Zoo Muscle

By pghgay

This story isn't as developed as I would like, but I dropped it in order to work on other projects. Maybe some of you will like it anyway since it requires some imagination. It is a DNA alteration story featuring two gay men.

Best wishes, pghgay

I had been into muscle from an early age. When I was a kid, I remember being totally fascinated by a Bugs Bunny cartoon that featured Bugs going up against a giant gorilla. I had seen the gorillas in the zoo, and had been enormously impressed by their obvious size and strength. I thought, this time Bugs would be flattened for sure. For a while that is what happened, but of course in the end Bugs won. This always bothered me since I was kind of small and scrawny, and I always lost to the bigger kids that picked on me at school.

I tried to get to the Zoo as often as I could. I would often go to the gorilla cage and hang out there and watch the gorillas. Eventually, the zookeeper Ed, who decided to make friends with me and show me around the gorilla habitat, noticed me. He introduced himself and asked me if I wanted to tour the gorilla habitat. He took back into the rear of the habitat where the public can't go and showed the access hatches and me the food drop sites. He took me to a spot where I could see the gorillas up close.

As the years passed I continued to visit the zoo, and I often spent time with Ed and the gorillas. The gorillas all eventually got to know me as well. One in particular known as Little Ed, became friends with me. He was a young male that had been introduced to the group about the time that I first met Ed. The group's dominate male tended to bully Little Ed unmercifully, and Ed had to make sure that Little Ed had a refuge to get to when he needed it. I spent a lot of time near Little Ed's hiding place and we became playmates of sorts. Eventually Little Ed became less playful as is natural for a maturing ape, but he always was friendly to me.

I too grew up during this time too. Or I should say I matured, but I did not grow a lot, staying short and scrawny. I tried everything that I could. I worked out with weights at the YMCA, and used a variety of different supplements when I could afford to. The bullies at school still picked on me, but as I gained a little muscle that became less frequent. Thankfully I was smart, and I got some additional relief from being bullied by doing homework for the bullies and helping them pass their classes. Once I graduated high school and started college I was free from that torture.

I was lucky since I lived in a city that had a major university in town. I was able to live at home while attending classes. This kept me from having to go through the hassle of living in the dorms. I was a chemistry major, and I knew how lucky I was to be able to study in peace. My lab partner Steve wasn't so lucky. He had come from across the state to go to school here on a merit scholarship. He had been put into a dorm room with a jock who was at the school on a football scholarship. Bill, Steve's roommate, was only interested in football, and the idea was that Steve was going to be a positive influence on Bill to get him to study. Steve and I had become friends and found that we had somewhat similar backgrounds. He was short and thin like me, and had been the object of a bully's attentions like me. Unfortunately Steve had not found the escape from the bullying at college since Bill was making his life miserable at the dorm. Bill was about twice as big as Steve, and was using his size advantage to make Steve do his class work.

Eventually Steve confessed that Bill was also forcing Steve to suck his cock, and Bill had come back to the dorm drunk a couple of times and had raped Steve. Steve and I had figured out that the each other of us were gay, and a close friendship had developed between us because of this. Steve was feeling troubled and confused because he found Bill physically attractive, but he hated Bill for the way he treated Steve. I helped Steve as much as I could, letting him stay with me whenever I thought my parents wouldn't mind.

As time went on Steve spent more and more time with me only going back to the dorm when he had to. Together we worked to keep his grades up (and mine too since we had mostly the same classes) and we did enough of Bill's work to him passing, while keeping Steve away from the dorm and Bills attentions.

One of the frequent topics of conversation was what we would do to Bill if we were big enough to subdue him. We even started to follow the genetic research being done with enzymes that would allow muscle growth. Being naturally little we wanted to be bigger, or at least Steve did. I wasn't so sure.

Finally senior year Steve decided that he couldn't take it any more. All of our efforts and complaints to the administration had been ignored. Bill was too good a football player for the school to give up, and Steve had been unwilling to allow the press to know what had been happening. Steve decided that he wanted to pursue some muscle growth research of his own, and enlisted my help. As honor students we had access to labs and equipment that was usually reserved for the professors, and the doctoral students. Since we were working at that level and had been working for a few of the professors for free, we pretty much had full run of the labs. Most of the professors that we worked for didn't know that we had so much access to so many things, or we wouldn't have been able to do what we had.

We had reproduced some of the gene therapy work that existed and had tested with positive results. The only thing that Steve complained about was that the serum that we had developed did not work at a fast enough pace. He thought that animal DNA might make the difference. We were stumped as to how we might get some. Steve wanted primate DNA, and we did not have access to it. You would think that at a university that there would be plenty of primates around to use as a source, but the school had been moving to remove themselves from using primates in experiments. The continued protests over the years had forced the university to eliminate the practice.

It was at this point that I thought back to the time I had spent at the zoo as a kid. I thought of Ed the zookeeper, and of course Little Ed. Would they remember me? I told Steve about this and he got very excited. He wanted to do this badly and pressured me to go to the zoo with him. I finally relented to visit nothing more.

That Saturday we went to the zoo. I lead Steve back to the gorilla habitat that I remembered so well. Little had changed here other than some of the old gorillas were gone, and a number of new ones were in their place. I looked at the gorillas and wondered if Little Ed was still there, and also wondered if he would remember me. I headed to the access gate and rang the buzzer hoping that Ed would still be there. We were lucky to find Ed still caring for his "babies" as he sometimes referred to them. We spent some time getting reacquainted and I introduced Steve to Ed. Ed was happy to show us around the habitat to shoe me some of the changes that had occurred. He even showed us the new access chamber.

Ed had a sly smile on his face as he said he had someone he wanted to introduce me to. He left us at the observation window, and set up a lure in the chamber. He played a tune over the load speaker, and we waited, after a few minutes there was a stir at the habitat side of the chamber and a gigantic bull gorilla entered the chamber. He was larger than any gorilla I had ever seen. When I asked Ed about the big guy, he told me that this was "Little" Ed. I was stunned by Little Ed's size. It turned out that the zoo decided to test a new nutritional program that had worked better than they had planned. Little Ed was big like the gorilla Joe in the movie "Mighty Joe Young". We spent another hour or so watching Little Ed, and I reminisced with Ed.

After we left Steve was fired up. He had been very impressed with Little Ed. When we got back to the dorm, he outlined a plan for us to go back to the zoo and get a blood sample from Little Ed. I was still not convinced that this was a wise thing to do and we ended up having a big argument over this. We fought over this course of action for days, and finally I thought I had convinced Steve that we should forget about this.

It was about two months later when I found out how wrong I was to believe that this was settled. At the beginning of the spring semester I found that I needed another elective and took a music appreciation class that met at night. Two nights a week I went to class leaving Steve to entertain himself as best he could. Little did I know that he was hatching a plot to get what he wanted. He skipped dinner one evening and I just thought that I would just catch up with him later, but when I got back he was still missing. So I called around campus to see if I could find him, but I had no luck. I then started visiting different places around campus trying to find him.

I thought that I would go over to the Biology building to check out the labs. While I thought I had convinced Steve that the animal DNA was a bad idea, he had continued to work on our old formula. I thought that he might be at the lab. It was at the lab of course that I found him.

I open the door of the lab to find a scene straight from some horror movie. The blue and green LED lights of the various dials on the machines eerily lighted the room. I was shocked to find Steve lying on the floor unconscious and there was a large syringe next to him. There were broken beakers and test tubes, lying around him. I rushed over and checked his pulse and respiration. His pulse was strong; the beating of his heart was stronger and more even than normal. His breathing was full and regular too. This seemed strange at first since we are both mildly asthmatic. I know I should have called 911 or something, but if campus security decided to check, we would loose our security clearances. So I continued to check Steve for injuries. He didn't seem to have any broken bones and there were no obvious bumps on his head. He seemed to be sleeping. I worried about a concussion, but I knew the danger signs and decided to risk it and not take Steve to the campus health center. I cleaned up the glass around Steve before I moved him, and then moved him to the couch in the hallway. I stopped often while I cleaned up the lab to check on Steve, but he seemed fine.

After I got everything cleaned up, I sat on the end of the couch to rest and reassessed the situation. Just as I decided to call for help Steve started to wake up. I waited somewhat impatiently for him to wake up. In my relief that he seemed to be OK, I allowed myself to get angry. He sat on the couch all groggy and out of it while I stood there and vented all my worry and frustration and fear at him. I'm not sure he heard much, or understood much of it either. It was probably just as well since I called him some nasty mean spirited names. I eventually helped him up and back to the dorm, leading him like he was drunk.

The next morning when we got up I badgered Steve into telling what had happened. He told his whole sordid story of how he had been using the nights that I was in class to go back to the zoo. He managed to strike up something of a friendship with my zookeeper friend Ed, and had convinced him to allow Steve to see Little Ed. Steve had managed to even see Little Ed in person. During this face to face visit where Little Ed had been tranquilized for so Ed could treat a scratch, Steve offered to help. While they were working, Steve managed to sneak out a blood sample. He finally had what he wanted. He took the blood sample back to the lab and started to work.

He cleaned the sample of tranquilizer, and spun the white cells out since these were what he was most interested in. He added the white cells to the serum that we were working on and watched to see if they were accepted. Surprisingly he got good results pretty quickly. Encouraged by this he decided to test the serum on a mouse. He couldn't take many, but a few always managed to escape, so taking two or three would not hurt. Two weeks later the mouse had grown to more than twice it's original size. Most of the growth had been muscle mass, like the John Hopkins mouse, but oddly enough it had skeletal growth to go along with the muscle mass.

At that point he was ready to try the serum on a human test subject. He thought about asking me if I were willing to do it, but decided that he couldn't do that. He decided that if anyone would take the risk that it would be him. He did some calculations and figured out how much he needed to emulate the amount that he had given the mouse. He made his preparations and decided last night to do it. He had been completely surprised by his reaction. The injection site burned like fire, and then his whole body became hot and flushed. After a few minutes he became agitated and his arm had a spasm causing him to sweep the test tubes and beakers from the table. Then he remembered that his body became rigid, then it relaxed and he collapsed on the floor. The next thing he remembered was waking up on the couch.

I didn't know what to think. Part of me was relieved that he hadn't had a concussion, but mostly I was appalled at what he had done. I spent time asking Steve any questions that I could think of to verify that he was OK, but I had no idea how the formula would effect him. I vowed to myself that I would report the whole thing to a doctor if anything seemed to be wrong, but I was afraid that by then it might be too late. I also thought that there was a reasonable chance that nothing would happen.

Upon hindsight, I was naively stupid. For the first couple of weeks after this everything seemed fine. I kept tighter tabs on where Steve was, and had him come with me to my night class, so he wouldn't go back to the lab without me. We did go to the lab of course. There were classes, and work, and I wanted to keep a close eye on that mouse. We checked the measurement stats on a daily basis, but it seemed to have maxed out on size. Steve was quiet and obedient to everything I wanted to do in regards to the formula. He even let me lock up our note in a locker that only I could unlock, and he let me destroy all of the serum.

I also kept close tabs on his health by doing regular checks on his pulse and respiration and do anything else that I could think of to monitor his heath. The only thing that seemed to have changed was that he had more energy, and his asthma seemed to be gone. Could it be that we stumbled on to a cure for asthma? That could be cool, as well as being profitable if we leveraged it right.

About a month after the incident as I referred to Steve's experiment I noticed one morning as Steve came out of the shower that he looked different. His body had changed. He had been like me, a skinny, with minimal muscle tone, but that morning he looked bigger with well- defined muscles. I knew that hadn't been exercising any more than usual, but suddenly his body seemed to be responding to the exercising like never before. When I asked him about it he said that he had gained weight and he felt stronger. He admitted that he was eating more as well.

It was too late. Steve was changing due to the affects of the formula and there was little that I could do. I begged him to see a doctor, but he wasn't interested in doing this. He told me that if I really loved him, I would keep quiet, and serve as an observer to the results of the experiment. Since he knew that muscular hunks turned me on, he used this to his advantage by keeping me drained and sexually sated. Any time I expressed concern, he fucked me silly in some of the most incredible sex that I had ever had.

So things went on like this for weeks and eventually months. Steve was slowly but surely was growing. It was like he was a teenager again. He was eating larger amounts of food, and he was spending more time at the gym working out. He occasionally complained that his joints ached, and I would try to discourage him from exercising, but that usually failed. About two months after the experiment I realized, as I stood next to Steve that I had to tilt my head up a little to kiss him. This seemed strange to me since we were the same height or so I thought. I mentioned this to Steve, and he told me that I was correct. He was growing taller. I looked at him more closely, examining his whole body. It wasn't immediately apparent since Steve had taken to wearing shorts and tee- shirts, but today he had pants on and I could see that they were a little short. Steve told me with some excitement in his voice that he had actually grown an inch taller. He then stripped out of his close and started to pose for me showing off his new body. I have to admit that I liked it.

Graduation came and went and I took a high paying job with a pharmaceutical company. Steve convinced me that he shouldn't work and keep his contact with the public to a minimum while his body was changing. I was hesitant, but like normal he persuaded me through applications of logical arguments, and mind-blowing sex. I continued to worry, but Steve had me wrapped around his growing pinkie finger.

Without the demands of school or work Steve took to exercising almost all day. We got a small house that Steve took care of, and filled two of the three bedrooms with exercise equipment. Steve worked out every day lifting weights, and doing some sort of aerobic exercise as well. He hired a trainer for a short time to learn the correct form for the exercises, but let him go after just a couple of weeks, to keep him from seeing how quickly Steve was growing.

The changes in Steve's body were astounding. Within six months he was completely changed. He went form being a 5'7" 110 pound weakling to a 6' 200 pound bodybuilder type. The formula had changed him in other ways as well. His thin mousy brown hair had changed to a thick head of dark brown hair. His nearly hairless body had sprouted hair all over with a dense mat of chest hair. His voice went from a nasal tenor to a deep rich baritone. The one odd thing that happened was that his arms and torso seemed a little long in proportion to the rest of his body.

Along with the physical changes, was some minor personality changes. I had been the dominant one in our relationship, but as Steve grew he became more aggressive, and took charge of most aspects of our lives. He managed the money and took care of the house, did all of the cooking, and dictated what happened in the bedroom. The one additional part of his body that grew out of proportion was his cock. This big muscular guy that was my partner, now had a big muscular dick to go with his new body.

This was the other thing that really changed our relationship. With his new body and new cock Steve was turning me into his sex slave. He was constantly horny and needed sex frequently. Often as soon as I got home from work I would be on my knees sucking his big meat. He would strip me naked and sit me on his lap with his cock stuffed up my ass as we would eat dinner, and then he would finish the fuck right there on the table. Most days I would spend my lunch hour in the back of the van in the parking garage sucking him or getting fucked. Mornings started with sex and we would fall asleep with his cock up my ass or down my throat. I fought this for awhile, but as time passed, it quickly became apparent that I really didn't stand a chance. If I wanted to stay with Steve, I had to do what he wanted.

As I write this, it's been a year and a half since the experiment. I'm afraid that the gorilla DNA has had more of an effect than Steve anticipated. He has continued to grow bigger and hairier than ever. He is nearly 7' tall now and weighs over 500 pounds. I had to have the floors of the house reinforced to bear his weight. The bed is long gone since a king size got too small. I have taken extra work on the side to help cover expenses, and I have been able to arrange to work from home. I have become a near permanent fixture on Steve's cock, and spend a majority of my time working on other projects while getting fucked.

In certain respects the formula worked better than expected. Steve is huge and massively muscled. Remember the Bugs Bunny cartoon I mentioned at the beginning of the story? Steve looks a lot like the gorilla in the story. Last week I measured his chest at 72" and his biceps are both over 30" cold. His waist is 44", but is completely solidly muscled. Each thigh is near 40". The reason I ride his cock most of the time is due to its size. It is over a foot long and beer- can thick. It doesn't change size significantly whether it is hard or soft, and it is hard all of the time. We found that it takes longer than Steve is willing to wait to stretch me out to accomidate him. He has so much body hair that he is almost furry. I don't mind though since I am with the biggest, brawniest, hairiest muscle stud around.

Oops! Gotta go now. Steve wants to fuck. •

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