Franz and Hans

By Muscl4life

Hey guys! Here you have another MGS "fairy" tale. I just keep having ideas about those! I think I'll become one size fetished Mother Goose wanna be! :) Anyway, it's pretty obvious what's the original story (Hannsel and Gretel) but it's my way of telling the thing so there'll be incest, lots of muscle, inhuman growth (hey I REALLY dig it, so if you are not comfortable with my freaks, please do not follow) For those who still wanna read my poor story, please enjoy! Muscl4life

Once upon a time, in a country and in a time we can't precise there was this huge lumberjack named Johann, he was the tallest and the biggest lumberman in his whole village, and everybody admired his size and strength. Johann was married to the prettiest lady in the village, she gave birth to two baby boys, but she died when the youngest was five years old. Since then, Johann raised his two kids all by himself, and he did a pretty good job ,because they grew big and strong like their father. In fact, BIGGER than their old man, which made him even more proud of his "children".

At the early age of 16 and 15, Franz and Hans, were already the biggest men in the village, and not just there, they should be the biggest men in the whole kingdom! Both of them had tanned skin and golden silky long hair not only in their beautiful head, but gently covering their over sized muscles with a golden fuzz that only augmented their already incredible male magnificence. The only differences between the two awesome huge brothers were the eyes, Franz had piercing blue eyes and Hans had this emerald green shade in his eyes, and Franz had his face a little more freckled, which gave him this child look, but Hans definitely had the most beautiful smile of the entire village. Hans was the youngest, at 6'9" tall and weighing 330 pounds he is tree inches taller and outweighs his old man by more than 40 pounds, with 24 inch guns, 64 inches chest, 42 inches legs and a incredible 10 pack stomach, he sure is one of the reasons of his father proud chest along with his BIGGER BROTHER – Franz.

Franz was abnormally muscular even among his brawny family, after all he is 16 years old 7'3" tall and weighs 415 pounds, has an unbelievable 27 and ¾ inches biceps, 76 inches chest, 50 inches thighs and hard veined 12 pack stomach. And those were just the wonders people could see outdoors, because their most impressive mark were between their legs, Hans had a 13 inches hard long cock and Franz an even freakier dick at 17 inches long when it was hard, dwarfing their still impressive 10 inches long dad's shaft.

But things were not that easy to our behemoth brothers. The other villagers always complained about their "freak behavior". They just couldn't get it. Franz and Hans already mastered the techniques of their job, not that it was hard for them, together they produced more lumber than all the others together, so the wood could get rare to obtain. And it was just the beginning, they also complained about their eating habits, Hans and Franz ate, in one day, more than an entire family for a family in a whole week. Johann always used the "They are just kids" excuse, but it didn't work anymore, mostly because, sexually they were not kids a long time ago, they've literally fucked all the virgin and the non virgin girls on the little village, and not just them, many pretty boys, and huge lumberjacks, although they would never admit it, but most of all, the people was shocked at the scene they saw at the main square, where the brothers were caught right in the middle of a torrid sex scene, and they didn't even bother with that, they came all over the statue of the village founder, kissed each other in the lips and returned home, holding each others butt. That very afternoon the Village chief headed to Johann's house and demanded he got rid of his sons otherwise he would be expelled of there! Of course, Johann loved his kids, and he would never get rid of them, he put the chief out of his house and kicked his ass as he did it: _I am leaving that fucking village! You'll beg me to return! Said Johann as he threw the chief away. But Hans had listened to the conversation inside the house, he got so sad because they put their beloved father in such situation, they knew he couldn't let his house because of them, so he called his big brother and told him they had to leave that night… Truth is that, Franz is not much of clever. In fact, although Franz was the biggest, Hans had always to look over his older brother, maybe that's why they came along so well, they've completed each other. They left that same night, carrying a huge amount of food, which ended right after two days of walk through the woods, they decided to go to places they never were, so his father couldn't find them. During one morning they found a huge house in the middle of forest. It was much like a little castle, high ceilings, strong building, but what attracted them the most was the huge table in front of the house, there was plenty of food, a banquet that was an exaggeration even for those gargantuan brothers. Franz quickly ran towards the table, but Hans tried to stop him: _FRANZ! We don't know whose food is this, we can get in trouble! _Who can give us trouble? Said the big teen – We are the biggest around here, if someone messes with us we can kick his ass, just like daddy did o the chief! Franz gently got free form his brother grip and reached the table already devouring one huge slab of roast beef. Hans was still worried, but his own stomach demanded food, so he joined his huge brother at the delicious food he was having… _This food is very good! Franz belched and grabbed one entire turkey, tore it and offered it to his brother – You gotta get some meat on those bones! Franz devoured the big turkey leg as he pointed to Hans hugely developed biceps, he pinched the brawn as much as he could just to tease his little brother. It didn't hurt at all, but Hans smiled, he was kind of used to those practical jokes Franz did to him, after all he was REALLY much bigger than himself. Hans tried to get even beating his brother the only way he knew… _Only you can say to an over 300 pound man that he is skinny! Hans smiled and hugged his brother: _Big deal! I had your size when I was twelve! They laughed and kissed right on the lips. _And I had your brains when I was four! IN YOUR FACE! Hans celebrated his "victory". It was pretty easy he admitted, but this was the only way to "put Franz in his own place" _I see I have guests! Said a skinny dark haired thin man who was sit at the end of the table, calmly eating in his elegant way .The man was incredibly good looking, he was about 6 feet tall lean and had long dark hair over shoulder length, he had dark blue eyes and his hands were big, with long fingers and huge nails, his lips were thin and he had high cheek bones. He smiled as he saw those two behemoths kissing. The two giant boys stopped, but they were not uncomfortable, they simply loved each other and nobody had anything to do with it. Franz cleaned his hands and offered them to the small guy: _I am sorry! We saw your food and just dig in! Hans poked his brother: _Excuse my brother, he is not much polite! My name is Hans and this is my brother Franz, we are sorry we ate your food, but we are traveling for over a week now, and we ran out of food a long time ago… _Don't worry Hans, I had this banquet arranged specially for you and your brother, after all I can see two enormous guys like yourselves must eat almost all the time… _How do you know we would end up here? Said Franz already getting another chicken _Well, my dear Franz, let's day that nothing on this bushes is out of my knowledge… The guy smiled and lifted his glass full of water and drank it without taking his eyes of the big lad _We still didn't catch your name, Mr.? Hans cleverly lifted his glass like proposing a toast _How rude of mine – the guy lifted his glass – Derrick, you can call me Derrick! _To Derrick! The brothers said in chorus. Their bulks bounced as they shook the huge wooden mugs and they spilled the liquid all over their enormous chest, and soon they were laughing, and hugging each other, licking the liquid form their glistening desiring skins. _No, no! To you guys, to your strength and power and the beautiful love and passion you have for each other above everything! The guy lifted from his chair and smiled mischievously, both Franz and Hans seemed confused, but the guy gently sited and said: _You guys must be so tired after all those days walking, and after this banquet, you sure must be sleepy… _You bet it! Franz stood up and scratched his flat stomach full of food. _Then, why don't you spend the night at my home, I'll be very flattered – Derrick pointed to the house - I have so few visitors these days! Franz looked at Hans, he knew his young brother was in charge between them, and Hans was already shaking hands with Derrick : _We are so glad, thank you thank you! Hans literally shook the thin guy easily form his place! Franz! Come thank our host! So did Franz with even more power than his little brother… They went into the huge house, it was made out stone and the roof was very delicate and covered with straw and wood, but it was full of the richest things they've ever seen, Derrick showed them the inside, and they both entered the dark room inside. When they entered, it was hard to find out the problem, but they sure noticed, the smell, it was a odd smell, of something, they knew very well, it was the smell of CUM! Drenched splats of jism all over the floor, and there was corpses, dry corpses of men chained to the wall, like they've been sucked : _WHAT THE HECK IS THIS, DERRICK! Franz shouted looking around noticing the horrible expressions on those men… _Those were my previous guests! Derrick said as he magically made the door close – And you're about to join them! He smiled and went towards them: _WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU? AND WHAT'S THAT PLACE Hans demanded to be answered: _Basically, I'll drain every ounce of your power, your muscles, and you'll be no more than skulls! _YOU THINK WE'LL LET YOU DO THIS? WE'RE GONNA KICK YOUR ASS! Franz said as he headed towards the skinny man. But little he noticed that as the guy spoke he was GROWING! Hans noticed he was literally blowing! Every word he said he was taller and wider, his chest was filling with impressive muscles, and his shoulders were getting very large, his arms were thickening right in front his eyes, Derrick looked at the huge bulk of Franz and simply dodged, making the huge lad bumping into the wall: _YOU MISERABLE BUGS! YOU THINK THIS IS MY TRUE FORM? I'LL SHOW YOU MUSCLE! The hair on the growing man grew as long as his beard, it was thick and long, black and brilliant, Hans couldn't avoid to notice this was a handsome monster of MUSCLE! Because now the guy was way much BIGGER than Franz, he was so huge, his oversized clothing was no longer resisting the impressive force of those growing muscles, it tore as the giant man laughed and grabbed Franz figure with such easy: _I'LL SHOW YOU TINY FRANZ! LOOK AT BIG DERRICK, SEE HOW MUCH BIGGER I AM? YOU STILL THINK YOU CAN KICK MY ASS! IN FACT I THINK I'LL PLAY WITH YOURS! Hans watched in awe as Derrick's over two foot long hard prick tore the shreds of his master clothing and busted free, hard and veined. Poor Franz could only kick and try pushing the giant guy, but he was so wide! It seemed he had double of Franz muscles, and much taller too, so he had no chance… _LET ME GO! HANS! PLEASE HELP ME! Hans had to do something, it was his brother who was being impaled by that muscle monster _WHAT YOU WANT FROM US? Asked the big teen to the huge vulture in front of him: _YOUR MUSCLES, I'LL BE EVEN MORE GIGANTIC AFTER I'VE DRAINED YOU! Derrick laughed and shove his cock into Franz hole who screamed in pain. Hans launched over Derrick's body, and he managed to hit those enormous legs in such way the muscle monster lost his balance and fell over some kind of table full of strange things, with the impact Franz managed to get free, and ran out of the big monster. But Derrick wouldn't give up so easily, he got on his huge feet and roared towards them, Hans, grabbed some liquid he found over the things, pushed his still astonished brother to the other wall, and right before the giant man hit him he threw the liquid right in the middle of Derrick's face! The gargantuan monstrous man screamed in pain, he rubbed his eyes with his hands: _YOU ARE GONNA PAY FOR THIS! He barely opened his burning eyes and he saw Franz still hurting for being raped and he made some gestures, and BAM! This huge cage appeared around Hans's brother, the guy tried as he might but he couldn't even bend the bars, they were super strong _HANS! You can run away, but I got your little brother! And I think he'll be a good source for me! Hans couldn't let his brother in such position, and he couldn't beat the muscle monster alone, not physically but… _I am here! Hans said coming out of the shadows – Take me and let him go! _NO! Hans go away! Franz said in a weak voice, so much effort he did trying to escape the cage. Derrick smiled, but his eyes were still burning – You two are pathetic! – Another gestures and Hans saw his left foot attached to this huge chained ball. The chain was long about ten feet long, but Hans couldn't get free of the thing. He looked at Franz and they were desperate. _Now, that I have fixed you… Derrick returned to his old form, and grabbed a huge bucket of water, washing his face roughly _My eyes! What did you throw in my eyes? He cursed and looked at Hans _You miserable dweeb! You've blinded me! I can't see straight! – He rushed into Hans and quickly reassumed his muscle freak form: _I can crush you like a bug! He squeezed Hans neck, and then let it go and the big teen fell on the floor. _HANS! Are you ok? Franz asked desperately inside the cage… _You'll pay me for this! I'll use you as my slave, you'll serve me, and you'll help me to wipe your brother's muscles, then I'll do the same to you! Derrick grabbed him again: _You'll feed your brother, and he'll grow more! _W-why ? asked Hans confused! _I wanna make your brother grow, so he'll be able to handle my giant cock! I will fuck his brains out! That's how I'm gonna drain his muscles and grow even more beautiful! Derrick kissed Hans roughly – You'll be my house made, and it's time to get to work! He forced the dwarfed teen to his enormous cock to give him a blowjob. Franz cursed from the cage, but Hans blinked at him, he had a plan, he had a plan! Fortunately, whatever was the thing Hans threw at Derrick's eyes, truth is they never got any better, days passed and yet he barely could see one palm ahead of his nose. That's why Hans became sort of his "guide dog" he made everything for the warlock , he cleaned the house, poured the food and everything else, in fact the warlock was kind of liking having Hans around, he cleaned the house, made a good food and he was very, very hot and really knew how to suck on a cock, even one so big as Derrick's, the more the warlock gets used to this easy life and so Hans could get to know about his hijacker, by secretly reading his stuff while the "master" was asleep, after he was blown five or six times, by our 330 pound housekeeper. Derrick was some kind of Warlock , who dedicated his studies into making himself bigger, and more muscular, but not just that, he wanted to be stronger, and much more powerful than just a huge men, his goals were inhumanly HUGE! And that's why he needed those strong men, he drained their muscles and transferred to him. But he had tried different ways before. What impressed Hans the most was the incredible development on Derrick's body, he was 38 years old, and started his studies with formulas that made him gain a few pounds over the month, and so he developed the magical potions which gradually made him go from his original 150 pounds to a unbelievable 870 he weighed when he wrote those notes, he grew form 5'7" to 8'5" and his measurements were astonishing, his guns were 39 inches around, his chest 91 inches, 67 thighs. But Derrick wasn't satisfied to his body, not yet, he said he wanted to keep growing and growing, and Hans felt the same way, he imagined he and his brother as big as Derrick and more, and his huge cock got hard at the very moment. He got the formula of the old potions Derrick tried on himself, in fact there were lots of formulas, to make one more muscular taller, hairier, bigger cock, etc. and to muscle growth there were dozens of levels, to make sure the growth is exactly what the user wanted. Hans knew that Derrick was giving Franz some kind of formula which would made the big lad grow in a slow rate; if he took a table spoon every day , he would gain almost 50 pounds at the end of the week! Apparently, Derrick wanted Franz to gain 150 pounds, what would make him 660 pounds! WOW! Franz would get enormously HUGE, and yet, he would be weak against Derrick's soon to be 900 pounds, because the monster still trained everyday with huge rocks in order to make his muscles grow even more. He uses to drill looking at Franz in the magic cage, training naked :_ "When you're ready, I'll be sticking this up into you firm ass and I'll dry those nice muscles to me", and he forced Hans to blow his cock right in front Franz, just to tease the trapped lad. _But I'll fix it! – Hans said to his brother very low. He learned that Derrick couldn't see very well, thanks to the damage Hans caused on him, and he depended of him to help on the preparation of the formulas. So Hans spent the nights preparing all the formulas, one in particular was the potion who finally gave Derrick the body he had now, after weeks of failures, he finally managed to put together the most powerful potion making sure he had prepared a dose five times bigger than Derrick gave himself, and poured it on Franz food. There was also another special potion who allowed the taker grow muscles and specially steal the muscleforce of those who hadn't drank the formula, and the effects were permanent! The other formulas only lasted for one week or so, only if there was usage of the special potion and the transference of muscleforce performed, then all the effects of the other formula would be stabilized. He realized what was Derrick's real intentions: He wanted to make Franz grow huge, and then he would take the formula and steal all Franz hugeness and transfer it to himself! "If it works like it says here, he'll be fucking enormous!" Hans prepared everything how it should be done, he also came up with an idea on how he would trick Derrick into giving more formula to Franz and even himself! Every morning, Derrick prepared himself to check on Franz, he couldn't see much but he sure could feel Franz brawn, and he thought that when it was ready, he would do as he planed. But Hans had worked on that too! He had take a formula, who had made him a little bigger, but yet smaller if compared to Franz, kind of 370 pounds of pure muscle, which meant that "Franz" was getting thinner, and every time Derrick let Franz out of the cage to measure him, it was Hans who was being measured, so "Franz" wasn't get any stronger . Then, Hans gave Franz even stronger potions, and Franz ate all the food. Such potions and food transformed Franz in a REAL MONSTER, in less than a week! While Hans slowly made himself go to 430 pounds, and Derrick go mad about his "loss", Franz had grown to 9 feet tall monster and he weighed 1741 pounds! He was so huge he barely fit in the cage! And he was so much STRONGER! Franz had 125 inches guns, 214 inches chest, 155 inches legs 30 pack stomach, of course Hans had given him cock growth potion, so the giant brother had an almost 5 feet long and three feet wide! Franz was almost eight feet wide: _HANS! I CAN'T STAY HERE ANYMORE! I AM SO TIGHT! Franz complained like a child. He was very bored to see his brother suffering in the hands of Derrick _Calm down! We'll get you out of here, but I gotta find out how _I CAN BREAK THOSE BARS! NOW I CAN! Franz said flexing his enormous muscles to his impressed brother. Hans was mesmerized, he had really turned his brother into a BEHEMOTH! _Remember Franz, it is not permanent! We gotta get rid of Derrick once and for all! _I miss you brother! Franz said as let a tear came down his enormous face – They kissed even through the bars, Hans also cried and said: _Don't worry, big brother we'll be together in no time… Then, in one particular day, as "Franz" was being measured, Derrick was too pissed because the guy wasn't growing, even with the potions he was giving, it never happened before, what would be going on? Then he came closer, and he noticed he was being tricked, he saw the green eyes of Hans! _WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE? He yelled at Hans, and noticed it was the chained brother not the caged one! Derrick grew to his abnormal size, and he grabbed Hans: _I'm gonna kill you bug! Derrick said as he squeezed Hans with all his might. _LET MY LITTLE BRO GO! Said a thunderous voice, and with the noise coming from the cage, the warlock realized his prisoner managed to break free, Derrick could only realize a HUGE vulture. It was even bigger than himself! Colossal! How? He looked at Hans and connected the dots, he loosened his grip, and rushed into the augmented vulture of Franz. Hans fell on the floor. But he had a backup plan, he took many vials out of his pockets and drank all of them, he had been working on Derrick's potions and he mixed them, making them even more powerful, he knew they would work even better than the ones he gave to Franz. He felt the growth beginning, and he felt the power filling him. He saw his reflection on the wall sized mirror Derrick kept for his amusement. Hans already was almost 450 pounds, but he drank so many vials of potions he didn't know how much he would grow, and he didn't want to know it, he only saw himself filling with MUSCLES, he saw his clothes getting tighter than they already were, he felt his feet growing huge, he felt his arms cramping with so much muscle he was gaining, he saw his body growing monstrous like Derrick, but then it got even more intense he saw his legs thickening and his cock lengthening, it was so hot see his growth he barely noticed the huge fight that Franz and Derrick were having, all he could do was admire his enormous muscles gaining gargantuan proportions, he knew he wanted more, he wanted to surpass his brother, just this time, just this once he would like to be the BIGGEST, to rule their fuck, to be worshipped, to be idolized. He noticed he was much bigger than Derrick was and he was getting close to Franz, he knew he would grow more than Franz, but he know what he had to do, he looked at the last vial on his hand , he knew it was the transference potion, but he had already worked on that plan, he was the mind of his duel, sure he was. Hans took another look at himself and barely believed his own eyes, he was BIGGER than his brother had become and he was not done yet, he smiled, their lives would be totally different form that moment on…

Meanwhile, Franz had no trouble on overpowering Derrick, since he was more than 800 pounds heavier, with much power than he ever dreamt of: _YOU MADE MY BROTHER SUFFER! I WILL MAKE YOU PAY! Franz threw Derrick over the place, like he was a mere rag doll. The warlock was being beaten up by freak of the freaks ! But he was also full of tricks, as he managed to kick Franz in the nuts, the giant lad rolled over, and Derrick grabbed a vial on his own pocket and drank it. He immediately started to grow bigger and stronger, but Franz didn't let him grow in peace, he launched his enormous body against the warlock, and they rolled over the house, Derrick growing bigger and stronger by the second, his arms ballooning and his chest more powerful, his legs had more strength. But Franz had the advantage of being grown steadier so he could manage to control the potency and the balance, but the warlock gained more and more strength each moment. They got on their feet and Derrick was almost taller than Franz, and the lad knew he would be outsized any minute now, so he gave himself into the fight, blowing the warlock with all his impressive might. Derrick felt the blows and he was almost loosing the thing, he was already bigger than his opponent, he could feel that, then he changed his target, he managed to use his already bigger figure to get Franz tired, and he was getting his intent. Franz was so drained due to lifting Derrick's enormous body. Then ,the warlock managed to drop his weight on the augmented teen… Derrick quickly got Franz in the mightiest arm lock ever made, just the brawn of his bicep could suffocate two normal men with just the grip , Franz fought with all his might but he was loosing. Then out of nowhere, came THE HUGEST PAW ever and effortlessly broke the grip of Derrick and grabbed the gargantuan warlock easily. Franz barely could believe his eyes, his young brother had became TITANIC! Much bigger than himself, Hans was so gargantuan, Franz stood up and found himself lost at the width of his former little brother, and strangely he was really enjoying this. _YOU'LL NOT HURT MY BROTHER NEVER MORE YOU SUN OF A BITCH!! It was an even more tremendous voice. Hans voice, but it was amplified, it was POWER! HANS was POWER! The bigger behemoth simply launched the limp body of the warlock at the opposite wall, the sound was very loud, and Derrick fell on the floor seeming lifeless. Then the magnified Hans approached the corpse and was about to catch it again, when the needing hands of Franz reached his own paws and gently embraced them, noticing the abnormal size of those hands. Franz couldn't take his eyes of his beloved brother, he never thought anyone could be so HUGE, not even Derrick or himself after the potions. Hans sure had drank something much stronger _HANS? YOU'RE HUGE! Was all Franz could say, he was spent because of the fight. He kept looking at his now BIGGER brother. The even more enormous lad slowly touched Franz already huge shoulder with the hugest paw in planet, he gently squeezed it, and even so Franz really felt the POWER of that grip: _COME HERE MY BELOVED! Hans commanded and Franz approached him. They were so fucking enormous their heads were touching the high ceilings of Derrick's house. Franz looked at the unbelievable size of Hans, they hugged so warmly : _HOW COME YOU GOT THIS SIZE SO FAST? I HAD TO WAIT ALMOST TWO WEEKS! Franz voice showed a mix of curiosity and some kind of uncomfortable . Hans turned his back and reached for something, then he stuck his hand on his leather bag, the same one he always carried with him, and than he opened it. There were many vials over the thing: _ I GOTTA SAY THAT I TRIED MY HAND ON POTIONS, I THOUGHT – "WHY WE CAN'T TWO PLAY THAT GAME?" THEN II LOOKED IN THE BASTARD DIARY, THERE WERE MANY FORMULAS TO MAKE POTIONS, TO ALMOST EVERYTHING, I JUST MIXED THEM ALL TO MAKE THEM MORE POTENT, I NEVER KNEW THEY WOULD WORK SO WELL!_ Hans smiled and FLEXED his mighty biceps, licked the immense peak of his gigantic brawn and then he looked back at his even more astonished brother _BROTHER, YOU ARE SO HUGE! LOOK AT YOU! Franz kept repeating to his brother how enormous he had gotten, and he sure was, 12' 8" tall, 4793 pounds, had 215 inches guns, 314 inches chest, 255 inches legs 36 pack stomach, had an almost 6 feet long and 3 feet wide cock! Hans was 10' 6" wide, he eclipsed his brother even if he was relaxed, they compared their huge bodies and Franz could only drop his mouth each time Hans flexed his muscles for his desiring audience, Franz was literally drilling at the sight of his new muscle hero. But Hans thought his older brother was upset with him, after all he's always been the BIGGEST, and the difference between them was never so BIG as it was now, there wasn't one single part of Franz body who was not completely dwarfed and humiliated by Hans mega developed brawn. _BUT WHY DIDN'T YOU GIVE ME THOSE POTIONS YOU JUST TOOK? Franz asked still squeezing the impressive hardness of Hans newly given mega sized muscles. Hans looked at him , gently brushed his golden silky hair and twisted it around his overgrown fingers: _ I KNEW THAT DERRICK COULD HAVE SOME STRONGER POTIONS HIDDEN, SO I WORKED ON MY OWN TO MAKE SURE THEY WERE MORE STRONG THAN ANYTHING HE COULD COME UP WITH, AND I THINK I'VE REALLY CARRIED AWAY! Hans smiled and scratched his head, making a funny face - BUT THAT'S NOT TRUTH! MOST OF ALL, I WAS SO EXCITED WITH THE POSSIBILITY OF OUTGROWING YOU, IT WAS MY DEEPEST FANTASY, FRANZ!! Hans tried to comfort his so downsized brother – DON'T THINK I WANTED YOU BAD, I LOVED WHEN YOU SHOWED ME YOUR MUSCLES, BUT I JUST THOUGHT HOW GREAT IT WOULD BE TO BE THE BIGGEST, JUST FOR ONCE! I JUST HAD TO DO IT, PLEASE FORGIVE ME IF… Franz mad him stop – NO! YOU ARE RIGHT! IT IS SO FUCKING COOL TO BE THIS BIG! I FEEL POWER ON YOU BROTHER! Franz hugged Hans as much as he could, because Franz was WIDER than he was TALL! _AND I FEEL IT ON YOU TOO MY LOVE! Hans said as he leaned Franz head in his chest, he was so much TALLER than him now, he liked it, he felt almost omnipotent. _I MISS YOU! Franz said in a low tone, they kissed so tenderly, so passionately, the seemed to melt into each other! Franz grabbed his augmented brother with his legs and Hans gently lowered them on the floor, they were so long away from their love, they were in trance, Franz was kind of lost of being the smaller, it was new and exciting for him, as it was for Hans, he had to control himself not to hurt his massive brother, because he was capable to. _LET ME FEEL YOU BIG BROTHER – Franz said offering his hole to an enormous and colossal Hans, who kept kissing his dwarfed brother, their desired was so intense… _I KNOW YOU PROTECT ME, YOU ALWAYS ARE THERE FOR ME, I LOVE FOR THAT! Franz said as he felt Hans enormous cock sliding gently ,but steady into his butt… _ I KNOW YOU LOVE ME, BECAUSE I LOVE YOU TOO, YOU ARE MY BIGGER AND STRONGER BROTHER, YOU FOUGHT A GUY BIGGER THAN YOU TO PROTECT ME! Hans was so much wider than Franz, he liked this feeling of overpowering his ever bigger brother: _You are so beautiful, so petite! Hans smiled – To me you are petite! And he finally shoved his entire cock up on Franz hole, who could only moan in ecstasy. Hans got on his feet and he lifted his gargantuan brother with him, he wanted to do something he always fantasized. They got on the pounding motion and Hans grabbed his brother's back and lifted him, supporting his freaking weight in his arms, and he gently pushed his dwarfed brother against his enormous shaft, pounding him stronger and stronger: _Yeah, fuck yeah! You're so fucking huge brother, but I am BIGGER, you feel light to me, I can fuck you for ever, and you are totally over my absolute power! Franz moaned as his augmented brother did the fucking job for him, Franz never thought his "little" brother could be so good topper, but that only made him feel even more in love with him. Hans continued his pounding session on Franz job for many minutes, until he was almost cuming, he was so full of cum, his balls had at least, two feet diameter! He grabbed Franz ass for the last time: _CAN YOU FEEL IT? CAN YOU FEEL MY POWER ORGASM, I GONNA SHOW YOU, WHO'S THE BIGGEST MAN! Hans impaled his brother in huge cock, he was so much bigger than Franz, that his dwarfed big brother swung his feet in the air, feeling the thickness of Hans shaft – AAAAAHHHHHHH!!! Both Franz and Hans came on the same time, Franz jism hit the ceiling, and Hans spunk fountained down on Franz butt, it went down like a river of cum. They feel so powerfully connected, as the whole world belonged to them. Hans finally got his brother of his shaft and they kissed, hugged and kissed once more: _I LOVE YOU FRANZ, YOU GAVE ME THE BEST ORGASM I'VE EVER HAD! Big Hans said as he massaged his "little" brother body: _DON'T WORRY WE'LL GIVE YOU MORE MUSCLE, AND YOU CAN BE THE BIGGER BROTHER AGAIN! Hans said while they looked at their impressive reflections on the wall mirror, it barely fir one of them alone, and they could only see half of their couple image… _YOU STUPID BASTARDS! Derrick launched himself, he passed through the brothers towards his stuff on the table , and Hans knew exactly what he intended to do, because Derrick went straight to his magic stuff, and opened one apparently secret case and took many vials from there. He drank lots of vials and busted into laughter!: _YOU MISERABLE BASTARDS! YOU THINK I AM BEATEN? I WILL BECOME SO HUGE THAT I'LL SQUASH YOU WITH ALL MY POWER! I DON'T CARE FOR DRAINING YOU ANYMORE! Derrick waited for that moment where the formula kicked in, and he would start growing, but it was lasting a little bit more than usual… _WHAT'S THE MATTER DERRICK? YOU "TONIC" IS NOT WORKING? Hans asked ironically! Derrick was furious, he was fooled once more: _WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY POTIONS! He punched the wall and it opened a whole in the thing. _YOU THINK I AM STUPID? I CHANGED YOUR PRECIOUS POTIONS FOR SALTY WATER A LONG TIME AGO, EVER SINCE I LEARNED TO PREPARE MY OWN STUFF! Hans said that as he drank a handful, his handful of vials, and his brother had already drunk his share! The both brothers looked at each other, and their huge cocks grew harder and even more gigantic as they felt the mega combo of potions kicking in . Now Derrick was scared, he saw the already behemoths already growing out of any standards available even in the freakiest size fetishist in the whole world! The warlock tried to defend himself by throwing huge energy balls against the growing brothers, but the things just bounced on their impossibly thick skin of the growing towers of muscle . They laughed when they realized the wizards powers were useless against them : _IT WAS A LITTLE THING I FOUND OUT! HIS MAGIC NOW CAN'T EVEN SCRATCH! Hans said as they hugged and felt their immense growth increasing… _HANS, IF YOU HAD ALREADY CHANGED HIS POTIONS WHY YOU HAD TO PREPARE MORE? AND WILL WE THIS SIZE FOR EVER? Franz said as he felt his head almost reaching the very high ceiling of the warlock's house! Hans grabbed the last three vials on the bag: _BECAUSE THIS CAN BE THE CHANCE OF OUR LIVES FRANZ! IMAGINE WHAT WE CAN DO WITH BODY LIKE THESE? Hans flexed his unidentifiable huge physique for his brother _BUT WE WOULD HAVE TO LIVE JUST LIKE THIS BASTARD! Franz said and grabbed Derrick by his hair roughly and forced it against the wall _ NOT ANYMORE! IN FACT, WE DRINK THOSE VIALS I'LL SHOW YOU HOW WE CAN GET TO BE THIS BIG WITHOUT DOING WHAT THAT BASTARD HAS BEEN DOING! TRUST ME I REALLY GOT THE HANDLE OF THIS THING! Hans touched Franz shoulder and gently breath in his ears _YOU SAY WE GET TO BE THIS BIG, BUT WITHOUT BECOMING HIM? Franz lifted Derricks head – _WE'LL MAKE JUSTICE TO THOSE MEN HE KILLED AND WE STILL GET TO ENJOY THIS SIZE FOR EVER BROTHER, TRUST ME YOU CAN HAVE TWO AND YOU WILL GROW BIGGER THAN ME, AS YOU DESERVE TO BE FRANZ! Hans offered the two vials to his already enormous brother but Franz only grabbed one: _YOU ARE MY BIG BROTHER! YOU ARE MY PROTECTOR AND THE MAN I LOVE, YOU DESERVE TO BE BIGGER, MUCH BIGGER THAN ME! I WANT YOU TO PROTECT ME HANS AS YOU'VE BEEN DOING FOR SO MUCH TIME! PLEASE GROW BIGGER THAN ME! Franz was crying as he said those words. Hans grabbed vial and drank, then he took the other on Franz's hand, he looked at it and gulped down, he cleaned his mouth: _YOU SURE YOU NO LONGER WANNA BE THE BIGGEST? Franz nodded, then Hans smiled and took another vial out of nowhere – I WAS SAVING THIS FOR AN EMERGENCY BUT I THINK YOU'D LIKE THE OUTCOME OF THIS THING! Hans emptied the thing and looked at Derrick's immobilized body. He felt incapable of running, not because he was being stopped, it was he had such a hard on he couldn't keep his eyes of the GIANT BROTHERS! Franz reached for his brother's hand – LET'S GET REAL BIG! Hans cock was pumping itself so hard and veined, he looked at Derrick and the warlock tried to run, but he didn't have time to run, the gianting lad shoved his six feet cock up the warlock's mega developed butt hole. Derrick screamed in agony and Franz' s eyes widened as he realized what happened, as Derrick's seemed to be shrinking to more human proportions, Hans grew even more wider! He smiled as he felt his speeding growth, wider and taller and much more MUSCULAR! Franz got the idea and he forced his already hard cock into the warlock's opened mouth, and almost fainted as he felt the energy building within. He screamed in ecstasy almost at the same time as the warlock's muffled yellow. Both of the magnifying lads had their immense and never ending cock's into each side of their once hijacker, draining his muscles and growing each time bigger, faster than they were draining the muscleforce of their defeated enemy: _OH YEAH! HANS! THIS IS FUCKING AMAZING! LOOK AT US! LOOK AT YOU! YOU'RE GARGANTUAN MY BROTHER! Franz realized their augmenting mega developed figures were each time far from each other, Hans was so much massive than Franz, that you couldn't even notice that Franz was already a behemoth bigger than any man thought attainable, but even so not compared to Hans when it comes to SIZE! But Franz was really loving seeing his brother growing so abnormally, he thought it was so sexy, it really got him enjoying to be mouth fucking Derrick's shrinking figure, each time Hans and Franz were wider and more muscular and their cocks grew and the warlock was slowly returning to his old form, and this time it was permanent! Hans saw his growing brother and smiled - FRANZ YOU'RE SO HUGE MY BROTHER! I WILL LOVE TO SHIFT MY COCK ON YOUR BUTT AGAIN! WANT YOU BIG BROTHER! _OH HANS! YOU KNOW I AM ALL YOURS! FOREVER! I LOVE YOU BIGGEST BROTHER! They laughed with that names thing and kissed. They grew so fast, their bodies seemed to be inflating, as more muscular they got, the more wider they became. Franz became the previous size Hans had and then he surpassed it, he grew wider and wider by the second! His blond hair was so brilliant and long, his blue eyes glistened with his power, and his muscles were sp huge they seemed to fill the whole room! Hans looked at his "smaller" brother as he grew, but as fast as Franz growth was it couldn't keep up the rhythm Hans was growing, the difference of their bulks now was so much bigger, Franz seemed to be made out of one Hans' ribs. Hans and Franz couldn't fit in the house together anymore, they practically filled the whole size of the room. Derrick couldn't move, he felt his imperial muscles deflating and loosing its power, he was totally beaten he felt so weak! Those boys had really ruined his plans and his life, but yet he couldn't avoid being so turned on by that giant muscle rape! _Quick! Some one blow my cock! Blow my cock! It was that the only thing Derrick kept repeating as he managed to free his mouth of the growing shaft of Franz , he was loosing his forces and surrendering himself to his orgasm. Both Hans and Franz exchanged looks and Franz DEMANDED his brother to do as the warlock was saying! He noticed the only thing that wasn't shrinking was the warlock's cock! It was the same size as the original, it was ridiculous to see such a huge cock in the shrinking body of the defeated enemy! There had to be something on it! Hans took his cock out of Derrick's butt and soon he was replaced by his brother at the pounding job on the warlock's hole! Hans was a little afraid, but in the moment he saw the look on Derrick's face he understood everything! He engulfed the giant cock with his full lips, and as soon asthey touched the head it spewed cum, almost exploding. Hans felt his growth augmenting and he was growing even more frenetically, he felt himself almost exploding so powerful he felt!, he reached for his brother mouth and he kissed him sharing a few of the power jism with Franz, but the older brother insisted for him to drink ALL from the still fountaining cock of the beaten magician! So did Hans and he never knew what hit him! He grow so much POWERFUL and quicker, he merely lost it! His own orgasm exploded free and he grew even freakier at each volley of his orgasm, Franz quick grabbed the shaft in his mouth and he felt the same feeling of intoxicating POWER of Derrick's jism, and they felt so inhumanly strong, and savagely muscular, their only reaction was to FUCK! Hans reached for Franz butt and they engaged into the most savage fuck only possible for behemoths like them, and even so they just loose the entire sense of reality, their power was so intense their humping so strong there was no place who could handle to contain them, because they were forces of nature, demanding to be released, and so they managed to break free from the "tiny" place they were trapped. Their enormous bodies broke the stone walls, with the mere effort of releasing their lust for each other, not caring for anything around them, their passion was so destroying, they felt their POWER for the first time, in all its glory and potential, but they weren't scared, they accepted it, they wanted MORE, and their screaming of ecstasy, power and lust could be heard miles and miles away! The behemoths broke the entire house of the former muscular warlock, easily and just by fucking each other! Their senses faded out as soon as they reached a ever lasting orgasm, their bodies crashed in the ground making a huge crater, and Franz could only nest the body of the warlock in his chest and the behemoth slept along with his even more gargantuan brother. Franz woke up at night, he didn't know for how long he slept, but he already saw HANS enormous figure admiring the night, it was a hot summer night, with a blue moon, shining and showing clearly the MESS they've caused. Franz realized Derrick's body on his chest and he grabbed it, he was so tiny now, so harmless and yet, he caused so much problem, that he could just squash him as so many times Franz was threatened, but it was useless now, he looked the fainted Derrick in his hands. He reached for the heart beat and was surprised to hear it: _HE'S ALIVE! I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS SON OF A BITCH MADE IT! HE SURVIVED OUR SEX! HIS HOUSE COULDN'T ! Franz said looking to the remains of the former impressive construction. He gently put the fainted body of the warlock resting on the ground and looked for his BIGGEST BROTHER! And there he was! In one word TITANIC! Hans had grown so much he was so much WIDER than his already more than impressive brother, Franz reached for his embrace, realizing his head could only reach the very low part of his chest, mostly because Hans chest was so abnormally developed it was five feet ahead of his owner and it reached two feet down. Hans was so charmed by his brother, he just embraced his waist and silently asked for the colossal hold of his arms, in what he was soon rewarded: _HE'LL BE OK! HE'LL NEVER REMEMBER ANYTHING THOUGH! HIS LIFE WILL START ALL OVER! He said looking to the sleeping body over the ruins of their former prison. _HOW CAN YOU BE SURE? Franz asked already feeling eclipsed by Hans unreachable proportions: _I KNOW IT! I KNOW IT ALL! WHEN HE GOT ME SUCKING ON HIS COCK HE TRANSFERRED TO ME HIS POWER, HIS KNOWLEDGE! HE GAVE ME IT ALL FRANZ! Franz hugged his brother with all his new might, knowing he couldn't even hurt him: _YOU DESERVE IT! I KNOW YOU WON'T USE IT THE WAY HE DID ! Hans smiled feeling that the inhuman might of his power wasn't able to even cause him uncomfortable: _YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND FRANZ! I HAVE SO MUCH POWER, I NEVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE! AND I FUCKING LOVE IT! AND I WANT MORE, MUCH MORE! He grabbed Franz enormous body in his arms like he weighed nothing curled him as he weighed nothing. He did over thirty reps easily and rested his "weight" down on the ground. Hans blinked at him and flexed his monstrous arms just to tease him. _WHY YOU LET ME HAVE IT ALL? YOU COULD HAVE SOME POWER FOR YOURSELF TOO! Hans said looking in the eyes of his brother and lover: _ MY POWER COMES FROM YOU! MY LOVE FOR YOU IS ENOUGH! I ONLY LAST FOR YOUR POWER AND LOVE! Franz said and tried to reach his brother's mouth, and Hans leaned his head forward and they kissed. _WOW! YOU DON'T NEED TO BRAG IT ON ME I WAS THERE REMEMBER? Franz said pretending to be mad at his overpowering brother. _YOU GOTTA PROBLEM WITH THAT, SCRAWNY? Hans TOWERED Franz over 4 feet tall, but more than seven he eclipsed his brother: _WELL IN FACT I DO! I WANT A LITTLE RESPECT FOR THOSE UNDER 15 FEET TALL AND 10000 POUNDS WE MAY BE "PETITE" BUT WE ARE STILL PEOPLE! Franz busted into laughing. Hans joined him and grabbed him in his arms, then he looked deep in his eyes: _ I SAID I HAVE THE POWER NOW! I CAN MAKE WE GROW AS MUCH AS WE WANT, AND I DON'T NEED NO FUCKING VIALS! Then Franz felt himself growing in Hans hug, he kissed his brother and begged for him to stop: _YOU GOTTA BE ALWAYS MUCH BIGGER THAN ME! I DEMAND IT! NOW GROW! Hans smiled and Franz felt his entire body growing _YOU WANNA HEAR SOMETHING COOL? Hans didn't wait for an answer – I CAN TELL OUR STATS MENTALLY, I JUST KNOW HOW BIG WE ARE! YOU FOR EXAMPLE ARE AMAZING! YOU'RE 14 FEET TALL AND 8900 POUNDS! YOU CHEST TAPS AT 476 INCHES, YOU AMAZING GUNS ARE 317 INCHES AROUND, 355 INCHES LEGS 42 PACK STOMACH, HAD AN ALMOST 7 FEET LONG AND 4 FEET WIDE COCK! Hans finished his description of his augmented brother and kissed him as roughly as he could do not to hurt his lover, then to Franz own surprise he felt he knew every detail about Franz he just knew it: _ YOU THINK I AM AMAZING? WELL YOU HOLD THAT THOUGHT! CAUSE YOU'RE 18'10" TALL AND 16587 POUNDS! YOU ARE ALMOST TWICE AS HEAVY AS I AM,! YOUR CHEST IS 573 INCHES, AND YOUR LEGS ARE 467", THOSE MOUNTAINS YOU CALL GUNS ARE 568" EACH YOUR COCK IS 9 FEET LONG AND 6 FEET WIDE ! EVEN I CAN'T HOLD A COCK SO BIG AS YOURS! Franz said laughing – I REALLY THINK YOU ARE TOO BIG EVEN FOR MYSELF Then Franz kneeled in front of Franz and kissed him in the lips, he said: _YOU ARE THE REASON I WANTED TO GET SO FUCKING HUGE! I REALIZED YOU WANTED ME TO GET THIS SIZE! RIGHT WHEN I DRANK ON DERRICK'S I COULD READ YOUR MINDS, WE ARE TOTALLY CONNECTED! I CAN FEEL WHAT YOU FEEL, KNOW WHAT YOU KNOW, AND YOU CAN DO THE SAME WITH ME! WE ARE MORE THAN LOVERS, MORE THAN BROTHERS , WE ARE SOUL MATES, AND OUR POWER ONLY AMPLIFIED IT! _SO WHAT DO WE DO NOW, MY LOVE? Franz asked as he offered his hand for Hans, who quickly stood up and grabbed him in his arms: _WHATEVER WE WANNA DO, SWEETHEART! WHO CAN POSSIBLY STOP US? And so, the huge behemoths went into the forest, feeling their absolute power and passion for each other, not knowing what to do exactly, but they were sure of thing : They would fuck and grow happily ever after. •

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