Bull's Strength

Enters Bryan


By Muscl4life

(Tuesday, March 20th, 12.30 pm)

Moving all his stuff to his grandma’s house was not easy, but Bryan was finally appreciating the idea of starting a new life, away form his problems, specially his “queer career” as the jocks insisted to provoke him. Bryan Thompson, a 17 year old, 5’11” 170 pounds lean athletic boy, he was sure about his sexuality, but he wasn’t going to open it for his grandma, not for while, she was still recovering from the last discoveries, no need to get her even more shocked, and he would have sometime to “check” the city, maybe he could fins some fine country boys to fool around, but he had to be careful, it was no big city, something like a gay teenager meant the Apocalypse to those people… Bryan just relaxed at the living room, as lunch was almost ready – he loved the rhythm of country life – nothing to do, since his grandma had all those well built farm workers to take care of everything, he just needed to enjoy the view of their sweat bodies glistening at the sun’s rays.

“Bryan, honey, could you do me a favor? Asked Martha without waiting for an answer – Would take those things to Spencer’s farm? Bryan looked at the lots of food, enough to feed a big family for a whole week or even more!

“WOW! How much food! What is for? Charity? – Asked Bryan already feeling exhausted to carry al of these things to the car

“No dear, they are for Joshie! Martha continued – I bring him some food twice a week!

“Twice a week, who’s that Joshie, a pig or some kind of animal? Martha looked at him with a serious face:

“Joshua is my friend Clara’s nephew –he loves the things I bring to him every week. He’s in growth process – Martha paused – Real growth process he needs the food!

“And he eats all of this in less than a week? Boy he must be FAT! And you’re killing him you know it? Martha smiled a little bit:

“Anyway, today I gotta go to the city and check my business, I wonder if you could drive that stuff in the old truck to the Spencer’s, it less than three miles from here taking the west road, you can’t miss it!

“Can I do this after lunch? Bryan tried to postpone his task

“Dear, if you don’t do this now, I’ll have to do this by myself, when I get back, and we are having lunch AFTER those things are delivered, did I made myself clear? - Martha headed to her car and pretended not to see the look of anger in Bryan’s face…

(Tuesday, March 20th. 13.15 pm)

Josh came running to his favorite place – the gym – he felt so comfortable near all those concrete weights. He still have to wait one hour before hitting them – Auntie Clara’s orders – But still he just liked to hang there, it was like Uncle Greg was still around, giving him motivation to break his previous marks. Joshua was still embarrassed because that “fixing” request he made to Aunt Clara, but he couldn’t keep “ruining” his pants everyday. It was one good thing he worked alone in the farm, because sometimes, it’s really awkward to be completely hard as you’re carrying the wood to the barn! And lately Joshua is getting hard even more often than he used to, he no more uses the “bovines” to release himself, he resumed to the good and old “jerking off”, but he does it almost every time! More than 30 times a day, he once counted, and he was scared! – And if I die so much I do it? Josh just felt so horny, he tried to wear tight underwear, to make things harder for his shaft, but he just tore them apart, his 30 inches cock – that’s right, 2 and a half feet cock! And 16 inches of circumference, was no easy thing to hold when it was hard. Joshua jerked off so fiercely, the sound of his pecs bouncing up and down was overwhelming, many times he came, just looking at himself and admiring his HUGE physique. And that’s the biggest change in Josh, he started to LOVE being so HUGE and strong, he trained to get even more gigantic, to have even more uncanny muscles, he just couldn’t help getting hard every time he looked at himself, he adored his muscles, he wished he had more people to see him, but that’s not possible, he wanted to go naked to the city, showing off all his mighty muscles, to make the other guys jealous of his POWER, and maybe find another guy muscular and strong as himself, someone capable to give him pleasure the way only “Mr. Bronco” could handle. And when he giant cock demanded to be once more released, Josh started jerking off and looking at himself, he imagined himself even bigger, even stronger, and he desired it, oh he wanted so bad, he wanted to GROW much more muscular and heavy, he wanted to double his arm size, and he wanted everybody to see him, to worship him, he wanted to, FUCK a thousand men, he felt like he could do it, he just wanted to feel real pleasure, not boyish masturbation, not even sex with bulls, he wanted man, MEN, he wanted them all, he wanted to fuck! “Oh please, I wanna fuck!” Josh kept thinking as he felt his cock swelling with his upcoming orgasm, and a few more pumps :

“OOOOOOOHHHHH! YEAH! FUCK YEAH! Joshua’s spunk hit the ceiling as usual and soaked him as it usually did, and he loved it, he loved the smell, the taste and the feeling of cum on his tanned skin, it made him feel so virile, but yet, he knew he had to wash himself, he had cum even on his dark chestnut hair.

“I think it’s time for a quick dive in the lake! Josh ran barely naked to the lake, he only wore some very old discolored red boxers, he liked to wear under his pants, since no jock strap would fit on him, but why would he worry about that, the lake was in his lands, and since there was no living soul around he could walk the way he wanted…

(Tuesday, March 20th. 13.00 pm)

“I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! IT ONLY HAPPENS TO ME! – Bryan cursed as he opened the cover of the engine and the smoke covered all his face… - DAMN IT! Stupid car! Stupid farm! Bryan tried to calm down, the car only needed water, and there was a lake just behind, he was almost at the Spencer’s anyway, he could go to the lake get some water and come back to the car, no on around!

“All this work to give some fat blob candies, only grandma would do such thing! Bryan got an empty bottle and went towards the lake. The sun was high and strong, he poured like a pig, and he hated smelling, he hated outdoors, and the road smelled like shit! Bryan arrived at the lake about 10 or 15 minutes later . It was hot and dry, his shirt was soaked with his sweat, just the view of the lake was refreshing, Bryan looked around, nobody around. He took his shirt and his pants off, and when he was about to be completely naked, he heard a loud SPLASH!

“Oh, fuck! – Bryan was still behind of the trees so nobody could actually see him, anyway he dressed his pants, and slowly approached the lake to fill the bottle with water… The sun was bright shining directly into his eyes, so Greg barely could see who was in the lake, but even at the distance, he some huge figure swimming alone in the lake, the figure seemed very built, full of energy, screaming and vibrating just as children in the summer when they open the fire hydrants. Bryan didn’t want to bee seen, he wondered the guy was there naked, and he wouldn’t like to be seen staring at a naked guy, he could get in trouble… So, he grabbed the water and returned to his still boiling car, he poured the water into the radiator, put the cap right back and tried to start the car, but it still didn’t work.

“Oh, crap! What’s the matter with you? – Bryan cursed the car, he got out and started kicking the thing and barely realized the approaching of the “huge swimmer”:

“Hey there! Anything I can do to help you? – Boomed the thunderous voice. Bryan felt his groin tingling with that power, manly voice, but he was still to pissed at the car, he turned back and almost gasped. There was, right in front of him, the real MUSCLE MAN dripping water! He was HUGE, so tall, Bryan’s head could only reach his lower torso or not even that! And his body, OH what a body! He was so muscular, you barely couldn’t describe him, his chest was bigger than a barrel, with two slabs of tanned pecs jumping out by many inches from the rest of that muscle sculpture! The abs, Bryan swore he counted 12 packs, were popped and veiny, totally ripped! His lats were large, like the man had wings under his arms, and what arms! Just the hands were thick and big, and the wrist was thicker than Bryan’s arm! And those biceps, they were two huge hams attached to his limbs, just like his thighs they were sot thick, Bryan wondered how they fit on such a skimpy boxers… But most of all at the top of that muscle perfection, there was a face, so virile and yet, tender and delicate, two beautiful green eyes, full lips and a square jaw, crowning the thickest neck Bryan had ever seen, not to mention the gorgeous thick cascaded dark chestnut hair…

“Is there something wrong? – The booming voice asked again, this time Bryan noticed naivety on it.

“U-uh, my car, it broke down.. – Were the only words which Bryan managed to say, so shocked with such muscle in just one man..

“You mind if I take a look? I know something about old cars... – The man towered Bryan by many inches, certainly more than a foot, how tall was that guy anyway? Bryan nodded. He would just do anything to get a chance to take a view of his muscular butt, cramped in those ridiculous boxers. The guy went forward, and Bryan almost fainted when he noticed the size of his butt, so firm, he ached to touch it, and despite the size of the rear, he couldn’t believe there was a good portion of his ball sac spreading inside his shorts, even with those legs! Man, this guy was something!

“I guess I’ve found the problem – the guy said still looking inside of the car – the fuel pump has a whole, no pressure to pump the fuel to the engine – he lifted his beautiful face and looked at Bryan with a drop dead smile – You’re lucky, it could have caused serious problem… - But Bryan didn’t care anymore, he just wanted to look at those blue eyes the rest of the day:

“And what am I supposed to do! I gotta take all that food to the Spencer’s – Bryan pointed to the cabin full of stuff his grandma sent. Suddenly the huge man’s face shone like the sun itself:

“You’re taking this food to the Spencer’s? It’s where I live! – The man stood up and Bryan could not believe his lucky, if this guy worked at the Spencer’s maybe, he could get to see him more often…

“Yeah, my grandma told me to deliver those food to her friend Clara Spencer, you know her? Is she your boss? – Bryan had this glow in his eyes

“My boss? No she’s my auntie! – The naivety was definitely noticeable this time – he offered a huge paw – My name’s Josh.! Bryan barely offered his arms and he was completely shaken by the power of that hand – M-mine is Bryan…

“Hey Bryan, nice to meet you! Your grandmother is very cool! - Josh looked to the food and rubbed his hands together – I love her cooking, it’s almost as delicious as my auntie, I should have recognized the smell!

“You’re Mrs. Spencer’s nephew? – Bryan finally connected the dots, “That’s why grandma gives him so much food, the guy is a monster, a hulking muscle monster”

“That’s right! I live with her since I was a little kid , I mean a baby! Josh went red – I’ve never been “little” you understand me?

“Yeah, I can see that! Bryan tried to change the subject, it could be dangerous – So, is your house far from here? Josh closed the car – No, not really, maybe one, one and a half mile…

“What? Oh, great! How am I supposed to take all this food, I am going to spend all day long carrying those! Josh looked at Bryan, then at the truck, opened the door and pointed him to go inside:

“Don’t worry, I’ll give you a ride! Josh tapped Bryan’s shoulder and rushed to back part of the truck:

“You’re crazy? That truck is full of food and we are too damn distant! Bryan did not believed Josh was capable of pulling the truck all the way to his house!

“Just relax and enjoy the ride, I really need the exercise you know? – From the mirror Bryan saw Josh pointing at this mighty biceps, and he got instantly hard, better, he got harder, because he was already boned since he saw that living muscle wall called Josh.

“ALL ABOARD! Josh started pulling the truck and he easily start moving! “That thing must weigh more than a ton!” Bryan’s cock was at full mast, he ached so hard he was, he saw the truck moving, and not just that, it was actually gaining sped, because Josh wasn’t just pulling, he was running, like he wasn’t doing any effort at all! Bryan just felt so incredibly weak at the sight of Josh’s sheer power.

“You sure you’re OK? Asked Bryan in a caring tone – We can stop if you want!

“No problem here – Josh said smiling – You just relax and enjoy the view! •

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