Bull's Strength

Facts of life


By Muscl4life

But Greg knew what he said, he knew his aneurysm wouldn’t take long to take him away from his beloveds, he tried the doctors but no solution, it was very advanced, so he just asked them not to tell Clara, she would suffer too much. And so, Greg died in one Tuesday morning, Clara realized his death and gently asked Josh to call the doctor. It all happened so fast, they didn’t realize the whole situation, they were alone now, Clara and Josh, and Clara feared what would happen to Josh, if she also died so suddenly as Greg did. But at least Greg was prepared, in his will he specifically made Josh his heir, and indicated Clara as his legal representative, this way Josh would be the rightful owner of the farm and Clara would help him, Greg knew Josh would be the best administrator the farm could have, and yet, Clara would never be so well protected… Josh kept on his daily routine, he worked at the farm in the morning, and in the afternoon he headed straight to the gym where he spent the rest of the day, then he came back locked all the things and went to bed. He and Aunt Clara were living good, money was not a problem, but still she felt Josh wasn’t happy as he used to be, Greg was his only male friend, and even though she knew he adored her, he still missed some “guy talk”. Fortunately, it didn’t happen the same to Clara, she had some good friends, specially Mrs. Haynes, she lived in a farm very close to the Spencer’s. She and Clara were friends since they were girls, and they always spend the Thursday afternoons having some tea or just chatting about their lives. Martha Haynes was the only person who came often to the farm, she saw Josh growing, and growing and GROWING, but she didn’t act like the other people, she knew him so well. And ever since Greg passed, she visited Aunt Clara twice a week, bringing her car full of “Josh’s junky food” as she named, she brought, pies, cakes, jam, everything you can name for “little Josh”, she acted just like Aunt Clara, always spoiling the giant teenager.

“Oh Martha, you shouldn’t have to bring all those things, we still have a lot of the last time – Actually they didn’t, but Clara felt bad to notice, everything Martha brought in one day vanished almost immediately.

“Don’t be silly, Clara, I brought this things to my Joshie! Where’s him anyway?

“Oh, don’t worry, I am sure he heard you honking the car one mile before you get to the door! They both laughed and hugged each other:

“Clara, I still think you should get some help in the farm, Does Josh take care of everything?

“Check yourself! – Clara pointed to the farm, it was impeccable! Clean, and neat, like Greg would like to see, and you would never guess it all was done by just ONE person.

“Josh is really a gift from God isn’t he? Martha grabbed Clara’s hand – I know Greg is happy with him…

“WHO’S HAPPY WITH WHOM? – Josh burst loud and noisy as usual, he lifted the both women from the ground and kissed their cheeks

“Josh, Please! You know I don’t like it! Protested Clara

“I really appreciate it, you just don’t value how good is to be kissed by your nephew or grandson everyday!

“UHHH! FOOD FOR ME! Josh rushed to the car and with one gigantic hug he got all the food and went to the kitchen to keep them…

“You see? Even in my kitchen I can’t go anymore, he insists in doing everything except cooking! Clara smiled as Joshua took all the food inside.

“Oh, Clara, he is such a good boy! A BIG GOOD BOY!

“And what about your grandson? Is he still living with his uncles?

“Step uncles! Martha protested – ever since the accident, he lives with his dad’s step brother in California, but I finally convinced him to live here with me for a while, I miss him so much, and we are just like you and Josh, he’s my only alive relative…

“Yeah, I know what you mean – And what does he look like? Martha’s face was shining:

“Oh, Clara, he’s so beautiful, I mean handsome! He’s tall and built – well not as much as JOSH – but he’s a big boy that’s for sure, and he is doing so well in sports, he told me he may get a scholarship because of his football background!

“That’s wonderful, we would like to send Josh to a college too, but then Greg died, and that stubborn refuses to leave me to go to college…

“Well let’s give him some time, he’s only fifteen, he’ll understand it’s for his own good!

“HEY LADIES, AREN’T YOU GETTING SOME FOOD? I WON’T TELL YOU TWICE! Josh called them to have tea, he had already made it.

“When is he arriving? Asked Clara leading Martha to the kitchen.

“Oh, dear, in a week or so – I’ll send him over to spend some time with Josh, they can become friends!

“I hope so! Josh is feeling so lonely since Greg’s death …

“I SAID GO GET SOME FOOD! Josh came running towards them and quickly they were being carried into the kitchen by the giant teenager…

Time passed and Martha’s grandson never showed up, she became worried him and flew all the way to California to where he lived, and discovered he had been lying a little bit: For starters, he wasn’t such an athletic guy, he was tall, 5’11” and lean 170 pounds, but he wasn’t part of the football team, he was the waterboy, and he wasn’t so good at school either, he actually flunked the last year, that’s why he didn’t come to meet his grandmother, and he was having serious discipline problems, what caused him many hours in detention. It all made Martha very upset, she found out, Bryan’s step uncle didn’t pay much attention to him, she decided he would move in with her and start it all over. Bryan was a little angry and confused, he didn’t want to live with his grandmother in a farm I the middle of nowhere, but then he remembered the bad year he passed, specially when the boys at school found out his secret, he was gay! He kept some gay nude magazines at his locker at school, but somehow the jocks found them and started provoking him, one day he exploded and got into a fight, fortunately nobody never found the reason of the fight, but it cost him two months at detention, and since he didn’t care for his studies, he flunked at school too, that wasn’t definitely his year…

“Bryan honey, why didn’t you tell me what was going on with you? – Martha asked in a caring voice

“It’s not big deal grandma, I’ll do my best next year, you’ll see! Bryan smiled like he used to do to convince his deceased parents:

“I’ll pretend I believe on you, now you’ll come back with me! You’ll live at the country, to see if a healthy life can put some meat in those bones of yours! •

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