Toy Brothers


By VA23456

Eric and Ethan got up out of bed and walked to a much-needed hot shower. They enjoyed the feel of each other's body. Ethan enjoying Eric's hard body and Eric enjoying his bro's lean young torso. Ethan's dark hair and brown eyes always fascinated his older brother Eric. It wasn't until his recent return home that he realized that it was on a sexual level.

Eric had come home for winter break and suddenly realized just how hot he was for his younger brother. It was as if the realization all but appeared from no where. They had just finished some of the hottest sex Eric had ever had. He felt great.

Ethan on the other hand was in awe of his older, much bigger bro. For years Eric had been the typical older bullying brother. He knew Eric didn't dislike him, but he wasn't about to hang out with him either. Now suddenly Eric was willing to do everything, be anything Ethan wanted. It was as if Eric was trying to make up for the last few years of razing. As far as Ethan was concerned if it continued with all this hot sex AND hanging out at the gym with his older bro, he was happy to let things go as they were, no questions asked.

Ethan couldn't stand looking at his hot brother any longer. "You really liked sucking my cock and taking up your ass didn't you bro?"

"Fuck ya Eth, I loved it."

"Looking at me now naked in the shower probably makes you want it all the more."

Eric looked his brother up and down, taking in the total hot naked body of his little brother. As he looked at his brother with pure lust his cock began to grow again. He wanted his brother so badly. It was funny how the lust in him would suddenly hit him like this.

Seeing the reaction in Eric's eyes Ethan played along. "That's it Bro, look me over man. I can see the desire in your eyes. You want to suck my cock and get it all nice and lubed for your ass. That's what you want isn't it bro?"

Eric collapsed under the strain of all the suggestions coming into his open mind. As he fell to his knees he moaned to his little brother. "Oh Eth, you're so fucking hot. I love your cock bro. I love how it feels in my mouth and my ass. I just gotta have it in me Eth." And with that Eric slid his brother's impressive cock down his throat. Each time Eth's cock slid into his mouth Eric wanted it more.

"Easy Eric, let your throat open up to it bro. That's it man. I knew you would love sucking it. It feels good to obey and bring your little brother pleasure doesn't it?"

Eric stopped long enough to tell his bro how he really felt. "Yes Ethan, it feels so fucking good to obey you. I love bringing you pleasure. I love your cock inside me Eth."

Eth was getting close to cumming and he knew his folks would be home by now. He needed to get inside his brother's hot ass. He loved the feel of dominating his big muscled older brother. It was a better rush than any drug.

Ethan physically pulled his brother off his dick. Eric could barely stand to be away from his brother's cock. It was only Ethan's promise that it would soon be up his tight ass that got Eric to lay his chest against the tiled wall.

Ethan entered his brother easily after applying some soap around his tight hole. Once he was in he wasted no time and started to fuck his brother hard. To get some balance he Grabbed Eric's slim waist. That was the best part about fucking a hard muscle boy. Once told to stay in place they had the power to do so. Eric would stay pressed up against that tile till he was told not to.

Ethan's pass quickend as he approached his climax. As he fucked his brother, Eric began to beg for more.

"Hell ya bro, fuck my ass. Fuck my willing tight hole for me. I love your 19 year old cock inside me bro. Fill me up with your hot cum. I love the feel of your cock exploding in me."

With that Ethan couldn't hold back any longer. He exploded in his hot brother's tight ass. Each thrust squeezing out more of his young stud jizm.

Eric just moaned as his own cock exploded his hot muscle cum all over the tile. It was ten minutes before either of them could do anything but hold each other under the hot spray. Once they recovered it was time to talk about the brothers day they had ahead of them.

"So bro, you think these supplements will make me as big as you?" Ethan inquired as he rubbed the soap over his brother's amazingly hard pecs.

"Sure Eth, Doc Motley says I have gained 5 pounds of muscle in just one week. On you, five pounds in one week is gonna show immediately. The chicks and the guys will be eyeing you up when you get back in the yard." Eric's mention of the yard brought Ethan back to reality. After winter break he would be returning to Annapolis, the Naval Academy. He had been accepted a year ago and for the most part loved it. Being on the academy swim team didn't hurt at all either. Ethan loved checking out his fellow midshipmen (midis as they called themselves).

"Bro! I can't wait to get started. The guys on the swim team will be jealous as hell."

Stepping out of the shower, his body covered in the warm water, Eric dug the bottle of supplements out of his bag.

"Well, here ya go bro. You and I can share out of this bottle till I go back to school. There is plenty here for the two of us. When I get back to school I will hit Doc Motley up for some more. He loves me so I m sure he will do it for me." Eric said proudly, tossing the bottle to his brother still dripping wet from the shower.

Ethan's eyes glittered in lust, both at the supplements and over his brother's body. Ethan knew if he told his brother to suck him at this very moment, he would. It was the supplements that were on his mind right now. Unfortunately for Ethan, what he didn't know was for a kid his size; the supplements would act very quickly on him. One dose the size Eric took and this would be the last independent thought that ever crossed Ethan's mind.

"So how do I take them Eric?" Ethan asked hungrily. "I mean do I just eat the powder?"

"NO Eth, you mix it with orange juice or something like that. Its orange flavored so I put it in OJ usually."

"AWESOME!" Ethan yelled, running out of the bathroom and tossing on his Levis and T-shirt. He ran back into the bathroom long enough to snatch up the bottle and zip down to the kitchen.

Eric just smiled as he finished up drying off and putting his clothes back on. All he could do was think of the hot sex. It felt SO good to obey his lil'bro Eth. Who would have ever believed it?

Eric walked downstairs to find his bro gulping down a huge glass of OJ. And sitting right next to him were his parents.

"Um Hi mom and dad." Eric squeaked, not sure if they had seen Ethan use the supplements.

"Well hello there stranger." Eric's dad said. "I guess we missed you last night. Ethan said you got in just after we left for dinner." His dad was beaming. Eric's dad never seemed to be this happy before. Something was up. "So Ethan says you and he are going to the gym TOGETHER?" His dad asked incredulously.

"Ya, we sure are. I figure its time me and the squirt started to hang together like brothers."

"HEY" Ethan yelled. "Don't call me squirt!"

Eric's eyes glazed a bit and he responded "Ok, sorry Eth."

Eric's parents watched the exchange between the two brothers with the surprising ending of Eric apologizing. That was a change. They both shared looks of relief. Finally these two were getting along.

"Well bro," Eric said a bit uneasy "We need to get moving if we are gonna get a work out in. Its Saturday and Greg and Jason like to close up by 3pm."

"Sure thing Eric," Eth said as he got up from the table. "I gotta get some socks and sneakers before we go. Why don't you have some OJ too?" Ethan said with a smirk on his face.

Eric walked over to the counter his back to his folks and added the supplement to his OJ and then dropped the bottle into his gym bag. Going back to the table Eric began to chug the OJ like his little brother did. As he drank that smooth warm feeling hit him again. He loved his supplements. He could actually feel the stuff go to work.

As he finished his glass, Ethan returned.

"I am already to get super buff like you bro!" Eth yelled as he came down the stairs. Eric got up from the table, OJ finished, and waved goodbye to his smiling parents. They were so happy to see the brothers getting along. If they knew the true reason, they wouldn't be smiling.

Eric and his little brother bounded into the gym. Greg was working on the desk and was at first psyched to see his jock slave-boy coming into the gym. He was immediately let down when he saw the 19 year old kid walking in with him. The kid was obviously Eric's brother. Guess there would be no sex toy today Greg thought.

"Hey Greg, this is my little bro Ethan, is it ok if he works out with me today?" Eric asked. Ethan was immediately turned on by Greg's good looks and well built body. Another strikingly handsome guy about 26 years old. Ethan loved checking out guys. His brother Eric was his only gay experience, and boy what a HOT one. Greg was just like the guys he liked. Dark hair blue eyes, and a body that was built like a gym jock.

"Sure thing stud, anything for the biggest jock in the gym. As it is you guys are the only ones in the gym. I was gonna close up in ten minutes if no one showed up. Why don't you guys just work out in your shorts, maybe that will attract some customers." Greg half-joked.

The two jocks, Eric and Ethan, stood there eyes glazing over. Turning towards the locker room both studs quietly mumbled "Shirtless, work out shirtless." As they changed, both jocks slide on their Umbros and walked into the free weight gym forgetting all about their shirts.

Greg was picking up the front desk, when he saw the two stud brothers walk out into the gym in nothing but Umbros. No shirts just like he had half suggested. He knew that for whatever reason Eric was open to suggestion, but his little brother too? This was some family trait, hot looking and total slaves. He was gonna have to check this out further.

Looking at the front door, he quickly jotted down something on a piece of paper, taped it to the door and locked it. Any one wanting to work out that day would find that the gym was closed due to a busted pipe in the gym.

Greg walked into the gym and watched the brothers working out. Each pushing the other to his limits. Both the studs were beginning to sweat just a bit. Their bodys flushed with the recent exertion. It was so fucking hot; Greg couldn't control his hard on. It was filling his gym shorts. They would look up at Greg from time to time but take no real notice. They were totally into working out. Ethan wanting to get bigger and stronger like his brother. Eric wanting to please his master brother.

Taking all this in, Greg wandered over to the bench the brothers were working out on. Half playing with himself he thought he would try something else. He was hoping beyond all hope that the family trait would hold true.

"You guys look pretty hot. It is cooler if you just took those thick Umbros off. Don't you think?"

Both brothers looked over at Greg and stopped in mid set. Eth still lying on the bench slides his hands under his Umbros and began to pull them off. At the same time Eric standing behind the bar, was also stripping off his shorts. Greg just stood there, his hand over his crotch smiling.

Both Eric and Eth returned to working out as if there was nothing different. Both in the positions they were before Greg's suggestion. Only now they were wearing nothing but their jock straps. Greg walked up behind Eric as he was spotting his brother. Greg could not get over how HOT Eric's ass was.

"Eric, you've got such a hot body." Greg breathed into Eric's ear as he spotted. "I'm sure you are remembering how much you enjoy being a slave for me and Jason, don't you?"

"Yes, Feels good to obey my masters Greg and Jason."

Ethan heard this and began to sit up. Nobody was Eric's master but him. He had to put a stop to this. He turned and looked at Greg, about to read him the riot act. Eth still had no real knowledge that he was half-naked.

"Listen here GREG!" Eth began to yell.

"Relax Ethan, just stand there and relax." Greg quietly commanded. Suddenly Ethan stopped yelling and just stood there, eyes glazed and slightly swaying in nothing but a jock strap.

"Yes, that's much better isn't it Ethan. Feels good to just relax and do what your told."

"Yes, feels good to do what I am told" Ethan purred.

"You must look up to your older brother Ethan. You must want to be just like him don't you?" Greg asked, smiling knowing exactly where he would go with this line of questioning.

"Yes, I want to be like my big bro Eric."

"Did you know your big bro was my slave-boy Ethan? That he loves to do what ever I tell him. That for over two weeks now he has been a total fuck boy for me and my boyfriend?" Ethan stood there taking in all this information. He wanted to be JUST like his brother. If his brother was a jock-slave a total fuck boy then that must mean....

"You want to be a jock slave like him don't you Ethan. You want to be able to serve other men's desires, don't you?"

"Yes," Ethan half-moaned. "I want to be a jock-slave, serve men's desires. I want to be like my big bro Eric."

Greg smiled. This could not be any better. Two hot jocks, one super muscle stud and one young slave boy. All for his and Jason's enjoyment any time they wanted it.

"I think you and your brother should continue working out Ethan, and in between sets, you should suck on each others hard cocks. In fact your cocks are gonna grow hard and stay that way. Neither one of you can cum unless I say so." With those words Greg walked away, he needed to make a phone call.

As he walked away the two brothers began their work out sets. When Ethan finished his turn on the bench he stood up and found his brother Eric on his knees. He watched as his big bro began to suck on his engorged cock. The need to remove the jockstrap never occurred to them. Ethan's 6-inch cock had already left the tight binding jock strap.

Eric sucked his brother's cock. It was very important to suck him since he had just finished his set. You always sucked your partner's cock after he finished a set. Eric took his brother's cock in slowly, enjoying every moment. Ethan looked down at his big bro smiling, moaning, and loving every moment of it. Ethan loved working out. It was always good to finish a set and have your partner suck you.

After what seemed like forever, the brothers had to finish their workout. Switching places, still in their jock straps the brothers started their next set. Both studs had their hard cocks sticking out of their jock straps.

Greg had already finished his phone call. He was sitting on a nearby bench watching the brothers suck each other and then go back to "tossing the irons around." He loved the control aspect of this whole thing. He had promised Jason he would wait for his return. So he had stripped naked and was jerking off watching his slaves work the bench as well as each other.

Jason walked into the gym and smiled as soon as he took in the whole scene. There was Greg in the background jerking off. In the foreground were Eric and some young hot stud working out and then sucking each other. It was more than he had hoped for. Jason walked over to Greg.

"So this is your little surprise? Who's the hot young jock doing Eric?" Jason said, his horny joy seeping in his words.

"That my friend is Eric's little brother Ethan. And he wants to be JUST like his big brother. He loves the idea of being a jock toy for us as well."

Jason smiled. "That is just fine by me. We could use another boy-toy. Lets have some fun." With that both gym managers walked over to the brothers. Eric and Ethan kept lifting and sucking paying little attention to Greg and Jason until told so.

"Eric, I think you and Ethan are done working out. You both seem to be buffed up enough for today."

Eric stopped turning to his master "Yes sir." Eric responded.

"I think you both should strip off those sweaty jock straps now and stand at attention so my Friend Jason can inspect you and your brother." Greg demanded

Both the boys stripped off their jock straps and stood rigid, hard cocks pointing straight up. They were ready for inspection. Jason walked around Eric, first, familiar territory. As he moved to Ethan, he was surprised at how tight the young man's body was. It looked perfect. Smooth body, tight ass. This boy was going to be fun to play with.

"Eric, what are you?" Jason inquired.

"I am your slave sir, I am here to please you in all things." Eric answered.

"And what about your brother Eric, what is he?" Greg chimed in.

"He is whatever you want him to be sir." Eric answered his master. The thought of protecting his younger brother never occurred to him. If his masters wanted his brother then they should have him.

"Ethan," Jason said turning his attention to the younger man. "What is it you wish to be?"

"I want to be a jock-toy, just like my older brother sir, I want to be like my brother Eric." Ethan answered practically moaning it.

"Good boy, Ethan. Eric why don't you get on your knees and suck on Greg's cock?" It looks so good doesn't it. You must really want to suck on a big cock so badly. It has been awhile for you." Eric fell to his knees in front of Greg. All he could think of was cock. He wanted Greg's cock so bad it hurt.

Ethan watched his older brother fall in front of another man's cock. Eric began to beg Greg to let him suck it.

Eric began to plead with Greg. "Please Sir, let me suck your beautiful cock, I want to suck cock so bad Sir. I love to suck cock."

Ethan just watched in admiration. His brother Eric was such a good cocksucker, such a good slave. He wanted to be a slave just like his brother Eric. It felt so good to obey.

Jason smiled at the boy and inquired "Ethan doesn't your brother look good begging to suck cock? I bet you want to be just like your older brother, don't you?"

"Oh yes sir, I want to be just like my brother. I want to be a good slave. I want to be a good cock-sucker." Ethan stood still at attention his cock dripping pre-cum. Ethan wanted his masters so badly.

"Oh please sir let me suck it, I need your cock so badly!" Eric was still begging for his master's cock. Greg finally took his cock in hand and presented it to Eric.

"Yes you may Eric, suck your master's cock, please me and please yourself." Greg ordered. Eric dove on his master's cock. He loved the feeling of cock in his mouth. His mind raced at how much he loved cock. He couldn't get enough cock. He was so happy to share this experience with his brother Ethan. Soon Ethan would feel the joys of being a slave to such great men. Jason watched as Eric swallowed Greg's cock. He loved watching Eric, the super college jock go down on him and Greg. It was such a rush to own a hot jock that normally would have anyone they wanted. What was even better was looking into the young face of Ethan. The look of utter jealousy was amazing. You could see how badly Ethan wanted to be in Eric's place.

"Ethan, I bet you would love to suck on cock too. Look at my cock Ethan; see how big it is. It would taste and feel so good in your mouth wouldn't it. You probably cant wait to suck my cock can you Ethan?"

"Oh, yes SIR!" Ethan begged. "I want to feel your cock in my mouth so badly Sir. I'll do anything you want, just please let me be your slave, let me suck your cock." Ethan wanted to be a slave so badly. No other thought managed to survive in his mind. All he ever wanted to be was a slave, just like his big brother Eric.

Jason and Greg looked at each other. There they stood in the middle of the free weight gym with two hot studs on their knees begging to suck cock. And doing a fantastic job at it. Both men had their hands on their boy's head pulling them into their crotch so that they could penetrate their throats deeper.

"Yes that's it boys. Enjoy the cock feast. You both love to serve us. You both love to suck cock. Keep telling yourselves that as you suck us." Both boys seemed to begin sucking with even greater intensity. Each was enjoying the feel of a cock sliding in their mouths. It felt so good to obey.

Greg smiled at Jason "You know Jason, since Eric has done such great job at showing Ethan how to suck cock, I bet he would be great at teaching him how to take a man's cock up his tight ass." "Hell ya Greg!" Jason moaned back. "We need to show Ethan how to give up that tight ass of his as well as his big brother."

Greg moved away from Eric, the look of disappointment showing on Eric's face. He wanted that cock so badly. "Easy Eric. If you want cock so badly why don't you get on that bench over there on all fours? I think Jason and I have thought of a better place to put a cock."

Eric moved like lightening. The longer he went without cock the worse he felt. He needed cock so badly. Getting up on the bench Eric put his hands on the bar. His knees on the bench he kneeled ready to obey. It always felt so good to obey.

Ethan was still sucking Jason's cock when Greg began to lube up Eric's tight ass. Greg just loved fucking Eric's ass. It was so perfect, like a pair of smooth melons. The muscles perfectly formed, with that dimple effect only the true studs had. Greg would enjoy taking Eric's ass. He always did.

"Ethan, stop sucking my cock for now. I want you to watch your big brother as he gives up his ass to Greg." Ethan stopped sucking also disappointed that he couldn't continue sucking such a wonderful cock. He turned to watch his brother have his ass lubed by Greg's penetrating fingers. Two at a time in and out of his ass, Eric was in heaven.

"That's it Eric, you just love to have your ass lubed don't you Eric?"

"Yes Sir, I love to get my ass lubed Sir. It feels so good to be ready for you Sir" Eric was beside himself in the pleasure of Greg's fingers up his ass. He always loved that cold slick feeling of the lube spreading inside him.

"Doesn't your brother look good like that Ethan. Your brother is such a fuck boy. He loves to be fucked. We have fucked him with our fingers, dildos and our big cocks. He loves it all. You will be the same way too Ethan. You want to be like your big brother don't you?"

"Yes Sir, I want to be like my big brother Eric." Ethan moaned. Ethan watched again with a jealous stare. He loved his big bro. He wanted to be just like him. He was so hot like that on all fours. It must be wonderful to be a fuck boy. Ethan wanted, no needed to be a fuck toy to.

While Ethan was watching Eric get lubed up, Jason began playing with the young stud's ass. First just running his hands over the young stud's ass. Gradually Jason began to probe his young stud's hole. Ethan's only response was to open his legs wider to provide Jason with much greater access. It felt so good. Ethan loved the attention his ass was getting.

Eric too was enjoying his treatment. Greg would lean into his ear and ask him how badly he wanted to get fucked. Eric wanted it so bad. He couldn't remember the last time he was fucked. It had been too long hadn't it? It must have because Greg just said so. The longing for a cock up his as became too much and he began to beg for it.

"Oh please Greg, I m such a bottom boy. I love a big cock up my ass. I am yours to have. Please take my ass Sir, I need to be fucked. It's my only purpose in life. I want to please you sir. PLEASE FUCK ME!"

Greg was more than happy to comply. He pressed his cock up against Eric's anxious hole and watched it as Eric readily accepted it. Eric began to push back against his master's cock. It felt so fucking good to have a hard cock up his ass.

"Yes Sir, fuck my ass sir. Fuck me hard. I need to be fucked hard Sir." Eric was beyond control. If he wasn't fucked hard soon he didn't know what he would do. It felt so good to OBEY. Greg grabbed Eric's waist and began to pump Eric's ass hard. In and out in and out his cock slide into Eric. He couldn't fuck Eric too hard. Eric loved the attention his ass was getting. As a total bottom boy its what he craved. It felt so good.

Ethan licked his lips as he watched his older bro get fucked. He wanted to be his brother so badly. What a lucky guy his stud brother was. Ethan had lost all control himself. He felt Jason's two fingers in his ass. At first the lubed fingers seemed to hurt, but it didn't take long before Eth loved the feeling. It felt so good to be fucked. Its what he always wanted. It was his place to be just like Eric, to be a fuck toy. It felt so good to obey. The idea of controlling his brother no longer held any interest to him. What he wanted above all else was to BE controlled.

Jason moved Ethan over to a bench that was parallel to the one Eric was on. "Eth, why don't you get on all fours on this bench, that way you can be just like your brother Eric. Isn't that what you want?"

It didn't take long. Ethan was on the bench in no time. His hands on the bar, and ass in the air, he wanted Jason in him so badly. He didn't even need help in the begging department.

"Oh please master Jason, please enter my ass. I need you inside me. Make me a fuck toy like my brother Eric. We are only good at serving. Fuck me Sir! Please fuck my 19-year-old virgin ass. I want you in me so badly!"

Jason looked down at his newly acquired slave boy. This would be too much fun. Ethan was proving to be an even better slave boy then Eric had. Jason moved in behind Ethan, with his ass up in the air begging to get fucked. Jason wanted some fun first though. He placed his cock's head up against Ethan's hole and began to slide it up and down the crack.

Ethan went wild. "Oh Sir, Please don't tease me. I can't wait to get fucked. My virgin ass needs your hard cock in it. I am nothing unless your hard cock is inside me!"

Greg took the time to look over at Jason as he began to enter Ethan's virgin ass. He smiled at Jason as the two of them began to match up their rhythm. Both were entering their fuckboy's ass at the same time. It was like looking in a mirror. Even the slaves where mimicking each other.

When Eric moaned his brother would follow suit. Ethan did whatever Eric did. After all he wanted to be just like his big brother.

"Oh fuck yes Sir, your cock feels so good in me. Fuck your toy harder Sir. Go deeper please Sir!" Eric moans. Immediately followed by Ethan's pleas

"Oh Master Jason, please fuck me sir. Your cock feels so good inside me Sir! Fuck me Master, fuck your toy harder Sir! I need you deep inside me! Please Sir!"

Greg and Jason spent an hour fucking their fuck boys' asses. It was only after the full workout that they decided both the boys needed some refreshment. They had them lay down on their respective benches and begin sucking their cocks again. This time they would receive a treat. Eric and Ethan took in the cocks like experts. They loved sucking cock. As they sucked their masters reinforced this. "That's it boys. You love to suck cock. Ethan your such a good cock sucker. You love to suck cock. In fact you want to suck cock until you can eat that huge load you know is there."

"Ethan and Eric responded in kind. Sucking harder and harder, wanting their masters' loads. "Love your cock master, I want your load please feed me your load Sir." Ethan begged in between gasps of air while sucking his master. Jason smiled at his good boy. He looked over at Greg who was also feeding Eric his cock.

"Greg I am getting very close to feeding this boy my load. I think it would be hot if all four of us cum t the same time. Don't you?"

"Hot Idea Jason!" Greg yelled over. "Eric, Ethan, you are both hungry for our loads. When Jason and I blow our loads you will both cum the biggest load you have ever had." Greg was still the best at coming up with the hottest ideas.

As both men fed their cocks to the boys, they grew closer and closer to cumming. They shared looks of pleasure between each other and worked on the rhythm until they both arched back. Their eyes rolled upwards as they emptied their huge loads shot after shot into the mouths of their hungry cocksuckers.

When the first shot hit the back of their throats both Eric and Ethan shot out huge loads of their own cum. So much cum shot out it covered their chest and abs with creamy cock milk. Jason and Greg stood over their studs, totally spent from all the hot sex. Both slaves still sucking on the shrinking cocks of their master.

"Seems the boys are still hungry for cum." Greg laughed. "Why don't we have them clean each other off?"

Jason smiled "Ethan, why don't you go lay on top of your hot brother and help him out by cleaning off all that cum."

Ethan was happy to comply. He was truly enjoying the taste of cum. His brother's cum would taste great he was sure of it. Both studs intertwined in a sixty-nine position. Both boys were eating the others cum off their bodies. They loved it. As they licked the cum off their masters finished their training.

"Eric and Ethan, after you finish cleaning each other off, you will collect your clothes and go shower. After which you will put on your street clothes and remember nothing but that you had a great work out." Greg said commandingly.

"When you return to school you will want to serve again. You will continue to return to this gym every day to work out." Jason added smiling as he did so. The look on Ethan's face caught Greg's attention.

"What is wrong Ethan?" Greg inquired.

"I cannot make it to this gym every day master. I go to school at the academy in Annapolis." Ethan's disappointment was apparent.

"Very well Ethan. You will work out here while during winter breaks. Once you return to school you will return to your normal self until you come home. If you find other men like us at school you will of course bring them home for spring break." Jason smiled at Greg when he said that. Greg always had the hottest ideas.

With the commands in motion the two gym owners walked away leaving the brothers licking each other's cum off their hot bodies. When the two brothers walked out, thanking Jason for a great work out, he just smiled saying "Sure thing guys, CUM back anytime."

Ethan looked at his big bro and smiled. "Eric that work out was great. I've never felt better. I bet it's the supplements at work."

"Probably so Eth, they had the same effect on me too. I ve never had a bad work out at this gym since I started on the supplements. Don't worry bro, we'll get you some to take to school too so you won't miss out."

With that both brothers walked away feeling great and big proponents of the supplements. •

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