Great 16th, A

By Muscle Head

I have always been an athletic person. Even when I was a little kid I seemed to be coordinated better than my friends. I could hit a baseball, get a basketball hoop, and run with a football better than anyone else my age, and I was more muscular and well shaped than most. So when I turned 12 I started to lift weights.

At first it was with a little set my mom and dad got me that had about 25 lbs. I outgrew that in a month. Even at 12 I could curl that weight in no time. So they got me a 150 lb set. Over the next couple of years I accumulated a lot of equipment and worked out religiously every day for a couple of hours. I read everything I could find on weight lifting and muscle building.

Now when you're 12 you don't get big muscles, but you do get stronger and look better. By the time I was 14, the muscles began to really show. I had the biggest chest in the ninth grade and probably the biggest arms. By this time I had really grown my home gym and kept at it. I had lots of weights and different machines to work all the muscles.

Because of my muscles I was real popular with the girls, but was very shy. I loved the attention, don't get me wrong, but I was much to shy to ask one out or especially to kiss one. I loved going to the pool and getting attention and wearing tank tops to show off my body. One of my favorite thing were some cut off overalls that really showed off my body!

On my sixteenth birthday after all the family celebrations and going to get my drivers license, I did as I did every day, go to the basement to work out. This day was different as I had a visitor.

Sally was a girl in school that I had liked for a long time. We had gone out on a couple of dates where the most I had done was kissed her goodnight at her door as my father waited in the car. She was good looking and I really liked her a lot.

As I was working out my mom called down to me that I had a visitor, I told her to send them down. Here came Sally.

It was summer and warm, even in the basement and so I had my shirt off. When she came down she just stared at my hard body. I must admit I was looking good by this time. My chest measured 47, my waist was 29, arms 16.5, my legs were hard and well shaped. I was very lean and had a great six pack!

She said to keep it up and she'd watch. I began to curl, my arm muscles bulged and the veins stuck out. I was sweating so my hard body glistened in the light.

After my set she came over and asked if she could feel my arm. I flexed it for her and she reached up and said "It's so big and hard." She tried to put both her hands around it and couldn't, she couldn't make a dent in it with all her strength.

Then her hand went to my hard chest and then she leaned over and kissed me. Now all I had on were some nylon running pants. They don't leave much to the imagination when one has an erection and that's just what I had. When we stopped kissing she looked down, smiled and grabbed my dick! I almost came on the spot!

She then kissed me again, then started kissing down my body. I was beside myself.

She then took off her top, she wasn't wearing a bra (it was hot). She took my hand and placed it on one of them, and resumed kissing. Next she pulled down her shorts exposing her pussy to me. She lead me over to the bench press where I took of the weights. She laid down with her legs spread and said, "Fuck me".

I quickly pulled off my shorts and got into position and slowly lowered myself into her, pushing all my 7 inches into her. I met some resistance and then broke through. I asked, "Are you a virgin too?" She said,"Yes" Then said, "Do it hard and fast"

I didn't have to be asked twice. In about 5-7 minutes we both had wonderful orgasms, unlike anything I had had before doing it myself.

We quickly cleaned up the mess (a little blood, lots of cum) and got dressed. About that time Mom came down with some cold drinks (whew!)

Sally and continue seeing each other, we're married now and have some kids. I continued working out in High School and won first prize in a body building contest that year. I still work out though not for competetion. Sally likes me hard and ready...all over. •

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