Room, The

By norsejock

Good evening all. Yeah, Im one of the readers (fairly sure, Ive never posted or responded). Before we go on to the story, I just wanted to make one comment. I think the sane among us agree that if a story doesn't turn your crank, you can ignore it and keep your yap shut. It is also a truth that given that there are 4,000 (or so one post said) people in this group, you gotta assume that there are going to be one or two assholes. (Assume 5% of people are assholes ... that's 200 assholes reading your post) In this life, people are going to try to bring you down out of obliviousness, stupidity, or malice ... you have to move on.

In reaction to the hullabaloo, I thought I would try and put fingers to keys and attempt to express a long-time fantasy. Comment back if you like, but I'll still get a little cookin in the oven when I think of it.

Usual disclaimer I suppose ... Be of age, enjoy the muscular male form .. blah blah

As I get ready to hit the sack, I look in the mirror. "Dude, your workouts ain't what they used to be!". It's not that I'm an entirely unpleasant sight. It's just that .... I throw my toothbrush back in its cup.

I walk through the house, closing the curtains, locking the doors, shutting off the lights. I'm 6'2'' and 215. A few extra pounds, but I play sports with my buds. It's a good body, like an old sweater. Comfortable. .... bullshit.

In the bedroom, i undress and slip on a pair of boxers. "You settled for this body. You know who you really want to be like... " The strong men, the jocks, athletes ... Men with strong jaws and strong hands ... Men with biceps that bulge out of shirt-sleeves ... Men with pecs thick and full ... my dick thickens.

My hand runs over my soft pecs ... imagining what it would feel like if it were truly steel. I flex my bicep. "It's not that bad, man, it's not too bad" I run my hand over it and it feels hard. It's just not big like ... and my cock plumps. Shaking my head, I slip into bed ... "It's just not your lot in life, bud ... That's someone else's life"

And I drift off to sleep and begin to dream ... A confused dream ... a fever dream ...

I'm in a room ... a gym ... empty but for someone coming closer ... moving towards me.

A man ... I can't focus on him ... It's dizzying ... He seems to be constantly changing forms .. men I've known ... my friends ... men I've fucked ... men I've wanted to fuck ... men I've wanted to be like.

Constantly changing ... but always beautiful ... Always strong muscular men I have envied. Hairy, smooth, thick legs, thick pecs ... so many different forms ... but I would take any of them.

At some point I realize I'm running ... I've left the room ... and he is chasing me. Running .... Running .... He's yelling something ... I can't hear it, but I run faster.

"STOP!", he yells. His voice strong and powerful.

I jerk awake with a shout, gripping my bedsheets tightly ... a final image burned in my mind.

The man said "Find me. I can make your dreams come true"

and I realize I am holding something.

A key. •

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