Snow White and His Seven Dwarfs???


By Suske

Arnie ran off, he ran for miles and miles, his legs trained on the most heavy weights didn't get tired for a instance. Arnie's stomach however was missing his daily intakes of food. Then and there Arnie realised that he ate for a battalion. Well eating, let's call it stuffing, gorging huge amounts of chicken, eggs, steaks and whatever faced him. He remembered once eating everything in the whole kitchen and still being hungry, he wait a minute, that was only yesterday! That's true he had eating everything, his father was madder than hell, that why he probably got kicked out of the castle, he didn't amount to much, but getting bigger and a better fucker. Well he only was encouraged to go to the gym, nobody ever stopped him. Well it was to late now anyway. He ran and kept running until he was long into an other country. He was very hungry and when he finally saw a house he went inside and ate half the supplies. Somewhat tired by mental fatigue he fell asleep on of the mattresses near the fireplace.

Arnie woke up, seeing seven faces. Some looked inquisitive, but the most of them a bit angry.

One of the little men asked if Arnie had eaten most of their food? "Well I was running and got hungry and I didn't know what to do!" That didn't make the faces happier. "So you ate half of our supplies on a feeding frenzy?" Asked the same man again. Arnie said yes and added that he actually was still hungry and these seven little guys, might have been not that tall, that didn't mean they were weaklings, they showed some good bulk and bulges, very nice bulges in the crotch area (they were wearing clothes, not like our always nude Prince Arnie). Arnie seeing this nice range of men got a hard on. And he introduced himself as Prince Arnie. That made the "dwarfs" seem to loosen. They were Doc, Drippy, Basher, Humpy, Stuffy, Grumpy and Thumper. They were all half the size of Arnie. They all had beards, not long ones though. They all wear a very baggy kind of trousers and a halter top. That made their shoulders, arms and waist clearly visible. And every one of them had a huge salami stuffed in their trousers, at least so it seamed. They had very muscled arms and shoulders, nice pecs, not as huge as Arnie, but they were huge in any other way. Some of the dwarfs had taper waist, and some had real roid guts. Doc the man of the house had a definite roid gut. He was also the only one with a moustache. Doc was what you would call a real bear. He had hair all over. He changed into his coverall, so he showed what the salami was. Well you probably already guessed it, it was the man's huge cock. It was half hard and hang almost to his knees! And with his little dwarfy hands he would never get around it, hey even Arnie would have had problems with that, it was really thick! And so were the legs it was next to. Arnie had never seen many big men like Doc in the Castle, well there was Morden, who rather big, but Morden had this fairy way around him, which Arnie thought was a real turn off. This Doc was nothing like it. He seemed to be really rough, just like Arnie loved it! And as soon as Doc put a cigar in his mouth, Arnie got completely hard. He wanted to have that salami up his arse!

Doc was no fool. He saw that Arnie liked what he saw, but he wasn't going to give Arnie himself just yet. He was not going to indulge this brat every and any whim he had. So he called Stuffy and told him to strip. Stuffy became stiffy on the spot. Stuffy looked like Doc, only Stuffy had no body hair anywhere. The only hair he had was his hair and his beard. And Stuffy had the same salami Doc had. Stuffy seemed to be a bit more shredded. He didn't have a real roid gut, it was a bit distended, but you could see the abs rather good.

And being more shredded and probably also due to the lack of hair on his body you could see stuffy's veins. He had huge ones, small ones, it made stuffy have no smooth skin. It was like a map, and unclear one at that. Stuffy's hot rod came to action, it wasn't as thick as Doc's but it was a bit longer. Well Arnie hadn't had sex for a long time, and his balls needed some release. So he trusted himself upon Stuffy's hot rod and put his own in stuffy's mouth. This seems impossible, but remember the length of Arnie's cock and that Stuffy was a dwarf, a built and big square dwarf, but still a dwarf. Arnie almost immediately lost control, he was so near losing his load. But he didn't wanted to look like a randy dandy on front of the other dwarfs.

Stuffy on the other hand did not know what to expect and most certainly wasn't used to the pleasure caves of prince Arnie. Stuffy lost his first load very fast, and Arnie started to get in the motion, and Stuffy felt pleasure like he never had done before. Arnie saw how he was pleasuring Stuffy and came. This was almost too much for the other dwarfs, if they weren't sporting hard ones by now it wouldn't take long any longer. Most of them were giving themselves a good hand job, except for Basher and Thumper, who were on top of each other. The only one not yet reaching an orgasm was Doc. He saw that this prince could be a nice asset to their group, the only problem would be food. This man ate half their food, ah well they'd survive. A few things would change but life could become happy and gay. And they needed some change anyway. And so Arnie became a part of the dwarf's household. He cooked for them, kept the house clean, and helped in the mines and on the land. It seems easy, but the only chores Arnie liked were working in the mines and cooking.

He even made a new gym and tried his hand on a few potions to create more food. It was hard working in the beginning but they soon found a rhythm. And they certainly found one at night. These dwarfs were a raunchy bunch. They liked it anyway and every way. As long as they had a good time, and Arnie's trained cock, did it for them. It was too long to go in all the way, in any of the dwarfs but they loved it. Arnie loved their thick rods. But they weren't long enough, he had carved a long thick wooden dildo, but it lacked warmth and, well Arnie wanted to it with someone not something.

Meanwhile at the Royal Castle Morden was happy, he was the fairest again, but the king was in tears. He had lost his son, his nice, big, beautiful son. Morden tried to comfort, but it didn't work. Morden needed challenges because with an unhappy king, he needed some happiness of his own. So one day he asked his mirror: "Mirror, mirror, on the wall who's the fairest of them all?" "Of them all?" The mirror replied! "Well, prince Morden, this you will not like, it is prince Arnie." But how could that be, the chief had returned with bloody hands, giving him the prince's hart! "Oh no" The mirror continued "That was mere the hart of a deer." Morden understood the case, but he wanted to get rid of Arnie. So he started plotting, and this time he would do it himself.

One day Arnie was cleaning the house, when a stranger knocked on the door. It was a salesman. The salesman asked if Arnie needed something. A new brush perhaps? Arnie needed nothing. He had everything, a lover would be nice, but this salesman, had a fairy way. Finally the salesman said that it never had happened to him before, that nobody bought nothing. So he gave Arnie a golden dildo as token of his appreciation, it was given to him once, and now it was for Arnie. Arnie took it and when the salesman went away he looked at it, it wasn't big, but well let's try it. And so he did.

As you know that perfidious salesman was no one else than that Morden person, he had hexed that dildo; any one that would insert it, would immediately die. Only Morden didn't know about one thing. Arnie was a bit hexed himself. So Arnie didn't die, he fell in a very deep sleep, which looked a lot like death.

When the seven dwarfs found Arnie that way they thought he was dead. Arnie lay in a coffin made from glass. The seven dwarfs around it were constantly jacking off to the sight to behold that was in the coffin. But they couldn't cum. They were overwhelmed with grief that their fuckmeister was dead that they just couldn't achieve orgasm anymore.

Not many days after the prince his death a fair man on a horse came by. This was no ugly bloke. He was really muscled. You could say he was even more muscled than our beloved prince Arnie. The one difference was, that this prince was more proportioned than Arnie. Arnie's preposterous legs and didn't match his upper body (yet). The man on the horse with extremely blond hair was in love, with the man in the coffin. He couldn't believe he met a dude that was that beautiful, that big. But, why was this man in a coffin? He asked the dwarfs. He simply didn't believe that the man he saw wasn't more than sleeping. So he bashed the coffin, which broke easily. The man of the horse gave Arnie such a good kissing that the golden dildo was farted out of Arnie's arse. Arnie awoke from his nightmare, to find a handsome stranger assaulting his mouth with a very long tongue. It is indeed to be said this man of the horse had a very, very long tongue. Arnie fell in love. It was magic.

In a the royal castle of Muscelania prince Morden felt something funny. And he felt it was his end coming. The next day Arnie and his lover arrived at the royal castle. Morden was petrified what was the king going to do? The king was in ecstasy. His son had returned with a suitor. A very handsome bloke and intelligent too! And also Arnie had learned trades at the dwarfs place. And it turned out that the man on the horse was none other than the crown prince of Cockenie, a neighbouring country. The two married and got very big horny amount of children. They moved to the Royal palace of cockenie, with was a beautiful surfers paradise on the tropical shores of cockenie. Man they lived big of muscles everafter, The fucking end. •

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