Miracle Man


By Also_KnownAs

Cary didn't even have time to come up with a response of any sort – a nod, a wink, a gasp – before he found himself being spun around on the tile and shoved against the glass.

He planted his hands on the shower wall and found himself looking at himself in the mirrors across the floor. His naked body looked so clean and pink and vulnerable that it was almost shocking how naked he looked. He felt suddenly small and meek. But his dick was pulsing stiffly between his legs already and he could see Steve's wider, broader, bigger bulk behind him in the reflection. He wanted, suddenly, to have that affect, to look like that, to have the shoulders so wide and round that they looked like they could support a whole football team. And arms that bulged with sleek, fat muscular power. And thighs paved with wedges of brawn. Steve's hands were on his chest, his chin was planted on Cary's shoulder and when he whispered into the smaller boy's ear, Cary could see his eyes in the mirror, and his smile.

He said, "I assume you're familiar with the drill." His smile quirked, amused at his little pun. Cary swallowed hard, thinking about that huge rod coming inside him, but he nodded and tensed.

Steve's hands caressed his skin, and he pressed his body against Cary's. "Relax," he said. "I won't hurt you. This is called making love, Cary." Then he kissed his neck. "And I'm very good at it." Cary felt something hot and firm pressing between his ass cheeks, something so hot and firm that it felt like iron, it felt like it was tanning his skin. "We're going to go very slowly, you and I." Another kiss rested softly on the back of his neck. Steve's voice traded side. "So you will always remember it. Every touch." Steve's fingers moved down, over Cary's hip, cupping his wet butt. "Every kiss." Another soft touch of Steve's lips on his earlobe, then the nape of his neck. His cheek, next. "I want you so much," Steve's husky voice whispered. "I want you so much it hurts."

The hot hardness slipped downward. All of Steve's body felt hot against Cary's as his muscled torso moved slowly lower against his back. Cary could feel Steve's wide, thick chest, and the soft curls that sprouted between. He felt Steve's kisses along his shoulders, then lower, down his spine, and lower still. He felt a kiss on his lower back, at the spot just above where the roundness of his ass began.

Then Steve's strong hands were pulling him wider. He knew what was coming, and still he felt tense and scared. But what touched the rosy lips of his hole was not a hard, hot pole of flesh.

Steve's tongue was bathing his asshole, teasing and licking and pushing. He could feel Steve licking his balls, then tonguing across the opening to his ass and finally darting his firm slickness inside. Steve's hands were grabbing his ass and spreading him wider, and the muscular youth was shoving his face deeply against Cary.

He could feel himself growing hard again. Mere minutes after pumping a thick load down Steve's throat he was feeling himself growing hot all over. A soft, low moan escaped him as he tried to control the spasms of pleasure that shook him. It was as if he could feel Steve's tongue digging so deeply inside him that he was filled up with it, it squirmed against all the pleasure points and left him warm and wet and wonderful. "Oh my God," he whispered.

"Something wrong?" Steve paused his tonguebath, his hands moving around onto Cary's stiff prick and slowly stroking. He was kissing Cary's ass gently. Cary could feel the boy's soft whiskers rubbing roughly on his tender flesh.

"Don't stop. Please." He moved his feet apart and arched his back, shoving his ass toward Steve's face.

The muscled teen smiled. "I'm only getting started, Cary." He kissed his left cheek, licked the skin and dragged his teeth across the soft, pink flesh. "Priming the pump, so to speak." He pushed his tongue deeply inside again. "Before I fuck your ass so hard you'll think you've died and gone to heaven."

"Oh my God," he moaned again.

Steve spent another fifteen minutes exploring Cary's naked body, his mouth finding every nook and cranny, kissing and licking and sucking, his hands caressing and petting, his muscled body pressed against Cary's sleek, smooth skin before they left the steamy bathroom and fell together into Cary's parent's huge bed.

Cary never felt so good in his life. He was prepared to worship the beautiful boy in whose arms he found himself but instead found himself the object of his worship. And if Steve spent his entire High School years locked inside a closet, he'd spent his time in there very well, indeed.

Sex with Steve was a revelation. Good god, but the boy could fuck, and even though he had been given a body so powerful and beautiful that Cary thought Steve could probably break him in two as easily as look at him, he was tender and patient and amazingly passionate. His hands were calloused but their touch was sensitive. He loved feeling them on his body, and they seemed to be everywhere, petting and gripping and soothing him. Steve's mouth was equally amazing, if not more so. His talented tongue and those soft, sensuous lips were used to great effect on his nipples and cock and ass. Steve was a sensualist, it was very clear. He used his great strength to good effect, managing to get the two of them into some places Cary never imagined even in his dreams.

Cary wondered if Steve was as good as he thought Steve was, or if it was just that Cary's romantic fumblings until now had been awkward, untutored meetings which were more about meeting a need than creating one, building it up to such a state that final release was stronger and more powerful than anything he ever felt before. Cary may have been out all this time, but he was still scared a lot of the time about being caught. Steve, maybe because he was so extra careful about his man to man trysts, had apparently taken more time and care about discovering the pleasures of the flesh, and the things his own amazing body was capable of – and capable of sharing.

When at last they had fucked, when Steve straddled Cary at first and leaned over him, chest to chest, and whispered to him those words, the promises about how he would feel, and how beautiful Steve thought he was, and how much they would share now, finally, he almost came right there. The sexuality between them was potent and powerful, and his ass ached to be filled up with Steve's huge hardness.

Steve moved back off him and pulled Cary's ankles onto his shoulders, his tanned and thick and muscular shoulders. He opened Cary wide, lifting him slightly off the bed. Cary felt the cool lube on his hole, felt Steve's talented fingers there, preparing him, relaxing him, teasing him to flower into pure pleasure from hard pain. Because Steve was huge, bigger than any other boy Cary had been with, and as much as he wanted to feel Steve fill him so utterly, he was also scared of it.

But Steve was as intimately aware of the power and abilities of his prick as he was with every other aspect of his talented body. And they started slowly, so slowly. Cary cringed a couple of times, and felt something like sharp, biting pain that gently released itself to something equally pleasurable. His ass opened to Steve's wonderful cock and soon they were both sweating and jerking and moaning. Steve shoved himself inside Cary fully, pumping him deep and full and completely. He fucked him good, fucked him hard. Cary felt Steve's cock through his whole body. And when Steve came inside him, the warmth was like a release and a promise. He could feel Steve inside himself, as if he was becoming part of Cary.

Now he was looking into Steve's eyes, at his whole beautiful face, the clear tanned skin and full, sensuous lips. He felt as though he could fall inside those eyes, and when Steve smiled at him and said, softly, "What?" he felt himself tremble.

"I can't believe this is real. That you're here. That this is really happening."

Steve's eyes narrowed. "Are you always so dramatic?"

Cary shrugged. Steve kissed his mouth, his hand behind his head, his rough thumb rubbing behind his ear. Cary felt Steve's huge and powerful body pressed against his own, felt the other boy's heat and power. He felt small and powerless next to him, but also protected and safe. They kissed longingly, deeply, with power and passion and a shared need.

Cary's hand was in Steve's dark locks. They were damp with the sweat of shared sex, slick and soft. He pushed his tongue into Steve's hot mouth. Tingles of bliss erupted through his body, enraptured and seduced by this beautiful man in his parent's bed with him.

Their mouths parted and their eyes met again. This time Steve started smiling and it was Cary's turn to say, "What?"

"I can't wait to watch."


Steve's fingers traced up his body, across his belly and chest, tickling him. "To watch you grow big and muscled. Like me." He turned onto his back, folding his arms behind his head. His biceps balled into fat hard muscle, his rippled belly flattened and his long, thick cock settled across his hip. "I can see you already, Cary. Even as gorgeous as you are now, you'll be so beautiful that I'll have to fight the other guys off just to touch you." Cary laughed. He was leaning on one elbow, watching Steve as he spoke. "I'm serious, Cary! You don't know how beautiful you are. Your eyes. Your smile. You skin, so soft and smooth. When we start filling you up with some muscle, pumping up your arms and chest and legs… shit, man, you're going to be one serious motherfucking heartbreaker."

"Right." His answer was practically dripping with sarcasm.

"I'm completely serious." And his tone said he was. He leaned on his elbow, mirroring Cary's pose, and said, "And we get started tomorrow."

"Like hell we do." But he had to admit that the thought was very alluring. God knew he found Steve completely sexy. And he wouldn't mind having some of that muscular perfection for himself. But Steve had been at it for years! It was take forever to…

"By the end of this summer, you'll be bigger than me."

"No fucking way."

But Steve was insistent. "You want it, right? You want this." He bent his arm, making his bicep bulge fat and hard. Cary shrugged, trying to act composed. "You want to feel what it's like to have a body like this, to feel the power coursing through you, the electric hard pleasure of the pump, the sweat that runs along your skin, the way your legs ache with growth and strength. You want to look in the mirror when you rise in the morning with your prick hard and fat and your whole body bulging with powerful muscle, able to do what you want it to, and you want more, just more of this muscle, this hard beauty. You want it." He smiled. "Just say it."

"Is this like saying `I'm gay'? If I say it…"

This time, Steve shrugged. "Just say it. Say, `I want muscle.'"

"Can't I just be content with yours?" He scanned down the powerful nude form before him.

Steve's smile increased in wattage. His hand reached down between them and grabbed onto Cary's limp dick. And then he started squeezing. "Say it."

Cary winced. "I want muscle."

He squeezed harder. "Say it like you mean it." He was still smiling.

"I want muscle."


"I want muscle!"

"Say it, fucker! Say it again!"

"I want muscle! Goddammit I want fucking muscle! I want to be huge and powerful and beautiful like you! I want it!"

"What do you want?"

"I want muscle!"

"Fuck yeah, you do." He sat up. Cary watched his abs swell into power and the skin on his tight belly gather and smooth. He shifted onto his knees, his thigh muscles flexing and bulging. Jesus, Steve was sexy. "I'm hungry." He offered his hand to Cary and pulled him up, and they were chest to chest again, and Steve wrapped him up in his power and kissed him deep and hard and full.

Then they broke the embrace and crawled from the bed. Steve, naked, walked his fine ass downstairs to make something for both of them while Cary stripped the bed so his parents would never know that he'd just enjoyed the most wonderful morning of his life in the arms of the man he loved. •

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