Getting Started


By VA23456

Eric had just finished his work out at the college gym. Tall, lean muscle was what caught everyone's eye when they met Eric for the first time. His blonde hair and green eyes, though handsome, were seen only after you stared at his well-built body.

As a senior in college with three years of hard gym time, he looked good. Damn good if he did say so himself. It was his ever-increasing desire for more muscle that consumed him now. That's why he had decided to try the new supplements the college's nutritionist Dr Motley was developing.

Dr Motley had presented the idea to Eric at one of his wrestling meets. At first the idea for a supplement seemed foolish. Eric looked good, and was looking better every day. It was the lure of Dr Motley's promise of over 4lbs of muscle per week that kept nagging at him. He wanted to be bigger, stronger, and hotter! So off he went to Dr Motley's office after hours as he had been instructed.

"Hello Eric" Dr Motley said as he opened his office door.

"Hey Dr "Mots", am I too early?" Eric said, surprised at the nervousness he heard in his own voice. "I hope I'm not, you made it clear that I shouldn't come by until after classes."

"Well Eric, though the supplement is safe, I haven't had it approved for human testing. It takes so long that by the time I got it approved some company like GNC would have copied it. So you can see why we need to be quiet about this. Believe me it will give both of us what we are after." Dr Motley said with a small smile.

"Well, I guess we should start then?" Eric said with unhidden impatience. "How do I start?"

"First Eric, we have to take all your measurements so we can compare them later on. Why don't you take a seat in the lab." Dr Motley followed Eric in the adjoining room.

"Hope you brought a lot of tape to measure with Doc." Eric said jokingly.

"Don't worry Eric I have everything we will need for you. Ok, Eric lets slip off your shirt for starters." Dr Motley helped Eric slip out of his shirt, watching in admiration as Eric's well built, smooth pecs moved as his shirt slid off. Dr Motley could feel his cock stir at the mere sight of Eric's torso. He could barely wait to have Eric the way he had fantasized about. Soon Eric would be his.

Taking out the measuring tape the Dr took careful measurements of Eric's pectorals, biceps, neck and lats. Greatly enjoying the chance to touch Eric's impressive jock bod the Doc took his time. Running his hands over those smooth hard pecs without even a stir from his subject. It was difficult to stop from getting hard. "OK, Eric that will do for the torso, we need to measure your legs, waist and gluts."

Without even being asked Eric stripped off the remainder of his clothes, showing the Dr his perfectly shaped body. Perhaps it was his experience on the wrestling and Rugby teams that made him so comfortable stripping in front of the Doc. Maybe it was his excitement to take the supplements, whatever the reason; the Doc found it even more sexually exciting to have a rock hard jock like Eric, strip off his clothes so obediently. It was just the beginning.

Eric's mind was racing at the thought of getting bigger every week. "FOUR POUNDS!" he kept chanting to himself over and over. He didn't even notice as Dr Motley ran his hands all over his hard legs and ass. All he could think about was getting big lean muscle every week. He would instantly bend and turn whichever way the Doctor moved him with out even thinking about it. Eric's buddies on the Rugby and Wrestling teams would have been shocked to see him bent over the bench with the Dr feeling up his ass. He just didn't notice, the supplements were all he could think of. "FOUR POUNDS!"

"Eric......Eric, you with me Eric?"

"Huh? Oh sure Dr Mots I'm here. Sorry I started to daydream a bit I guess."

"Well as I was saying, that should do it for the measurements. Here is your first week's worth of supplements." Handing over the jar of orange powder, the Dr just smiled. Seeing the look of pure desire in Eric's eyes as he snatched up the jar.

"How do I take it Doc?" Eric asked as he opened the jar and smelled the orange flavored powder. He almost licked the powder from the jar he was so excited.

"Just mix it with some water. Its already orange flavored. You could mix it with orange juice as well. Either will be fine. Just remember, its two scoops before each meal."

"Just six scoops a day will do that much?" Eric was amazed.

"Just six scoops a day Eric. But remember the first week is the slowest. Your body needs to be saturated with the supplement for the muscle growth to begin."

Eric smiled, put the jar into his bag and practically ran for the door.

"ERIC!" Dr Motley shouted before he could leave.

"ya Doc?"

"Don't forget, a week from today, meet me here for your next installment."

"You bet Doc." Eric yelled back as he ran through the door.

Doctor Motley smiled as Eric ran out of the lab. It couldn't be easier. He had picked Eric from all the others because of his pure dedication to his own good looks. Eric wasn't stuck up. But he was definitely caught up in the idea of having a body like a Greek Adonis. After the initial proposal, it took only three days for Eric to show up, practically begging the Dr to be in the program.

The best part was the "Supplement" was more than just a muscle builder. It did that, but not any better than other supplements like Creatine or illegal steroids. What it did better, at least as far as Dr Motley was concerned, was make the subject extremely open to suggestion. Which is exactly what he had in mind for his young jock Eric. He would simply tell Eric how "big" he had gotten in a week and Eric would keep taking the supplement. •

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