Major Muscle


By Frklvr


I glanced over to the left to see you owned that deep voice. What I saw caused several things to run through my mind at once. The first was 'damn, this guy's huge!' The second to quote Wayne and Garth 'Swing!' The third when I saw his rank clusters 'that's the Major?'

This is what I saw. The Major stood about nine foot tall. His shoulders was over five feet wide. His arms bulged in the sleeves of his shirt and looked to be 30" relaxed. His chest stretched the shirt to button popping tightness. His waist was maybe mere 32" around. His thighs were over 40" around stretching his pant legs so tight that you could see each individual muscle. His delicatable package created a bulge that stood over foot from his groin. His face was rugged with silvery eyes and topped with glossy black hair with silver sweeping wings over his ears.

I'm just lucky that military protocal had drilled into me. I came to attention, thankfully hiding the raging hard-on that threaten to rip through my pants from the Major's view. I sensed that Jason was in a similar condition that I was.

"At ease, gentlemen." Said the Major.

We relaxed into a parade rest. I heard very heavy footsteps approach us from behind. A large hand rested on, actually engulfed, my shoulder. The thumb toyed with my hair. I then heard a really deep grunt of pleasure.

"Sgt. I said 'at ease.'" The Major said from behind, "There seems a hard problem at attention."

I was shocked that he knew about my hard-on. I know the guy's tall but there was no way he could tell from that angle. I was also confused by the way he spoke, it was almost as if he were throwing me a pick-up line. But, then again, considering this new unit maybe he was.

"Why don't you slip out of those pants and see what we can do to put you more at ease?" Stated the Major, which sounded more in the nature of an order.

I kicked off my shoes and undid my belt. I started sliding my pants down when I felt his big hand squeeze my butt. I stood up in surprise and my pants fell down to my knees. His other hand grabbed me under my arm and he scooped me up. He held me as if I were a two year child. My cock stood up to it's proud 8".

"Mmmm, nice. I happened to have a thing for blondes." The Major said as he curled me to his mouth, "A bit light but you'll do for a warm-up set."

He began to curl me up and down in slow, strict movements. Each time I reached the top he would pause and inhale my cock. Again and again I was curled up and down, I was harder than I've ever been in my life. I lost count of how many times he curled me. Then suddenly I hear the sound of cloth ripping and I look over my shoulder to see that the sleeves of his shirt has burst open. His biceps were monstrous, the peak had to be over a foot deep. Seeing that I shot my load right into the Major's mouth. The Major sucked hungerly sallowing every drop. He set me down and I was exhausted but he hadn't even broken a sweat.

"Well, Pvt., it seems to be your turn." The Major said to Jason.

The Major unfasten the belt around his slim waist. He then undid his pants and slid them to the floor. When he stood back up, I saw that he was wearing a thick leather jockstrap with heavy stitching. The Major motioned to Jason to kneel in front of him. Jason practically threw himself at the Major's feet.

"Pvt., I would like you to meet my Private." Said the Major as he slipped off the jockstrap.

Both Jason and I gasped at the size of his cock. It was inhuman. It was as thick around as a five pound can of coffee and was 22" long. He wasn't even hard yet! His balls were the size of soccer balls hanging really low. Jason has a look of fear and lust in his eyes.

"I'm not expecting you deep throat it, yet. Just play with it, Pvt." The Major said, "Stroke it, lick it, kiss it, do whatever you can to get me off."

Jason went to work stroking and licking that big cock while I watched in amazement. I watched as the Major's slowly started to extend under Jason's manipulations. It was only half hard at 25" when the Major motioned me to him.

"Stand behind me and...ugh...grab mine wrists." The Major said huskily as he raised his arms over his head.

I grabbed the Major's wrists and hung a foot off the ground. The Major began to extand his arms in a tricep press. I could not believe it he was repping me like I was a fifty pound dumbbell. For several minutes, the Major continued to press me in smooth and strict form. The only time he faltered was when he came. He then pressed me for ten more reps and then set me down.

"Very good, Pvt." The Major said, "With that kind of performance, we'll have to see about getting your rank reinstated."

"Major?" I asked still standing behind him, "Is there anything else you would like us to do?" I caressed his thick muscular glutes suggestively.

"That'll have to wait unitl after your induction." Replied the Major, "I haven't quite got the control not to squeeze your cock in two once we start. After your induction you'll have a big, strong musclecock like mine then it won't matter."

The Major turned around. It was then I saw the mouth-watering, mammoth musclecock he possessed. It was a little over 30" in length and still had the same thickness. It was covered in 1" thick veins and it's head was much larger than a grapefruit. I just stared at his cock for several minutes, totally awestrucked.

"If you and the Pvt. would just stand on my back, I would like to warm-up my pecs." Said the Major getting down on the floor.

I shook off my daze and looked over at Jason. Jason was still dazed and he was covered, head to toe covered, in cum. I tapped Jason on the shoulder and motioned for him to climb onto the Major's back.

The Major's back was wide enough for both me and Jason to stand comfortably on it. While we stood there, the Major started doing one-arm push-ups. The Major continued to do his push-ups in slow reps while Jason and I decided to have some fun with each other. I lick the Major's cum from Jason's face while Jason stroke my half hard cock to full erection again. When I finished Jason's face, I heard a popping and ripping sound but couldn't focus on it because of Jason. Seeing as how Jason was the only one who hadn't cum yet, I decided to change that. Undoing his coveralls and pulling them to his ankles, I grabbed his cock and began licking and blowing on it. This had Jason bouncing and bucking. Seeing that his balls were drawn up thight, I started sucking him with a vengence. Jason quickly shot his load and I tried to catch it all but lost a little out of the corners of my mouth.

"Glad to see you enjoying yourselves." Said the Major underneath us, "You can step off, now."

Jason and I stepped off the Major's back with guilty looks on our faces. The Major stood up with a grin on his face. When the Major stood up fully, I saw that his shirt was hanging open showing his massively engorged pecs. It was then I identified the popping and ripping sound as all but bottom two buttons being forced opening by his pumped up pecs. When turned slightly to the side, I could see his hard 1" nipples pointing towards the floor. I had to fight the urge to latch onto them right then and there.

"If the two of you would help me again, I have one more warm-up exercise to do and then we'll begin your inductions." The Major told us, "Just grab hold on the ends of that bar there and I get started."

Jason and I grabbed either end of the bar and the Major grasped it in two hands in the center. Then he just pressed us up in a military press. He began slow repping us for several minutes. Just as Jason started to look a little green, I heard again that now familiar ripping sound. I look at the Major and saw that his delts and traps were bursting through the seams of his shirt. Shortly after that, the Major set us down. The Major rotated and flexed his arms and shoulders which caused his shirt to rip some more and fall from his body.

"Well, there goes another shirt." Said the Major, "That wouldn't happen if they'd make a larger size. But then again they don't have anyone as large as me, yet."

Jason and I were just standing there staring at this giant musclegod. The Major saw this and flexed a little, well as little someone that size could, just to see our jaws drop. The Major stood there chuckling and looking us over as we stood naked before him. I forget when I lost my shirt but at that point I didn't care. Seeing the Major standing there in all of his naked glory, I threw caution to the wind and stepped up to him and began sucking his big nose-level nipples.

"Well, I guess that deicdes it." The Major suddenly said.

I jumped back afraid I had done something wrong to anger this gorgeous giant. The Major again chuckled and pulled me back to his nipple. Relieved, I sucked and nibbled him for all I was worth. Encouraged by my actions, Jason took his place on the Major's other nipple. The Major's big hands rubbed up and down our backs. We stayed like this for quite a while. The Major finally pulled us away, to our disappointment.

"As much as I would like to do this all day, we've got others things to take care of," Finally breathing hard for the first time, "Then we'll really have some fun." Stated the Major.

The Major guided us over to the corner of the room and then press one of the wall tiles. The section of floor we were standing on began to lower. We descended down a long shaft for several minutes. The platform we were on finally stopped at a door which the Major opened for us. We stepped out into what looked like a comfortable doctor's waiting room.

"We currently have only one induction station operating, right now." The Major said, "So, we're going to have to induct you one at a time. Pvt., if you take a seat, we'll get started with the Sgt."

The Major led me through the door into the next room. In the center of the room there was a doctor's exam table surrounded by various sorts of medical equipment. The wall with the door we had come through was a floor to ceiling mirror. To the left of us, there was another door next to a mirrored observation window. The wall in front of us was bare except for two computerized stations with long tubes running from them. To our right were medical storage lockers.

The Major had me lie down on the exam table and began to fasten the restraints on me. I joked that he could have his way with me without the restraints. He just chuckled. When the Major had finished with the restraints, a lab technician came in from the other door and inserted the tubes into my arms. After taping the tubes into place, the lab technician left. A few seconds later, an older man in a lab coat came in. I recognized him as the 'lab guy' from the briefing film.

"Sgt. Westfalien, this is Heinrick Hoffmeyer." Said the Major, "He developed this procedure."

"Westfalien, Westfalien? Ah, yes. Your the young man who has the extra anchors we can use." Said Hoffmeyer to no one in particular.

"Anchors?" I asked as Hoffmeyer went over the medical lockers.

"Yes, yes. Anchors. The anchoring genes in the genetic code." Said Hoffmeyer as he pulled out a large plastic bag filled with a milky white liquid, "We use these anchoring genes to attach the artifical gene sequences."

"How can you tell if the gene is an anchoring gene? I mean they only just finished mapping the basic human genome." I asked a little worried now.

"That was done ten years ago. Today we have 90% of the genome thoroughly detailed. I could tell you precisely what would happen if you change something in that area." Said Hoffmeyer opening one of the computerized stations.

"Then why do I have these extra anchoring genes and the Major doesn't?" I asked while he connected the bag to the station.

"When I created this procedure last year, we only had 60% of the genome detailed. So, we could only identify four anchoring genes in the Major at that time. He has a fifth anchor gene we could use now. You, also, have that gene and another that we think could be used." explained Hoffmeyer closing the station.

"What do you mean 'you think can be used?'" I asked uncomfortably.

"The sixth anchor gene you have is attached to a sequence similar to the one governing muscular strength. We think that it is a redundant or backup coding. Your fifth anchor gene governs muscle density." Hoffmeyer said as he flicked a couple of switches on each station.

"Have you tested it out to be sure you're right?" I asked really worried now.

"The only way to know I'm right, is to manipulate them." Said Hoffmeyer.

"I think that's enough talk for now, Professor." Said the Major, "Everything all started up?"

"Yes. Everything running smoothly." Said Hoffmeyer as he left the room.

"Professor? You mean Doctor, don't you?" I asked on the edge of panic.

"Heinrick's not a Doctor. But he is a Professor of Genetics and theoretical pharmacology." The Major answered.

I began to panic at that point. I remember screaming and yelling something but what I can't remember. My panic was cut short when I felt an icy cold flow into my arms. I looked down and saw the milky white liquid flowing into my right arm and a bluish liquid flowing into my left. My last clear thought was 'Oh Shit!'

I lay there in a haze. I vaguely felt waves of icy cold followed by roasting heat running through my body. There was also this odd twitching feeling but I couldn't focus my thoughts because of buzzing in my head. Finally, the buzzing quieted down enough for me the think. I looked up at the ceiling and saw a mirror there. I almost went back into shock, I looked like a pro bodybuilder now and I was still growing. I noticed now that the waves of cold were the contractions of my muscles and the odd twitching was the hard flex before my muscles relaxed. The waves of heat was the actual growth of my muscles.

I watched in a detached amazement as I continued to grow more and more massive. I had to be over seven feet tall now guessing by the way my legs hung over the edge of the exam table. I watched as my delts swelled to basketballs then to boulders. My pecs expanded from squared dinner plates to the size of huge serving platters and they rose in thickness creating a 4" then 6" deep canyon between them. I saw my lats push my arms out to a 45 degree angle from my shoulders and raise my body up several inches as they gained in thickness. My arms distended into gigantic corded mounds, my biceps looked like someone deicded to shove two footballs under my skin of each arm and my triceps had the appearance of having a huge Harley gas tank under the skin. My forearms swelled steel cabled muscle growing to the size of a Christmas ham at the elbow. My abs tightened and defined into a thick, hard titanium 10-pack with 1" deep crevices, my intercostals grew from 1/2" ropy muscle to 1" thickness and then 2" of hardened steel cable below my pecs.

As I looked further down, I saw that I had grew in height as was as muscle when I saw that my knees extended over the edge of the table. Observing what I could of my legs, I estimated that my quads now measured 39" around with definition and cuts you hide quarters in. My attention was drawn to the most precious portion of my body, my cock and balls. My once proud 8" had decided double itself and was still soft, my balls were full and round but were larger than softballs themselves. I watched as my veins swelled and snake their way over my body.

While gazing at the new me, I notice a hunger within me. As I examined this hunger, it grew greater and more demanding. There was something I needed, something I needed NOW! I lifted my head and began to focus on the room around me.

"Professor! The tranq's wearing off!" I heard a voice say somewhere to my right.

I looked to where the voice had come from and saw the Major standing there. I was momentarily calmed at the sight of him but then I saw his cock hanging over his huge balls. Something clicked in my head, the Major's got what I need, I need to suck him dry. I resisted the hunger for as long as I could.

"Major," I grunted with effort, "before...I...suck you...dry."

That effort was the last of my resistance. I sat up on the table and found that my arms were being held. With a slight tug by me, the restraints burst loose. As I turned towards the Major, the restraints holding my legs snapped. With a gentle vault from the table, I tackled the Major to the floor. I wrapped my hand around the shaft of his cock and sucked it's head into my mouth. My other hand grabbed his balls and began kneading them.

Stroking and sucking, I had the Major's cock rising like a flagpole. Something in my jaw popped and I could take more of him into my mouth. Soon I was deep throating the Major and he was moaning in pleasure. I continued to knead his balls and occasionally would get them a tug producing a grunt of pleasure/pain. Alternating from deep throating to just sucking on his cockhead was bringing the Major closer and closer to orgasm. As soons as I felt his cockhead swell even larger, I buried my nose into his pubes, taking his entire cock into me.

The Major was cumming in buckets but that was not enough for me. I took every drop he spurted for several minutes. As his orgasm slowly subsided, I realized that he wasn't shooting anymore cum into me and I was angered at this. I grabbed each of his balls in both my hands and began to squeeze hard. I was going to force every drop of cum he had into me one way or another. The combination of the pain from his balls and the pleasure from my continued cocksucking triggered another orgasm. Greedily, I suck in his essence. With increasing pressure on his balls, I knew I would have every last drop he possessed, only then would the hunger be satisfied.

Minutes or eternities passed. Slowly, the hunger left and my senses returned. The first thing I realized when I regained my senses was that a very thick piece of cock was in my mouth, 'not a bad way to wake up' I thought to myself. The second thing I was aware of was that my hands were squeezing a pair of balls unmercifully. I quickly let go and the cock in my mouth slide out. I was amazed that I had THAT completely in me. It was then that it registered what I had done to the Major. I quickly climbed up his body to see if he was alright. Hovering over his face, I saw that he had a dreamy and contented smile.

"Major?" I said worriedly.

"That was one helluva blow job." He replied opening his eyes, "I think I'm going to be walking funny for a few days but I had hoped it'd been from some other fun."

"Major, I'm really, really sorry." I apologized, "I couldn't control myself."

"I understand." He replied, "Remember. I went through the same thing. Unfortunately, the guy I blew ended up with raptured balls."

"You mean I aahh..." I said looking at his balls.

"No." He said catching my meaning, "Part of the procedure prevents permanent damage. They'll be sore and swollen for a while but they're still whole."

"I'm glad." I said greatly relieved, "I'd for my first act back on duty was damaging my commander."

"Still in one piece." He replied grinning, "Stand up and lets have a look at you."

We stood up and gazed at ourselves in the mirrored wall. I was now 8' 6", about a head shorter than the Major. Proporationally, I had the thicker legs but the Major's arms were much thicker than mine. Overall, I was impressed and pleased with the results. While looking at the two of us, a thought occurred to me.

"Major?" I asked, "What is your name?"

"It's Sam, Sam Musselman," he replied. •

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