Change, The (2002)


By Msclbldr

It was about 6 weeks ago that John realised something was different, that something had changed. Looking back now it was obvious but the changes had been gradual at first and could have been explained away. Now, it was impossible to explain away and his life had changed totally.

When he realised that he was changing, he wracked his brain to identify what the cause was. Muddled memories came back. A night which somehow and for some unknown reason his mind had tried to erase. Fragments of images fluttered at the edge of consciousness like moths in his peripheral vision. Memories of smells and sensations tantalised and seduced him with their vague erotic form.

Vague memories of that bar round the corner from his new apartment, the leather one that he had secretly wanted to try but had never seemed to be able to get up the courage to enter.

Of the big man whom he had taken back to his apartment, who seemed so much bigger when he was in the enclosed space of his home, almost filling it with his presence. Images of huge muscles teased John, tantalising glimpses of a massively corded forearm here; the huge bulge of leather encased bicep there; the hairy depths of inches deep cleavage framed by leather. The way the guy's leather jacket creaked under the strain as he moved and his jeans struggled to contain his obscenely thick thighs. The intoxicating smells of male musk and leather as he followed John into his bedroom.

And as John frantically pulled the clothes off of him, his muscles seemed to expand as if suddenly free to regain a previous form so much larger than the one John saw now. And then there was the sheer massive bulk on top of him, completely enveloping John's own 5'11, 230lb frame. That crushing weight of hard muscle grinding him into the mattress and immobilising him completely. As their excitement and passion grew, it seemed as if he did too; a massive dominating presence. Yet more muscle piling on muscle taking on freaky inhuman proportions. And then John felt the cock growing between their hard sweat slicked abs and fear took over his lust befuddled brain. What was this animal that had him trapped and pinned; that seemed, no, that WAS growing before his eyes. A muscular monstrosity whose form was beyond anything John had seen before. A behemoth larger than anything he could have even imagined. And what was he going to do and to what use was he going to put John. John panicked but his futile struggles seemed to excite this beast more and precum gushed from the enormous cock, mixing with their sweat and soaking the sheets beneath them. The bed groaned and shook with the behemoth's lust crazed movements. He slid his immense torso down over John's now so much smaller body. His cock head traced a slick path over John's abdomen, down past his navel and his own cock head till finally it rested on his balls, soaking them with his copious flow. The head felt larger than a grapefruit and its weight crushed John's balls painfully. It pressed against his inner thighs forcing them apart as the cock probed for the sweaty crack between his ass cheeks. And as the man's immense form moved down over his body, the bulging hair covered pecs slid across John's face enveloping him in the depths of his cleavage. The muscles alternately flexed and crushed John's skull and relaxed and smothered him with their bulk. John tried to push him off but even his not inconsiderable strength could shift this massive bulk. His hands pushed against the great wide spread of the man's cobra's hood lats but he just flexed them and pushed John's arms back into the bed. He tried to find their edge but even wide spread, his arms couldn't reach their full extent. He kicked his legs, trying to free them from under the animal's massive thighs but only succeeded in lifting his hips off the bed. This allowed that fence post pressing against his ass to find its goal and force his sphincter stretch beyond its natural limit as it forced its way inside John. He emptied his lungs in a blood curdling scream of pain that was muffled in the depths of the beast's heavy cleavage. And as John tried to refill his lungs the pecs relaxed and engulfed his face cutting off any hope of air. As the blackness of oblivion descended about him, John felt the cock inside him spasm as it unleashed a torrent of cum filling him completely and spraying out of his ass with each frenzied thrust.

John awoke. It was daylight and he was alone in the soaked remains of his bed. The man was gone and with each passing moment the memory of him and the frenzied night before was fading. His body was bruised and his ass felt stretched and sore, but even these faded as he cleaned up the mess in the apartment. By the end of the day it was as if it had all never happened and John returned to his normal life.

Except something had changed. There was a gnawing sense of restlessness about him that he couldn't identify. He found release from it in the gym and hit the weights like a demon. During the next weeks John felt elated. His body responded to the gym better than it had ever done before. He was energised, lifting heavier and heavier and eating. How he ate. At first he resisted the constant hunger, afraid that he would loose his hard gained abs but after a few days he couldn't resist any longer and he ate to satisfy his hunger. Except he never seemed to be able to satisfy it. After a week he realised he was eating 15000 calories a day and was still hungry. In the gym he was finding it more and more difficult to exhaust his muscles so he trained heavier and longer. His maximum lifts trebled in 4 weeks and he gained 25 lbs. Contrary to loosing his abs, his definition was increasing as he gained the weight and his muscles were burgeoning. Where there had been a 5'11, 230lb jock with a good a good muscular physique, there was now a serious bodybuilder.

His chest had always been good from years of swimming at school but now it was becoming huge. Heavy pecs swelled from his rib cage forming a deep crease between them and his abs. His nipples were beginning to point down and the mass of muscle overflowed on top of them. His cleavage was now inched deep and when he flexed, the muscle rose and obscured his clavicles.

His neck was thickening and was now a powerful 19" column of corded muscle buttressed by impressive traps, which seem to rise further each day. His shoulders had widened and were now capped by thick masses of muscle which split into the three heads with any movement. From these hung arms which now taped at just under 20", 2" larger than 3 weeks ago. His forearms now looked like bowling pins netted with thick veins and when he made a fist, the muscles writhed and bulged impressively.

His waist had not grown thicker but was more defined and the individual muscles were now clearly protruding. His obliques formed hard, dense love handles, which still seemed thin because of the development of his chest and his thighs.

And his thighs! They had always looked small because of his well-developed upper body but now they were growing into proportion with the rest of him. His quads swept out from his waist hanging thick and full, the hamstrings bulged out at the back, whilst his adductors were beginning to fill the space between his legs making him walk "the walk". Lack of space between his thighs was pushing his cock and balls forward almost obscenely. At first John thought this was the only reason for his growing package but he soon began to realise that this too was growing with the rest of him.

His muscle growth, extreme as it was, could be put down to the hard work in the gym and the huge amounts food (also the gear he was doing could have been a factor) but not his growing cock and balls. It was this that started to make John suspicious. He wasn't knocking it. He was ecstatic that finally after years of gym work he was achieving the results he had lusted after for so long and beginning to become a freak. But it was also worrying that there was something wrong or different with him.

The next couple of weeks did nothing to allay his suspicions. If anything he was lifting heavier, eating more and growing faster. His growing size was becoming a problem as it became impossible to hide no matter what clothes he wore. And clothes were becoming a problem. He had had to buy a complete new wardrobe after he had split the back of a shirt whilst casually stretching at his desk in the office. His colleagues had laughed about it, telling him he was eating too much or lifting too much or whatever but John could tell that they were suspicious, suspecting he was on something. He had been, but even if he were now, there were no drugs known to man that could cause the transformation that he was going through. The new clothes he bought were only a temporary stopgap. Within a week they too were skin tight. The 20" collar shirts he had managed to find in the "High and Mighty" were tight everywhere except the waist. The neck wouldn't button; the sleeves threatened to burst if he bent his arms; the shoulder yolk barely reached the end of his traps let alone his delts, and if he took a deep breath, buttons would fly. Only at his waist did they hang loose as a marquee. The pants were similarly problematic, as his 30" thighs were the same girth as his waist, which meant even 36" pants threatened to burst at the seams if he flexed his legs. The only comfortable pants were sweats, which were not suitable for work. Jackets, even from "outsized stores" were difficult to find large enough for his 56" chest.

But, probably the most embarrassing problem was his libido. His cock had grown in step with his body and what with the size of his thighs now forcing his package forward into obvious view, it meant that his now almost permanent hard-on was impossible to hide. Tight underwear helped contain it but that was painful and not particularly effective and he had to jack off four or five times a day just to keep the precum in check. The gnawing urge for release had to be satisfied at least that often just to allow him to concentrate on the mundane matters of life.

John had always been able to pick up men for sex easily. He had had a fine jock physique that had men eager to have sex with him. At first, as he grew, sex had become even easier to find. There were not that many competition size bodybuilders around, especially one looking for sex rather than trade, but he was now becoming outlandish, even grotesque in his extreme musculature and people were beginning to be frightened by his size. And when he dropped his pants most men fled at the sight of his 12 thick inches. All to often those who stayed found that their eyes were bigger than their asses and certainly bigger than their throats.

Sex began to become a disappointing chore. He started searching out fisting bottoms who were the only men able to be fucked by him without risk of injury. But what he need was an equal, a man who could give as good as John could. But that was not an option in Smallsville.

And the change had freaked him out too. He needed to know what had happened to him. He needed to know what he had become and what the future held for him. Was he going to keep growing? There must be an end, some conclusion. He was no longer able to function in society and had effectively been a recluse for the last 4 weeks.

After he had grown past 400lbs people had avoided him. His size scared them. His hyper masculinity disgusted some and in other awoke feelings which terrified them. He could no longer do his job. His boss had told him to stop training and get back to normal or be fired. He didn't want some bodybuilding freak representing his company. He didn't realise that this was not a choice John had. He couldn't wear normal clothes as he had out-grown the largest sizes from the "High and Mighty" a couple of weeks ago and had grown 50lbs since then. He existed in outsized gym baggies which stretched drum tight over his immense form. He was nearly at the end of his savings and the limit of his credit just trying to feed himself. Finally he had started turning tricks but there was limited call for his grotesque freakery in his small town and travel was no longer an option. Even first class plane seats, which he couldn't afford anyway, were way too small for him and he could no longer fit into a car let alone drive one. He tried advertising himself on the internet but no one had believed he was real. He was morphed they said; A product of Photoshop.

Eventually at 625lbs, John was getting desperate. He had no money left. There was only one punter left who could cope with his extreme size; all the others found him too big; grotesque; frightening; and the money from him certainly wouldn't feed him. He had had to move into his basement as the floors wouldn't take his weight. He was becoming immobile. His 54" arms couldn't bend past 60 degrees before clashing with his forearms, which at 36", were as big as a fat man's waist. He was hardly able to feed himself as the mass of his bicep crushed against his 130" pecs. If he tried to look round, his neck, which at 38" was over twice as wide as his head ground against the buttresses of his traps. These started above his ears and swept out horizontally for 28" from his neck before dropping 8" to his massive delts. His chest was nearly 3' thick and his shoulders over 5' wide. His waist had grown. It had to otherwise it would not have been able to support the incredible weight of his upper body. And also, with the incredible amounts of food he had had to eat, his viscera had swelled purely to be able to process it and extract sufficient nutrients from it to fuel the freaky muscle growth machine that his body had become. But at 56" it was no larger that his guns and a lot smaller that his 72" quads. His legs were fast becoming useless for walking. His stance had had to spread to accommodate the incredible mass such with his adductors tight together almost to his knees, his feet were over 3 feet apart. He no longer walked; he lumber in great rolling steps that shook the concrete floor.

And his cock! He didn't know how large it was soft. It had been weeks since if had been flaccid. It stood there thrusting up from between his legs over 20" long and 16" in circumference constantly dripping precum. The cantaloupe-sized head battered his abs with the slightest movement sending bolts of ecstasy shuddering through his grotesque frame.

John had descended to a state where nothing mattered except eating sleeping and gratifying himself sexually.

His only link to the outside world was his computer and the internet. He ordered his food on line and it was delivered to his door where it was left without John needing to subject himself to the stunned and horrified stare of the deliveryman. He still chatted to people on the web and advertised his services to a disbelieving and sceptical audience. Very occasionally a punter would come and, if he got over his initial disbelief and shock John would allow him to worship his gargantuan form and hose him down with his cum. It was sexually unsatisfying but at least it kept him fed.

Then one night, 10 weeks after it had all started he received a message from a prospective trick to arrange a meet. John never disclosed his true size initially. He used old photos from 6 weeks before when he only weighed 425lbs and listed his stats as chest 76, waist 34, arms 30, and thighs 42. He was actually over twice this weight now with measurements double those listed. If he had used his true size, no one at all would have believed him. He certainly didn't mention the true size of his cock as that would really have frightened off the punters.

John sat and waited in the darkened room for his arrival. It was always better to introduce the punter to the concept of REAL muscle gradually. He heard the rattle of a diesel engine outside and a door slam. The house doors were open and the punter had had instructions to enter and come down the cellar. The floor above john's head groaned ominously as heavy foot falls crossed the room to the head of the steps. Not a fat one thought John with sinking spirits. He found gross obesity a real turn off but then this was business, not pleasure. The heavy feet started down the stairs. Usually the punter had called out by then to check John was there. This one must either be very confident or rather stupid thought John.

A huge shape loomed in the dim light and John said "Come on in, Its all right, I am here. I'll turn up the light a bit".

As the light grew brighter John said "I told you that you would be shown some real muscle, but I think you should prepare yourself for a shock"

The light grew and the shadows fled back to the edges of the room and it was John who was shocked. Before him stood a man of enormous proportions, it was Him, the man from 10 weeks ago. He had grown larger, much larger, but massive as he was, he was dwarfed by John. His vast shaped loomed in the shadows as he slowly walked across the room towards John.

"I have grown you well", the man rumbled. "A most successful result. You will be a most suitable addition to my 'little' group."

He leered at John and reached out to run his hands across the vast plates of muscle on John's chest. John stood I stunned silence.

"An excellent candidate. The preliminary treatment has been most effective on you. A good foundation for the final phase, I think" He mused more to himself than for John's benefit. Then looking into his eyes the man said "I have a place for you. You will join me and my other candidates in a place where you will fulfil your full potential, and with yours, mine."

"But first, I want to enjoy you" he said as he peeled his leather jacket off his huge form. John's jaw fell. It seemed to be a repeat of that first night. Released of his clothes, the man was growing, filling the room with his presence and his smell. His jeans ripped as the immense cock drove forward from its confines and his thighs, ass and calves ballooned. His swelling form loomed before John as he stepped closer. With each step he grew, outstripping John until their pecs met. The man enveloped him in arms as big as Johns chest and ground his telegraph pole cock against his abs.

"I think you could take another treatment before the finale" •

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