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September 15 6-9 282 lbs.

Nope, it's not a lie, I'm pumping up like a son of a bitch. So says Paul. I'm gaining muscle faster than ever, I guess because we're at the gym every day for a couple of hours, then I'm loading up on protein and whatever, then back at the gym training a different set of muscles. Legs for a while, then maybe back or chest or something. Paul says we should be feeling fatigue but I sure don't, I just want to keep doing it, feeling that feeling in my muscles after a workout. It's like I can feel myself getting bigger. I'm all hot and feel this pulsing sort of thing and when I flex I can watch the muscle grow. Gets me off, pretty much.

I'm a little worried I'm not getting taller, though, but Paul says we can't control that. He says the muscle tissue breaks down when you stress it and you get these microbreaks or something and then the muscle repairs itself and that's where the growth comes from. He says maybe my body and now his and I guess Jack's too are in constant growth mode for some reason, breaking down and getting bigger all the time in really small ways but going to the gym makes that go faster so I get bigger and bigger. I guess gaining 4 or 5 pounds a day is pretty cool. But man I'm always hungry. And always horny.

Luckily I have Paul around for the latter, plus now Tim came by today and we went to Jack's house last night so we have this little club, sort of, so I can fuck almost whenever I want to. Or need to, which is more like it.

Paul is gaining a lot of muscle, too. He's pretty huge and when we compare I'm bigger but he looks so fine and hard and big and I can't see myself all over like I can see him but he tells me I'm really beautiful which makes me feel like slugging him and kissing him.

Jack said we couldn't tell anyone about going to his house because we're minors and technically he can't do anything with us by law. And I knew that, but I don't care because he's one hell of a lover. I guess being older has some advantages (ha!) and I don't think we look 16 if I compare Paul and me to like Jerry or somebody. And even though Tim is 18 I think we look older than him, too. I have some pretty thick hair on my chest and belly and my crotch looks like a freaking forest or something. I think I might grow a beard because I get tired of shaving twice a day, too. How do other guys do it?

Okay, so when we were at Jack's he has a pool! I wish I had one, it was so sweet swimming in it at night. He turned the light on and it was like it was glowing. He turned off all the other lights and Paul and me went skinny dipping and then Jack joined us but we didn't stay swimming for long because the water felt so good and I forgot what it felt like swimming naked and I can really move underwater, I discovered, I guess because I'm strong or whatever and the feel of the water rushing over my cock and balls made me get super horny and I pulled Paul over and plugged him and being in water made sex so much easier, we could float and trade positions and we got better at holding our breath and then Paul joined us, he's a lot smaller but getting bigger too like I mentioned, so we fucked each other and I came a bunch of times and so did Paul and I swear between the three of us guys not a drop of sperm got into that pool.

I had so much fun, but I need to think of better lies to tell Dad, I'm not sure I can keep getting away with the movie and pizza thing.


Personal Diary of Jack Donaldson September 15

The muscle brothers came over last night. I was actually regretting giving them my home address. I think I was still in the throes of passion when I did that, totally spur of the moment. But, c'mon, there were two naked prime muscular over-sexed beautiful teen bodybuilders in my office and I'd just been fucked by a 10-inch sex pole and sucked off the biggest dick I've ever seen and swallowed what seems to be turning me into another naked prime muscular over- sexed beautiful not-quite-teen bodybuilder so maybe I wasn't thinking straight, you should excuse the expression.

I think I probably should have expected the reaction they had to my place, but looking at them I keep forgetting they're only 16 years old and don't see many other guy's houses. Everything was "whoa!" and "dude!" and "fuck!" from the saltwater aquarium to the 36" Sony to the swimming pool lights. Usually the only way to impress a guy is to go down on them underwater and stay there until they cum a little trick that never fails to impress. And lately all I need to do is strip off my shirt and give them a gander at my new, improved bod (gained 4 1/2 inches on the arms, the chest is looking fucking amazing and my ass is so high and tight that it looks like I'm packing melons in my shorts) and they're sucking me off.

So I let the guys loose to look over everything and they're acting like they're in a museum, not touching anything and calling me Dr. Donaldson all night until we're all naked in the pool and I'm ramming Paul's perfect ass and licking Kevin's amazing prick from balls to helmet and suddenly I'm Jack.

These kids, though, they may have amazing bodies that are so strong and supple that I doubt there's anything they can't do, but they aren't very imaginative. Apparently they buttfuck and blow each other and that's it. I introduced Kevin to the joy of his own nipples, I stuck my tongue up Paul's ass and you'd think I taught him how to see. We have a long way to go, the boys and I.

Also they mentioned Tim in glowing terms. Something about a birthday present. I have a feeling my little house in the hills is going to start being pretty fucking busy before very long.

Paul asked if he should still come into the office since now he's coming to my house. I said yes because I still need to take measurements. He said, "But now we know why I'm bigger, Jack. It's my cum." And I had to say, "We know whatever is making you bigger is in your cum we still don't know what it is." Paul asked, "Does it really matter?"

I was thinking, fuck no, but instead I said, "It might. We know that it makes us bigger, more muscular, stronger and, um, longer," and I lifted my dick, which has gained about an inch and is a whole lot thicker than it was. "But we don't know what else it's doing, what else it's changing."

They didn't look too concerned, and I could see why. If I looked like they did when I was 16, and I was getting bigger and stronger by the day, and I could fuck from dawn to dusk practically without stopping, I guess I'd be pretty content, too.


Doctor's Report Dr. John Donaldson Subject: Kevin Peters

Kevin continues to develop, and in some ways the development is accelerating. While he still grows taller, the gains in muscle growth and overall weight are now outstripping that rate of growth. Current measurements are as follows:

6' 9.75" 286.5 lbs Waist: 30 inches Chest: 57.75 inches Upper arm: 23 inches Thigh: 32.25 inches

In addition, his sexual organs are also abnormally large but show no other abnormalities. Their appearance is uniform and usual, and Kevin shows no lack of stimulation to any of the tissue and, in fact, reports that the tissue of both penis and testes are more sensitive than earlier. He is ejaculating an unusually high amount, but the ejaculate is similarly not effected by the abnormal development.

Kevin's penis is approximately 9 inches long, 6 inches in diameter flaccid; 12.5 inches long, 8 inches in diameter erect.

I am sending more blood, semen, urine and stool samples to the labs in Baltimore for further tests. So far, nothing unusual has turned up that would explain Kevin's unusual development. I will begin researching family history for genetic clues this week.

I will also need to check environmental factors due to the sudden, unexplained, rapid development of Paul Andrews, Kevin's best friend. Within the past few months, Paul has accompanied Kevin for his check- ups and is noticeably large for his age, similar but less developed than Kevin Peters. Paul's measurements are as follows:

6' 4.25" 232.25 lbs Waist: 28 inches Chest: 49 inches Upper arm: 18 inches Thigh: 24.5 inches

Paul's sexual organs are also larger than normal. I will attempt to get his health records to determine if growth is occurring in that area as well.

I have attempted to calculate Kevin's ultimate size given a normal growth period extending to his approximate 18th year given the rate of development recorded thus far. If the accelerating muscular growth remains constant and his slowing height gains continue to deteriorate, I estimate that Kevin will eventually reach 7 feet, 8 inches in height and weigh approximately 450 lbs. He has maintained a 6% bodyfat balance and I see no reason for this to change, and it may in fact lessen to 5% or 4%. •

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