By Also_KnownAs

This one was an easy one. It was getting so I could tell right away if I was dealing with a pusher or a watcher. Pushers were careful, now. Probably they knew better or maybe they'd all had a painful experience with a Grower by now. Me, I was always careful from the start. But I had an advantage.

I had always been big. Always wanted to be bigger. Got the first enhancements as soon as they were legal – there was no fucking way I was messing with the body I had spent so many hours building to perfection. Let the jerks get the illegal stuff, I'd wait until all those monkeys survived the experiments before I allowed it inside my temple.

And like every other guy who was in this business, I spent the first two months paying for what I wanted more than anything, not to mention the expense. Twelve injections followed by two cranials and the final whole body prep. They shoot you full of some magic junk that starts to change you from the inside out. Slow at first, almost so slow you hardly even notice.

The first two needles hurt the most and seemed to do the least, even though the lab tech told me they were prep work and would do the most to me, sort of laying down the track for the train I was going to be shoving through my DNA. I was disappointed when I couldn't see any change and it hurt like a motherfucker. Burned inside me for five days – the first three days I could hardly move. All that got me through that was the promise of what would come next, and I had firsthand experience with the results of that promise. I couldn't believe what the guys told me until they showed me, and who wasn't a believer after that?

Not everyone can take it, of course. Not yet, anyway. They'll find away around that, probably, and when it gets enhanced again I'll get in line again, credits in hand. Meanwhile I get to meet guys like this one, or ones a lot less nice and a lot more demanding. Luckily there's a lifetime warranty and no maximum limit on my new capabilities.

Well, that's not entirely true, either. I know what my limits are, I've tested them. It's the first thing you do after the enhancement is finalized. You can't help it! You watch yourself in the mirror and you start out real slow and careful, but after a few minutes you're already blowing out the brakes and pumping the throttle to full. I saw myself getting bigger and bigger and suddenly I wanted to be as big as I could get, just grow until I couldn't grow anymore. "You won't know your upper limit until you reach it," they told me. It didn't matter how big I was to start out with, it mattered how my body reacted to the treatments and every body was different.

I heard some guy gets up over nine feet but his muscles only get to 400, 425 or something. I bet he looks impressive, all in all. Me, I can only get to 8 feet 2 inches, but my muscles go like a bat out of hell, swelling up to tip the scale at 619 pounds. I'm a huge dude, I gotta say.

Also my dick is very large. I started with an 8 incher. Not too shabby. But, when I want to (or need to) I can manage 17 inches. It looks bigger and I usually say it's 20 and they rarely want to measure when I'm big so I get away with it. I heard of a 2-foot long guy in Minneapolis, or Mississippi or something. Probably true. Again, it's all in the genes.

I asked him if he knew the rules. They're pretty simple and really there's only one he had to worry about, depending on his goals for this session. I can get as big as he wants – but if he goes too far, I can't come back down. That takes sleep. A good night in bed – resting, I should add – and I'm back where I was before the stuff took over, good old me. The problem will be if he's expecting any fun and games. If I get too big, I'll rip him open if he decides he wants to be fucked by a great big dick. Some guys can manage 10 inches. Some, a few, can take 12. 17? No one but another Grower's gonna welcome that inside.

Sometimes, most days lately, I wake up and immediately get bigger. I'm 5-11 normally and that's still not bad, but not as impressive as 6-4. That's my new `normal height.' Then I pump in a good 40 pounds of rock hard muscle and pack my 10-incher inside a pair of lycra shorts and I'm off to the gym. They told me I didn't need to do that any more, but I still enjoy the burn and, truth to tell, I think it does make a difference. I think my muscles look bigger. Maybe it's just me. I know sometimes I'll wake up after a particularly vivid and hot dream and my body's pumped and primed, my feet shoving out of bed because I'm a foot taller than when I got in it. They said that would pass in time, too, and only my conscious brain would have growth control.

This guy liked my chest. Hell, he liked everything about me. When I started swelling, so did he, no pause or anything. I liked that, it made me horny, too. Of course, all he had to do to get me horny is ask for it. I could get hard on command and stay hard, now, all night if he wanted. As hard as he wanted. No one yet had asked me to pound nails with my dick. I was sort of looking forward to it.


"How…?" I was sort of embarrassed to ask this question, but I wanted to know. He just stood there, a slave to my commands.


"How does it work?"

"The growing?" I nodded. Titan tilted his head. "Are you sure you want to spend your time with me in conversation?" He moved his hand down the length of his impressive prick. He had to bend slightly to cup the plump helmet. I nodded again and he laughed, slightly. "Okay," he answered, straightening. "It's pretty simple. My body will do whatever I require of it. I have been physically altered at the genetic level through a process of injections that…"

"I know that part." He was very intimidating. So huge and overwhelmingly masculine. "I was wondering though about the feeling of it. When you grow, I mean. Do you think, `arm get bigger' or do you picture it getting bigger? Can you feel the growth happening? Does it burn or tingle or…"

He nodded understanding. "Yes, I feel it. I feel it two ways. I feel myself getting heavier as the muscle grows, and I feel… it's sort of hard to express. I feel myself getting stronger. I can feel… it feels like…" He paused and then walked toward me. "Put your hand here, on my arm." He lifted his right arm and bent it slightly. The bicep bulged thick and fat. "Close your eyes," he instructed, and after a moment of gazing in his blue, blue eyes I did. Then I could feel him growing under my touch.

It was amazing and inspiring to feel him. The muscle grew warm as it grew, and I felt something of what he was talking about. The strength of it seemed to radiate like the warmth, like a physical feeling. I felt the head split and separate as it grew, and then it stopped and when I opened my eyes, I saw that he had made both arms grow and now his upper body was more in proportion to his huge chest. He smiled to me. "Did you feel it?"

I swallowed hard and nodded. Then I asked again, "How big can you get?"

His voice dropped to a husky whisper. "Very, very big." He swelled larger again. He swelled against me. He grew taller still and fatter with power. "Seven feet tall, now. 50 additional pounds of muscle." He bent the arm again. It was huge! So huge!


He was pretty cute, now that I looked at him. A guy in my position sort of gets, I don't know, bored? Other guys are always looking at you. Paying to do so, most of the time. The treatments were expensive and would only get to be more so. I left The Club after I found I had this talent, mostly because the guys there only wanted big. The Growth thing was still pretty new, sort of an anomaly, but there was a growing audience for guys like me through other channels, and those channels promised big bucks if you fit a certain profile.

Luckily, yours truly fit it like a glove.

Handsome, well-proportioned, well-hung and my Grower abilities covered everything – again, unusual. Some guys, it was only muscle. Some guys got the muscle and the soft tissue, meaning they could also do their dicks and, for what it's worth, their ears and nose.

One can never tell what'll get someone else off. I learned that long ago.

Anyway, me, I got the full package. Muscle, soft tissue and skeletal. With practice, I can control everything separately or together. It become second nature, like breathing.

Not at first, though, oh no! I was fucking freaking out there when things started changing on their own. Arm gets huge. One fat thigh. Suddenly my neck's as wide as my shoulders! I thought that the three treatments had backfired, but in reality they'd only taken me to the next level, broken some barrier or something, and I realized that I was the one doing those things, because, literally, I was wishing them into being.

I'd look at my arm as I made a muscle and sigh, wishing it was bigger. Suddenly, it was! I was so freaked, I didn't make any connection between what I was thinking and what was happening. That came later, and man did I ever have some fun after that. •

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