My New Life with Eric


By Greetz

After a few weeks of the same routine of eating, injecting, working out, special massages, driving lessons on the motorbike and slowly stripping my apartment from the luxury singles pad that it had once been to a barren concrete cell, Eric phoned me to tell me he had a great surprise for me.

I really couldn't wait to see what it was. I always hoped that I was pleasing him, but I never quite knew for sure. He never had to punish me or tell me off but he never downright said that I was doing great. Or perhaps in those whispers of his, but those remained inaudible still. My boy's heart beat full of anticipation when I knocked on Eric's front door. He had given me the key to enter the building but not the key to his penthouse apartment. He sometimes summoned me and kept me waiting outside his door for hours. I really didn't mind that much, I knew he wouldn't let me do anything that wasn't for my own benefit. Sometimes I had the feeling that he was using the small door camera to check if I was standing to full attention during those times, but I can't be sure.

This time Eric opened the door right away. "Hey, my little man! Come in!" he said. "Great news!" I really couldn't wait to hear what the surprise was. Eric loved to keep me in suspense so only after the second cup of his special tea did he tell me what was up. "Today I received a letter from your driving school. You have passed your exam! You can collect your motor license at the city hall tomorrow!" I couldn't believe it! "Wow!" I said "Thanx for telling me right away." Eric had asked me to use his address with the driving school people when filling out their forms. That way I wouldn't be bothered by all their complicated forms and bills and such. "And to celebrate this we'll go to the bank soon to get some money from your account and we'll go look for a great racing bike and some leathers for my little man. How about that?" he asked with a enormous smile on his face. "Oh, Eric, that's the best surprise you could give me!" I was so happy with Eric, he was just too good for me.

"You know, it's only one more week before you'll have to get back to the office." Eric said this with a frown on his face. I knew this wasn't good. "Do you remember why you have to go to the office?" Of course I knew why. Eric had told me over and over why I had to go back. I really didn't want to go back, but I had to. Eric told me that I had to get back because before I met him the office was my life and I had made an agreement that I would only be away for a month and a half. So after that time I had to go back to do my job. Because I had promised. Eric told me that I had to be a big boy because the people at the office wouldn't like me as much after the changes Eric had made. "What changes?" I had asked him. All he wanted to tell me is that I would find out in due course "That means when the time is right" Eric said. These changes would prevent me from being able to do the job I used to do. I just didn't have the mental capacity anymore "That means that you're not smart enough, not anymore." Eric had told me. "Did I used to be smart?" I wondered out loud. Eric told me that I used to be very smart and a very good businessman earning a lot of money. Much more than my current allowance. I could hardly believe it and had to giggle a bit when he was talking about me like that. Where did he get those ideas from? A businessman, I am a bodybuilder. What did I know about business? You could ask me anything about food supplements, anabolic steroids, the best exercises for all muscle groups and what was good form for each exercise. I also knew a lot about diet. It's important to know what to eat at what time to get optimal muscle growth. Businessman? Not me.

"Now that you're allowed to drive a motorbike, we'll have to get you some proper clothes. Not just the racing leathers, those were for riding the bike." Off bike I'd have to be dressed properly too. He told me that tomorrow when I woke up I'd know exactly what kind of clothes I needed. The clothes that were the proper garb for me to wear. I was pleasantly surprised that Eric had some brochures of motorbikes on the table for us to look through. I liked the chopper models, but there were no brochures for those, just racing bikes. With a wild grin Eric placed a picture in front of my nose. "This is the bike you'll want to buy, don't you think?" I looked at the picture. It was an older Honda brochure. I really didn't like the bike, I didn't want a race monster, or did I. "The Honda CBR600F4 is the kind of bike that suits a boy like you best. Just look at it." I did, I looked at it. "This is your dream bike, your dreams are filled with images of this bike, you've always wanted this bike. You love the looks, the feel, just touching it will make my dick hard, sometimes you even want to lick it, and the sound is like heaven for you. And now I might actually let you buy one. But I don't want to force anything on you, nothing is more personal than choosing a motorbike. Take the brochure home and have a look at it." He said while taking the brochure from my hands and closing it. "And don't forget to look at the specs too. It won't be long before you'll want to change the topic of any conversation with anyone, except our conversations, to motorbikes, and especially your dream bike, the Honda CBR600F4. Soon you'll think of nothing else but getting bigger still and riding your dream machine."

"Of course you'll have to look the part too. Tomorrow you'll buy the clothes that you've been dying to buy. The only clothes that you feel totally comfortable in. But we also have to buy you some leathers for riding your dream machine." Eric handed me yet another brochure. The open page had a picture that was circled. "Don't you think this Dainese T-age is the perfect suit for my little man?" When I looked at it I knew it was true. This suit would look great on me. Especially if I was allowed to buy my all time favourite Honda. I could see myself driving the motorway on my Honda wearing this suit. "Fantastic" I said out loud. "I knew you'd like it" Eric said when he took the brochure out of my hands. "We'll go to the shop sometime next week. Wouldn't that be a nice day out?" I couldn't but agree with Eric. As always.

After the special massage Eric gave me a little note with an address and a name on it. I had to visit this address tomorrow after I bought my new clothes. On my way home I couldn't think about anything but the Honda. What a machine! I simply loved everything about it. Before long I'd be riding it myself wearing the super cool Dainese T-age suit in matching colours. If I had a dick of my own I bet it would have gotten hard, instead I just readjusted the dick so it felt more comfortable in the briefs I was wearing under my Chinos.

That was another thing, my clothes weren't as comfortable as they used to be. They hadn't been comfortable for a while, even before I got bigger. Even when they still fit me they weren't that comfortable, as if they just weren't my own clothes. I really hated wearing those chinos and dress shirts. That was why I didn't wear much when I was at home. Mostly just a string bikini, jockstrap or cut off jeans. But lately it had gotten a lot worse. They just didn't fit me anymore. The fabric of most of my clothes was stretched to its limits. Very uncomfortable. Then again, Eric thought it looked kinda sexy, all that muscle just screaming to be released from their textile prison. At the moment my quads just felt like they could tear the fabric of the chinos I was wearing. I had gained so much mass in a relatively short time. The more I thought of it the more afraid of actually tearing the fabric I got. I had to put my mind off of it. Not a second later I was thinking about my dream race monster again. I could almost feel the machine between my, now fairly massive, legs. All that vibrating power, if only I could get hard...

Ever since Eric's suggestion of sleeping on the floor I really had to set the alarm clock for my 02.30 am shake. I'd been sleeping like a rose ever since I kissed the bed goodbye. The bed became just a waist of space so I simply sold the whole thing. My pre shake dreams were about me riding my Honda wearing that fantastic Dainese suit. I would park the bike, remove my helmet and open the top part of the suit and got my torso, ever increasing in mass, out and have the top part of the one piece suit dangle around my waist before actually getting off the bike. I would carry the helmet very nonchalantly in my right hand. In my dream I was wearing a very tight wife beater and I had a magnificent tribal tattoo, covering both my arms, part of the shoulders, back and chest. What a sight I was. The sound of the alarm clock abruptly ended my dreams... Time for some protein! •

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