Temptation and Offer, The


By Bruce

Foreword: This is sort of a twist to Faust and I hope that all of you like it.

I look back at the events that surround all of this and I must admit that I am still baffled but I am getting ahead of myself here. I should start at the beginning.

Well it was the first lazy weekend and warm day of summer. I decided that I was going to head to the gym early but before I needed to get something into my stomach. I stopped off to the nearest coffee shop just to get like a toasted bagel and some coffee. I decided to take it near the window the overlooked the street so that I could engage in people watching as I enjoy doing. I was relaxing and enjoying the early morning sun and the slight breeze. I noticed someone that caught my eye that I have seen in the gym before. The guy was around 5'10" and weighed a muscular 240lbs. It was those emerald colored eyes that was a contrast to his first hint of a tan and his blue-black short cropped hair and goatee that really first drew you in. There was something magnetic and charismatic about this guy and I had seem him looking at me at the gym a couple of times before, but like I normally am in the gym which is all business I hadn't paid any attention to him to be honest.

I gave him a quick glance and the once over, since he was wearing a black tank top that outlined his deep and very thick mature muscled pecs which were I covered by the light and softest velvet of hair since I had seen him workout with a shirt before I knew what was under that tank top He had very wide shoulders and tapered to a flat muscle 6 pack that you could see through the fabric. He had a back that seemed much too wide for his frame and its thickness was unmatched. As he walked away he had the most glorious of bubble butts that I have ever seen on a man and being a butt and a legman to the nines, I have seen my fair share. Well I went back to reading my paper and finishing off my bagel and coffee. He sat at the far end and looked like he ways waiting for someone as he looked at his watch. The room as I looked at him appeared different somehow. An ethereal being fair in all his features, but more muscular to him, stat in front of him in a deep conversation. What I looked at them from time to time and I noticed, no I felt I knew the identity of these two. One Lucipher and the other was Archangel Michael. I sat mesmerized. Then I heard as whisper from one of them I am not sure which one it was but they realized I could see them for what they truly were and I could understand their speech.

After a long while trying not to be fixated on these two they suddenly seemed to disappear since I had just looked in their direction seconds earlier and now they were gone. Ok I brushed it off to hallucination and gulp down the last of my coffee and headed to the gym.

The gym was relatively quiet and I like to go early since I have pretty much run of the place and can really focus on my workouts. Then as I was doing some pretty heavy sets on my lat pull down superset, I get a tap on the shoulder. I was him again from the coffee shop. I didn't show fear but I wondered what he could possibly want from me since I am not the type to be tempted.

"Do you mind if I work in between you."

I looked into those eyes and then I spoke. "Are you wanting to work in or is it something more."

"I see that you remembered me from earlier and you know who I am."

"Yes I do and to be honest what could you possibly be doing here since you don't need to work out so that means you have other motives."

"Maybe I do and maybe I don't.", as he flashed the most masculine yet handsome mischievous sensual smile possible on such a handsome face.

"So what shall it be? Mr. Fallen Angel?" I said.

"Please just call me Tim for the time being. Well I have watched you for many years. I have seen you do many good things yet you don't seem to get your hearts true desire Bruce. You are what 5'5", and you have a fairly good build at 165lbs right now right? You have nice features and good skin and it seems that gene wise things have been good to you that you will not look your age even when it comes your time. I think that I would have been able to tempt you but you have this damned humble nature that I kind of find irritating at times. But despite you voicing things to the "Other Side". It goes un-noticed. So I want to make you an offer. I will give your hearts desire and bring out the natural talent this within you and heighten it so it can come to the forefront, as it should sooner than much later. So here it is. I will continue to inspire you and help you in fulfilling that but when it comes time I will give you a chance to keep your soul by a test but should you fail it is mine. How does that sound?"

I was thinking and I was hoping that he couldn't read my thoughts. Now at 30 gay and single, ok but content nonetheless. I wanted to be muscular. I had size and good strength but I could never get rid of the layers of fat that kept them hidden and even with trying out steroids and all kinds of guru fads. I am 5'5" like he mentioned, 170 actually, with a 45 chest and 16.5" arms and 25"quads but the love handles couldn't leave me and my shoulders lagged behind my chest and legs. My back was also a sticking point and would grow really slowly even under extreme intense workouts. Trusting in the "Other Side" I figured that I could take him up on his offer and still come out of it with my soul intact.

I sat down on the lat bench and he crouched down to gaze into my eyes. "Ok so I will take up on this but since this is my soul and eternity that is in question I have some demands to impose before I give you my final stamp of approval."

"Ok that sounds fair. What did you have in mind?"

"You mean you don't know already."

Another irresistible flash of that smile of his made me leek pre-cum without a thought. "Ok here it is. I don't want this over night. I want it to come on a gradual basis over a year time frame. Yes I want muscle and I want to be big but it has to be aesthetic and symmetrical when the end result comes to end. Hey I am not the richest guy in the world so I don't want to be sent to the poor house in buying food or buying clothes. Whatever the outcome, should I win or you win, what you give me is permanent and no taking it back from me. You will not spy, observe, interfere, nor exert many means of influence upon me in any shape or form directly or indirectly during that year time frame besides the muscular growth and to the dimensions we will discuss. You will leave me 100% alone to do my own thing with what you give me. You will let me enjoy your gift for one complete and full year after the final changes occur. Once that time comes I will meet you and I will perform your test and furthermore should I win you will never have any further contact with me ever and that means eternity wise. Should you win then I will follow you and agree to end my mortal coil to go to hell for eternity. Do we have a deal?

Tim stood up and rubbed his immaculately groomed goatee. "Well Bruce I must admit that so far you are no leaving me much room but that will make having your soul with me to dictate so I will agree nor time to show you how to really workout and we will discuss the proportions you wish to obtain."

With that he effortlessly spun me around and sexually sent through me wafts of pleasure as he coached me through my back workout. •

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