Good Freak, The


By Also_KnownAs


September 23 6-10 301 lbs.

Topped the three-oh-oh mark! Fucking a!

It's been a busy week, but I want to make sure I write it down so I never forget. I think things are going to start getting real busy for me and Paul so I'm not sure when I can write again.

Here's what's happened. For some reason, after I was with Tim in the park that night he grew really fast and all the sudden. Not like Paul and me or even Jack. Tim showed up the next day at school and his clothes were really tight on him, except his pants, except in some places. I mean his shirt was stretched across his chest and shoulders and the arms were hugging his biceps and his neck was practically tearing the neckhole open and when I saw him between classes, which is the only time I can really see him since I'm a freshman and he's a senior, he came over to me and I saw this look in his eye and thought he was going to start kissing me right there. Instead he throws up this double-bi that makes his arms balloon up and his chest sticks out a mile and then he lowered his arms and lifted the T shirt and shows me this defined set of abs which were nothing like he'd had before and he's all, `what did you do to me?' and I'm like, `I don't know, Tim, but you're not the only one.'

So he makes a date with me that night and I say I have to ask Paul about that and he said he wants us both there and he's going to be bringing a friend or two and where could we meet because he says I shouldn't plan on wearing anything and the only place I can think of is Jack's but I'm worried about that because of the age thing Jack mentioned but I'm thinking Tim's probably 18 so he's probably okay and Tim's friends are probably Tim's age so I say yeah, I know a place we can go and say we should meet at McDonald's and then we'll go.

He was smiling so big and damn he looked good and I wanted to rip him out of those jeans I should add that his waist was smaller or something because I could totally look down his pants and see some pubes sticking out and I swear his dick is laying down there like a sausage and it's so big and juicy and I feel like I'm about to bust but he lays a hand on my shoulder and squeezes and I feel all small again even though I'm like huge beside him but he makes me feel like a little kid.

So that night me and Paul are at Mickey D's and chowing down a few burgers each, we're always hungry and the burgers are the cheapest and we can get more meat that way like it's real meat NOT! Anyway, whatever, and I see Tim's Camaro pull in and who do you think is with him but Rick and Steve and Paul goes something like `I knew it!' and he's smiling big and I'm like `what?' even though I remember what happened in the showers, of course, but I never thought Rick and Steve were going to be sucking anyone's dick except maybe their own they wish and they come in and Tim looks even bigger, but it's probably just me forgetting again how he looked earlier and stuff.

But Paul's all, no we can't be doing this, why'd you bring those guys? And Tim goes, well, they saw me and wanted to know what I did and what happened and I said if they really wanted to know they should meet me here and I mentioned Kevin and that was all it took, everyone knows Kevin and every guy on the team wants what Kevin's got. And I felt both sort of proud and sort of mad for some reason, like, those guys never even talk to me or anything and now they all want something from me and fuck them anyway and I start to say something but then Paul goes, it isn't fair and you know why, Tim. Tim looks at Rick and Steve who are looking nervous all the sudden and then Paul asks, so, you guys want to suck my dick?

He said it right out in McDonald's like that! And I laughed because I couldn't help it and watch these two guys looking at my crotch and Paul's crotch and Paul grabs himself through his sweats and he's holding that huge sex tool he owns and I'm feeling mine all heavy and hungry down there and Rick shrugs and goes, yeah, okay and then Steve elbows him in the ribs and says tell him or something and then Tim goes these two are okay, guys. And Paul goes, so you two are fags? You like giving head? You want my prick up your ass? And I'm like, cool it, Paul but he's mad now and whatever.

So we're standing there in McDonald's and it's not like it's all private and I sort of attract attention anyway being so big and what not and I see that now Rick and Steve are looking like they're having second thoughts but I'm all thinking about Tim now and how he looks and that I really want him and I can feel my dick getting hard and I go `look if it's my decision I say we're all going and if we're going we're going now.' And Paul looks at me sort of mad but I'm like whatever and just start to leave and Tim and Rick and Steve follow me out and Paul I guess comes along and we pile into Tim's car which was a tight fit and feeling those football players pressing against me was getting me pretty excited and I looked at Paul but he was just looking out the window and I'm giving directions to Jack's and we get there finally and all pry ourselves out of the car and I go up to the door and ring the bell.

So like the five of us are standing there on the stoop and the porch light comes on and Jack opens the door with this smile on his face, sort of funny, and he's wearing this shirt with the sleeves torn off and showing off major guns and you can see his big dick lying in the crotch of the sweatpants he has on and he stinks like a locker room so it's pretty clear he's been working out because he's all sweaty and slick and he's looking at all of us and that weird little smile gets bigger and bigger but he doesn't say anything, he just steps back and holds the door open wider and we all go inside.

Tim is totally cool. He goes, "Good evening Dr. Donaldson," all suave and shit, and then he goes, "This is Rick Jeffries and Steve Townsend." And they both reach forward and shake hands with Jack, I'm stuck watching the muscles on his arm bulging when he does that and realize he's a lot bigger even than a couple of days ago, and the two new guys are all quiet and looking sort of shocked until Jack says, "Welcome to the fuck shack, boys," and Paul snorts and Tim laughs too and I look at Rick and Steve and they're smiling now and the tension finally breaks and Jack laughs, too, and looks at Tim and goes, "How they hanging?"

Tim smiles big and starts taking off his shirt and, Jesus, he's huge! I mean, it's like he's almost another dude! He's just as beautiful, just as sexy as he was but now I can see how big his muscles are and it's amazing. He's got this chest fat with muscle, it's rippling and flexing and just huge! He's got this dusting of dark curls all across his two big round globes and his nips are fat and hard, like peanuts. He tosses his shirt to the floor and then his fingers are on his belt and he unbuckles that, still hasn't said a word, all cool and shit, still smiling, sexy as fuck and the belt comes undone and he grabs the 501's and pulls them apart and this huge freaking dick comes tumbling out! And I'm talking fat and long and plump and delicious, one foot-long to go! And he stands there, pants wide open, huge cock hanging out growing longer, now, and fatter and he finally says, "Mighty fine, Doc. Mighty fine."

Well, Rick and Steve go apeshit. I look at Paul and he's drooling. Jack's smile is still on his face and he folds his own heavy arms across his chest and looks down at this prime tool of fuckflesh (Paul calls me that sometimes, gets me all hot), nods slightly and goes, "Looks like someone else has been sampling your goods, little Kevin."

Now Rick and Steve look at me, I'm all embarrassed and probably red until here comes Tim over to me, his dick is growing harder and sort of wagging and pumping itself up and he leans up and puts his lips on mine and shoves his tongue against my mouth and, well, you don't have to ask me twice so I kiss him back, feeling the heat of his cock against me and we kiss for what felt like an hour until I hear Paul clear his throat and Tim sort of laughs as he pulls his sweet, hot mouth from mine and he winks at me and says, "Thanks, Kev."

Well, now I'm ready for some ass, know what I'm saying? Here's Tim, my hero, practically naked and there's Jack all sweaty and smelling like sex and over there is Paul, my lover, my friend, my fuckmate and now there's Rick and Steve and Rick is sort of dark and tanned, his head is buzzed short and he has this shadow of stubble that kind of melts into his hair and he's grinning big and Steve has dirty blonde hair, kind of long, you know, like that Calvin Klein guy with the huge package? He's lean and tight and I can see his nips poking up against his white t-shirt and he looks like he's about to rip through his pants or something and there's so much sex in the room it feels like the place is going to catch fire or explode or something.

But Jack is still all cool. He goes, "Who needs a beer?" and then he's stripping off his top, too, and fuck if his bod ain't all huge and muscular, much bigger than just a couple of days ago, and the sweatpants are low on his hips and there's a wet spot, now, on them and his dick is showing definite signs of life and I hear something to my left and Paul has magically got all his clothes off and stands there looking all kinds of fine and then they're all looking at me.

Of course I'm like, "What?" because I'm just enjoying the show but it's pretty clear that they want to see my body, now. Again I feel kind of embarrassed at first with everyone staring at me like I'm some kind of prize or something, but then that gets me pretty hot. They all want me! I want all of them, and all they want is me!

So, shit, I'm okay with that. So I go, "I'll have a beer," and reach down and start to pull my shirt off and as I'm showing off my muscles I hear actual gasps! I guess it was Steve and Rick, because Tim and Paul and Jack are very familiar with my body by now but I can't see because the shirts over my head and I take it off and sort of pose, then, showing off because why not? I'm puffing out my chest and tightening my belly, showing off the deep cuts and the 8-pack and shit, right? Paul's grinning, Tim's smiling, Jack's eyebrow rises like he's inspecting livestock, whatever. I'm grinning like an idiot and look at Rick and Steve and go, "Well?" and they're trying to pull their shirts off without ripping them and I'm undoing my pants and peeling them down they're really tight against my thighs so it takes a while but I kick them off, I'm not wearing any shorts, my dick is drooling and I sort of feel myself up, raise my arm and sniff the stink of my pit, run my hands over all my muscles, I'm pumped and huge and feeling fucking sexy and my balls are churning, plump with juice and I go, and I can't believe I said this, but I go, "Who's first?"

To prime the pump, sort of, I put my dick in my palm and squeezed my ass and did the dick thing, making my cock suddenly swell a couple inches longer and lots thicker. I mean it's already a monster, right? Fat thing, huge there, warm and firm and feeling pretty good just with me holding it, but this is a pretty cool thing I discovered by accident, I guess it pumps blood in or there's some muscle or something but whatever, it never fails to get Paul stoked and the reaction from the rest of the guys was even more dramatic. I guess it is sort of cool, seeing my dick plump like a Ball Park frank. I doesn't make it feel any sexier, but man the reaction sure does!

So Jack's all laughing and shit, he's pretty much seen every inch of me inside and out and I'm always showing off what I can do for him and he leaves to get me a beer, he's pulling off his pants and gives us all, or at least me, a nice shot of his worked out ass and suddenly I've got somebody's mouth sucking me inside! I mean, fuck, I hardly have time to pull my hand off and there's Rick's dark head down there and he swallowing me whole and damn he feels good, the boy is hungry, know what I'm saying? But I know how to hold out, buddy, I know how to not come, see, and so he's sucking and tonguing and his hands start grabbing my ass, he's practically pulling my dick inside him deeper and deeper. His fingers start digging in my hole, I'm grinning like a fucking idiot because this is just great and what I really needed suddenly is happening.

So when Jack got back he hands me my beer and looks down at Rick sucking my cock and then he looks over at Paul and Steve and goes, "So what's stopping you boys?" as he walks on over to Tim and drops to his knees and starts blowing his joint. Then Steve is down on Paul and there we are in the living room, six naked dudes, three sucking dick, three getting head and all is right with the world.

I watch Paul and start feeling this weird connection to him. We've never both been getting head at the same time, it's usually one giving it to the other, so it's like we're both getting head from each other almost and he's smiling this beautiful smile and he nods to me and I sort of know what he's thinking, what he means by that, it's like "let's give it to these guys good, let's really blow their gaskets and fill `em up with thick, creamy loads." And I nod back, feeling Rick's talented mouth all over my fat prick and my balls are churning and filling up and drooping with my load, I'm holding back for him and I'm watching Paul, cuz he can't hold it like I can and I want us to come together and he's pinching his eyes shut making me think, damn, that Steve must be really good if Paul is already going to pop.

But the thing is I've lost track of time and don't realize that he's been sucking me off for fifteen minutes already! So I think, shit, I better give this guy his just desserts and go ahead and give him his reward, I start pumping my hot, thick, salty cream down his throat and he starts sucking even harder! Jesus, the boy was good! How could I not tell earlier? This guy must have been sucking cock since he was a kid or something because he's swallowing every drop and gulping and sucking for more. Luckily, I can give him that, I can come buckets now, so he gets the full treatment, I come until I'm empty, I pump him thick and full and finally he almost falls off my softening dick and steadies himself with his hands, falling back like, and his belly looks all hard and fat!

I'm thinking, shit, he's gonna pop! How much did I come, for shit's sake? But his face has this sort of perfect smile on it and he's making these noises like he's purring or moaning or something and I've heard those sounds before but it's always during the fucking, not afterwards. And there's Steve, too, and he's looking all blissed out and I'm wondering what the fuck is happening here and by this time Tim and Jack have traded places and now Tim is sucking Jack's prick and me and Paul are just standing there when I hear a new sound and look over at Rick.

He's not moaning now, he's sort of growling. •

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