New Neighbors

A Night At The Circus


By MuscleBoy27

Justin’s head poked through the door. “Hey you two! Come up for air for a while and come out here so Zack and I can tell you what happened to us!” He disappeared as suddenly as he had appeared.

“What the fuck do you think those two got into?” Mike mused. “Dunno, but they aren’t going to leave us alone until we let them tell us!” I smiled at my hunky beau.

“Awwww! And just as I was about to drive about two quarts of cum down your thoat!” Mike Joked as he smiled at me.

“Hold that thought!” I laughed, as I got up and put a pair of shorts on. “You can ram three quarts down me later!” Mike smiled broadly, “you got a deal, baby!” He too got up and put on a pair of boxers. “You ready to face the junior high duo?” I nodded, and we walked out into the main room.

Justin was sitting in one of the big lounge chairs with his hands behind his head. Zack, spun around as we entered the room.

“You two won’t believe what happened to us! We walked around the hotel, won almost $500 bucks, nearly got our throats slashed and Justin saved us both!” Zack was nearly out of breath by the end of his sentence.

“Zack! Slow down!” I said, trying to calm him. His posterboy face was out of control; he was so excited. “First tell us how you won $500…”

Justin smiled broadly as Zack started to tell the story. “Well, first we walked around by the shops. It kinda sucked, so we decided to get something to eat. This guy with sorta wimpy muscles and his girlfriend sat next to us, so I got Justin to arm-wrestle the guy. He lost and gave us five bucks – so on our way back here; we stuck that five bucks and the five that I won from Justin into a slot machine. On the second five dollars, I won almost $500. I got this chick to cash in the chips for me, and then we started up the elevator. But these two guys that worked for the hotel got on with us and tried to take the money, but Geno made them give it back and he fired them. We took the money and bought us all tickets for Cirque du Soliel tonight!

I shook my head. “Zack, you can’t be serious. First you know you weren’t supposed to be in the casino – and I can’t believe you beat up a couple of hotel workers!” I didn’t quite trust Zack to give me the truth, but I trusted Justin. He closed his eyes and smiled as he leaned further back into his chair.

“You’d better believe it!” Zack excitedly continued, “my man was incredible! Jackie Chan with muscles! They never stood a chance!” Mike and I both smiled as we listened to Zack describe Justin’s efforts. Justin had a new fan in Zack; there was no doubt. We were both so happy for Justin! “You two should have seen Justin!” he continued. “He knocked he knife out of this one guy’s hand and then did some sort of flip thing had them both begging him to let them go. I never had to lift a finger!” As Zack said this, his leaned against Justin. Justin’s right arm almost instinctively came around Zack’s midsection. The beautiful kid didn’t flinch a bit – in fact he leaned into Justin like he liked it. “So, like I said, I got the four of us tickets to Cirque du Soliel tonight! You guys wanna go, dontha?” Zack was beaming with pride.

Mike looked at me and we both shook our heads. It sounded like they’d had almost as much fun as we did. “I love to see Cirque du Soliel,” Mike grinned, “but I need food first!” Justin and Zack readily agreed that we needed to eat first.

I studied them all for a second. “So when does the show start, Zack?”

“It starts at 8:00 over at the Mirage. They said it’s not too far away.”

“Good, that gives us some time. You guys wanna eat fancy, like steak and stuff – or simple like pizza?” I honestly wasn’t sure if they’d be up for a nice restaurant, to my surprise, everyone wanted to go for steaks. I called down to the concierge and got us a 6:30 reservation at one of the hotel’s nicer restaurants. We got ready and headed down for our dinner. We were all dressed in kakis and polo shirts. We looked so good, that I made one of the hotel staff take a picture of us. It was as close to dressed up as we’d ever been at the same time. Honestly, all of the polo shirts were probably a size too small, but that’s that we wanted. We had nice bods and we wanted to show them off a little, even if it was for dinner and a show.

Heads turned as we walked through the lobby and every one of us loved it. We got to the restaurant, sat down and got our menus. A pretty hot waiter, probably in his late twenties showed up at the table to take our order. “Well… let me guess!” He said with an enthusiasm that was just slightly unnerving. “You four are looking for big pieces of red meat!” We all stared him for a second. Although none of us said anything, I think we all immediately wondered if he was asking if we were gay or if he just meant he thought we looked like we wanted steaks. None of us had a doubt that the waiter was gay, that’s for sure.

“Let’s go in order of height…” the waiter said through a toothy smile. “Whatcha want beautiful?” He said, looking at Zack. Zack nervously ordered. Then he turned to Justin and gushed on him. Then it was my turn. Finally, it was Mike’s. “OK, you huge muscle-bound cutie, you’re either getting the biggest steak we have, or you’re taking me home in a doggie bag – which is it?” Mike blushed a bright red as he ordered the steak. “You can still get me in a doggie bag baby!” The waiter sang as he squeezed Mike’s shoulder. “Uh huh! Big boy!” If the waiter wouldn’t have been so hot, we might have been a little ticked off at our treatment, but he was cute and full of energy, and frankly, we loved the treatment. He scurried off to put in our order.

“So, Zack?” I began, “Geno really had to come in to get you guys free of the hotel security.” He nodded as he was stuffing his face with bread.

“Yeah, and you should have seen the way the hotel staff jumped when they heard your name!” He said through his mouthful of bread.

“Oh, yeah!” Justin chimed in, “I finally figured out who your Dad is, he’s Houston Security, isn’t he?” I stared at him for a few seconds. “Yeah, that’s who he is alright.” I said softly.

“What’s Houston Security?” Zack asked between mouthfuls of bread. “Does he install home security systems or something?”

Before I could answer, Justin did it for me. “Hardly. His Dad’s company supplies the bodyguards to anyone who’s important enough to have one. They specialize in big, huge, ugly guys - a couple of them train at my martial arts studio occasionally.”

Both Zack and Mike stopped eating and stared at me. “Really?!?” They both asked simultaneously. Their eyes were wide. Mike stared at me, “Why didn’t you tell me this?” Before I could answer, Zack chimed in. “So, can you get me in to meet J-Lo?

I started laughing at Zack. “That’s why I don’t tell people. My Dad always used to tell me – ‘If anyone asks, just tell them I work in entertainment.’ If I tell them what he does, they always want to meet someone.”

Mike frowned, “well you could have told me… and maybe arranged for us to meet Arnold.” Luckily, before I could answer, our bouncy waiter was back with the first course of our dinners. Mike and I had ordered the same thing, but when our main course arrived, his steak was noticeably bigger than mine. The waiter obviously liked my boyfriend. I couldn’t be mad at a guy with such good taste in men.

We ate and then got a cab over to the Mirage for the show. We arrived in plenty of time and got seats about eight rows away from the stage. We could see a few of the props out. There were a bunch of poles and some trapeze wires strung from the rafters. We’d all seen the show on TV, and could barely wait to see it in person.

The show started and the clown / MC came out from behind the audience. He started teasing an usher about where he was supposed to sit. Before we knew it, they were chasing each other around stage and down in the audience. They ran up one isle and down the next. Finally the usher tried to make the clown sit in a seat just across the isle from where we were sitting. Rather than sit in the seat he’d been assigned, he jumped right into Justin’s lap. The usher walked away in disgust and Justin was in the center of the spotlight with the clown in his lap. The clown got up and pulled Justin on stage.

As they got up on stage, the clown squeezed Justin’s cheeks to show cute he was. That made Justin blush and the audience loved it. Then he squeezed Justin’s arm to show strong he looked. That didn’t make Justin blush. Instead, he lifted up his arm and flexed for the clown. Seventeen inches of hard teenage muscle popped in front of the clown’s eyes. He pretended to gasp and then faint. Then he got up and motioned for Justin to mime everything the clown mimed.

First they walked through a mime door, and then through a mime window. Justin got the door right, but he forgot to open the window before he went through. There was a sound effect of glass breaking. The clown corrected Justin and off they went. Next the clown started jumping a mime rope. The sound effects made it seem like he was really doing it. Then Justin tried it and got it mostly right. Then the clown tried doing some more tricking things like double jumping. Justin did it too, and then at the end did a back flip on his last jump. The clown didn’t like being shown up, so he sent Justin back to his seat. It was all pretty cool and the audience loved it.

As the show went on, we couldn’t believe the athletic capabilities of the performers. They were amazing, and their bodies were nothing short of perfection. We all sat mesmerized as we watched, but the last act of the night had us all sitting with our jaws dropped open. Two guys came out wearing only green lycra shorts. One was quite a bit larger than the other. He lied down on the floor and put his arms out. The smaller guy put his hands on the bigger guys and then pushed himself up so that he was supporting himself with his arms. His legs were extended in front of him. He then slowly brought his legs through and pressed to a handstand all the while supporting himself on his partner’s hands. The two of them continued to do all sorts of gymnastic moves that seemed to defy human ability.

We all loved best the last move they did. Again, the smaller guy was doing a handstand on his partner’s hands. Slowly the bigger guy lowered the smaller guy back behind his head! Then, when his hands were on the floor extended behind his head, he brought the smaller guy back up to their starting position. None of us could believe the strength it must have taken to do that. The smaller guy wasn’t THAT much smaller.

We talked about it all the way home. The whole show was incredible, but those last two guys had stolen the evening for us. We got to the room and decided to have something to drink before we went to bed. As we sat talking and looking at our incredible view of Las Vegas, Mike started to size up Zack. “Hey Zack! I’ll bet you and I can do that trick!” he grinned. “You wanna try?”

Mike got down on the floor and put his hands out on the floor over his head. “OK, Zack. Just stand on my hands and let me see if I can lift you like that guy did.” Zack took off his shoes and stood on Mike’s hands. It took a couple tries, but we were all amazed when Zack slowly started up off the floor. Mike arms were bugling incredibly. His face was red and he was clearly working hard, but he did it. He was holding Zack above himself.

While we were all impressed, Justin couldn’t let his big brother show him up in front of Zack. “Hey I want to try that too!” Justin finally said. We all looked him like we weren’t sure he should try. Mike was a lot heavier than Justin, and the physics didn’t seem quite right. Nonetheless, he had to try. He got down on the floor and put his hands back. This time Zack smiled and said, “well, if we’re going to do it, lets do it right.” He sat down on the floor, pushed himself up on his hands, then brought his legs through his arms and pressed himself into a handstand. He then walked on his hands over to where Justin was and put his hands on Justin’s. Without seeing us, Zack could tell Mike and I were amazed at what he’d just done. “Five years in gymnastics!” He grinned, upside down.

Justin tried and tried, but he wasn’t heavy enough. Instead of Zack coming up off the floor, Justin’s feet came up. “Hey Eric! Hold me feet down, will ya? I think I can do this…” I didn’t ask questions, I just got down on the floor and held his feet in place. Sure enough, a few seconds later, Zack started to go up. Justin’s intensity was off the charts. It took more effort than it had taken Mike, but he’d done it. Finally Zack was above him staring down and grinning at Justin. Justin was grinning back at Zack.

“Justin!” Zack said, “Start spreading your arms and see how far down we can go.” Slowly the two of them started spreading their arms apart. Zack’s head slowly moved towards Justin’s. When they were about a foot apart, they couldn’t control it any longer. Zack fell, landing right on top of Justin. Instinctively, Justin’s arms went around Zack steadying him on top of Justin. For a split second they looked into each other’s eyes. It was THAT look. Then just as quickly as it all started, the smile disappeared from Zack’s face. He pushed himself up and looked as all, his eyes darted to each of our faces, and then away. “I, umm, I have to get ready for bed guys.” He said nervously, and then turned and headed into the room he shared with Justin.

Justin sat up. There was a look of horror on his face. “Damn it,” he said, “I knew this was too good to be true.” His face was now in his hands. Then Mike said the most brilliant thing I think he’d ever said.

“Justin! Like hell you know it’s too good to be true. Get up off your fat ass and get in there and fight for him. He really likes you, he’s just confused.” Mike had that brother-to-brother tone in his voice. Justin knew in an instant he was right. He got up, wiped the start of a couple tears out of his eyes and slowly walked into the bedroom where Zack was. •

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