Contest, The

By Alex Mae

Hey, how ya doing. My name is Jeff, I'm from New Jersey, and I am a 23-year-old Professional Bodybuilder. Let me give you some information about me. I am a white male, black hair and blue eyes. I stand about 6'4 and weigh around 278 lbs. My dad started me in the sport of bodybuilding, he always wanted to get into bodybuilding but he was too poor to join a gym and buy all the stuff that is needed when he was a teenager. But now, my dad is a very successful plastic surgeon and has placed his dream of bodybuilding upon me. It was and still is frustrating at times since I never really got to choose this sport and to be this big. He started me in this sport at the age of 11. I agree with you, that's too young. I was the only Junior in High school, well to be exact, the only teenager my age that had competed in a total of 28 contests at my age.

All my friends were into sports like football and soccer, but I was too big and too slow to even try-out, but I was the only teenage bodybuilder that had two personal trainers and a choreographer for my posing routines. While everyone else was getting a car from their dad, I was getting enormous calf implants from mine. My dad started juicing me when I was only 15, and he knows that's not healthy, but he's a doctor so I had medical supervision. I was featured in many magazine, esp. since I was the only 18 year-old that competed at a body weight of 235. By my senior year I had 21 inch arm and 31 inch thighs. I was always considered a freak in high school and wasn't too popular. I was sort of shy in school, it didn't help either that teachers would always call attention to my size in class and always have to have a special desk for me so I could fit (if you ever weigh 235 and try and fit in a school desk, you will not succeed)

Well, I am in my senior year of college right now majoring in Electrical engineering (I guess that ruins your stereotype of a bodybuilder haha). And I just got my pro card at the NPC Junior USA, where I competed as a super heavy. The good thing is that when you get your pro-card, you can get endorsements, get hired for photo shoots, do seminars, or guest pose at contest.

This is where my story begins. This past summer I had the weirdest experience I will ever have. You see, I was just getting off the high of becoming pro and this guy called me and asked me to guest pose for his contest in a small town in the south. I quickly agreed to do it, I was thinking I had hit it big time, no one ever had asked me to do such a thing, and I wasn't about to turn that down. And to think if I did, I wouldn't hear the end of it from my dad. Well I gave the guy some info and he did the same for me. He mentioned that he wanted me to do a posing session for the beginning of the contest and during the end before the placements. I said sure that sounds great, esp. after he told me how much he was gonna pay.

Before we hung up, he said he would send me some info about the contest and what they needed from me. After I got off the phone, I quickly called my dad to tell him of the news, he was very excited which I knew he would. He said he would make arrangements to get my choreographer working on a routine and the trainers to get me started. He even said he would make an appointment with a designer to get special posing trunks. You see in Bodybuilding, you try to cover up your dick and balls with as little material as possible, you want to be as naked as you can so you can show off ever muscle. Well, three weeks went by and a week before I was to leave for the contest I got a packet from the guy. I was asking stuff like the food I wanted for the weekend, the music I was gonna use, and then it asked for a complete list of my measurements.

There was a drawing of a bodybuilder with arrows pointing to certain areas of the body. I had to have my roommate measure me for that info, I though it was strange to ask but, hey, I have never done a thing like this. However, I was eager to please. My roommate measured my wrists, ankles, neck, arms, chest, and so on. As I wrapped up my last week, I was soon on the plane heading for the contest.

As I arrived, there was the guy holding up a sign that said 'Jeff'. I quickly waddled to him: you really can't walk when you have 34 inch thighs and weigh 278. His name was Tom, and was the owner of the gym that was putting on the contest. He quickly drove me to his small town, the ride took about 45 minutes. It was sort of strange, he asked me to take of my shirt and pants. I was sort of uncomfortable with this, but he said he was just wanting to see what he had purchased and with the money he was offering, I wasn't gonna say 'no'. We arrived just in time for the weigh in Friday night. We pulled up to the auditorium and before I had a chance to put on my clothes, Tom quickly said, 'just come on in, in your briefs, I want the guys to see a real bodybuilder." Okay, that made feel uncomfortable, but as I said, he's the boss. When I entered the room all the bodybuilders looked at me, I was easily the biggest guy there. They all gathered around me asking questions, telling me to pose, and wanting a picture. After all that, Tom took me to the hotel.

After sleeping late and watching TV all day, it was time to head to the contest. Tom had arranged a ride for me there. As I arrived backstage, I was quickly stripped, covered in tan solution and oiled up by three huge guys, all bodybuilders. It was sort of strange, they didn't speak to me at all and were sort of rough. All of this got me heated, my dick throbbing from all the attention, the rubbing, the oil, and the idea of being nearly naked in front of a few hundred people. I started getting a erect, which was a problem, because in posing trunks, you can't hide your sword. After they had finished with me, they led me behind the curtain, I heard the MC announce me and before I knew it, it was time to pose. The music was loud and kicking. I had chosen my favorite Limp Bizkit song. During the routine, I jumped off-stage and went into the crowd. Walking around in front of everyone, hands grabbing me to touch my muscles, people taking pictures, got me so hard that I couldn't hide my excitement.

Then the nightmare happened. Before I knew it, the crowd mobbed me and held me down. Before I knew it, my posing trunks were ripped off and I was tied up so tight, I could even move a finger. Some of the audience picked me up and carried me back to the stage. My heart was racing beneath my huge overdeveloped pecs, that you could actually see my big brown silver dollar nipples jumping up and down. Here I was being lifted up on stage naked and scared. After they got me on stage, a few of the others guys brought out this big metal box. As the rolled it to the center of the stage, the crowded yelled and screamed. To my fear, it came true, as the opened the box, I saw tons of cuffs and fasteners and straps, which I knew were specifically measured to my body. I could run or even scream due to the gag in my mouth.

About six men place me in the box, securing my ankles, strapping in my thighs and waist, placing my wrist in the cuffs and even locking my neck in place my this huge metal stock. I must have taken at least 10 minutes to strap me in. However the audience did not tire, all I could see was a sea of clapping hands and flashbulbs going off. After they had strapped and locked me in, they closed the doors of this case I was in, then I felt it, a hand grabbing my dick and balls and pulling them out of the box.

Here I was, in this metal case, all that was sticking out was my head and dick, next came the nightmare. As I was there all strapped in, the MC came over the loudspeaker and introduced Dr. Gary Wagner. This guy came up on stage next to me and shared with the audience that he was about to show the latest in bodybuilding supplements. I can't say I really listened due to the humiliation I was suffering, you see, I may be extremely huge and handsome, but you can't cover up a small dick. Before I knew it, the doctor had stuck a needle in my dick and neck. He announced to the audience to just sit back am be amazed.

After the injection, that is when it went weird, I started feeling hot and short of breath. After a minute or so, I could feel the straps and cuffs getting tighter. I looked down as best as I could to see my pecs growing before my eyes, and then my dick. I could feel it getting harder and harder, to where the skin felt like it was going to split. As I was growing the doctor and some of the men started undoing the cuffs and straps, soon I was removed from the box. I could now see I was growing huge. My legs started moving further and further apart, my lats and chest grew so big, that my arms were sticking straight out due to the muscle of my lats pushing them out. The crowd screamed and hollered. I became scared, yet so excited, of my new size that my dick couldn't hold the excitement, I exploded.

It was so powerful, that I sprayed the first two rows. People went crazy. Then the doctor brought out a scale. He then had some men place me on this time, I was so huge, I couldn't move. The doctor then announced that I had just gone from 278lbs to 450lbs. The crowd cheered some more. Then Tom came out on stage, I could barely move my head due to my trap muscles locking my head in place. He announced I would be on display at the end of the contest. As I was moved to the lobby, I was shackled and tied up in chains, straps, and rope. The crowd came by, groping me, jacking me off, and squeezing me. I went on for all night.

Every time someone would reach for my dick, I would try and beg them not too, but the gag held me back from pleading with them. Over and over again, my dick would be lubed up and jacked off. I had been jacked off so many times, that I felt like a dairy cow getting milked. Picture upon picture was taken of me. Measurements were taken, my arms now were a whopping 29 inches, my thighs were 42 inches, calves were 30 inches, and my dick was 14 inches and thicker than a baseball bat. There I stayed tied up so tight I could barely breath. Around 7a.m everyone had left. The doctor and Tom came up to me and thanked me for my services, I tried to cuss them, but again the gag held me from that luxury.

The doctor injected me again with a purple looking fluid. Before long, my body started going back to the original form, I had never been so glad to see myself get smaller. Then, my head started feeling light and the light became dimmer. As I awoke, I found myself awake in the airplane. I looked around, no one else was in the plane, how strange I thought. As I arrived back to my dorm room, I found a check amounting to $25,000 in my suit case and a letter that read, "Jeff: Awesome show...let's do that again." It all felt like a dream to me, until I took of my clothes to take a shower. There, hanging to my knees, was the biggest dick I had ever seen. Apparently not all the side affects went away. •

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