The Gym


By VA23456

Eric had been taking the "supplement" for three days now. He had just finished his last class and decided to go to the local gym near his frat house. He didn't go there too often but the guys, who ran it, Jason and Greg, were always nice to him, giving him free run of the gym for nearly half the price. It was their "college jock" special.

Running in the front door he headed straight for the locker room, so fast, Jason, the 24 year old manager, didn't get a chance to tell him the gym was closing early. Jason loved to see Eric at the gym. He had wanted Eric since the first day he walked in. His lean muscled body was too much not to want. Defined baseball shaped pectorals with arms that stretched his T-shirt! Not to mention Eric's round muscled ass. Eric was any one's sexual dream. Jason knew he had to have him. He just wasn't sure how. Jason didn't know it, but today would be his day.

Eric, after a quick change into his green silk like Umbro shorts, went straight to work on the bench. Pushing the weight around on the bench, Eric could feel his muscles grow! After about twenty minutes, Jason came up to him to tell Eric the gym would close soon. Everyone else had politely left as Jason had asked them when they came in.

"Eric, I didn't get to tell you as you ran in, the gym is closing at 3pm today. That's in ten minutes."

Eric with out thinking got up and started for the door." Jason staring at that ass and feeling guilty because Eric didn't say anything stopped him.

"Ok Eric you can finish the work out, BUT you have to help me clean up afterwards."

Eric stopped, turned around saying, "Ok, I will help you clean up after my workout." Strange Jason thought, Eric's eyes looked funny, distant almost.

Jason was locking up the front door when he sensed more than saw Eric behind him. Turning around Eric was standing very close. "What do you want me to do Jason?" was his only question.

Jason gulped, stared into Eric's eyes and decided to take a chance (Fuck it he thought). "Why don't we go clean out the locker room first.

"Ok." Is all Eric said. Eric followed Jason into the locker room. It was like any gym locker room in today's competitive athletic gyms. It had everything. "umm Eric why don't you shower first than you can help."

"Ok Jason I'll shower first." Eric stripped right there in the middle of the floor while Jason watched with a mixture of shock and pure pleasure. Eric's body was amazing. He watched Eric strip, drop his clothes and walk to the shower his hard ass tightening as he did so. Jason surprised at himself, followed. Something was definitely different with Eric, he wasn't sure what it was, but he was going to find out!

Eric turned the water on and began to shower that distant look still in his eyes. Jason watched from the edge of the tile as Eric ran his soapy hands over his chest slowly. Jason couldn't help but get a hard on. Watching Eric run his hands all over his Adonis like body, Jason started to rub his cock absentmindedly. Eric just kept washing as Jason slowly jerked himself off through his shorts.

"umm Eric?" Jason croaked

"Yes?" Eric responded with out looking up from washing his cock.

"Why don't you wash your ass some more and maybe I will take a shower too?" Without answering Eric began to wash his ass. Rubbing the soap all over it, even turning so that Jason got a full view of his perfect ass. Jason couldn't resist anymore. He striped off his clothes with his cock bouncing out from under the burdensome shorts.

Jason walked slowly towards Eric. Still facing away from him, he hadn't stopped washing his ass. Jason standing directly behind him decided to take one more chance.

"Eric, why don't you hand me the soap and I will wash that tight ass of yours." Eric

turned around and handed him the soap. Jason was shocked, could it be this easy to obtain his jock boy? What would he tell Greg, his partner who also wanted Eric so badly?

Taking the soap out of Eric's hand, Jason saw the strange stare in Eric's eyes. Jason, fearing he would scare Eric out of the idea, didn't ask any questions. He was happy that Eric was so willing to do what he was told.

"Turn around Eric." Jason quietly ordered. Eric turned his ass towards Jason standing there in the warm spray of the shower. Jason slowly started soaping up Eric's hard jock ass. All the running from Rugby and work on the wrestling mat had left Eric with a perfect ass. An ass Jason had wanted for a very long time. Now he had it. Hell, from the way things were going he had ALL of Eric.

Jason reached around Eric's wide shoulders and began to wash his chest with one hand while he still felt up Eric's ass. "I never thought I would get this chance with you Eric. You never seemed interested until today." Still feeling his ass, Jason dropped his other hand to Eric's cock and began to jerk it feeling it get harder on each stroke. Soon Jason had Eric hard as a rock, his 7 inch cock ready to burst. Eric just stood there; moaning in pure enjoyment of all the attention Jason was giving him.

"I bet you suck a great cock Eric." Jason breathed into Eric's ear. "I bet you would like nothing better than to suck my cock right here and now, wouldn't you Eric. You want to suck my cock Eric."

Eric standing there in the shower, suddenly for the first time in his life wanted to suck cock. He not only wanted to suck cock; he NEEDED to suck cock. Slowly, deliberately he turned around and dropped to his knees. Jason was so turned on. Watching this muscle jock fall to his knees and suck his cock like a good muscle boy toy. Jason LOVED IT!

"SUCK IT ERIC, SUCK IT!" Jason moaned as he watched Eric, his new boy-toy, begin to suck his cock. Eric slowly ran his tongue around the head of Jason's throbbing eight inches. Jason smiled down at Eric sucking his cock moaning Eric's name. He realized the way Eric was acting; he could get him to do most anything.

"Eric, I want you to listen to me very carefully, From now on Eric, you will do whatever I tell you to do. You are nothing but a total boy-toy. Understand Eric? Your mine, all mine."

Eric paused from sucking his cock looked up at Jason with those distant eyes, and repeated his instructions. "I'm your boy toy, I'll do anything you tell me." And returned to his incredible blowjob.

Jason enjoyed Eric's first attempt at giving head until he felt himself getting close. He told Eric to stop and to stand up. It was his turn to enjoy all of Eric's body. Jason moved up to that massive chest and began to suck on Eric's hard dime sized nipples. Loving every moment of the act. He couldn't get enough of Eric's smooth, hard pecs! Soon Jason had worked his way down to Eric's hard seven inches. He took Eric's surging manhood into his cock-starved mouth and enjoyed the luscious feeling of his lips wrapped around a hard jock's cock. Eric merely stood there in the shower, warm water running down his hard Rugger's body, moaning and obediently giving his body to Jason.

When Greg walked in, he found Jason on his knees sucking Eric's gorged seven inches. Unable to control his surprise he shouted out "Holy shit, you got the Rugger stud from the college!" Jason jumped up off his knees turning on Greg.

"Shut up you idiot you will ruin everything!" Jason quickly looked back at Eric who was still standing in the shower moaning, hard cock still pointing up. Looking back at Greg, Jason pleaded," Greg, I don't know what is up with Eric but for some reason he is VERY open to suggestion. Hell I think he would do anything we tell him." Greg just smiled at that and began to strip.

Once Greg joined in, the scene took on a whole new direction. Greg was the more dominant of the two. He told Jason to keep sucking on Eric's cock. Walking up to Eric, Greg stared into his eyes, wondering what sort of drug the stud was on. Didn't matter, you don't turn down a rock hard stud, ready to do your bidding no matter what the cause.

"Eric, I want you to get down on your knees, and suck Jason's cock in a sixty nine position." As Eric got down on all fours, Greg just smiled laughing out "Good boy Eric, good boy!"

Watching Jason and Eric go at each other with such cock lust really turned Greg on. The fact that Eric played the boy-toy role so well was an added bonus. Greg enjoyed watching that hard jock bod of Eric's pushed up against his buddy Jason's. Jason was no slouch either. Dark black hair, blue eyes, and a body that rivaled superman's was something Greg enjoyed having as well. Eric was more the innocent jock look. Hot body, which could only get better, especially now that he owned it.

Greg Walked up behind Eric on his knees, watching Eric enjoy sucking on Jason's big cock. Greg wanted it all, and he planned on having it all. He smiled down at Eric, thinking of what to do next.

"Eric, you've got such a hot fucking ass! I think Jason and I am going to have to fuck that tight ass of yours. But first Eric, I want to hear you beg me to fuck you, I want you to ask Jason and I to fuck your tight virgin ass."

Turning his head while still fucking Jason's mouth, Eric complied with his orders.

"Greg, please fuck me man, I don't know why suddenly I need it, but I need to get fucked so bad Greg. Please, Greg fuck my tight ass. I need it so fucking bad. Jason too, let Jason have it if he wants PLEASE!"

Completely turned on, laughing at his new boy-toy, Greg started to lube Eric's hard muscled ass with his supply he kept in his locker, for situations just like this. First one finger went in moving back and forth, spreading the lube and creating a sensation in Eric he had never felt before. He moaned with pleasure.

"See Eric, see how hot it feels to have someone fuck that tight ass. Now that you have had it you can never stop wanting it, Eric." Eric moaned and surprising both Greg and Jason, he started to push back against Greg's finger, literally fucking his own ass. Greg slipped another finger into Eric's ass. Opening it up so that Greg's nine-inch cock could slide in more easily. Eric took it like a natural, loving every moment of it.

Fully lubed and ready for his cock, Eric's tight ass took Greg easily. Eric moaned and continued to suck Jason off as he had been ordered to. Jason, still sucking Eric's beautiful cock moaned his pleasure while he watched Greg begin to fuck Eric's ass.

"That's it Eric, open up for me, that's it boy, feel my cock entire your tight ass. Damn your ass is tight BOY!" Greg roared. The scene was something out of an all male video. Greg fucking the innocent jock boy, while the jock and his buddy Jason sucked each other off. Three hard stud bodies fucking and sucking with the hot spray of the shower running over all of them.

Greg grabbed Eric's lean waist and started to fuck him picking up the pace with every thrust. Eric responded with more thrusts into Jason's hungry mouth and moans of pleasure. Greg went deeper and deeper into Eric's ass as he kept pulling back on his waist. Soon he was completely in Eric, and loving every minute of his domination. Eric would make a great full time boy toy. It only took a few more strokes and Greg was ready to blow his load. He pulled out, and tore the condom off, telling Eric to get up on his knees.

"Your gonna suck me dry now Eric. That's it boy, you want to eat all my cum, suck it up like it was the sweetest nectar on earth!" Suddenly Eric on his knees was dying of thirst. Thirst for Greg's hot man juice. He wanted it, he needed it, and he CRAVED IT!

Eric began sucking Greg's hard cock like a mad man. Jason, left to his own devices decided to have a piece of Eric's tight ass. Lubing his condom covered cock; Jason slid into Eric as he sucked so vehemently on Greg's swelling cock.

Innocent Eric, sucking one stud's cock while the other fucked him in the ass had lost total control. His mind couldn't keep up with all the changes he had gone through. More importantly, he really couldn't care less. He had never felt such pleasures as these and couldn't see himself stopping; he wanted all the cock he could get.

Greg didn't last soon after Jason started fucking Eric. He exploded into Eric's cum starved mouth and watches him gulp down each huge load from his cock. Satisfied he had sucked all his cum; Greg pulled his cock out of Eric's mouth and stood there watching as Jason took his ass. Thrust after thrust, pulling on Eric's lean waist like Greg had done.

Greg smiled and told Jason to jerk Eric off. The request had its desired effect with Eric, moaning and ready to cum. Greg held the tip of Eric's cock. Keeping it there while Eric exploded into his hand. "Good boy, Eric, let it all out of you. Now you can taste your own man juices Eric, that's what you want now, to eat your own load don't you?"

Eric moan "yes" begging for his own jism. "Please Greg, please, feed it to me."

Laughing Greg fed Eric his own load while Jason continued to fuck Eric's ass.

He watched Eric lap the cum up out of his hand, like a thirsty animal. Eric couldn't get enough cum that was for sure.

Soon Jason broke under the high sexual energy, pulling out of Eric/s ass, his cock exploding, surging his cum juices all over Eric's ass and lower back. Greg just leaned over and rubbed it into his ass cheeks.

Both Gym owners stood up. Looking down at their new boy-toy still on his hands and knees. "So now what do we do with him?" asked Jason.

"Easy" said Greg. "Tell him to shower up, get dressed and go on with the rest of his day like nothing happened. Remind him he needs to start working out here every night though." Greg finished with a wink. "I'll go finish closing up." With that Greg dressed and walked out.

Eric left the gym that day thanking Jason for staying open and thinking to himself, "damn I feel great, best work out I've gotten. I need to use this gym more often!" •

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