Snow White and His Seven Dwarfs???


By Suske

Once upon a time there was a king. This king was very beautiful and very built. He lived in the beautiful and noble country of Muscelania. He was a fair man. A long-time ago he was married to a man, even more beautiful than he, who had provided him with and heir to the thrown, namely prince Arnie. But his nice husband died. And so he mourned for many years, until he met another bloke he fell in love with, prince Morden. So you would think this would form a happy little family and they would happily live ever after, well I am going to disappoint you. Prince Arnie grew up to become a very handsome, might I say a very beautiful man, surpassing everyBODY and becoming one of the biggest men in the entire kingdom. Prince Morden was not happy with this. He had been the most beautiful man of the country, and perhaps not the biggest man in the country, but most certainly the biggest man at the court (for a long time), which had let him to the title of the fairest man of the land. Morden was a bit of a magician. He had a magical mirror and each morning, afternoon and evening this vain man asked his little mirror: "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?" And the mirror would say: "But prince Morden, you are." And that made prince Morden very happy. And what made prince Morden happy, made the king happy. The king loved his Morden, not because of his beauty or his big body, no prince Morden had magically enhanced his "little" rod, in such away it would please every one. The king liked his dicks big. He even had a few personal guards that were employed because of their enormous endowments. One guard had probably one of the largest dicks in the kingdom, it measured 26 inches in action mode and 13 inches flaccid. But Morden had enlarged his member to a nice three feet, making the king very, very happy. The king and Morden fucked every day. And sometimes if the king was in a very good mood he let some guard enjoy these fuckfests. That made the court a very happy and gay place to be. The king sampled every day before the evening banquet a nice range of young boys offered to become his pages by his generous subjects. But the king was getting old and tired. He was waiting for prince Arnie to become of age to take over his role as king of his nice realm. But little did he know of the following.

One night the vain prince Morden was asking his mirror whom the fairest was when his perfidious mirror said:"I am very sorry to inform, but you are no longer the fairest of them all, the fairiest though you might be." Prince Morden was baffled, but who was this man who was more beautiful than the fair prince Morden, who's fairness was renowned for. The mirror responded: "His royal highness the crown prince Arnie, he has the looks, the body, and probably very soon the motions too!" This infuriated Morden, he was the prettiest boy in the country and not this dumb brat. It must be said, but Morden was right, prince Arnie showed no signs of intellect, but his good looks made up for that, and instead of being educated in school he was educated in the royal gym, giving him a divine body. And so Morden was second best. He couldn't cope with that. So he started hatching a heinous little plan.

Morden wanted to meet prince Arnie. Locating prince Arnie was never difficult, during the morning, noon and evening he could be found near the kitchens or a the diner table, during the night he would be probably in bed, either sleeping or being entertained by hords of men. During the day if you heard sounds of metal upon metal, you knew the prince was in the gym and if you didn't hear that sound he was either between set, which could mean he was between sets or he was being enjoyed between set, or he was up in his rooms having casual sex with whom ever was at hand, and that also could mean his hand. But let's face it with big and hung guards all around the castle, why need hands?

So Morden listened carefully, he heard that clinging sound of metal, so he went to the gym. Arriving in the gym Prince Arnie was plowing one of his gym instructor's arse with his two and half feet dick (and still growing) while being licked by several pages. The gym was the pig style Arnie had made of it, stinking of sweat and cum, and some other vague stuff.

Morden had to admit this young boy was rather attractive, even handsome, but far to manly for him, how could this heap of butch muscles be the fairest of them all. Morden had bulk, but he didn't lack symmetry. And then he saw the face of the teenager, and indeed it was sight to behold. Arnie might have been only sixteen years of age, but his face was incredible, a shady three o'clock extremely sexy stubble beard, nice evenly square jaws, a fine handsome sturdy nose and a pair of the bluest eyes, the blue you find only in the blue of the waters around tropical islands. And on top of his head was a thick wavely bush of dark blond reddish hair. Shall I go one describing the fairest bloke of them all, yeah I shall, now shan't I. His godlylike head was fixed to his body by huge traps, that reached up to his cute ears. Thick mounds of traps, weren't the only support an extremely thick bull neck, that probably had a bigger contour than his head. Imaging shoulders like no other, big and thick making a man wide, or in the case of prince Arnie as wide as the castles front gate, and might I add, that Castles gate is famous for it's wideness! So if I say as wide as the caste's front gate, I mean wide. And to make it even worse for Morden, these shoulders were not just wide, they were thick! Enormously thick, probably over compensating to capacitate the role for support for arms, chest and back. But what arms, what chest and what back! The biggest you have probably ever seen! Those arms arnie had moulded were huge beyond believe. His arms must have been at least 45 inches around, at least, and his lower arms were a mere 20 inches around. These cranes called arms were pushed up by the flaring lats, and by the huge biceps and triceps, and next to the lats from heaven were to slabs of prime beef with nipples that were constantly hard, rock hard.

Those nipples didn't have a nice view. Arnie had built his chest so larges that his slabs of muscled chest obscured every view downward. Arnie could even but a glass upon his chest without bending backwards! It stuck out a few inches. So Arnie was provided by a shield, of thick muscled and veined slabs of granite. His nipples saw the abs that looked like cobble stone road, but these cobbles had cleavages all around, if Arnie would be sleeping you could use it as a stationary piece, sticking in pens and pencils, it was like a clumsy stonecutter had just cutted to deep. Under that yellow brick road was his earlier mentioned two and a half feet glory.

Arnie hadn't really trained his fuckpole, other then sticking it in every available opening he was offered and occasionally letting it allow over a few sets of weights, built up some muscles over it, to control it. Arnie had made him self the best rod the country had to offer. Totally controllable, if he wanted, he could decide when his partners came, and how they got pleased. Nobody ever complained over it's hugeness, although Arnie wasn't yet renowned for his pleasure powers, some castle people knew, and if some one was limping, nine out of ten times, it was because Arnie had fucked the poor guy very hard! Leaving Arnie's hotstuff and continue to his legs. Arnie had no legs, no tree trunk he had pillars that could easily support the empire state building. Or better the Petronas towers of Kuala Lumpur. Mind you those towers are separated. The things called Arnie's legs hadn't, his legs wrestled each other for room and a third partner, Arnie's balls and cock joined the fight. His legs, Arnie couldn't see, so he thought they were rather small, so he trained them to be able to see them, well that would probably never happen, seen the huge chest Arnie had, so that made him have legs that were inhuman. They must have been probably five feet around or more, and his calfs, may we call them bulls, his calfs were so humongous, even though he legs were forced apart so much, it didn't prevent his calfs from rubbing each other.

Arnie was seldom seen from the front, and more often his back was visible, having described his front, you can imagine his back, lets start with his hamstrings and go up. Hamstrings or hamcords? That's the question. His Hamstrings looked more like biceps in roundness, they were BIG, there is no other word. His but was square. He had two big square pieces of buttocks, with a hole in the middle, a place were other manmeats could be injected. Arnie liked to be injected by other pieces of manmeat, preferably big, long, large pieces of them. That was one of the few things he shared with his father. Like his father Arnie liked to feel filled up up the arse. But he liked it more as the person on top of him wasn't just a person with big huge pole, but also a big man with a big pole. But Arnie was probably the only one who described to that. And unfortunately he had no twin. How he would have wanted that. Can you imagine two absolute mountains of muscle with erect surfes attacted to it making love with each other. Arnie had. He wanted nothing else. He had tried his hand a some potions making other boys bigger, but it never worked or if it worked it rubbed of ever so fast, making the subjects of his potion bigger for just a good fuck. The only one that had benefit from his potions was Arnie himself. Just this afternoon had had a minor success, making him hit the 250 kg limit. He had added 20 kg's, going from 249 to 269 kg's! That is what probably triggered Morden's little Mirror.

Anyhows, up the buttock to Arnie's back the only undiscovered country yet. And if you didn't look right you might think it was a mock-up of some countryside, with many hills, canyons, plateau's and valleys. What a sight. Hmm, anyway, Morden saw his competition and he had to admit, Arnie had become very beautiful, perhaps the most beautiful of them all. And his beauty was augmented by the square muscles and that enormous third leg!

Morden had to device a plan to get rid of Arnie. He didn't know any other than to get Arnie killed. So he took one of his most trustworthy aides, the castles chief. The chief had thanked his whole existence to prince Morden. And not only that. Morden had helped him to become more attractive to the young blokes, by making him more handsome and bigger in all the right places. He was very loyal to Morden.

And so it happened. Morden went to the castle's chief and told him to kill prince Arnie in an hunting accident, or whatever The chief had problems with this, but he knew that if he didn't comply he either would end up dead or even worse, would get stripped of all his beauty, manliness, muscles and his precious inches. So a few days later he took the prince for a stroll in the woods. Well it started as a stroll, but come the first bushes, prince Arnie grabbed the chief and trusted his half hard pole past the chiefs rosy butt cheeks. The chief knew what was going to happen. He was going to get impaled. He had suffered this before, it meant great pain, but also great joy. He felt the prince was going to turn his rod inside the chief to face him. Ouch, that had to hurt, this wasn't fun for the chief, but Arnie showed no pain at all. How was the chief going to kill this monster. He started hitting the prince to take it easy but that was only encouragement, so the prince liked it rough he! Well the chief started flexing his but to stop the intake, but it made Arnie only ram harder. The chief almost past out, but the complete and utter bliss that was provided by the ramming of the prince kept him conscious. He started touching him, his arms, his beautiful big, huge arms, those biceps looked to be flexed, while they were just hanging there. The chief started liking the face of the prince, when he for the first time encountered the prince's tongue. This was no normal tongue, he had a large one, it grabbed the chief's tongue and pulled it inside the prince's mouth. The prince grunted something and the chief felt some hands around his dick. The prince was really getting there. And so was the chief, his hands were all over and the prince was rubbing his dick hard, man that hurt, but it also so delicious. The chief came, and came a second time immediately. He felt that the prince was almost there as well. The chief didn't get any rest the prince just kept going on. He felt like coming again, but then he felt deed inside him a warm feeling that had to be the royal cum. The chief felt himself relaxing, but the humping, whacking and kissing of the prince continued, so he came again, and again, until the prince came for the second time and stopped, for the moment.

The sweat was pouring of the chief. He had some nice sessions with the prince but always in the company of other man, but now he was the only one, he was exhausted. The prince sighed and showed his body, the only sweat on it was the chief's! Man this was one big sex- machine. The chief faced a problem. He didn't know how to kill this man, first of all he dense muscles probably wouldn't allow any arrows to penetrate, and secondly, he thought he was in love. He decided to take a long walk and tell him a lie.

The chief told the prince that his father, the King, and prince Morden were expecting a new son, and his father had decreed that this would be the new crown prince, and he, prince Arnie was going to be sent to a foreign court to become a royal consort. Prince Arnie didn't know how to react, so he gave the chief a quick 69 to thank him and run off.

The chief went back to the castle hoping that all was well. •

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