…

“M-more, Growing more? Bryan felt his groin tingling.

“Yeah, you know what I mean… puberty – Josh concluded

“Well Josh, I think you’re done puberty now, how old are you 20, 23? Bryan asked judging by his physique Josh stood up proud of himself:

“What? You think I’m 23? NO WAY! That’s cool, but I am just 16! He smiled.

“YOU WHAT? JUST 16! MAN YOU’RE JUST 16 – Bryan couldn’t help it

“Actually, I am 15 and 4 months – but I like to call it 16! Bryan mouth was open. He looked at Josh again:

“Josh, you must be the BIGGEST kid in the world, FUCK! The biggest MAN in the world! How tall are you? Now Josh was feeling uncomfortable:

“7 feet, 6 inches and a quarter – he said quickly

“WOW! You’re way taller than many professional basketball players…

“Look, Bryan, I don’t like when people treat me like a FREAK! Josh’s eyes were so sad, he looked he got hurt, he would never expect it from his new friend. He turned his back and went away. Bryan ran after, he grabbed Joshua’s thick arms and said:

“Josh, I wasn’t treating you like a FREAK, I was just amazed by your SIZE, I don’t think it’s scaring, I think you are GREAT! AWESOME! Bryan looked into Josh’s eyes and continued:

“It must be so FUCKING GOOD having all these MUSCLES, and being so TALL, and specially being so STRONG as you are, you’re way too AMAZING, buddy! Josh went red again:

“You think so? I am cool? I am your buddy? He asked in a low voice

“ OF COURSE YOU ARE COOL! And you’re mine buddy, that’s for sure, I only don’t know if I can call a MUSCLE MONSTER like you “buddy”!

“HEY, WATCH OUT THE WORDS! – Josh pretended to be angry, and lifted Bryan up to his face level, holding him under the pits – HOW ABOUT BIG BUDDY? He smiled. Bryan smiled too, but he was loving to be lifted like he was.

“ Hey BIG buddy, can you put me down, please? Bryan said like he didn’t mean it…

“Put you down? NO WAY! You’re going UP! – Josh lifted him more and made him seat on his thick neck, Bryan was mesmerized and yet, terrified – How could he disguise his boner sitting on Josh’s back? But he decided not to think about it now, he was being carried but the MOST MUSCULAR MAN in the world! How cool was that! Josh walked carrying Bryan around the farm, leading them till the other barn, the same one where Josh got his pants. Josh stopped and gently lowered Bryan, as if he weighed nothing, as if he was lowering a baby, so gently and tenderly, for one brief moment, they just remained there, Josh looking into Bryan’s eyes and vice versa. Then Bryan, once again, broke the upcoming mood:

“w-What’s in there? He asked abruptly

“That’s where I train, it’s my gym… Josh said still looking into Bryan’s eyes.

“You have a gym here, too? No wonder you’re BIG, buddy!

“You really liked calling me this way, didn’t you? Josh asked in a low tone…

“I-if it bothers you… Bryan thought he went over the line once more…

“Bothers me? I fucking LOVE it! Josh’s eyes shone as he opened the doors. Bryan was once more shocked. •

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