By Muscl4life

First of All I'd like to thank you for the excellent feedback on my "Bull's strength" series, and I will be positng another chapter soon. I also like to compliment the author of "Snow white ans his seven dwarfes" stories for the excellent story, specially because, like me, he is not a native speaker of english, and even so his story has an high level ov vocabulary and the narrative is clear and very rich. I must say that MGs versions of fairy tales are a major turn on for me, that's why I tried my hand on my favourite story "Cinderella" (in case my poor title doesn't make the concetion) Hope you like it! BTW it is my kind of story, so ther'll be SEX, GROWTH more sex and more GROWTH, FREAKING GROWTH, if you dislike it, please don't read, for those interested, have fun!

I must say that If I were you, I wouldn't believe in this story either, but what the heck, it happened to me! anyway, and I'm glad it did. Life couldn't get any better than this. So, I'd better start already.

My name is Thomas Hobbesfeld. I am a twenty seven year old business man, or at least that's what I used to be. My family is filthy rich, and by my family I mean me and my father, my mother died when I was twelve, and for a long time it was just me and dad alone in our big mansion. No, this is not another "poor rich girl "story. I was fine, me and dad never been very connected. I guess we loved each other, but we'd rather stay alone. Our relationship was really cold, and we were used to this so, for many years we'd seen on weekend and holidays.

When I went to college, we only exchanged a few letters and occasional calls, mostly on Christmas. And about two years ago, he surprised me – big time – he wanted to get married to some woman he met in one of his many business trips. Her name was Marion, and she was beautiful and very nice to me, we came along fine, after all I was 25, had my own apartment in one of the most expensive area of Los Angeles and practically assumed my father's company, I wasn't that boy who hated his father's girlfriends, the only thing that bothered me was her kids. Dad told me she became a widow recently, had two teenager boys 13 and 15 years old, they lived in Maryland where they attended High School, and he was intending to adopt the boys.

Of course I was against that, it meant I would have to share my whole patrimony with a bunch of kids I've never seen before! But my father was no fool himself, he showed the adoption papers, his will and the many assets he was transferring to me, to assure me I wouldn't have any reason to fear the whole thing. I said I agreed with his conditions and complimented him for his soon to be wedding. The whole ceremony was very simple, and I was his best man, didn't get the chance to meet my "brothers" they were at school, final exams. You must realize that in my position, certain things can't be said, we have to maintain the image, and that's why I've never came out of the closet, it was already difficult being the "son of the boss" without hearing the usual gossip, who knows what those bastards of the Board would do if they found out I was gay! My father knew it, I told him right after I went to college, and he reacted better than I thought he would, the only thing he asked me was to be the most careful I could, and I knew what he meant, I could have my men, but it would have to be a secret, and since my dad was the only person I'd care to tell, I played the straight role in the company, and was doing fine, no one messed with me and things were just perfect!

Then, three months ago, I got the message: The plane where dad and Marion traveled to Bahamas crashed into the ocean, no survivors were found. I confess that I didn't know what to feel. I sure loved my father, and his death sounded unbelievable to me. My life really changed big time. The new chairman of the board wasn't very fond of me, and we had many differences about managing the company, and since I was the founder's heir, they thought it was better if I took some time off before they decide if I could be the company's president, assumi and let the managing with them. For most of people it would be heaven, but not to me. I didn't work because of the money, but because of I liked my job! Fuck I was rich, I could do that shit for free! But I decided to take a year off, let the things cool down.

I spent the last two months in Europe, enjoying my money, my youth and my looks. I am indeed very good looking: 5'9", 166 pounds, of lean built , dark blond hair, light brown eyes and a good tan thanks to Greek islands, and with my wallet full of money I sure had the company of the most gorgeous men in the world. And I had a thing for big, muscular men, and with my money they were not hard to find So, after this time of parties and orgies I returned home where I had a BIG SURPRISE!

The very next day after I returned, my lawyer phoned me and asked to meet him at his office, and so I did. There I met two huge beefy guys and a third little one, who I supposed should be their lawyer. Hank, my counselor, asked me to sit:

“Thomas, this is Mr. Donaldson, and those are – he made a pause - Jason and Harry Hobbesfeld, your brothers… “WHAT? Was the only thing I could say – Those full grown men could not be my "teenagers" adopted brothers! They were HUGE and those faces, so square and broad shoulders, no way those guys were teens. “Mr. Hobbesfeld, I am sure your deceased father had told you about his intention to adopt his wife's sons – the short guy said in a fake comprehensive tone “He said they were teenagers! Those two don't look teenagers for me! I protested

The short man, smiled and the two bullies exchanged looks between them:

“Thomas please calm down! My lawyer asked me

“Mr. Hobbesfeld, my clients are not teenagers, they are 26 and 27 years old, but I can assure you father always knew their ages, he adopted them, and you lawyer had already received the paper work which proves it – One of them looked at me and smiled. Man they were HUGE. They were sit but I guess he couldn't be less than 6'3" and the other was even taller! Their suits were very large, and yet they seemed so tight on those bodies.

“Look, Thomas – Can I call you Tom, or Tommy like a real bro? Said the guy who smiled at me – My name is Jason, I know this can be very awkward to you, but our parents really wanted all of us to stay well if anything happened to them…

“All I'm saying is that my father told me you were kids! How come you two are about my age! “I really think it doesn't matter, Mr. Hobbesfeld – the short lawyer interrupted me – My clients are legally and officially recognized as heirs to the Hobbesfeld patrimony, and we are here to discuss the division… “YOU WHAT? THAT'S MY PATRIMONY I AM THE ONLY HEIR! I jumped out of my chair and tried to grab that sun of a bitch collar, but my lawyer was faster and stopped me:

“Tom, you don't need to do this! We can contest the whole thing! Just let things go…He said in my ears. I calmed down, came back to my place:

“Mr. Donaldson, I hope you understand my clients reaction, after all this is a very delicate situation, your clients claim to take 2 thirds of Thomas patrimony, based on the adoption of two mature men by his father, even when he specifically mentioned them as kids? I am sure that if we discuss this whole scenario better, we'll avoid to take this issue to the court – My lawyer showed them the papers where my father transferred to me most of his assets, before he had adopted the "kids" so, most of "their" patrimony was legally mine now. It made the other lawyer pissed, he jumped up and down as he left the office. The huge bullies left without saying a word. I was happy, more than happy, but I found it was to easy to get rid of the "brothers". “Tom, I know they won't give up so easily, and they have rights to the rest of the patrimony until we proof their adoption is a fraud, it will take some time…

“Well, at least I am free to look at those two gorillas!

“Not exactly, the lawyer made me sit and continued – They had already claimed for judicial support, they've managed to get this judicial order where they are grant the right to live temporarily in one of the properties.

“Fine, give them one of the apartments… “They've asked to judge to live with you!

“WHAT? That's my apartment! MINE! “Technically it belongs to the company as one of you father's benefits of being the company's founder, and since it was not transferred to your name they are claiming to share it with you.

“I won't live with those bastards! Do something!

“I am, I am, but you gotta obey the order, while the court doesn't pronounce its decision…

Man, I was pissed! How come I never thought about the apartment? I returned home, and when I opened the door I found those two apes sitting on my couch and drinking my liquor

“Hey, bro wassup! Jason said offering me a drink

I breath deeply, looked at the not friendly face of Harry and said:

“Look, I don't want you two living here with me, I can let you stay in one of my apartments downtown…

“Correction, one of OUR apartments! Harry said as he approached me and lifted me by the collar easily. Then for the first time I noticed how HUGE they were. They were out of those enormous suits and shirtless.

Jason was the shorter, well the guy was 6'4" and I guessed he was about 230 pounds! His hair was dark brown and his tanned skin matched perfectly with his green eyes, he had huge pecs and a cut flat ripped stomach with n impressive eight pack popping out, his legs were fantastically developed and his back had this perfect V shape, I was very turned on by beefy huge guys, but this was ridiculous! This guy was the size of a pro bodybuilder. His biceps bulged as he gently drank of my expensive whisky, he came near me: “We know you can't stand our faces, and we don't give a shit – He squeezed my jaw – We have a deal for you: You drop the suit, and agree to share everything with us otherwise…I let the guy proceed:

“You see, we have been following your steps for a while, pretty good details you left out of your life story… To make things shorter, they were aware of my sexuality, they knew I was gay, but it was only the beginning, they showed me letters, photos and other documents, every sordid detail of my life, the time I used hire gigolos, the orgies I give in that apartment, my time in Europe, everything very detailed. He said that they would never bother me with the adoption thing again, but I had to be their "sponsorship". They were trying to become professional bodybuilders, and they need money to get BIGGER! If I support them, they would never bring those facts again!

“And the best part is yet to come! Jason looked at Harry, who was still holding me by the collar. And then the bigger brother unzipped his pants and let out the biggest cock I've ever seen in my life. Harry was almost 6'9" and weighed 270 pounds! He was immense even if compared to Jason. Jet black hair military cut, blue eyes he had this well trimmed goatee and his jaw was square and firm, his pecs were even bigger than Jason's and his arms, they looked like cannonballs! His neck was so thick, and his abs were even more popped than his brother's, but his cock was sure most impressive. It was over a foot long, and about 6 inches around, it was so hard and veined, pulsing up and down as Jason talked:

“You can have us both for you! You can see us growing HUGE and we'll be very, very thanked! Jason kissed me roughly and Harry turned me quickly and shoved his enormous cock in my butt! I didn't even noticed he had ripped of my pants, all I felt was the excruciating pain up on my ass, and my yellow damped by Jason's kiss. I felt Harry's enormous shaft pumping on my hole as Jason got on his knees and stated blowing my cock. "What the hell is happening?" I never had such big guys before, but I was surely enjoying. Harry had my ass so tight around his shaft and Jason really knew his way on blowing a cock, soon I felt my ass filling with Harry's cum and my own jism filling Jason's mouth. He sucked it dry and cleaned his mouth: “Ya see? It's so cool isn't ? So what you say, it's not very difficult…

What should I do? Those guys were blackmailing me, but yet they were offering me something I really could enjoy, and if the Board got to know those things, I would be in very bad situation, so I found myself in a dilemma – OK! You guys can live here! I will sponsor you!

“That's a nice boy! Harry said in a low tone in my ears that I swear I melted in the same time, he pulled me to his already hard cock and gently forced me to blow him.

I thought it couldn't be that bad: I had two big hard beefy cocks to me 24 by 7! Or at least I thought so… At the beginning, it was Sodom and Gomorra all the time, I got home and get fucked by those monsters, blew them, and let them spend my money in their training. And it was not cheap thing! Just with food and supplements it was almost 5000 dollars a month! Then there was gym membership – 400 bucks a month per each, they worked out with famous personal trainers not less than 500 per week! And they had built a home gym for their "private work outs" – 3000 dollars spent on machines and weigh sets. Since they've been growing, they needed new clothes too, 2000 dollars for each one on wardrobe, spandex, tank tops, lycra shorts, posing trunks, everything for their training. Not to mention "roids" as they called those things! Jason said they were "on cycle", I didn't know what the heck was that, but I spent another 800 bucks each time they bought those illegal drugs from Mexico…

I can't say it had no results, they were blowing right in front of my eyes! Jason was whooping 274 pounds and Harry tapped the scales at 295 pounds, just after 8 months of sponsorship. You must think I would be very "thanked" for my financial help, but I wasn't. They spent all day on gym training or buying clothes or steroids, when I got home after work, they were already having an enormous dinner, in fact every time I saw them, they were eating, training or resting! I wasn't fucked in a long time, and it was starting to bother me. Harry told me, they were tired of training, but when they restarted cycling their libido would raise surprisingly and I would be treated as I deserved. I bought that for a week or so, but when I got home in the middle of afternoon, I've surprised my "boys" having a fucking party in my place! There were plenty of men there, most of them seemed executives I could tell, and they were fucking!

“What the he hell is going on? I asked Jason who was being blown by an old thin man. He rolled his eyes over and ordered all the man to go! They looked sad and left the place kissing and mouthing dirty things to Harry and Jason! When we were alone I just busted!

“Who were those guys, why were you… “Cut the crap, Tommy! Harry said roughly! You know what they were doing here! We use your place to host those orgies, we need to get more money, since you are so cheap! “Cheap? I give you more than you fucks deserve! I spent 20000 dollars on both each month! “So what? Jason asked – You think it's enough? You think we are OK with this? We have the right of all your fucking money! “But we had a deal! I said trying not to cry!

“Yeah, yeah! But you are not giving us enough money, so we had to find a way to get more money…

“Look at you! You are immense! Why you need more money?

Harry approached and said :

“You think that's enough? You're pathetic! I wanna grow even more! I wanna be the biggest motherfucker in the world! And it won't be a bug like you that will stop mw of reaching my goal!

“How dare you talk to me like this? I said and lost my control – I tried to punch him, but I couldn't he was faster, he just flexed his abs and my hand reached a wall of bricks, but I couldn't even felt the pain, because right after that I felt Harry's enormous hand hitting me on the chin, I almost fainted, everything was spinning! Then Jason kicked me on the gut, and threw me over the table, which broke and the glass shreds cut me so badly, I thought I would die there!

When I woke up, I was in my bathroom, they had given me first aid, they wouldn't kill their golden egg chicken. Jason smiled at me:

“Listen, punk! You are not in charge in here! You never been! It's better to do as we say, we want MONEY, BIG-TIME! Or we'll show that thing to your dear members of the board! And until you raise our funds, you are forbidden to play with the goods! Jason punched me again, and I fainted once more. All I've heard was their laughter as they left the place.

It was about 9 o'clock when I finally recovered from the beating. I was sore, and hurt all over, but mostly form inside! I couldn't believe it all happened, when did is start to be so complicated? I got up and went to the living room, where the table was still there in pieces, and my blood all over the place. I could send those two to jail, I didn't care for the members finding about me being gay, I was still the main shareholder, and I didn't care for the suit anymore, I would rip those bastards! They would suffer! But, deep inside I knew it wasn't enough, I had to make those bastards pay for what they did to me! And money or freedom wasn't enough! I was so pissed I started crying out loud, as I recovered the shreds of the table… “There, there! Why are such a pretty princess crying in a beautiful night like this? The voice came from nowhere and I swore that brilliant powder came down from the ceiling. It twisted and spanned around the room, until it finished in the form of an old thin lady, with white hair and pink complexion dressing what seemed to be a night gal?

“What's the problem my dear? The woman said in a caring tone. I couldn't speak! Where did she came from anyway?

“ I'm you fairy godmother, my dear princess! She said squeezing her eyes trying to see me better - come to light honey, so I can see you better! When I approached she realized I wasn't exactly a princess: “Who are you? And what are you doing in my home? I was pretty done with surprises “Dear, you are not a young lady! She said surprised “Well of course not! I'm man! What the fuck are you doing here? “I was sent to fulfill the wishes of the crying princess… She said as she swung a stick with a star in the top… “HEY GRANNY! YOU'RE ON THE WRONG STORY AGAIN! It was a HUGE man dressed in leather pants and shirtless! “Oh, I'm so sorry! Please forgive me! She said as she disappeared in the glittering powder “ SORRY FOR THE LADY, KID! SHE IS NOT USED TO MODERN TIMES! The big guy said in a loud tone, man he was HUGE! Even bigger than Harry, and he was even "harrier". His body was inhumanly muscled, it was impossible, he seemed one of those morphed pictures, and his pants had a HUGE cut in the middle where I saw a gigantic cock harder than steel pulsating . The guy was well over 7 feet tall… “Look, I am not getting this – I tried to get things straight but he stopped me, putting his huge hand on my mouth.

“Hey kido! You don't NEED to understand everything in this life! I am telling you what you need to know right? – I nodded – Good! Now, my name is Joe, and I am you fairy!

“Fairy? You don't look like a fairy to me! “Well, you said you prefer that senile with a pointy hat? I can call her back! But I know you prefer me, don't you? He flexed his muscles and his cock seemed to grow even more…

“I must be dreaming! I am still fainted on the tube…

“That's why I am here, kid! I am your fairy, but not those stupid fairy you read about on the tales, I am here to REALLY grant your most sincere wishes… He looked at me and smiled

“Joe, I don't have any ball to go, so please could you leave now!

“Look ,Tom, I know you are not having your best time, and that's why I am here, I can make sure that those bastards will never bother you again… “Can you get rid of them? I ask in a more interesting tone. “I sure could, but…He stopped and looked at me – Is that what you REALLY want?

“YEAH! I said not thinking, but then I felt it wasn't truth…

“I know it's not kido! I can read your mind! I knew since the beginning what you really wanted. You want them to feel just like you did, totally seduced by your muscles, your power, your size, no matter how hard they train, they would never be HALF as big as you are, you want muscles so big and strong, you wanna be inhumanly muscular, you want to make them feel like bugs compared to you, and you want them to like this, you want them to be your sluts for ever, to have their asses, to rule their lives, you want them to feel the same need for their muscles as you did… He looked deeply in my eyes – That's what you really want! “C-can you make it come true? I asked in mumbling words… He hugged me and lifted me in his arms: “I can make everything possible, All you have to do is wishing… He kissed me deeply. “I WISH I WAS SO BIG AND MUSCLED, SO BIG AS THOSE BASTARDS NEVER DREAMED OF! NO WAIT! BIGGER THAN THAT! I WANNA BE A FREAK, MORE THAN A FREAK, I WANNA BE SO HUGE, MY ARMS ARE BIGGER THAN THEIR CHESTS, NO! EVEN BIGGER! I WANNA BE TWICE AS BIG AS THAT, I WANNA BE LIKE YOU, NO! EVEN BIGGER, I WANT YOU TO FEEL LIKE A BUG NEAR ME, NO MATTER HOW BIG YOU ARE ! I WANNA BE MANY TIMES BIGGER, I WANT MY GUNS TO BE BIGGER THAN YOUR CHEST! AND MUCH BIGGER! NO ONE CAN BE ONE TENTH OF MY MUSCLES! I WANT YOU TO BE TINY COMPARED TO ME! I WANT LEGS THICKER THAN PILLARS, I WANT A CHEST BIGGER THAN A BARREL, NO TWO BARRELS, I WANT A 10, NO 12, NO 20 PACK FOR ABS, I WANT TO BE HUGE! MUCH TALLER THAN YOU ARE, AND MUCH TIMES MORE MUSCULAR, I WANNA THEM TO FEEL INSIGNIFICANT NEAR ME AND I WANT IT NOW!!! – I didn't know why I said those things, or how could I say all those things in one only breath! And Joe was there smiling at me, his thick long hair length shoulder waving to me… And then I said more:


“Tommy, I've already got the picture! I can read your mind, remember? I saw the picture on your mind, even if you didn't. And I am going to make you even bigger than that, don't worry I know how to do my job! He kissed me again and I felt such a bliss, my anxiety disappeared.

He put me on the ground and his cock was literally poking me on the chest: “This is my "magic rod" ! I gotta stick it on you to make you grow! He gently turned me over “I will never be able to handle you… I mumbled as he started shoving it up on my arse. – Don't worry, it's magical! – And as he said that, I felt my hole stretching to receive such a huge rod! It was heaven, the more of the shaft it got the better it felt, I swore I got all the prick on my ass!

“Good boy! That's a nice boy! Now let's start pumping you BIG!

I saw my reflection on the wall sized mirror in the living room. I saw Joe enormous behind me and his mouth kissing my ears, I saw myself and couldn't believe my eyes! I was BLOWING with each time Joe pounded on my ass! It started down on my legs, they unfolded in unbelievable size, the muscle cables filling my pillars, and the noise of my bones augmenting, I felt my legs thickening as well as my calves, my feet, they were HUGE! And my legs were so enormously thick I thought I was gonna fall!

“Watch those legs! And we're just beginning! Joe pounded heavier, and I felt the growth coming on my crotch, my cock ached so hard it was, and I felt like cumming when it got longer and longer, and longer, thicker as Joe's rod never been, the head got gigantic and the balls were swelling like grapefruits, much more like a watermelon , I saw it getting veiny as much bodybuilders arms can't get, it was so immense and going up and reaching the level of my eyes, I never thought I could do it, but I was blowing on my self standing! “Don't worry! It will get a lot bigger after we're done! Joe whispered – Now watch your stomach!

I saw my already flat stomach popping like corn, it got so dense, I felt my entire organism readjusting to my new size, I felt my self growing taller and taller. My stomach sprouted a 20 insanely huge pack, so big and deep, they seemed like boulders in my stomach. I could only moan as I saw my whole body starting to grow harder and faster. My chest ballooned like they were being inflated, it got so huge, it got to heavy to quick and doubled over my abs, making a loud noise. And it never stopped, it got even bigger the next second, I couldn't see over them anymore, then I looked at the mirror and almost fainted again. I was so BIG, I was almost Joe's size and there was no signals of stopping! When it reached my arms, I almost came right there, it ached a lot, but I loved when my arms got longer and they thickened by the inches! My guns grew gigantic! I saw them cramping and thickening, then I saw it getting veined, the it GREW! Bigger than my head, I flexed them and they doubled in size, I saw they growing even more! My triceps came along with my guns! My arm was the size of a basket ball, then it got even bigger, it doubled, and tripled the size, for one inch I gained in one muscle, my arm gained three! I thought it was insane, but I was fucking loving it! Then I felt something wrong, I was growing too fast! My whole body inflated like a muscular monster! I was so Huge I had totally covered Joe's immense reflex on the mirror! I couldn't see him anymore! Only his hands grabbing the base of my gigantic cock! And I knew I wasn't done either! I was becoming so wide my lats seemed like condor wings, my neck was so thick! And my hair grew longer, it cascaded down my enormous shoulders, I was more than five feet wide, no make it seven, because was a good five feet wide himself. My skin glistened with its new shade! And my eyes got so blue as turquoise sea! I was growing faster and bigger by the inches – How much was I weighing?

“800 pounds! And getting heavier by the seconds! Joes said in a deep voice. And you're about 7 and a half feet tall! I smiled and moaned:


“HANG ON! WE'RE NOT DONE YET! He said as I felt my ass getting tighter around his cock! It was swelling! And as it got thicker inside me I felt myself growing faster! My cock was longer and thicker itself, and my legs fought for space, my balls were the size of gigantic boulders, my chest was wider than two grown men together, my shoulders were even wider, and my guns were each the size of one pec, and even bigger, I moaned as I watched myself growing taller, I thought I was going through the roof, and I was looking forward to! I got so wide the next second, I was surprised I didn't touch the opposite wall, I turned to side, So I could see Joe working on my butt while I dwarfed him by the seconds. I was a behemoth. One of my thigh was the size of his chest, and my right biceps was bigger than his entire upper body, he was so tiny compared to me now, and I could see the happy look on his face:

“8'7" 2500 fucking pounds! How about it? Joe pounded my as so hard he bounced up and down, so much flesh I had now!

“BIGGER! BIGGER! BIGGER! Was All I could say as I felt my own orgasm building in my mega sized balls. I saw that Joe was almost there too! My whole body ached for release, and so did Joe's…

“I am about to blow! Joe said and this time I could read his mind. I grabbed him, and easily turned him over, so we engaged in a over muscular 69 position. He forced my cock to his mouth, and gently mouthed his mammoth sized member, when we were ready, I felt him saying "now" so I cam right there in his mouth, and soon I felt his cum filling myself with his power. It was intense, we both fell on the floor, and I think the whole building heard it! When I swallowed his load, I saw myself ballooning even faster than it all happened, it felt like a tornado, my arms almost doubled and my chest was so thick, It was about one and a half feet thick ahead of me, my legs ached so thick they were and my cock exploded in cum into Joe's mouth. After all of this, I need a few minutes – well my orgasm lasted for 12 minutes – to recover from that growth. I saw Joe resting on my thighs – if you can call those thighs – He was exhausted! Sleeping heavily over them. I smiled and grabbed him near me, kissed him carefully and he woke up:

“Hello dear! He said in a bad impression of the first fairy I saw - Is it HUGE enough for you? He asked sitting on my chest and letting his cock touch my face. – I licked the rest of his still dripping already hard member:

“For starters… - We both laughed and kissed.

“Thank you! I could never imagine, you've realized my dream and much more! Even my voice was many times lower and thicker than his…

“All in a day of labor! Joe said as he lifted himself, and prepared to leave…

“You're going so soon? It's only 10.30 p.m. “Don't worry, I know you're crazy to test your new size on those two, but remember the midnight! “Why? Am I going to loose this body? I said almost crying!

“ARE YOU OUT OF YOU FUCKING MIND? Joe approached me and kissed – Midnight is the time where my magic will work on you! “What? You mean that I am not done yet?

“Remember I can read your mind, well I saw the picture you wished, not the one you said, and believe me, your subconscious is much more muscle creative than you can possibly imagine, I gave you exactly what it asked for, but due to the "SIZE" you asked for, my magic will take sometime in order to get things right… I was scared, How much was I going to grow anyway, I didn't want to become King Kong!

“Don't worry, it all will be fine, when you're done growing you'll know exactly what to do… Now enjoy your new and soon-to-be growing body! Joe kissed and in the middle of it, he disappeared . I looked at myself in the mirror! I was HUGE beyond your poor imaginations can conceive. My beauty could make you bugs cry, and my muscles are inhumanly huge! You can't compare with me with poor normal men, because it is like sizing a lake comparing it with the ocean. My head was so close to the ceiling, and I had to bend over to pass through doors, and I was fucking love this hugeness feeling! But I was starving! I headed to the kitchen, and fixed myself a little snack! Not little exactly, because I ate all the food Jason and Harry consume in two weeks, I know it because they've just made groceries yesterday. And I was still starving. I tried one of those shakes, they are always having, and it was tasty, so I finished with it, and all the others too, and the milk, and absolutely EVERYTHING eatable in the house. It would do for now, The kitchen was a mess, trash all over, but I didn't care, not anymore.

I went to their room and grabbed some clothes, just to tear them trying to dress them, it was ridiculous! They're so small, how come I used to think they were big? Then I headed to their gym, many little plates, I tried my hand on lifting them, but they were so light! I lifted al of them, and yet didn't break a sweat! They're pathetic little wimps!

Then after literally trashing their things, I decided to wait for them at my room, I knew they would be pissed after they saw what I did to their stuff…

11.35, pm. – Right then I heard the door opening! "Joe really knows his work". I heard them laughing as they passed through the living room, but it stopped as they reached the kitchen, then I listened to the cursing, and their steps running towards my room:

“Showtime! I mouthed to myself:

“WHAT THE FUCK YOU…- Jason could never finish his sentence, at the moment he opened the door, I grabbed him like a toy, and held his mouth, and locked the door. Harry came right then, and started kicking the thing. I sat on my bed, which I had already broke due to my weight. The door broke and Harry busted into my room, just to look at my augmented muscular version and drop his chin:

“What's the matter Harry? Cat ate your tongue? I said showing him the immobilized body of Jason in my arm. He tried to run away, but I grabbed his leg as he tried to escape and held him turning him upside down. He kicked and punched the air, but it was useless, I had both of them under my power.

“Why you keep trying? You know I overpowered you little wimps!

“LET ME GO, YOU FREAK! Harry said trying to get his foot of my grip. I just grabbed him rougher: “YOU GOT THAT RIGHT BUG! I'M A FREAK YOUR FREAK! YOUR FREAKING HUGE MASTER! YOU UNDERSTAND IT BUG? I had this fiercely look, that even on my beautiful face was totally scaring. “THIS CAN'T BE TRUE! Jason said as he managed to free his mouth. I embraced both of them in the most powerful bear hug, and they screamed in agony, I laughed, but then it wasn't enough for me, they still had to worship me!

“NOW LISTEN PUNKS! I'LL FREE YOU, BUT IF YOU DAR TO LEAVE THE ROOM, I WILL FINISH WITH YOU ONCE AND FOR ALL! They seemed to accept, but just incase, I went to their room, It was not easy passing through those small doors, bending and carrying those wimps on my arms, but I found so sexy! I locked the door and let the boys free. They really kept quiet, staring at my size, who could blame them? I was so TALL, Harry didn't even reach my lower chest, I was WIDER than both of them aside, and weighed more than six times their combined weight! Jason was so petite compared to me he actually had to look over my chest in order to see my face. Harry was lost in his own thoughts, so I just said:

“IT DOESN'T MATTER HOW! THE MAIN THING IS THAT NOW I AM THE BIG GUY AROUND HERE! I grabbed Jason by the waist and approached him of my face:

“I guess I am IN CHARGE now aren't I? Jason nodded and I smiled back at him – Good! Now, give me a massage in my pecs! And put those tiny arms to work, I wanna feel my muscles massaged! Jason started doing his massage, and I realized for the first time he was hard, he kept rubbing his hands up and down my gigantic torso, massaging those slabs of pure granite muscles – I flexed them And Jason could just rub his hands over, because it was too hard for his touch to massage. He worked on my nipples so delicately, I felt good – You can suck on them if you want, little man! – And so did Jason, I thought how easy it was to command them, but with the power I had now, it was really easy. I looked at Harry, who was also hard of watching me and laughed:

“What's the matter big little man? Aren't you the big honcho anymore?

“How? How come you got so BIG!

“I said it doesn't matter! You'd better watch it or I can crush you like the bug you are! “I am sorry master! I didn't mean to make you angry! – "master", it worked faster than I thought "Wow! Those guys are more into muscle than I was!"

“You want to join your brother? I asked in a low tone and gently held his little chin in my giant finger. Harry didn't even blinked, he started rubbing me just like Jason, they were lost feeling my hardness and my magnificent imperial size, they worked on my nipples, and I could feel my cock already hardening. Both of them realized at the same time my giant cock blossoming in the middle of my pillars of muscle I called legs .I smiled as Jason bit my oversized nipple, and Harry was astonished noticing the impossible size of my unflexed guns, realizing his chest wasn't even half of the size of my biceps, so I FLEXED it right on his face, and it literally bumped him, it was so HUGE, he had to use his both arms to embrace it, I laughed: “You miserable little bugs are so easily impressed! I didn't show you not one hint of my POWER!

I noticed their dumb looks and brought them in my hug, not so tight as the first I gave them:

“You bugs want your master to show you a small fraction of my POWER? Both of them nodded, but I wasn't going to give it to them so easy – So you gotta ask for it ! I made them get out of my marvelous muscles. With one simply and effortless threw them at the opposite wall. They got on their feet, and I stand TALL and proud at all my behemoth body, dwarfing the poor little bugs. They saw me at all my glory for the first time, and I think I scared them a little, but my muscles were so impressive, the only reaction who could overtake them was major hard on, and so they were corralled in the wall. I saw them so tiny and insignificant, and I loved that feeling, it was then I saw the clock: a quarter to midnight, perfect, it was getting better and better.

“p-please master, let us see your muscles flexing – Jason asked me “You think this pathetic request will buy me, you miserable bug? I grabbed him and ripped his clothes: “I wanna see that you are begging to have my attention! “Please master, I'm hard just looking at your powerful muscles, You're so Huge, I wanna feel your hard body, I wanna give you a cat bath, I want you to use me master, make me your muscle slave, please master, let me be your servant! – Harry grabbed his now ridiculous endowment and started stroking it – P-please master, I'd give anything to touch your muscles, anything, I wanna serve you, I wanna feel those impressive muscle of yours over my body, please master, I will be a good slave, you bet I will, I wanna serve you, your muscles, please master, please, AAAAARGGGGGGGHHHHH! Harry approached me nice and slowly as he enchanted his pray to muscle worship, I let him approach me and right when he was about to cum, I grabbed him and sucked his little prick so hard, the little guy almost fainted, I sucked him dry, and kissed his now limp body:

“That's a good slave, very obedient! I looked down at Jason, while caressed Harry like a puppy: “You gotta come with something better if you want me to show you my power! “I do whatever you want, sir! Jason was already stroking his own member - Save it! You have to be more creative, you little bug, don't copycat our little Harry… Jason was confused, he fell on the trap! “What you want me to do, master? He finally said in a begging tone.

“Why don't you tell me the truth, what's the deal among you salves and the late Marion? Jason hesitated, I caught him my hands – Come on, I can give you pleasure beyond your poor body can support, why don't you tell me, you know I can make you spit the truth if I want, why don't make things easier- for you!

“Ok, master! We set the whole thing, Marion was one of our sponsors, but she ran out of her money, and then she met your father, she invented the kids story, so he could give her money every month, and she could give it to us, but your father ended up trying to adopt them, she never told it was possible, when he found out it was all a lie he decided to divorce her, but then the accident happened , when we heard about the accident on TV, we broke into the house, to steal the goods, and we found the adoption papers in one of the drawers, since no one knew the kids were fake and it had our names on it, we just erased the ages and gave them to our lawyer and made it seem truth, so we would be heirs just like you., then you came with the teen story, and those documents, we couldn't give up now, that's why…

“Shut up slave, I see you two were very trickery, but it ends here and now! I kissed him deeply, making sure he was almost suffocating and then, at the last moment possible, I broke the kiss, and he fell on my knees . “Please, master don't punish us! Harry begged me rubbing himself on my colossal arms, he kissed my fingers and offered himself to me:

“I'll make it worth, master, I will be the best salve, I wanna please you everyday “Yes, we'll make this worth, master, we are here to love your body, and please you, like your slaves – Jason begged and both of them crawled in my legs, as I pretended not paying attention to those miserable bugs. If I knew that yesterday, I would be pissed, but my former life doesn't really mater for me now, I have POWER and a bigger power than I've never had, I am POWER, and those two are the living proof of my muscles, my victory, and so they deserve to serve me, to make me feel more than I already am!

“You want me to show my true power? So you shall get here and please my cock! I said and Soon Harry was sit on the shaft impaling himself, I helped him, his tight little ass, around my shaft good, Jason came behind me and worked on my hole with his tongue, I was in heaven, my revenge was complete, I had those bastards right in the place I always wanted, and I looked at the clock, 11.59 ! Fuck it is about to happen! When the clock sounded for the first time, I couldn't even imagine what was about to come: BLAM – Sounded the first bell: I felt my entire body burning, my legs trembled and my cock ached so hard it was. I looked at my mighty chest and it was inflating much more than it had already did, it was HUGE even compared to my imperial size, I saw my nipples so hard, Jason was frightened: Master, what is going on!

“Don't worry bug!, I am just growing bigger, so you and your friend will have more meat to worship! Jason massaged my butt and played with his fingers, but as soon as he noticed my growth he inserted his cock, and arranged to stay attached on my butt, ramming his little cock up on my expanding ass BLAM! – The second bell rang and my whole being was stretched, I saw my legs developing and building new muscles over the previous, my arms were so long now, they could reach the floor, and they only got THICKER, I grabbed Harry of my cock, he was crying of pain, because my shaft was already to much for his little butt. I made him seat on my right biceps and Jason on the other. I was growing so fast I was afraid I would kill one of them with my power, so I made sure I was watching them… BLAM, BLAM, BLAM! Three more bells and I thought I had doubled my previous size! My legs were so thick, I just kept drooling at the view of my ever growing magnificence, my stomach now had over 30 pack with cabled power of muscles, my Chest was so huge, I thought I could take bullet shots and still live! My arms doubled their size, and Harry and Jason yelled as pretending to be riding a bull, they kept massaging me, sucking my nipples:

“Yeah, that's good, work those nipples, make your master grow HUGER! I wanna grow more! BLAM! BLAM! With two more rangs, I felt my head reaching the ceiling, and I was sit, if you wanna know, I was over nine feet tall just sitting, and I was about to touch the two side wall, over eight feet apart form each other, which I did before the end of the seventh rang, Jason and Harry had to get out of my guns, because they couldn't reach around it not even with their legs! I heard noises from my body, fighting for space to GROW, and my hands so huge I could do anything I wanted. My hair grew longer and brighter, it was in the middle of my back, I can't stand it is too beautiful!

“I AM COLOSSAL! THE MIGHTIEST ONE OF THEM ALL! I FLEXED my biceps and they ballooned even more, they were touching the ceiling now, I was outgrowing my apartment! BLAM! The eighth rang was so intense I thought I was going through the roof. As my legs got so thick they were also touching both of the walls I knew it would hard to leave the room, my guns were so HUGE, they probably weighed 300 pounds each, I they were still growing! I saw the look on Jason and Harry's face, they were astonished, frightened, and most of all, excited! I grabbed them and brought near my growing chest! I made them say they loved me for being so huge, and they kept mumbling to me I was the most beautiful thing they've ever heard! I was growing so fast, each time I felt my head was forcing the ceiling, so I lied down on the floor and kept growing, my muscles were so colossally powerful I just give the wall a push and it fell down, I crawled to the living room, where the ceiling was a little higher thanks to the glass roofing, I was so immense I was almost outgrowing that room too!

BLAM! BLAM! The ninth and tenth rings worked so hard on my cock, it felt it has a life on his own! It sprouted up almost touching the ceiling itself, it was so thick, almost as thick as my arms, and also as veined. I saw myself on the mirror and laughed, Jason and Harry came to embrace me, and I Worked their cocks roughly with my huge hands, I made them blow very quickly, and then I made those bastards work on my shaft because I needed relief.

BLAM! The eleventh rang was mostly for my pecs and guns, they were the biggest part on my, except for my cock! My chest was so immense, two men couldn't get it's width, speaking of width, I had already touched the walls with my shoulders, which meant I was 10 feet wide! 10 Feet WIDE, That's what I call HUGE! I looked at those puny little men worshipping me and wanted to laugh, how come they think they can please me? I am the only one who can! But they would try at least, I grabbed them both and made them sit in one of my biceps, they were so tiny, like a child playing around its father's body. My cock couldn't last any second, I grabbed it with my free hand and gave it three strokes, right before it ranged the last bell:,

“BLAM! – I felt bliss, I heard my balls squeezing and My cock fountaining cum as Old Faithful! And my whole body received an energy wave so intense, it grew thicker and more muscular for good, I realized I was 12'9" tall, 10' wide, and weighed 7587 pounds! I had 142 inches biceps and 205 inches chest, my legs were at 153 inches each and my abs was a incredible 32 pack veined and popped. I had a 4 feet long cock, two and a half feet wide, which I think would never go soft again, my hair was perfect, and so were my eyes, my face! “WOW! That's a MAN! Joe said appearing form nowhere! He was back and smiling at me! So, didn't I worked fine on you? He smiled, I just sent my gigantic arm and grabbed him, kissing him deeply:

“ YOU WERE GREAT! – Gee!, my voice was so powerful, even I got scared “You're welcome! Now you know what you gotta do, don't you

I blinked at him – I WISH I HAD A PLACE AWAY FROM EVERYTHING SO I COULD ENJOY MY NEW LIFE, WITH MY SLAVES AND MY FAIRY FUCKING AND GROWING FOR EVER! Joe smiled and we kissed, from our kissing came a light who embraced all of us. When I opened my eyes, I was in some sort of island, I was on the beach, and Jason and Eric, who seemed pretty much pumped themselves, were resting on my even more gigantic chest! I looked around and saw tiny little normal men serving me abnormal amounts of food, By the mess around, I'd say I'd just came, but who? “SATISFIED MY PRINCE? It was Joe's voice, and he looked bigger than ever, he was just cleaning his mouth of my still hot jism when we kissed deeply: “I hope you didn't mind, but I had to enlarge your slaves and myself a little bit, so we could be able to handle you, but don't worry I gave another 1000 pounds, so you still are much bigger than all of us together… “You mean I am almost 9000 pounds of MUSCLE? Why not to go for 10000? “You already are my prince! I can't keep making you bigger! You're about 13 feet tall and 12846 pounds, right before lunch! But I guess you'll be 15000 by next morning! Joe smiled and we kissed again, I stood proud and grabbed him and my slaves in my hug, they woke up beautifully, I knew I was in heaven my kind of heaven, so all I had to do was FUCKING, and GROWING! And so we lived happily ever after. •

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