From Average to Musclebound

By Anonymous

Ever since I first saw a bodybuilder in a muscle magazine, I knew what I was destined to be in life. I wasn't a scrawny kid, and at 5' 3" tall, weighing 115 pounds, I was an average size seventh grader. But I had always wanted more out of my life. I was smart, very smart. I had good grades in school and I went to the dances and parties. Yet as I would hear others talk about their basketball and football games, I felt left out since I sucked at sports. People used me because I was a braniac and even my best friends made fun of me saying I could never be as good as them at sports. I knew then that I had to do something that would make others appreciate me more.

I began thinking of ways to use what I had at home to add some muscle to my body. I got exercises from the internet and started going out to the garage every night to do pull-ups, sit-ups, and push-ups. I liked the changes in my body from the first day on. Veins started to pop out everywhere, from my forearms to my biceps to my legs. I noticed how every muscle seemed to grow after just five minutes. Of course, I was exaggerating, but my muscles looked bigger and that brought my spirit up.

Every night, after and long and intense workout I took my supplements and then showered and went to bed, dreaming of my workout the next day. I could picture my biceps, abs, legs, every muscle of my body, and they were HUGE. I rushed home from school everyday just so I could start my workout. Things went along the same as I gradually began to see my body become more defined.

One night, I had stayed up really late working out in the garage. It must have been way past midnight, but I couldn't stop my workout for a second to check the time. After what seemed an hour later, I finally stopped for the night. Every muscle in my body ached. I could barely lift my arms, bend over, or even walk. Boy was I out of it. What happened next, I could hardly remember...

I woke up in the morning and the day started as any other day would. I took a shower, got dressed in my button up shirt with a tanktop underneath and my new, tight boxers. I slipped on an old, raggedy pair of blue jeans and headed downstairs. My mom had fixed me a bodybuilder's breakfast, complete with steak, 4 eggs, and 4 tall glasses of milk. I thought that if I was gonna gain weight, I should add much more of my supplement to my milk. So I added 5 times the recommended amount to each of the four glasses. That's when I started to feel sick and weary...

Suddenly, I felt like I couldn't move at all. I was stuck there on the floor, sweat pouring out in buckets all over my face. I felt a tingling feeling in my bones and muscles and I immediately began to grow.

My height was the first to change. I felt like I was being stretched out, as if I was a rubber band. My body grew taller and taller and taller until I almost hit my head on the ceiling. Then the tingling and stretching moved down my body. My shirt, already stretched to the max, started to expand outward. My neck bulged out from the collar, as it grew to the thickness of a tree trunk. My pecs felt like balloons as they inflated more and more, becoming harder and more muscular by the second. The fabric of my shirt stretched so tight that you could see the massive muscle from between the holes in the seams and stitches. My flat stomach inflated to a steel wall, an 8-pack of symmetrical abs that, along with my pecs, pressed the limits of my stretched shirt. Next came the biceps. As the tingling moved, I felt my cock get hard. My already baseball biceps grew to basketballs that stretched my sleeves and send them up my armpits. Veins the size of the Mississippi river formed a road! map across my bulging forearms, wrists, and biceps. My upper body felt so powerful and inflated. I felt like Superman, but ten times as super. I could even fit my colossal hands around my huge neck. I stretched my V-shaped back and felt every muscle contract. Then came my lower body. My thighs expanded to the size of 5 redwood trees, veins running this way and that. I felt my raggy jeans get tighter and tighter as my calves bulged and my feet grew to at least a size 30. I looked at my colossal body, huge and bulging without even flexing. I knew I could kick anyone's ass, no sweat. I thought all the growth was done, I was wrong...

My cock just didn't fit my gigantic body, it had not grown and I wondered what was wrong. As I wondered, the tingling spread, and just as I thought, my cock began to grow.

It became hard and long and it stretched to a whopping 20 inches before it stopped and began to widen. As its width grew, I realized how huge it was going to be. Its size, 20 inches long and 30 inches wide, would fit in 10 mouths put together, maybe more. My tight clothes stretched with every step. As I flexed, the clothing would shred off in fibers as thin and tread. Biceps, flexed and all veined-out, tore the sleeves lose from my armpits. My huge, bulging pecs tore out the shirt-front after I barely flexed them and they cast long dark shadows over the floor. My all powerful thighs and calves sent denim shooting for a 30 foot radius. My flagpole cock had already tore my tight boxers and sent them flying.

I flexed and flexed, testing my almighty power on poles, walls, and anything I got my hands on. It took no effort at all to fold my bike into a pretzel or punch a hole through the 5 foot thick garage door. My gargantuan hands covered only about 5 inches of my pole-like cock. I couldn't wait to go to school and kick the bully's ass as well as prove to my friends that I could be better than them for once. I walked through the front wall of my house and took my 10-foot-tall nude, freakish body, in all its muscular glory, down the street to school. •

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